US Preparing attack on Syria! Who wants and why?
Posted on September 5th, 2013

by mahinda karunatane

The current scenario is a part of the middle-east geopolitical road map that was drawn in late 19th ( i.e. 1990′ ties) century and scene in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt has been anyway achieved although the end results in each case has transpired differently and that subject itself is lengthy to discuss and by now is history.

ƒ”š‚ Syria scene
Since long being after Russia became the largest LNG supplier to Europe, Saudi Arabia and Qatar the second largest producers of LNG have been eyeing the European market and transporting LNG need a pipeline. Laying pipe line is too costly as it lengthens and time consuming, so the Saudi and Qatar found the quickest and shortest way is through Syria to the western front.
All other countries around are hostile to the two enterprising countries ƒ”š‚ the Saudi and Qatar who’s only interest is of making money and plundering the wealth of their countries in every mean possible.
This pipe line dream is never possible until Assad is in power, therefore Saudi and Qatar together conspired with USA/CIA, and then instigated the rebellion which is fully funded and mobilized by the Saudi and Qatar money and resources. The fighting rebellion were Saudi and Qatar exports and recruits to achieve the formers dream therefore to give it a justification the rebellion had been coloured and given slogan ƒ¢¢”š¬…” JIHADƒ¢¢”š¬‚ and religious.
America being the longest and best ally of Saudi and Qatar, the former is ever willing to do the job for the latter not surprisingly for benefits that the US leaders will enjoy from Saudi and Qatar for finishing the job of their behalf.
To justify the urgent attack bypassing UNSC mandate or even the Congress approval, they smartly conspired and Sarin Gas was used to attack civilians by the conspirators and alleged that Assad’s forces used it. ƒ”š‚ 
Saudi and Qatar will precipitate handsome compensation to Obama and his colleagues who instigate assault on Assad and Syria, upon completion their offshore Swiss accounts will become Money Mountains.
The other side of the same coin is also that it is high time for Obama, who has to expire next year from Presidency, so he has to fulfill his retirement plan!
Mobilization of war itself is a huge business, the arms makers and war contractors will pour massive commissions from payments received from pentagon to the offshore accounts of the Obama and his colleagues.
Poor people in USA suffering from unemployment, homlessness and country is heading to bankruptcy, but who cares?

This explains the scenario in very short

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    May the Peoples Republic of China, committed to Peaceful Co-Existence, go from Strength to Strength.

    I applaud the Underlying Principle of Nonaggression of China: “WILL NOT attack unless attacked; CERTAIN TO attack if attacked.”

    This is in STARK CONTRAST to the “Only Superpower” in the world today, that fabricates pretexts to attack Sovereign nations to extend its hegemony, and remake the world in its own image.

    China tells South Asian neighbors not to worry about its rise in Asia

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 05, Colombo: Despite the fears of a certain ‘China Threat’ theory appearing in international politics due to the country’s rise in Asia and its increasing international influence, China has not invaded any neighboring country yet, a senior Chinese military official said today.

    Addressing the Sri Lankan Army-organized ‘Defence Seminar – 2013 in Colombo today, Senior Colonel Xu Hui, Director of the Teaching and Research Department at the College of Defence Studies at the National Defence University (NDU) in Beijing said China has seen the historical rise of Asia in the past three decades and the region is still far from destabilized by an ‘aggressive’ China as imagined by some people.

    Speaking under the theme “A stable Sri Lanka and China’s rise in Asia; Regional Security Concerns”, Senior Colonel Xu said a certain ‘China Threat’ theory appeared in international politics still continues to go on enabling birth of many predictions about China.

    “So far none of them has ever materialized and China’s political system still works, its economy is still growing and no neighboring country has been invaded by China,” he said.

    Recognizing that the growth of China’s economy and its military strength have become a source of concern for some scholars, statesmen and media, the Chinese military official said China’s gradual move towards great power status and its increasing international influence have caused anxiety in some countries to the extent that ‘How to deal with a rising China’ has become the puzzle of the 21st century.

    However, contrary to these expectations, China has always contributed to the regional development, stability and peace through its policies for a friendly, secure, and co-prosperous neighborhood, Senior Colonel Xu noted.

    While maintaining stability within China, it has followed the five principles of peaceful co-existence and respect ‘Asian Way’ through which economic cooperation with all countrie

    s is prioritized while contributing to regional peace, the Chinese military official assured.

    “With our active defence policy, the Chinese way of deterrence is applied, that is ‘We are not going to attack unless we are attacked; we are certainly to counter-attack if we were attacked as Chairman Mao once said,” Senior Colonel Xu Hui said.

    Speaking of historical relations with Sri Lanka, the Chinese official said the two countries have so many things in common – values of peaceful coexistence, opposing colonialism, hegemonies, foreign interference, and terrorism, etc.

    He said the two countries can learn from each other as Sri Lanka keeps the momentum of comprehensive approach of reconciliation, reconstruction and rebuilding.

    China is a steadfast supporter of Sri Lanka, always providing political as well as financial support and the ties between the two nations continue to grow stronger.

    The three-day seminar ended today and 112 defence representatives from about 46 countries participated in the event.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “The other side of the same coin is also that it is high time for Obama, who has to expire next year from Presidency, so he has to fulfill his retirement plan!”

    Not true. Obama’s term ends in 2016. 3 more years to go.

    CHEMICAL BANDAR (Bandar Bin Sultan) of Saudi Arabia is behind the chemical attacks in Syria. MOST terrorist problems come from SUNNI Muslims. Unfortunately Sunni Muslims are 99% of Muslims in SL.

    BUSTING Saudi is the solution. Russia can earn HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS MORE if Saudi oil fields are BUSTED.

  3. aloy Says:

    The scenes that were shown on BBC on this gas attack clearly indicates that those treating the victims were expecting the attack; they were going about there work in a calm and collected manner quite unlikely in an emergency. If they can identify who these people are, to my mind, it is easy to say who the culprit is.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “If they can identify who these people are, to my mind, it is easy to say who the culprit is.”

    Damascus is a minority area so most likely the dead are NOT from the SUNNI majority. Throughout the war Syrian MINORITIES were taregetd most by the FSA-AQ SUNNI terrorists. FSA-AQ are from the SUNNI Arab majority.

    Assad knows he gets MOST support from minorities and he would NOT attack them.

    This is the work of CHEMICAL BANDAR (Bandar Bin Salutan – the godfather of AQ, Taliban, FSA, Jihad, etc.).

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