Is Tamil Eelam really for Tamil Hindus?
Posted on September 9th, 2013

J. Jayachandra

ƒ”š‚ A lot of Tamils have been mesmerized over the years by an ideology calling for a separate Tamil nation. In fact most Tamils have bought this lock stock and barrel totally ignoring the ground realities.

ƒ”š‚ Yet, how many Tamils have seriously given thought to the consequences of such an Eelaam if in fact it is not meant for them at all – by them we mean the TAMIL HINDUS because afterall HINDUS make up the majority Tamils and not the Christian TAMILS who are representing them?

ƒ”š‚ Let’s see how far the Tamils have remotely thought about the possibility of being fooled?

ƒ”š‚ Tamils are being fooled by India

ƒ”š‚ * Eelam or separate Tamil Nation calls started in India. India quickly put a stop to it by amending its constitution. It was OK for Indian Politicians to call for separate state in Sri Lanka but not India was the message. Tamil Nadu politicians are doing just that. India does not mind so long as separatist calls do not take place in India’s Tamil Nadu.

ƒ”š‚ Tamil Nadu politicians are fooling the Hindus

ƒ”š‚ * To be called a Hindu by name and to protect Hindus is two different things. Some Tamil Nadu politicians may be Hindu but they have sold their souls and have become ‘born agains’. Translated this means they are in the pockets of the Church.

* Can Tamils please take a look around Tamil Nadu especially the coastal belt and discover for themselves how many Hindus have now been converted to Christianity/Catholicism or some other evangelical movementƒ”š‚ while the LTTE prevailed for 30 years?

* Can Tamils please ask themselves whether they are going to allow the entire state to be re-christened sooner than later? Is this not happening in other parts of the country as well.
* Can Tamils in Sri Lanka not notice that the Christian element in the Eelam should not and cannot be ignored.

ƒ”š‚ Eelam is a Church project

* In Sri Lanka there were scores of NGOs/INGOs – what were their mission statements ‘we are a Christian/Catholic organization’ – what does that mean, they use development to convert people, they use poverty to convert people, they use people’s sorrows to convert people.

* Look at all the KEY LTTE heads – they were all Christians, including Prabakaran (he was born a Hindu but converted), Anton Balasingham was the LTTE theoretician … great friends of Norway and Norway does much to spread its faith globally.

* Look at the LTTE front organizations – all the LTTE fronts are headed by the Global Tamil Forum. Who heads the Global Tamil Forum – it is none other than FATHER EMMANUEL and if the Church was against terrorism would they have not done something about the GOOD FATHER’s involvement in terror. They would but did they – NO… and there are other Fathers like Rajjapu Joseph and many others who openly canvass for terror and LTTE.

* Look at the countries that have been supporting the LTTE over the years – the Western nations were all Christian. As for India, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy is on record for accusing Sonia Gandhi of using the LTTE to smuggle Indian artefacts out of India to be sold in Italy… We know for a fact that the RAW fooled the Indian Government and Rajiv Gandhi. It may well be that it is influenced by the Christian wing too.

ƒ”š‚ Sambanthan is just marking time attempting to keep alive the Hindu caste, Hindu superior class – he is only a symbolic figure just as the Indian agent Wigneswaran has been brought in to get the Hindu votes. These Hindu personalities are being used simply to fool the Tamils. Sumitharan isƒ”š‚ a Christian and these are the guys to watch out for – their plan is what will materialize.

ƒ”š‚ Tamil Hindus need to next ask are they prepared to walk into a far more dangerous future knowing how the Christian West looks after nations that they have intervened upon or do they make peace with the Sinhalese Buddhists with whom they have a historical alliance and with whom Majority of Tamils continue to live amongst.

ƒ”š‚ Its a question ALL TAMIL HINDUS now need to ask themselves and to finally answer instead of thinking opportunistically.

ƒ”š‚ Eelaam Project is a Christian Project – Eelam is Not meant for Tamil Hindus

ƒ”š‚ This is why even some Hindu Indians are beginning to realize the dangers of allowing the Church to enter India and influence India especially Tamil Nadu.

To prove this we take the example of how Jayalalith who brought in legislation on anti-conversion repealed what she herself introduced – and she got paid handsomely for it. Just look at her links to the Church. Look at DMK’s links to the Church and Vaiko – is he is Hindu and does he ever get votes?

ƒ”š‚ What more is there to say for the Tamil Hindus but to use the next few weeks to ask themselves whether they are going to continue to ask for a separate state which would be NOT FOR THEM but for a totally new project for the West to get a hold on the Asian continent.

ƒ”š‚ Repeated again – Eelam is NOT for Tamil Hindus – Eelam is a Christian State – to be led by Christians/Christian converts. Unless Hindus are willing to all convert, it is time the Hindus said a FIRM NO to what is likely to unfold if they vote for the TNA – Tamil National Alliance.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    NOT true.

    Almost ALL TNA leaders are HINDUS. Almost ALL elected for North PC will be HINDUS.

    HINDUSTAN created, armed, trained and protected the LTTE.

    But there are Christian Tamil Elamists too.

    Tamil Elam is a TAMIL project. Saiva Tamils and Christian Tamils are all included.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I value Jayachandra’s concern.
    It is also TRUE there are MANY Tamil Christians at the forefront of the TE campaign.

    BUT it is NOT correct to say Tamil Eelam is a Church project. If you read the Vada-kundi resolution (the BASIS of Tamil Elam project) it says TE will be a SECULAR COUNTRY!

    So it will NOT be a HINDU country and it will NOT be a Christian country. The CLOSEST SECULAR country is HINDUSTAN!!!

    Tamil Christians and Tamil Hindus will NOT go against each other. They COMPETE against each other to SWIM to the Tamil Elam flag FIRST!!

    By dragging religion into this we actually DIVIDE the Sinhalese.

    75% of SLs are Sinhalese.
    70% of SLs are Sinhalese Buddhists.
    5% of SLs are Sinhalese Christians.

    Among the Sinhalese 7% are Christians and 93% are Buddhists.
    IF Sinhalese are DIVIDED between these 2 groups, their power reduces by 7%.

    This must NOT be done.

    Bastardds within the church must be isolated and targeted without targeting the entire church. Unfortunately there are MANY in this group BUT NOT THE ENTIRETY.

    e.g. Like the questions Ven Mahinda asked King Thevampiyatissa
    Not all the trees are mango trees

    Lakshman Kadirgamar was a Tamil Christian. So was SL’s first local army commander.

    Once identified these traitors must be punished before they FURTHER poison their congregation.

    TNA victory at the election is a FOREGONE CONCLUSION. Unfortunately this is how Tamilians in SL and TN vote. They ALWAYS vote for racism. It will NEVER change.

    e.g. elections in 1947, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1977, 1989, 1994, 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2010.

    The only solution is to CHANGE THE DEMOGRAPHICS in the north. No shortcuts.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article is interesting in that it brings out a point. If the Christians have been so successful then the question begs why? why are the Christian Tamils leading the Hindu Tamils by the proverbial nose and getting away with it.? Are the Christians by virtue of their faith so superior in philosophy to spirituality that no other power can stand against it? I doubt that.

    A great deal of the problem is embedded in Hinduism itself. The reason Dr. Ambedkar was able to convert so many Hindus to Buddhism was due to the Achilles heel of Hinduism: The Caste system which like the Nazi’s defined mankind as unequal to each other. Some like the Brahmins are so up in the pecking order they are divine by birth while others are so cursed that they are damned by birth.

    The history of this horror called the Caste system has made it easy pickings for any religion that converts including Buddhism which flourished in India 1500 years, Islam which grabbed a good deal of Hindus for a thousand years and Christianity which created the greatest empire where the “sun never set” on her also took her pound of Hindu converts.

    The Caste system still thrives in India making a mockery of India claiming to be a “functioning Democracy” when the Caste system is the very antithesis of everything Democratic. The Caste system is closer to the way the Nazis saw the world than the way the ancient Greeks who gave mankind Democracy saw the world of man and that is the main reason Hindus continue to leave that abomination called the caste system to any faith that believes all men are created equal under eyes of God.

    As for Eelam the point has already been made that the creation of Eelam will never bring peace or even come close to solving the Sri Lankan Tamil problem. First most Sri Lankan Tamils will either be outside of Eelam in Sri Lanka or abroad, Secondly it will create a perpetual state of instability between Colombo and Jaffna where Colombo will be forced to bring in the big guns such as China and Russia while Eelam will be forced to bring in India and the US making Sri Lanka a mini version of what is going on between India and Pakistan or what did go on between the US and Russia BUT due to the size of each state the intensity of the conflict will render the island once called Sri Lanka into a perpetual state of active warfare and destabilize all of South India and the Indian ocean.

    Ultimately either Eelam will be part of India which would be highly unlikely or it would break even further and pieces of it will become part of the old Sri Lanka. In whatever form I have not stated a single positive result if Eelam is created. I believe with the end of the war even New Delhi has come to the conclusion that a united Sri Lanka is best for her security to the south than a new unstable entity called Eelam.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Is Tamil Eelam really for Tamil Hindus?
    J. Jayachandra
    atleast at last we both community realised who are fighting each other !!!
    Sinhalese & Tamils ? NO
    Bhuddist & Saivar (Hindhus) ?YES !

    YES, We both moddays& muddalkal want to accept ???

    is that our ? Karma !!!

  5. thurai Says:

    There is no different between Tamil Hidu orTamil christian. There mentality is one and same. Because
    most of the Tamil christians were Hindu. LTTE has their own hindu Temple worldwide but They controlled
    the Tamil Chritians and Fathers (Priest). Cast Terrorism among Tamils is more cruel than LTTE Terrorism.

    Even western countries give everything to Tamils,Tamil Hindus belive Siva,Muruga,Amman and more Gods.
    They donate money to HinduTemples. Hindu Temple owners make money and the same time maintain
    cast system all over the world by employing only Brahmanas as Priest.

    There is Nothing in Tamileelam or seperate State for the benefit of Tamils.
    Like Hindu priest cheat the Tamils in Western countries saying Hindu Gods safegurd from Devils,
    Tamil Politicians cheat Tamils saying they safegurd Tamils from Sinhalese.
    But they need rights to safegurd their welth and own benefit.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for your honest article.

    It is ALWAYS the more (English) educated and savvy Christians/Catholics (from any ethnicity), who ‘lead’ not only the Tamils but also the Sinhela/Buddhists of Lanka. It is hangover from Colonial times that those who know good English language skills rule ! Not correct. But it is true that the English language allows a person access knowledge from various sources.

    Power grabs have happened from time to time from the more confident, powerful & affluent society in Sri Lanka, which is usually Christian/Catholic, and now the Muslims.


    You are right. Tamil Eelam will be a disaster. It will be an appendage of Tamil Nadu, and they will re-impose their Caste System on Tamil Eelam.

    Tamils and all others will be best off in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Sri Lanka. Even distribution (as is possible) of ethnic groups is a good idea, all over Lanka.


    The Sinhela/Buddhists have to realise that Buddhism is NOT the Law of the Land. Buddhism is their religion, but not the Law of the land. Currently, minorities have the legal system ‘under their control’ – is this true ?

    Buddhist Sinhela people are expected be eternally Compassionate and to expose their ‘jugular to be cut’ as a sacrificial goat at the altar to correct the ills of the Tamil Caste System. But, in actual fact, as Jayachandra says, it is a sort of sell out of Lanka to foreign powers, because the local Christians/Catholics (or for that matter Tamil Nadu Christians/Catholics) do not have the military clout to govern any Tamil Eelam.

    Sri Lanka and India can CO-OPERATE with other countries for mutual gain in the spheres of human needs and seeking peace and happiness for all as is humanly possible. After all, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is within You’ and ‘Truth/Sathya is within You’ and Islam means Peace. To access this Kingdom of Heaven within, we ALL have to do some Meditation.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Even distribution (as is possible) of ethnic groups is a good idea, all over Lanka. ! lasting solution for ever !
    Fran Diaz- I believe We are in right direction ,
    please trust this Rt Judge, if he become CM of NP He will support this distribution! solution !!!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar (or Andy),

    The Rt Judge as you refer to Mr Wigneswaran, has already proven to be distrustful in that he is contesting under the TNA via ITAK, with the TNA having the strange Manifesto of Federalism with re-merger of the N&E. How come he is trustworthy for the rest of us ?

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