If Islamic radicalism is West engineered – why does Islam call to conquer the world?
Posted on September 29th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge

There are 2 factors that just do not add up. If we accept the Muslim version that Islam is a -Ëœpeaceful religion-â„¢ and explore the possibility that the present radical Islam enveloping world geopolitics has been engineered by the West, our next question is why would the West also allow these same groups to use their home turf to make claims to dominate the world and Islamize their own nations/natives leading to a visible imbalance in population demographics! This next leads us to wonder how in control of -ËœRadical Islam-â„¢ the West actually is or whether the problem has now gone beyond its control. If so, are the present day conflicts manufactured to ensure Muslims end up killing Muslims in a contemporary response to how Christians justified the mass murder of Jews on the grounds that Jews were out to rule the world. Yet, Islam-â„¢s response has been to use funds to ensure political correctness is on their side on non-Muslim turf. More importantly if radical Islamists make up just 1% of the world Muslims why are the rest of the 99% Muslims claiming the rest of the world is intolerant of Islam yet hesitant to denounce and refuse to be manipulated by the 1%? If Muslims are not to blame for the conflicts why do Muslims remain silent on the 2nd scenario of Muslims ruling the world for historically the spread of Islam and conquest of nations has been through forced conversion or coercion and it is only the methodology that has changed in present times? What have 1,289,700,000 Muslims done to stop this 10.3million radical Muslims or even to stop the seemingly visible world -Ëœconquest-â„¢ by Muslims?

Is Islamic Radicalism to be feared?

Whether it is West engineered or not, the wave of radicalism is affecting not only West but countries with civilizational histories which do not wish to change their cultural ethos simply to satisfy the neo-liberal concept of multiculturalism based on political correctness. Yet, Muslims have found it easy to project themselves as -Ëœvictim-â„¢ and use that as a ground to claim demands for Muslims and Islam thereby taking over the space of indigenous natives and those who have objected have been branded -Ëœintolerant-â„¢ or -Ëœracist-â„¢.

Thus, if 1% of the 1.3billion (1,300,000,000) Muslims worldwide are radicals who support Islamic domination of the world what does the 99% Muslims think and why are they quiet.

1% of 1.3billion Muslims worldwide mean 10.3million Muslims want Islam to dominate the world. This is no small number if 10.3million Muslims are holding this view. It is from this 10.3million that the -ËœIslamic Terrorists-â„¢ emerge (whether they are puppets of the West or not).

The West has to admit that they have funded, armed and trained radical Islamic groups to counterbalance rise in nationalist movements and advance their own goals in the resource rich Middle East region.

Al Qaeda is the creature created by the CIA making a mockery of the -ËœWar on Terror-â„¢ when Pentagon hosted radical cleric Anwar al Awlaki for tea after 9/11 -” today this mockery has enabled the West to invade nations and keep their own natives gagged and under surveillance while they have a carte blanche to plunder the world, control all central banking systems, use Human rights to strangulate nations and suppress all dissent. Its time people started to accept that the West creates radical Islam to curtail secular nationalism -” even in the Middle East.

Al Qaeda is and was never the enemy of the West. Al Qaeda is Arabic means -” BASE. This is exactly what US, UK and Israel together with their henchmen the Saudi-â„¢s wants to create -” BASES for their agendas. They have found the perfect tool in the Quran to recruit their -Ëœmonsters-â„¢.

Some supposed to be -Ëœfacts-â„¢ are just not true. What if Israel launched Hamas movement in the 1970s to contend the PLO (so says Tony Cordesman) and what if some of these monsters who are supposed to be the enemy were created by themselves -” you create what you can destroy, but sometimes the monster ends up killing the creators. Rajiv Gandhi was victim of his mother-â„¢s creation -” LTTE. So who is worse -” the creators or the created?

Fatal Attraction : West and Islamic Fundamentalists

Tragically the Muslim world may like to remind themselves that Iran-â„¢s Islamic fundamentalist Abol-Ghasem Kashani collaborated with CIA and MI6 to overthrow Iran-â„¢s democratically elected PM Mossadegh in 1953. Mossadegh was overthrown for one simple reason -” he nationalized oil which the Anglo Iranian Oil Company (now British Petroleum) controlled, introduced land reform and female enfranchisement which the Shah reimposed in 1961 under pressure from President Kennedy.‚  Iranian Mullahs helped US install the Shah and then turned against him. The same can be said to have been the fate of the Bhuttos in Pakistan.

The Afghan Mujahideen were also US funded against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.‚  These same monsters became America-â„¢s pawns to be let loose on enemy turf and ensure US taxpayers contributed to the war coffer while the brainchild-â„¢s walked away with billions in contracts.

To this long list of US covert action even overthrowing government and eliminating elected leaders include the murder of Congo-â„¢s Lumumba, Allende, placing people like Ngo Diem in power and then assassinating him -” the same which happened to Gen. Zia. But who would think that the US would give money to organizations like Jamal-e-Islami? But this organization aligns to a maxim that says only Allah-â„¢s rule is allowed on the people and the world and all other laws are wrong -” if so isn-â„¢t taking money from US haram?

Muslims must agree that in claiming their religion to be one of -Ëœpeace-â„¢ and what Muslims in practice end up doing would make any to wonder what they mean by -Ëœpeace-â„¢. The placards held by Muslims in every part of the world cannot accuse non-Muslims of being apprehensive : -ËœIslam will dominate the world-â„¢, -Ëœinfidels will die-â„¢, -Ëœwe will rule the world-â„¢, -Ëœshariah law is THE law-â„¢-¦. And they belong to the 10.3million or 1% of the radicals and had been carrying out close to 15,000 terror attacks worldwide since 9/11.

Then if Islam is all about Allah, Prophet Mohammad and the Koran and being a -Ëœpeaceful-â„¢ religion why is it that the different sects of Muslims are killing each other so much so that in some areas even burial of Muslims are prohibited. There are different sects in Buddhism but not one has shed blood against the other and not one have gone against the other because the principles and fundamentals are one and the same. So who is leading or has led the Muslims astray -” surely the West is not to blame for this too!

Is the Muslim Mission West engineered or do Muslims plan to dominate the world?

When Muslims say non-Muslims are intolerant by their behaviour towards Muslims how can they argue when in the Koran Muslims are told how to interact with Jews and Christians and all others.

-Ëœ”O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.” (Sura 5, verse 51).-â„¢ The easiest response to this is to claim that this verse is taken out of context.

The Koran also tells how to live with non-Muslims -Ëœ”And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.” (Sura 2, verse 191).

Even if the West is part guilty of sponsoring radical Islamic groups, what can Muslims say to calling upon Muslims to produce more children in order to increase Muslim population? Is it not this threat that has woken by the ordinary people in the West about the future possibility of their nation turning into a Muslim majority nation? Gaddafi made public this objective by saying that -Ëœwithout swords, without guns, without conquests 50million Muslims in Europe could take over Europe-â„¢. It is when Muslims increase that there is a noticeable demand to change the cultural make up of the country they came to live in as guests.

If Muslims say they wish to live in peaceful co-existence with the rest of the communities there are reasons why non-Muslims find this difficult to accept or believe. Al-Sabiqun in the US speaking for Muslims in US and Europe says their Charter aspires to -Ëœshape the ideas, beliefs, and moral viewpoints of the people into an Islamic mold. Toward this end we will, insha’Allah, develop the comprehensive educational system that is necessary to inform, inspire, and direct the society toward Islamic revolution (or evolution).” How would this tally with peaceful co-existence because there are 10,300,000 radical Muslims attempting to do otherwise and what has 1,289,700,000 Muslims done to stop this 10.3million? Not all Germans were Nazis, all Germans did not want to kill Jews -” but the small Nazi numbers became the voice of Germany because the majority of Germans did not speak up against the small number. The Tamils did the same with the LTTE, but the Sinhalese did the opposite and thus the JVP was crushed. The lesson is that until and unless the anti-Jihadi Muslims take a stand themselves against these radical elements they will themselves be regarded as same by commission or omission. This is exactly what happened to the Tamils-TNA-LTTE. If people watching a crime being committed do nothing to stop it they are referred to as -Ëœaccomplices-â„¢ even though they did not actively take part in the crime. So again we need to ask even if radical Islam is part engineered how valid is it to say that Muslims may be using this -Ëœvictim-â„¢ slogan to fast forward the Muslim plan to dominate the world through population and then the insistence of Shariah laws and laws and rights relevant to ONLY Muslims-¦ and the placards by 10.3million Muslims read -ËœBehead those who insult Islam-â„¢ -Ëœbe prepared for the real holocaust-â„¢ but we do not see placards by 1,289,700,000 Muslims so say -Ëœwe do not want Shariah-â„¢ -Ëœwe want to live with the other communities-â„¢ -Ëœwe do not want to dominate the world-â„¢?

The silence of Muslims against the 10.3m does not equate to mean that they are on the side of non-Muslims and those Muslims who are not practicing Islam are not following any enlightened form of Islam either for there is no such thing as Western or Eastern or Asian Islam.

The Hindu civilization religions has not categorized people. Muslims divide the world into Dar al-Islam (where Muslims rule) and Dal al-Harb (field of war where infidels live until they adopt the Muslim faith and submit to Muslim rule).

History has given us numerous instances of how non-Muslims had to -Ëœsubmit-â„¢ -” in 630AD, Mohammed conquered Mecca, conquests continued throughout Constantinople, Rome, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, North Africa, Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy and even overthrew the Zoroastrian empire of Persia, Central Asia and Hindu India -” these lands that Muslims conquered and now claim as their own were homes of advanced and ancient civilizations and if former colonies are demanding compensation and apology the Muslims must also apologize for their conquests of ancient kingdoms. While some countries were able to take back their countries like Spain, other nations like Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Lebanon had all been converted. The competition to convert between the Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam continues unabated with new forms of Evangelicals, Born Again, Assembly of God now joining in to raise the heat.

What we are obviously witnessing is a -Ëœcultural clash-â„¢ as Muslims increase in different nations. Once Muslims have increased their hold on the commercial, political, administrative and other key areas in a non-Muslim country and with petrodollars ever ready to be sent to all corners of the world to ensure they amass land, property, bribe politicians and public officials the Muslims have positioned themselves in a position to create cultural challenges which generally start with distorting history, claiming ancient sites, setting up mosques, madrassas, forcing Muslims to change attire into tribal wear and then pressing a few emotional buttons by loudspeaker usage at mosques and subtly attempting to claim the food chain by introducing halal labels arguing grounds of hygiene -” these are the incursions that have come to wake up indigenous races/ethnicities to wonder whether a repeat of historical conquests is taking place before their very eyes in a different format minus swords.

Samuel Hungtington in his -ËœClash of Civilizations-â„¢ speaks of this cultural struggle. Both Christians and Islam believe ONLY their path is the path to salvation and only THEIR RELIGION is RIGHT. There is little point quoting any texts from the Koran or religious clerics as the immediate response by one or all of the 1,289,700,000 Muslims is to say that the cleric being quoted is -Ëœradical-â„¢ or he does not speak on behalf‚  of the Muslims or the Koran but there is no one who comes out to say exactly what Muslims really want or what the Koran exactly says.

Muslims cannot deny that in accepting Saudi funds to put up mosques, Saudi doctrine schools, universities, madrassas and dress in Saudi tribal attire which did not exist in non-Muslim societies previously, Muslims are accepting not Islam but the Saudi form of Islam and today 80% of mosques come under Saudi Wahhabi control. So when 80% are under Wahhabi influence Muslims attending these mosques are injected with weekly prayers that say to despise non-Muslims. It is ONLY the Muslims who attend non-Muslims schools and move amongst non-Muslims who are able to balance their life and thinking yet unable to make other Muslims realize that non-Muslims should not be treated as -Ëœinfidels-â„¢.

So what we have before us is a dual catastrophe. Not only has the West released -Ëœmonsters-â„¢ around the world thinking that they can use their weapons to neutralize situations going out of control, overlapping with this has been a patiently hidden plan to dominate the world something which all Muslims may be aware of but do not wish to acknowledge out loud and when that plan is vocalized by non-Muslims the easy defence has been to refer to the non-Muslims as -Ëœextremists-â„¢ -Ëœracists-â„¢, -Ëœintolerant-â„¢ and the like. Yet, slowly the Muslims attempt to creep into strategic positions at every level in non-Muslim nations to get a good stronghold and patiently wait to deliver the last blows.

Thus, patience has enabled Muslims and Islam to become the 2nd largest religion in America and Europe and even Australia. In France it is believed that 50,000 Christians converted to Islam in just one year and in Britain more people attend mosques than the Church and it is only petrodollars that make politicians to come out with statements that say -Ëœbe tolerant of Islam-â„¢ because there are repercussions to saying that a new form of -ËœIslamic extremism-â„¢ is taking shape.

The flip side of 9/11 even though it was created as new evidence emerge, is that people have woken up to what is now loosely known as -ËœIslamization-â„¢ of non-Muslim nations. Had 9/11 not occurred the patient plan of domination, population manipulation would have taken place unnoticed. But now when any Muslim leader or cleric says -ËœIslam endeavors to expand-â„¢ -ËœIslam aims to one day rule the world and humanity-â„¢ and -ËœWorld will be one Muslim community-â„¢ -” people are now not ready to accept that these statements without an overall plan to which Muslims also agree whether such world domination is said in the Koran or not becomes immaterial.

People are now taking the visible ground realities of incursions, sudden demands, changes in behaviour and actions as the premise to decide on the true objective of Muslims and those claiming that there is no plan have not done much apart from only claiming that there is no such plan while the incursions continue unabated.

International Laws / Freedoms and Rights must be on equal footing

If we are to apply international laws and people have freedom and rights all nations must be affording these rights equally. Yet, when Saudi Arabia bans all non-Muslim places of worship, prohibits people from even carrying symbols of their faith while other Muslim majority nations by law curtails non-Muslim rights on what grounds can Muslims ask equality in non-Muslim nations using the very terminology that they know is prohibited for non-Muslims in Muslim nations? People who warn about Islamification are prosecuted with -Ëœhate speech-â„¢ legislature but calls for Islamization of non-Muslim countries in Muslim nations are glorified. In Muslim only schools the Muslim children are taught to treat non-Muslims as infidels but in non-Muslim schools children are taught to treat people equally -” there is certainly an imbalance. But, all the while Muslims are moving out of Muslim nations into non-Muslim nations and then trying to create a Muslim nation of that non-Muslim nation -” is this not odd! So again we ask how many Muslims are open about the desire for Islam to conquer the world because it is not a paranoia in viewing ground realities? How many Muslims feel inspired by the fact that to defend Islam is to go to paradise to be looked after by 72 beautiful virgins? Is there no place for females in paradise?

What needs to be said is that non-observant Muslims are not the problem but they have not been the solution to the problem either. An individual Muslim is personally peaceful because it is his choice and it has nothing to do with Islam and this is what all Muslims now need to decide -” being peaceful is one-â„¢s choice. But Muslims who help non-Muslims are considered as acting against Islam -” therefore a good Muslim according to us becomes a bad Muslim according to Islam. If anyone says Islam has spread only through some means of force can Muslims deny this in the light of historical and contemporary facts? Where is the live-and-let-live attitude by Muslims for non-Muslims? Even the jihadists say there is no -Ëœmoderate Islam-â„¢ or -Ëœmoderate Muslim-â„¢. By using these elements as tools for West-â„¢s own agenda the West and even Asian political leaders have sold out the entire non-Muslim world leaving the people now to respond to the incursions to their ancient civilizational heritage.

The West may be part responsible for Islamic radicalism but what about the more important question of Islam-â„¢s main objective of dominating the world and turning all non-Muslims into Islam?



6 Responses to “If Islamic radicalism is West engineered – why does Islam call to conquer the world?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Shall we give this a break for some time?

    Tamil threat is WORSE than the Islamic threat for SL at the moment. We need Muslims in the east to REJECT TNA. Otherwise there will be a merger again and TNA will be powerful.

    We CANNOT fight both these evils at the same time.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The birth of radical Islam is partly the result of the birth of Israel. for the moment Israel was born five Muslim nations attacked the new state in the 6 day war which Israel won with the help of the US. But one needs to step back to the end of world war one when a great Empire collapsed, the Ottoman Empire whose land holdings included what is now Jordon, Palestine and Israel. These lands were given to another Empire the British Empire under a treaty.

    Now one need to step two thousand years back during the Roman Empire when the Jewish province of Judea rebelled against the authority of Rome. Their rebellion was crushed and a large segment of the Jews were scattered across the globe, while many stayed behind. Some even came to India. Years later the Roman Senate punished the province of Judea by renaming it Palestine. Sri Lanka should understand that a province or a nation can have several names. Be it Palestine or Judea or Israel they all refer to the same land. There is no such thing as a “Palestinian history and culture”

    The British promised these lands to the newly growing Zionist movement in Europe but as in many cases failed to live up to that promise and the new state of Israel is but a slice of what was once ancient Judea. The lands promised included present day Palestine and Jordon. The Arab nations could have easily absorbed the Muslim occupiers of that land but chose instead to use them to destroy Israel. they failed and Palestine now is a terrorist led area demanding the UN for statehood.

    Yet the global radical Islamic movement did not stem only from the creation of Israel but also had their independent and separate places of birth. In Pakistan Karachi and later on Islamabad nurtured and eventually created a terrorist industry of her own to deal with a predominantly Hindu India and when Indira Gandhi split Pakistan to solve one problem she created two new problems. A Pakistan hell bent on revenge and determination that she will equal India in power. When Indira Gandhi detonated India’s first nuclear bomb in 1974 Pakistani’s leaders vowed they would eat grass till they too achieved this power which China graciously gave them. Now Pakistan is rumored to have more nuclear missiles than India.

    The other problem of dividing Pakistan was the creation of Bangladesh whose poverty and overpopulation has destabilized India’s north eastern states as millions upon millions of Muslim Bangladeshi illegally move into these predominantly Hindu states who are now demanding autonomy from an apathetic New Delhi.

    The Taliban of Afghanistan is a creation of that nation and I see no connection with the West except in its complacency while Pakistan gave support and allegiance to it. That affair ended when the twin towers of the World trade center were brought down by a well planned and executed act of invasion and terrorist attack. President Bush Jr. threatened Pakistan that if she did not do a 180 degree turn from the Taliban she will lose her alliance with the US . A reluctant Pakistan was then used to defeat the Taliban, which in 2012 has again risen in full force against a retreating US presence in Afghanistan and developed a Pakistani version of it

    Finally we have the most virulent Muslim radical movement sponsored by the Saud family called the Wahhabi movement that now has the power to be a force in the entire Middle East even to the extent of surpassing the Al-Qaeda. Though radical Islam was born along with the birth of Israel in 1948, the 21st century global radical Islamic movement has many avenues quite removed from Israel. If the West contributed to its rise they are now taking on the radical movements within their nations as seen in Europe where the term”multiculturalism” is now a bad word and nationalist parties are replacing liberal socialist governments. European nations are also passing “pro European” laws that go against the traditions of Islam. The West is awakening to the face of radical Islam and so should Sri Lanka.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Americans lost Vietnam war because of the support Vietnamese got from the Russians. When Russians went to Afganisthan, American said to Russians, this is your Vietnam. So they supported mossies with weapons and money to fight the Russians. They thought they were safe, thousands of miles away from all this, until 9/11 happened. That was a blessing in disugise for the west to alert what a menace to the world these mossies are.

    The religion is medieval. Nobody else outside it believe in the bs. So what is the best way to propagate it. Clone, clone, clone yourselves. That is how they conquer Buddhist Iran, Buddishst Afganisthan, etc. etc. They still breed breed, breed, breed in the west. But one day, one day, all that going to end up in a lot of bloodshed. Still the morons think they are the masters. Ignorance is bliss.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    In SL we need the support of mossies to fight against TNA the common enemy.

    So for now we should push this under the carpet. The biggest danger now is north merging with east and ONLY mossies can stop it.

  5. Jayantha Says:

    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha – your analysis shines a light to a somewhat grey and dark not seen by everyone area of history. On the other hand, crudely though Ancient Sinhalaya tells what the present day moslems have achieved and will achieve in the end. Multiple number of wives per man, producing children like rats, multiplying the numbers of moslems daily while the rest of the world are controlling new births. Already moslems will out number the Christians in all the Western European countries by 2030.

    I remember both Yasr Arafath and Muammer Ghaddaffi wanted the moslems to produce as many children as possible per family.

    Where were the moslems before Mohamed was born or rather 600 AD (when Mohamed was 30 years of age when he is supposed to have had his first revelation). From then on are we to believe that the population growth of moslems to the present level of 1.3 billion (not million but billion) was because the people were so obsessed with Islam that they abandoned their beliefs in other religions or philosophies and became moslems in droves.

    Bulls–t. Bodu Bala Sena, or Jathika Hela Urumaya and a few other organizations are fighting a losing battle to safeguard Buddhism and turn the tide.

    Reminds me of an email I received recently from a college professor in Sweden and I wish to share it with my fellow bloggers.

    Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim
    Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.
    Lets have a look at the evidence:
    No Christmas
    No television
    No nude women
    No football
    No pork chops
    No hot dogs
    No burgers
    No beer
    No bacon
    Rags for clothes
    Towels for hats

    Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower
    More than one wife
    More than one mother in law
    You can’t shave
    Your wife can’t shave
    You can’t wash off the smell of donkey
    You cook over burning camel shit
    Your wife is picked by someone else for you and your wife smells worse than your donkey
    Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”??
    Well no sh*t Sherlock!….
    It’s not like it could get much worse

    They’re not happy in Gaza ..
    They’re not happy in Egypt ..
    They’re not happy in Libya ..
    They’re not happy in Morocco ..
    They’re not happy in Iran ..
    They’re not happy in Iraq ..
    They’re not happy in Yemen ..
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan ..
    They’re not happy in Pakistan ..
    They’re not happy in Syria ..
    They’re not happy in Lebanon ..

    They’re happy in Australia …
    They’re happy in Canada …
    They’re happy in England …
    They’re happy in France …
    They’re happy in Italy …
    They’re happy in Germany …
    They’re happy in Sweden …
    They’re happy in the USA …
    They’re happy in Norway …
    They’re happy in Holland …
    They’re happy in Denmark …

    Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim
    and unhappy in every country that is!

    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.


    They want to change those countries to be like….

    Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering… How damn dumb can you get?

    JP – USA

  6. HanMg Says:

    If radical Islamists make up just 1% of the world Muslims why are the rest of the 99% Muslims claiming the rest of the world is intolerant of Islam yet hesitant to denounce and refuse to be manipulated by the 1%?

    The main answer lies in the very foundation of Islam – the Koran, Hadith and the Sharia Law, where
    There is no freedom of religion.
    A non-muslim is a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim.
    There are no equal rights for women and women can be beaten
    A non-Muslim cannot bear arms
    There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims.

    Thus, there is no universal love or compassion under Islam; not even for fellow human beings, as other major religions do. In contrast, compassion is engrained in Buddhism for all living things.

    Jihad is a requirement under Islam. Theologically, the purpose of jihad is to increase Allah’s sovereignty in the world; that is, to subjugate the world to Islam. Islam divides the world into “dar el-salaam“ (the abode of peace) and “dar el-harb“ (the abode of war). Dar el-salaam is that part of the world in which Islam rules, i.e. any area which has been subjugated to Islam. According to different Muslim theologians, this could include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and other countries. Dar el-harb is anywhere in the world which has not been subjugated to Islam WHERE MURDER AND RAPE OF THE NON-MUSLIMS RANKS AS GOOD; LYING, CHEATING AND DISHONESTY ARE CONSIDERED NECESSARY EVILS AND HENCE, FORM PART OF THE MUSLIM MORALITY.

    A true Muslim anywhere has to accept such laws and the requirement for jihad because they are Quranicaly based. Thus, in a debate the 1% of the radical muslims will always win and the 99% “moderate” muslims must accept, if not actively support the radicals. There is no ideological difference between the views of a radical and moderate muslim – the eventual goal is the subjugation of the world to Islam. The only difference is that while the radicals will act out on there beliefs and commit acts of terrorism, the moderates are hesitant because intuitively they know it is wrong. However, it is often not too difficult to turn a moderate muslim to a radical one by indoctrination. Most “moderate” muslims are of the view that Islamic terrorists are soldiers of Islam necessary for subjugation of the world to Islam.

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