NOT WITHDRAW ARMY FROM NORTH-President in interview with Al- Jazeera :
Posted on September 29th, 2013

Army needed for security :

Why demand probe only for last few days of the war :

President Mahinda Rajapaksa asked as to how he could withdraw the army from the North without acceding to the requests of other Provincial Councils too to do the same.

-Where can I have the Army?. Ask somebody else to give me a place to keep the Army-, he said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

-First they (TNA) said something like that, and they changed it. -Because they can-â„¢t ask the army to be withdrawn. Then if the other Provincial Councils also asked me to withdraw their army camps all over the country where can I have the army.-

-Ask somebody else to give me a place to keep the army-.

Responding to another question that there is no need for such an Army with no war anymore, the President said -Do you think so. No, for security we need the army. We decide on our security and strength and how many army personnel we need.

-Do you think that when the army is discontinued what will happen. We are after a war. In the Vietnam war what happened.-

-So we have to change their attitudes. We have to rehabilitate them also-.

The President also said the Government has released all the private lands and kept certain lands in areas where the airport and ports are located. It has taken over some lands.- We have given up all the other lands-

He was replying to a question quoting from Navi Pillay-â„¢s report that the military is stationing troops in civilian areas and talk about the acquisition of private lands for the military camps and installations including a holiday resort.

The President responding to another question by the interviewer said after 30 years of war she(Pillay) wants only the last few days. -Why? Why? I can-â„¢t understand that. We must look into the whole 30 years. What happened? Now if somebody asks what happened in Japan after the war are we going to

inquire into that? You have to be fair in this game. Because the treatment must be equal to all countries. With the last few days, we can tell you , we are very open and Al Jazeera went there. They were in front of the battle field. We allowed them to go there.

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6 Responses to “NOT WITHDRAW ARMY FROM NORTH-President in interview with Al- Jazeera :”

  1. Hiranthe Says:


    Although we were critical on him MR is still at his best. Quoting last days of war in Japan should make everyone think twice now…

    We need a strong MR until we completely eradicate the LieTTE menace and Endian interference.

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    Well said Hon President! UNHR Navi Pillai or UNO’s Moon must inquire every war after 1945 but not only Sri Lanka’s war against tamil terrorists.
    They must ask after wars in Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki mass destructions), Dresden (mass destructions), Korea war, Vietnam war, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam chemical bombs (napalm and orange substances, even Ban Ki Moon said use chemical bombs is a war crimes but applicable not only to Syria but to America, Austarlia and New Zealand those who used chemical weapons in Indo china during Vietnam war), Cuba, Granada, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya invasions too.
    Why not Navi pillai appoint an international panel to examine British invaders cruelty and massacres of native Africans in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia? South African “so called Truth commission was to whitewash British invaders cruel acts”
    She can appoint another international panel to inquire about 10 million Pakistanis massacred in India during 1947 border crossing.
    Self determination rights of Kashmir people and why not India hand over Kashmir to Kashmir people. It is a human right issue. Another international panel to inquire!
    Invasion of Kingdom of Sikkim by Indian imperialists! What rights India has to invade neighbouring countries? Invasions are war crimes!
    Navi Pillai must appoint an international inquiry to how and what rights Indian government; RAW and tamil nadu had to train tamil terrorists in Indian soil against Sri Lanka. Indians and tamil nadians trained more than 15,000 tamil terrorists to fight against Sinhalese. Training terrorists is a war crime.
    Those India trained terrorists and some of their militia men and women ended up in Nandikadal in 2009. Navi Pillai’s worry is her tamil tribal Velupillai and other terrorists gone to hell before create dravida nadu in south India.

  3. S de Silva Says:

    SR: The substance used by the US was “Agent Orange” a powerful defoliant ( kills all plant life) – the US objective was to kill off all Vietnamese from starvation! – SdeS

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Please note that US forces are STILL in the Far East, years after the Vietnam war and so are the British forces right NOW in Northern Ireland. Whenever these ignorant buffoons open their mouth to point fingers at SL we should hit them hard with facts and kick their mouths to shut instantly!! – SdeS

  5. jay-ran Says:

    Also President reminded Aljaseera that certain countries are behaving like WORLD POLICEMAN WHILE COMMITING MANY CRIMES!!!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    In my view, the “Community Policing” idea now being advanced by the TNA is very different from the Community Policing you are talking about. Moreover, it is merely a PRETEXT for JUSTIFYING the demand for provincial Police Powers and replacing the current National Police Force.

    The TNA uses that term to only JUSTIFY their demand for Police Powers so they can surreptitiously engage in any and all activities to promote their Eelam Project, WITHOUT the GOSL getting to know about it, and having the LEGAL AUTHORITY and LOCAL PRESENCE to prevent them from doing so.

    You are referring to local policing by informal groups belonging to the community itself, who are, by assumption, law-abiding and interested in preserving the integrity of the country as a whole.

    That definition does not apply to the Northern and Eastern Provinces inhabited by populations that supported the LTTE. That kind of “Community Policing” fails when neither the proposed community Police, nor the Community itself as a whole, is interested in preserving the integrity of the country, and abiding by its laws.

    Enabling “Community Policing” in such a situation is a MONUMENTAL FOLLY that would MERELY EMPOWER a local SEPARATIST MILITIA …. like the LTTE of the past … to take control of the population and the land in opposition to the nation as a whole.

    In the situation that currently exists in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka, the Police Force is required not only to maintain law and order among the citizenry in their routine lives, but also to prevent the resumption of terrorist and separatist activities by anti-national groups.

    Such a role, currently being served by the National Police Force, CANNOT be served by handing over Policing to the very “Community” that aided and abetted that terrorist separatism, and is currently led by the UNREPENTANT former PROXY of the LTTE, espousing the very same SEPARATIST GOALS in their Election Manifesto, as the LTTE did!

    The GOSL must not be swayed by the sugar coating of the TNA demand for Police Powers by calling it Community Policing. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck it must be … for heavens sake … a duck, and SEPARATIST TERRORIST duck to boot!

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