TNA ‘rewriting’ history of Sri Lanka
Posted on December 19th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

LTTE sympathiser, Prof. Peter Salk of Sweden University in his address to the Tamil diaspora in London recently had stated that Sri Lanka is a Hindu country. There is no doubt that he had been well paid by the LTTE rump to make this statement. Since 2002, he had been a close ally of terrorist leader Prabhakaran. On the advise of the Tamil diaspora and picking up pieces from this statement, the TNA is now making a hue and cry. Referring to the statement by Peter Salk, the MP for Batticaloa Mr. Yogendran had said in Parliament that ancient monarchs in Sri Lanka were Tamils. The TNA which has sainted Prabhakaran seems to be unconcerned in reconciliation !

Yogendran had said that, as Ravana was a Hindu, all ancient monarchs in Sri Lanka were Tamils. The South Indians consider , Ravana, as a ‘demon king’. According to legend, Ravana is a mythical king who went to India in his ‘wooden plane’ and abducted Sita, wife of Rama. Later Rama defeated Ravana. The debate on Ravana is still on.

In the past, Sinhala Kings brought down South Indian royalty to pick up their queens. In their entourage they brought their religion Hinduism with them. This led to Hindu kovils being put up next to Buddhist temples and palaces. The Tamil diaspora and the TNA are trying to ‘rewrite’ history and prove their ‘homeland’ theory by their own interpretation of the great chronicle, Mahavamsa.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Let these pundits show a single piece of Tamil inscription of any significant value and extent and extant over any significant time period that shows that there was a predominant Tamil culture anywhere in Sri Lanka. Except for small figurines of Ganesh of recent origin, here and there under trees there is nothing to show that ordinary people practiced Hinduism in Sri Lanka. People in Sri Lanka may have worshipped other gods prior to the advent of Buddhism in the 3rd Century BC. That does not make Sri Lanka a Hindu country by any stretch of imagination.

    These Tamil Racists have an inferiority complex and that is they don’t have a contiguous history to call their own. Even Hinduism is not their’s and it is something that the North Indians brought to South India through the Brahmin priests. So they have to invade other’s just as they have done with place names in the Northern and Eastern provinces. This is down right deplorable.

    They don’t want to accept the fact that the majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka today are indented labor that was brought to Sri Lanka during colonial times to tend first tobacco, then coffee and finally tea. This is the truth. Any Tamils from earlier times have intermingled and assimilated with the local Sinhalese. This is the truth of their history and antiquity.

    Nothing must be given to Tamils that are not given to the rest of the populace in Sri Lanka. Otherwise these beggars will keep in calling for grievances which are now called aspirations!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    TNA wants to ‘own’ Sri Lanka ! Then, if that ever happens (God forbid !), Lanka will be a ‘servant appendage’ of Tamil Nadu, with TNA leaders as kings and queens of Lanka.

    Any enthusiastic followers ?? !!

  4. NAK Says:

    Prince Siddhartha may have been a Hindu before attainment as Hinduism was one of the major religions of the time. Jainism, another ancient religion has some influence in Buddhism as at least Pansil is similar in Jainism. BUT, it is incumbent upon those who claim Hinduism to be the ancient religion of the Rawana time to show some evidence to substantiate their claim.
    Rama himself being a major deity in Hinduism, brings to question when Hinduism itself became a religion. Was it a religion during Rama/Rawana time.
    LTTE and their supportive diaspora have made many outrageous claims in the past and this seems to take the cake.
    What they need to prove today is why they are a minority in this country if their claims are true.

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