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Mahinda Weerasinghe

 (In three parts)

 The caravelle that transported, rats and images of Ave Maria, also conveyed the “civilising” Catholic Portuguese to Ceylon in 1503. Followers of this Judeo-Christian sect did not lose any time, but got down to the business they have come for: the rape of the country and naturally getting salvation to the ignorant heathens so that their souls would be redeemed by the good Lord, whatever that is…  Therewith; the Sri Lankan horror story was inaugurated.

 The sitting King, Bhuvanekabahu of Sitawaka, they soon discovered, was devoid of any rudimentary leadership qualities, though I must admit, the quality of the leadership has sunk even lower since then. These wily Catholics were over Bhuvanekabahu’s head. But, it must be said in his defence; that he was totally ignorant of the type of fiendish Catholic freebooters that had landed in his domain. Used as he was to the Buddhist tolerant laid back ways, he was lacking the mind set to handle these reprobates.

 They were devoid of any ethics what so ever! Indeed they could commit any crime under the sun, and their priests were accredited by powers invested in them (By some weird GOD) to wash away those sins by simply ‘parroting’ ten Ave Maria or some such bizarre ‘incantations’, it seems. So that the newly cleansed sinners could get back to the business of committing those sins all over again with a ‘clear conscience’.

 This would have comes handy when plundering natives, handicapped with a tolerant and an ethical mind set! The reason why we must not judge the poor man too harshly, after all the modern day quislings, knows better, yet still betray their people and hold positions as opposition leaders and such…

 W.L.A.Don Peter observes in his ‘Education in Sri Lanka under the Portuguese’ the attitude of these Catholics had of others beliefs. “They (Buddhist and Hindus) were denounced for their ‘idolatry’, ‘superstition’ and being ‘work of the devil’. Obviously ‘immaculate conception’, ‘Infallible Popes’ or ‘sun going round the earth’ was holy truths and beyond dispute.

 Things got so bad in time that bhikkhus could not accept the degradation and enslavement of its people, so they strived to educate and rouse them up. The reaction to this was not slow in coming. These Catholic scoundrels got hold of thirty bhikkhus, and hanged them to make it an object lesson to the natives. In time the now broken down Bhuvanekabahu died giving way to his grandson; a spineless puppet, groomed by the Franciscan fathers, by the name of Dharmapala. Having been fed with the holy truths of infallible popes, immaculate conceptions and other deep Catholic truths, he was ready to pay any price to so he get to meet and embrace his boss in heaven.

 In no time these Franciscan rogues persuaded this gratuitous satrap to transfer all revenues of the Buddhist temples of the kingdom to the Catholic Church as elms. It took almost 150 years of warfare, misery and devastation to ply these followers of a man born of a virgin, out. But did the Lankans learn any lesson from that 150 year nightmare? History goes to show, that they simply went back to their slumber!

 While the Dutch and the Sinhalese were ejecting these blackguards, a holy war was raging in Europe between the Protestants and Catholics. As soon as Dutch took control of the coastal kingdom, they sought out these papists and began to put them to sword in the good old Judo-Christian fashion. As usual we had another brain dead king occupying the throne of Kandy at that point of history. The Papists rushed with tears flowing to beg asylum from the Kandy Monarch as they were been slaughtered down by the newly evolved sect of protestant Christians. The Sinhalese King simply disregarded the holy wars, temple burning, hanging of innocent monks, and enslavement of its people during the catholic occupation and offered them asylum, in the good old Buddhist ‘live and let live’ fashion. So that poisoned seeds were planted for posterity, which we are unable to eradicate e to this day. If our leaders had an iota of thinking capacity even at that point of history, our burdens would have been that much lesser.


 Come independence (1948) and we find the Catholic Church sitting pretty. They have reproduced, entrenched, co-operated cohabited and aided the colonial powers in their rape of the country, and generally lived off the fat of the land.

 Now they realised that, if the proselyting process was to continue smoothly without any hiccups when the colonials departed, then they needed a solid plan of distraction and a policy of covert infiltration and manipulation in order to spread division and inject destabilisation on the new nation. That’s how Catholic action came into being in Ceylon. By hindsight we can recognise some vital elements of the plan that they so craftily put in place.

 1.)   A Sinhalese Buddhist and Tamil Hindu, environment of confrontation was to be fed and sustained. This destabilised the nation and kept it poverty ridden. In such a manner their nefarious activities will be camouflaged and go unobserved. (A classic divide and rule policy, which the English colonial powers traditionally used).

 2.)  Occupy strategic bureaucratic spots, especially Army, Navy Air force and the Police. This in order to hinder a coupe by a Buddhist General and govern the people and the politicians without the natives realising what was taking place.  History documents that, most of the strategic posts of the Army, Navy air force and the police were occupied by Catholics up to 1970‘s.

3.)  Encourage Catholics to infiltrate the ruling class families, by marrying them and converting them, so automatically the patriotism in the upper crust of the leading families is diluted.

 4.)  Gain higher political office by hoodwinking the gullible Buddhist. For this reason many so called leaders conveniently became Performa Buddhists, to grab the highest office in the country. (90% of Ranil’s cabinet for an example consisted of Catholics)

 5.) Try to create as much Catholic schools as possible and give admittance to upper class Buddhist children, thus making them vacillate vis a vis Buddhist culture.

 L.H. Mettananda grasped their intensions, and in 1963 published his findings in a book called “Catholic Action, A menace to peace and Goodwill”. He paid a heavy price for that transgression. They sent a Catholic female to cajole and marry his spineless son, and then write denouncing his own father.

 Curiously enough we find as a rule, when Buddhists marry outside their faith, they not only marry the partner, but they also had to wed the partner’s God. This ploy of marrying the dithering Buddhist has been practised routinely to penetrate and dilute the ruling families and in such a way as to control the country from within.

 Mettananda died a broken man. Presently Satellite and her bio-data in fact corroborate many of the above outlined ingredients. She married a Catholic, an actor who depicted Jesus in films. He, through political expediency conveniently became a Buddhist. Indeed this Catholic in disguise may have ended as the president if his life did not end abruptly. I wonder if satellites children are baptised too as Catholics.


Did S.W.R.D, conveniently became a Buddhist (His was of Anglican lineage) or was he a Christian in disguise has not been fully established. Though, it must be said, he had more going for him than his wife or daughter. He gave the Sinhalese, ‘Sinhalese in 24 hours’ whatever that was. But his fate was sealed the day he declared that he was keen to nationalise the schools (90% of private schools were in the Catholic Church’s hand). Indeed SWRD had understood Catholic action.  And he needed to work against them if the nation was to be developed and freedoms to be maintained. With his declaration of school nationalisation policy, his kismet was decided.

 Typically the Church as always, was aiming at killing two birds with one stone. That’s why they needed Buddhist monk as an assassin. A patsy, who was also to be bumped off by the Catholic IGP conveniently waiting early morning in the temple trees ground with a gun. If one remembers police never carried guns at that time, especially IGPs. Luckily this IGP had no practiced with a weapon and he gloriously messed up the show. According to the rumours now surfacing, the hand of the Catholic Church is evident in this assassination. With so many Catholics holding strategic posts this conspiracy and conspirators got off scot free and the Catholic action got conveniently forgotten. Following S.W.R.D’s assassination the Sinhalese Buddhists went back to their slumber again.

 In time J.R Jayewardene conveniently became a Buddhist to grab power in the country and destroy its democratic traditions. Then, just like JR his nephew Ranil hoodwinked the Buddhist by conveniently changing his religion Performa. He was unable to finish the job that his uncle has started.


 In 1983 while J.R.Jayawardena was in the saddle 13 soldiers were murdered in Jaffna by Prabakran led terrorists.

It has been reported months leading to the incidence that weapons were found hidden in the Catholic Churches. Meantime Tamil Catholic priest were going round the country side preaching a racial war against the Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists. Tamil Hindus were systematically brain washed to prepare them for the ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese and Muslim minorities living in the Northern peninsula. Simultaneously, Media in Norway and Scandinavian countries was spawning Sinhalese Buddhist propaganda. At the time leading Norwegian papers were claiming that apartheid in Sri Lanka was worse than in South Africa. (Remember Arne_Fj¸rtoft has entered country by 1965 and living as ‘King of Jaffna’)

 So how did J.R., also known as the old fox, happen to transport the bodies of the dead soldiers all the way to Colombo without providing them with a local burial, and avoiding a backlash? It seems the old fox has been completely out outwitted. He has been stupid enough to sanctioned the order, that the bodies to be transported to Colombo. This was like dangling a red flag in front of a raging bull. How did the Catholic Church manage to out -fox the fox?

It seems that his close advisers had convinced him that it’s best the bodies be buried in Colombo, through strangely enough; none of these soldiers were from Colombo.

 And we find the Catholic action with its terrorist extension has been working hand in glove for the anticipated backlash this catalysed event would lead to. In fact they had planned for the anticipated reaction the bodies when exposed at Kanthtta would create. With a little bit of covert catalysis from the Church, the upheaval was initiated. In other word the killing of the soldiers and getting them to Colombo was a part of the plan carefully crafted, and next part of the plan ensued as expected!

 Most vital agenda since independence.

 The next part of the plan worked like a glove. An air bridge to Europe was in place, already organised with the sympathetic Western Consulate officials and infiltrated by Tamil Terrorist agents working in the embassies. In fact these were no ordinary asylum seekers but jet asylum seekers, and they were not going to Tamil Nadu where there cousins lived, but journeying all the way to west. All the visas, routes, financing, contact, everything has been pre-planned and worked out. And the vision of the plan was clear and simple. In time this Tamil Diaspora, will generate money to pay for carrying out a racist terror campaign. They at the same time will do the necessary propaganda in Europe concerning the Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists.  They were sold to the west as being Christian or possible Christians material!

 Thus we recognise the now famous “Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinists” epithet emerging in the western media and worked into mind set of the European officials. Why Buddhist, and not plain Sinhalese chauvinist? After all, all the Sinhalese were of the same opinion concerning Tamil terrorism. Obviously Catholic leaders of LTTE were not fighting Sinhalese they were fighting, Buddhism and Hinduism. This indeed was and is a covert religious war, where the superstitious Hindus were cannon fodder in their fight against Godless Buddhist. And again, we recognise subtle policy of getting two birds with one stone.

 Evidently, the LTTE is nothing but a child of the Catholic Church, can be adduced by:

 a.) At the inception to this conflict, weapons were found hidden in Churches in the       North.

 b.) Prabaharan used the garb of Catholic Priest to evade detection on several occasions. Of this it has been commented even by the Western media.

 c.)  His son’s name is Charles Anthony (A Catholic name if I heard one.)

 d.)  Most of his earlier comrades who were executed were Hindus. Even Col. Karuna being a Hindu, is a bad qualification for this covert Catholic organisation.

 e.)  His chief negotiator, Anton Balasinham was, obviously a Catholic.

 f.)  1985 May 14 LTTE guns down 146 Sinhalese civilians at the holy Buddhist town of Anuradhapura. Among them Japanese Buddhist monks and Nuns. (This is the centre of the old Buddhist culture.)

 g.) 1998 Jan 25 The LTTE bombs Sri Lanka’s holiest Buddhist shrine, the Temple of the Tooth, in the central town of Kandy, killing 17 people. (A centre for international Buddhism.)

 h.) 1998 June 2nd LTTE terrorist stopped a bus and shoot 33 people, including 29 Buddhist monks near the eastern town of Arantalawa.

 I.) Tamil Catholic priests are actively doing propaganda in Western Europe and spreading lies about Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinist. As they indicate that, like the Europeans they are Christians and discriminated for that. (The Catholic protestant war is conveniently forgotten in Europe, by now.)

 j.) The Madu Church is visited by many Sinhalese Catholics and lies close at hand. This place could be easily bombed by the Pre-war LTTE, but was never an option for Catholic Terrorist leadership.

  In fact below is a list of the Serial Killings of some of the Tamil Parliamentarians by Tiger Terrorists………

Alfred Duraiyappah (Former Mayor and MP for Jaffna) on 27 July 1975

A Thiagarajh (MP for Vadukkoddai) on 24 April 1981

V Dharmalingam (MP for Manipay) on 2 September 1985

K Alalasundaram (MP for Kopay) 2 September 1985

A Amirthalingam (Leader of the Opposition and TULF) on 13 July 1989

V Yogeshwaran (MP for Jaffna) on 13 July 1989

T Ganeshalingam (Provincial Minister for North & East) on 28 January 1990

Sam Tambimuttu (MP for Batticoloa) and Mrs Tambimuttu on 7 May 1990

V Yogasangari (MP for Batticoloa) on 10 June 1990

A Thangathurai (MP for Trincomalee) on 2 July 1997

Mrs Sarojini Yogeshwaran (Mayoress of Jaffna) on 19 May 1998

S. Shanmuganathan (District MP for Vavunia) on 15 July 1998

P. Sivapalan (Mayor of Faffna) on 11 September 1998

Canagasabai Rajathurai, an EPDP member of the Jaffna on 6 October 1998

Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam (TULF) on 29 July 1999

Atputharaja Nadarajah , EPDP parliamentarian (2 Nov 1999)

Kanapathipillai Navaratnarajah (TELO member of Arayampathi, Batticaloa) on 7 June 2000

 One cannot help but note that; without exception all those who have been ‘bumped off’ were Hindus. In fact I could not discover a single Tamil Catholic who has been assassinated by the LTTE terrorists.

 Was Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera, murdered or not is the question? If there was one person who the church needed to be got rid of, this was that person. The style of his removal, point to this organisation.

 Today most of the English dailies in the country are controlled and run by the Catholic Church. So the Buddhist and the Hindus have no way of getting the facts out.

 All of the above findings points to the fact that the terror organisation is nothing but a brain child of the Catholic Action. And the LTTE terror campaigning is nothing but a holy war on Buddhism and Hinduism by other means.

 We are now informed that the Tha¯s has uncovered Catholic plot against Buddhism. Why? Have these people been in a slumber all these years too?

 Indeed the tragedy of the war of South Vietnam, with all its immense complications for the USA, Asia and the rest of the world, at first would seem to have nothing whatever to do with the Catholic Church. But the truth is the Vietnamese tragedy was precipitated by a zealous Catholic trio formed by a Catholic President, a Catholic Head of the Secret Police, and a Catholic Archbishop. All were determined to impose the religious and political writ of the Church upon a non-Christian culture. Oddly enough only 15% of the people were Catholics in South Vietnam the rest being predominately Buddhist.  (Remember President Kennedy and the then notorious cardinal Spellman were Irish Catholics and got this ball rolling!)

 Today Sri Lanka is in the same plight as South Vietnam was in the 60ies. As in South Vietnam the media is in the hands of the Catholic agents. Today, the Buddhists are unable to place a factual article in their own papers. Time is here for Sri Lankans to make some serious assessment if they are to avoid the destruction of the country by this uncouth religion. The first thing they must do is to agree on a true patriot for the presidency. They must make clear to the people who are really behind their destruction. The patriotic forces from the right to left should unite if they are to beat this insidious covert institution. The clock is ticking away.

 Mahinda Weerasinghe

(This article was completed up this point by 15-07-2005).

 Following is a post script

Shenali D Waduge on December 17th, 2013 poses this vital question;

 What is the Grievances Exclusive to Sri Lanka’s Tamils?

Interesting  enough there were three recurring themes in the propaganda war against the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinist in the west, but they never raises any of the issues that is raised by her!

 In fact in the early 80ies Norwegian new media was informing the readers that

 A.)     Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists were the worse type of racists!

B.)     Indeed Sri Lanka racism was worse than the South African based apartheid

C.)     The poor Tamils were trying getting their home land back and form their Eelam which should consist of unadulterated discriminated Tamils.

In fact the time is here to give a comparative analysis of; how come JaffnaTamils became so special to the colonials?

 Indeed if the Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinist were anything like democratic Catholics historically; then they should have followed Queen Isabella’s example and there would be no Tamils left in Lanka! Just as Jewish conversos in order to save their lives became Catholic but yet were roasted alive for not being ‘good enough’ Catholics.

 Let us start by defining what is Apartheid? In (Afrikaans) meaning ‘the state of being apart’, literally was a system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced through legislation by the National Party ruling party from 1948 to 1994, under which the rights of the majority black inhabitants were curtailed and Afrikaner minority rule was maintained. Apartheid was developed after World War II by the Afrikaner-dominated National Party and Broederbond organizations. Non-white political representation was abolished in 1970.

The white supremacy government segregated education, medical care, beaches, and other public services, and provided black people with services inferior to those of white people.

Naive Norwegians, parroting such off the cuff propaganda for important reasons and we will get back to in the last part of this report!

 On the contrary it is the Jaffna Tamils who were fed with racism with their mother’s milk. Their own people are degraded by a cast system and a class system. Event Tamil Catholics who embraced this Catholic God kept their cast intact, thus we know that in Catholic heaven too there is segregation, which is not purely b race but by cast too; such as in South Africa .

Indian plantation workers are not welcome in Sri Lankan Tamil areas and they should enter Northern Lanka at their own peril.

 And as for the homelands, Gypsies (Siginora) also called Rumen people were crisscrossing Europe even before Tamils ever invaded Lanka. They were living in Europe, as did the Jews when Christ the saviour was crucified over 2000 years ago. There were no homelands for Jews and Gypsies then as now. Indeed even before the Norwegians entered Norge, Sami people were resident in Scandinavia, but they were forced to do everything in Norwegian, and only in 1973 they were allowed officially to practice their language. If the European invaders of USA, British invaders of Australia and Newzeland leave the ancestral home lands of Red Indians, aborigines and Maoris, then and only then, we have to consider these Jaffna Tamil ‘Convosos’ grievances seriously .After all, Hordes of white men massacred and took over native lands starting 1500 hundred much later than Tamils claims of Homeland in Sri Lanka. Which is reasonable? So Sri Lankans should insist that all invades in USA, Australia and Newzeland should leave these occupied traditional home lands of the natives.

 We know for a fact that Afghanistan was 100% Buddhists. Indeed from Pakistan’s borders to that of china was Buddhist but no one speaks of the Buddhist rights!

 In the part III I will take up white man’s adoration of Jaffna Tamils and, why they gave away other people’s real estate to Tamils liberally! In fact it’s time we let the cat out of the bag and let the world know biggest swindle the British and French colonials played on the world.

 Mahinda Weerasinghe

 December 22th, 2013


  1. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    LTTE confiscated all the coconut estates from Tamil speaking Sri Lankans and Hindu Temples. But they never touched coconut estates belong to the Catholic Church.
    The fact that the LTTE created huge cemeteries for their dead “Hindu” Tigers shows exactly which religion was in charge. Real Hindus cremate their dead !!

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