British PM Cameron’s gimmicks in Sri Lanka exposed in Tamil Web site
Posted on December 25th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

 During the CHOGM in Sri Lanka, some British papers gave full publicity to PM Cameron’s gimmicks in Sri Lanka. He was keen
to be in the North than to participate in the summit. One paper carried a photo of him with Tamils with the heading, ‘Tamils praise Cameron as a god’. Another said, ‘Cameron had heated discussion with the President of Sri Lanka’. And so on.

Now Cameron had been exposed in a Tamil Website named ‘ Athirvu’. According to the website, a Sri Lankan Tamil by the name of Subaskaran Aliraja who owns a Telephone Co in the UK called ‘Lyce mobile’ had funded the Conservative party at the last elections. Therefore obviously, he is indebted to the Tamil diaspora. The website had reported that Subaskaran had donated 420,000 sterling pounds to the Conservative party. So the website claims that Cameron’s gimmicks about Tamils in the North and steering anti Sri Lanka propaganda while in Sri Lanka  had been at the behest of Subaskaran.

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Historically the Brits were pirates and invaded and robbed the poor and defenseless countries of whatever they had. Now they depend on the migrant votes and the terrorist money to stay in power. Shame on you Ca moron.

  2. Marco Says:

    As is a common practice, the Daily News carried a mischievous article that many fell hook line and sinker.
    The DN mischievously quoted another website and hence took no responsibility as to the authenticity and accuracy of the content.

    The Conservative Party Donor list is in the public domain. Anyone can Google it.
    If indeed Subaskaran Allirajah or his Company had donated £420,000 to the Conservatives he would be the 3rd largest donor to the Tories. His name nor his Company appear in any Tory Party Donor List. DN should have checked this before or consulted the SL High Commission in UK for authenticity
    DN reports as usual and claims/presumes that all “Tamil” Diaspora in the UK are LTTE remnants. The named individual, i believe is a “friend” of MR regime and a frequent visitor to Dr Chris Nonis

    It is true that he has donated over £1m to the British Asian Trust (part of HRH Prince Charles Trust) for the children, widowed and disabled people of Sri Lanka.

    Mr P A Samaweera ought to check a few facts

  3. ranjit Says:

    Most of the western Govt’s who supported LTTE were funded by LTTE diaspora in their elections. Nothing new about it. Let them talk big who cares we care only our leaders and our country and we must all united to safeguard our beloved country from those evil creatures. One thing should be clear that we won’t allow others to interfere in our affairs and we will not allow terrorism to raise their head again in Sri Lanka soil period. Let the white dogs barks but lion should not waver at any time.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    If the information is correct what the heck U.K. opposition is doing? Their silence is that Diaspora put a buck on both parties. What the general knowledge is that all those who bark are the supporters of the Terrorist remnants. More they bark less the people care and more and more our leaders become popular. Long live my Sri Lanka. Carry on Maththala mahaththaya regardles of paraya dog’s barking.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Micro is part of the LTTE Tamil Diaspora (LTTE RUMP) so he defends it.

    Boycott Lyce mobile! The money you pay goes to KILL people.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA going to do their OWN census to cook the number of war dead!!!

    When BOTH are presented at UNHRC, there will be confusion and ultimately the 40,000 figure which is the popular figure now will prevail!!

    And look who is financing this TREASON of TNA. Government!!! It is the NORTHERN PROVINCIAL COUNCIL using tax payer money that is doing this ANTI-SL BS census.

    MODAYA govt. digging its own grave.

    “COLOMBO: The provincial government in Sri Lanka’s main Tamil region said on Thursday it would compile its own death toll from the country’s ethnic war, saying an ongoing census would play down the number of casualties.

    Tamil officials said the census ordered by President Mahinda Rajapakse last month would give a distorted picture because of its “flawed” terms of reference, arguing that a more credible alternative was needed.

    “The council will work out the logistics of taking a count,” Dharmalingam Sithadthan, a senior member of the Northern Provincial Council, told AFP from the regional capital Jaffna.

    “This is something we have to do because we don’t accept the government census.”

    The United Nations has estimated that at least 100,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka’s 37-year separatist war with about 40,000 civilians killed in the final months of fighting in 2009.

    The Rajapakse government kicked off its own census late November after disputes over the scale of the killings in the final phases of the war dominated a Commonwealth summit in Colombo earlier in the month.

    Sri Lanka has repeatedly rejected allegations that its troops killed civilians while battling the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who were also accused of using civilians as a human shield.

    While launching the government census in November, the head of the public administration ministry, P.B Abeykoon, said they had “nothing to hide”.

    But Suresh Premachandran, a member of the Tamil National Alliance party who represents Jaffna in the national parliament, said the census had been designed to minimise the death toll. Compilers of the census would only be able to ask survivors whether they had lost spouses, sons or daughters and would not be allowed to ask survivors about the fate of their parents, said Premachandran.”

  7. Samanthi Says:

    Thank you Daily News and Lankaweb for publishing this news article to expose the corrupt politicians in the West.
    “Divaina” recently stated that some British parliamentarians charge 1,500 Steling Pounds just to ask a question in the British parliament. Compared to them SL is still better!

  8. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you all for your comments. It is a shame that the Daily News had not done the homework to check the story out before going out into print, which I also discovered when I was to report the event for investigation by the British Parliament Ethics Comittee, the rightful body who should receive a complaint on this subject. I wish we learn to check out our ‘facts’ before we do go into print and that should include the Daily News. S de Silva – London

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