THE BEAST-A liberation theology for Tamils By Mario Perera-Published by Godage & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd), Maradana
Posted on January 29th, 2014

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This 256 page book analyses the fanatical declarations of Rev.Fr.S.J.Emmanuel, President of the Global Tamil Forum and reveals him for what he is. Its appearance coincides with the upcoming Geneva Conference and could prove useful in countering the activities of the Global Tamil Forum and its affiliated organizations.

Rev. Father S. J. Emmanuel’s comparison of the LTTE leader, Velupillai Pirabhakaran to Jesus Christ has generated a feeling of remorse and resentment among various sections of the Sri Lankan expatriate community living in London. The controversial statement was carried in a newspaper interview by a journalist from the INDEPENDENT, a national British newspaper published in the UK sometime ago after an interview with the Roman Catholic Father Emmanuel in Jaffna. (By Tilak Fernando in ‘The London Diary’).


This book is a timely publication and would well serve the cause of Sri Lanka at the upcoming Geneva Human Rights Assembly. It is to be expected that all the Tamil organizations and their affiliated bodies will be heavily represented in Geneva with a view to humiliate our nation. This book will go some way to overturn their expectations as it denudes Fr. S, J. Emmanuel, terror ideologue of the L.T.T.E., President of the Global Tamil Forum, of all his intellectual, moral, religious and humanitarian pretensions. It reveals and exposes him as shameless and a hypocrite.

‘The Beast’ opens the eyes of Catholics, Christians and of all men of good will to the vilest heresies against Catholic and Christian belief in the entire history of Catholicism. What Emmanuel propagated was not merely of an intellectual and abstract nature as the other heresies on the subject of Jesus. They were lethal, murderous, inducing, promoting and glorifying mass killings.

The book expresses stupefaction that such heresies were not exposed and such a heretic not brought to book by his ecclesiastical superiors ranging from his local bishop, the Bishops Conference of Sri Lanka which includes the cardinal archbishop of Colombo, the Bishops Conference of Asia (of which Emmanuel was theological adviser!), and of the Vatican, meaning the Pope himself.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done Mario.

    A very timely effort. Thank you for SAVING Christians from Tamil Nazis in robes.


    GTF and BTF are INFIGHTING now over who should take the LTTE DOLLAR LOOT. So this could not have come at a better time!!!

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The more that the Tamil Diaspora pushes to penalize Sri Lanka the stronger will be the rise of the nationalist movement to the detriment of those in Sri Lanka be they Tamils or Muslim and Sinhalese sympathizers. Now it is common among the Tamil Diaspora to call Sri Lankan Tamils as “Eelam Tamils”. Such an alien term will only alienate the majority from the minority Tamils.. unless the Sri Lankan Tamils form a counter attack against the Tamil Diaspora or such labels and by that making their lives that much harder.

    Failure of the Sri Lankan Tamils and their political parties to rally against the pro LITE Tamil Diaspora will again be to their detriment. All these nations from the US, India, the UK to Norway may line up to condemn Sri Lanka on human rights violations supposedly perpetrated during the end of the war but in the same light Sri Lanka has an equally impressive list of nations… the region who will NOT join the band wagon to accuse, despise, and by that hope to form Eelam. China, Pakistan, the UAE, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Russia, the Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, and many other nations have proven their solidarity with Sri Lanka in the past two human rights motions.

    To see the duplicity of foreign politics Norway who is one of those nations still smarting from being kicked out of Sri Lanka for prolonging the war than solving it is more than willing to support a Nobel prize for Mr. Snowden because Norway had been targeted by the US spy agency the NSA, but that same nation is willing and able to join the cabal against Sri Lanka to penalize it for Human rights violations while a whole series of nations including Hong Kong’s abysmal record of her treatment of foreign workers goes unchecked. This is selective. This is deliberate, and meant to punish without hard facts, without even verifying whether Channel 4 is right or wrong. This is blind justice, and Sri Lanka is not a powerless nation to take this without retribution.

  3. Nanda Says:

    “This is deliberate, and meant to punish without hard facts, without even verifying whether Channel 4 is right or wrong. This is blind justice, and Sri Lanka is not a powerless nation to take this without retribution.”

    Obviously! We must show the “POWER” by getting rid of criminal elements within our governing institutions , specially PCs.

    But please do not use the words PUNISH, JUSTICE which imply some crime. Revenge, hatred, secret agendas, …. may be even better words exist.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Am trying to keep this as brief as possible.

    I don’t see the present problem in Sri Lanka as a religious issue. Mario, let me address this simple message to you, as you are the author of the book referred to here. Mario, pelase permit me to be frank.

    If there is a social needs vacuum, then that vacuum is filled by something else. In this case, the Sinhala/Buddhists & Tamil /Hindus of rural areas feel left behind compared to Colombo materially speaking, and see that there is some type of vacuum that needs filling, and some of them are attempting to fill it in the wrong way through conversions, drugging and sensual pleasures in excesses
    It has now been proven that seeking altered states of consciousness comes with the ‘chip’ inside us all.

    Mario, I only wish the Church would stop importing illegal migrants into Lanka. I am referring to Rev.Reyappu Joseph’s Mannar area being used for hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal migrant entry from Tamil Nadu (since 1963 – when the PM Nehru law of no secession became law in India), as well as the some 600 Pakistani Catholic illegal migrant people now in Lanka under Catholic Church protection. I am also against enticed or ‘forced’ conversions to any religion. Unless conversions are done voluntarily through a sense of conviction, it is rather pointless, and somewhat like changing pillows for a headache.


    The present problem in Sri Lanka is due mostly to some 500 yrs of Colonisation (too much radicle change) followed by a horrible Cold War, which was the worst period for the majority community, the Sinhala/Buddhists. We now have a Democracy in Sri Lanka. A Buddhist Monarchy ruled Lanka in earlier times. In a Democracy, the Voter is King. Most of the voters, whatever ethnicity, whatever religion, is in the rural areas. The Colombo Rule base was developed during the Colonial and Cold War times. Since Sri Lanka is a small country, Colombo rule seems acceptable, particularly for Security issues.

    With the JVP & LTTE uprisings (Cold War promoted groups, ready and willing to go into insurgencies/wars due to poverty and neglect, & caste/class issues), a chasm developed between Colombo and rural areas. Using modern methods of trade, Colombo has become less dependent on the rural folk for food and began importing of foodstuffs since JRJ’ s time (Liberalisation of the Market please per IMF/WB). Even mangoes (bringing ‘coals to Newcastle’ syndrome !) are imported now, plus staple foodstuffs (same syndrome). Thus the reduction of the rural people as a needed and important part of the citizenry of Lanka. Hence the confusion and the chasms. Whilst Colombo rules, the mass of Voters and the bedrock of Lanka is in the RURAL AREAS. Restore respect to the Rural areas and restore the country.

    The big question now is : How do we truly empower the Rural people whilst keeping key areas such as Security mainly for
    Colombo ?
    What do rural folk want ? They want to feel Secure, Needed and Respected for the tasks they perform as citizens of Lanka, as in the old times. They want to participate in moving forward, both spiritually as well as materially. Modernisation & Mechanisation of tasks have to come with learning of Sc&Tech. Job oriented learning has to happen. Food production (sans so much of artificial fertilizers & insecticides etc) have to go back to the rural folk too, with dignity of labor recognized. I recall JRJ stepping into the paddy fields with the farmer to drive the ‘nagula’ as a symbolic gesture of participation and equality. That was smart politics and brought real good feeling. The rural areas of today also needs first class schools and Universities. The rural areas have to also participate in the Security issues of the country. Restore respect to the Rural areas and restore the country.

    Keeping religion simple and uncomplicated with emphasis on Ethics & Morality, and Meditation for deeper insight into the Nature of Life, will certainly help us all to live the kind of life we want with a sense of security and happiness, without excesses.

    The old ‘Divide & Rule’ of the British times has to go. Instead we must now have some such as a feeling of “Unity & Happiness” to guide us all. After all, we are all just plain human beings in a transitory life of joy and sorrow – this ought to be the binding law, natural and everlasting. Needless to say that Family Planning & Birth Control has to happen too, using natural methods as Neem (Kohomba) tree parts.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as Market Place ….

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Of course it is not a religion problem. But it is a problem WITHIN a religion. It cannot be IGNORED.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    Religions have got mixed up with politics and various wars.

    Religious bodies and affiliates (NGOs) are being used whenever Cold Wars etc are globalized. That is why past events have to be looked at in a global sense and not as isolated events in Lanka. Understanding events (what caused what) within Lanka is important and will lead to unification.

    We are not here to solve the problems of the different churches and temples, Lorenzo. They are too many and too deep. Briefly, I think it is due to being bogged down in ancient thinking/wrong interpretations etc. and not moving forward with scientific evidence about life, and needs of living creatures such as human beings. Children should be taught to inquire and accept life such as it is in a rational manner, but with ancient thoughts and irrational fears crammed down their heads from a young age, such thinking is difficult for them even as adults.

    Not many in Lanka know the roots of the various Churches /Temples / Mosques, with scant knowledge of European history and even Indian history. They have even less knowledge about the Cold War. Wide use of computers may solve some of these problems. How many people in Lana have computers ? We are in a transitional stage and vulnerable. Protection of the people needed as they can be duped.

    No wish to hurt feelings of anyone here.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as “how many in Lanka have computers ..”

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    But we MUST resolve this problem of bishops trying to create hatred and violence USING religion and their position.

    No point justifying it in history. Kasippu Joseph Goebbels and his colleagues MUST be exposed and punished. Otherwise this joke will continue.

  10. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo.

    Fran Dias is critical of my book (without having read it) assuming it to be dealing purely with religion. That assumption is however totally incorrect because the book clearly shows how Emmanuel’s ideologies (1) provided a foundation for the war (2) added fuel to the ongoing war (3) motivated the LTTE suicide squads (4) galvanized international support for the war and (4) subverted the true facts of the ‘ethnic conflict’.

    I would invite Fran to read the book and then form his opinion, which is moreover the only logical and reasonable way of evaluating its contents. A summary can only highlight one or several facets for lack of space and is not an adequate basis for forming a correct opinion.

    Mario Perera

  11. cassandra Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    I note your statement that “The present problem in Sri Lanka is due mostly to some 500 yrs of Colonisation”. This is not an unfamiliar refrain. But it is a specious argument. There is no doubt that colonialism brought many undesirable things in its train but the present problems in Sri Lanka are NOT MOSTLY due to the effects of colonial rule.

    To blame colonialism for most of the country’s problems also reflects a blinkered view of history; to do so is to suggest that all was hunky dory before the advent of colonialism – that was hardly the case. The island was under various kings ruling over different parts of the country and constantly at odds with each other. To imagine that peace and tranquillity prevailed over all the land is to delude ourselves.

    Sri Lanka’s current problems have as much to do with the country’s failure since independence to manage its affairs efficiently as they have to do with the country’s colonial past. SL has now been independent for some 65 years and can we honestly say we have managed our affairs competently? Or is the record one more of incompetence and corruption and a gradual erosion of democratic values? It is easy to blame the past for our present predicament. That’s the easy way out, a soft option, a weak cop-out.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Mario,

    I have not read your book. However, I have not assumed that you have dealt only with religion.

    in my opinion, at the present times, very few religions represent the Founder Teachers/Guru’s aspirations. The Core Teachings are quite forgotten in the surival games that go on. Few attempt to truly follow the Teachings. It is not an easy thing to do in the modern world.

    I am merely trying to dig out root causes of why things are the way they are with the Tamil, Sinhala & Muslim communities (in order of troubles), in such an extreme manner in Sri Lanka. Whilst the ordinary people get on fairly well with each other,
    writings on the net attempt to give a different picture.

    Thank you for bringing some justice through your writings to solve the many problems we face.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    I do continue to blame Colonisation, the Cold War and Tamil Caste Wars (CCCs) for most of the problems which are internationalized at the present times, shamefully boosted by some by lies, cheat and deceit.

    The times before the CCC’s held difficult times too, but they were internal problems, not internationalized. Yes, there were wars within the country, just like in Britain or any other place. Today, in Lanka we are supposed to have a sovereign nation –
    is that true ?

    I don’t see how much better the leaders of Sri Lanka could have done, given the circumstances. Please let us know in what way they could have done better. Thank you.

  14. Charles Says:

    Congratulations Mario. Is it available as a Amazon Kindle e-edition ?

    The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka is out to divide the Country. The Tamil Catholic Bishops are even preparing to
    demand a separate Archdiocese for Jaffna with a separate Cardinal- an Archbishop of Jaffna. Father Emmanuel, Rayappu Joseph of Mannar, Suvandaranayagam, they are definitely backing the TNA even lying to visiting USA emissaries about use of cluster and chemical bombs by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the Tamils. They are not men of God they are evil men without patriotic love for Sri Lanka and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has not opened his mouth to stop this lying by the Tamil Bishops.

    The Sinhala Catholics should re-read the Bible to understand the God that they believe is a God of the Jews, adopted by the West on the new Testament written by Greeks inventing the Story about an immaculate Conception to differentiate the Bible and Providing the God with a son to help the West to invade foreign countries and convert people to their new found Christianity, and facilitate Colonisation. The Sri Lanka Sinhala Catholics should come back to the National fold instead of being Children of Emmanuel of Global Tamil Forum, Rayappu Joseph and the rest of Catholic liars, who are preparing to sacrifice Sri Lanka as the Catholic Inquisitors of the past.

  15. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Charles.

    Godage and Brothers (Pvt) Ltd are directly responsible for the sales. However I do know, with my experience of my other books published by Godage, that bookshops such as Wijitha Yapa, Lake House and Sarasavi and eventually Amazon too, advertise it as well.

    With my kind regards to you.


  16. Charles Says:

    Mario, if you have the script of your book in word format, you can upload it yourself directly to Kindle Direct Publishing.

    Try KDP to get more information and how you could do it.

  17. Charles Says:

    KDP is under Amazon books.

  18. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Charles,

    I shall look into the matter.


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