Regarding the article titled “USA is a Destructive force, not a constructive force-now trying to checkmate China and Russia using Sri Lanka as a pawn”
Posted on March 12th, 2014

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha USA

Small nations have shown that the US is only powerful if they allow the US to be. From Iran to North Korea the US stands helpless because they have leaders who refuse to give into the US no matter how much pressure is exerted on them. Both North Korea and Iran (and for that matter Syria) continue to defy the US is due to the support they receive from Russia.

Sri Lanka is in a unique position in that she has had the unwavering support of both China and Russia who being Security Council members have the ability to give Colombo the power to thwart Washington D.C. Now it is up to Colombo to do so. The range of issues that Colombo can take on includes the trumped up charges of the human rights accusations that single out Sri Lanka while giving a pass to the atrocities commited by the IPKF. This is nothing more than a weak charade where Colombo has failed to call it’s bluff.

Instead Colombo who is well aware of the double standards of the UNHRC and the hidden agendas of the UK and the US joins in this game by giving life to it by her acceptance of even part of the charges. Sri Lanka should take a page from Iran  to North Korea to even the US who will not be subject to any human rights accusations regardless of the mountain of evidence that supports it in the various wars the US has fought or that of the North Korean government’s treatment of her people.

I must reiterate that taking a page from these nations does not mean that Sri Lanka also shares their abysmal human rights records. On the contrary Sri Lanka is fully justified that the accusations placed on her happened during war where a human shield was used to stop the Sri Lankan military from taking on the LITE and India stood by knowing of the ground realities and let it happen. Only after the defeat of the LITE did India step up for the demand of human rights violations. This should be not acceptable grounds and Colombo still has the time to dismiss any charges placed on her in the same manner the US would. During war collateral damage happens. During Sri Lanka’s war against terrorism ‘collateral damage” was an integral part of the war. The Tamil Shield was attacked by the LITE as well and that has never been addressed.

As for India her role in supporting the LITE and the Indian peace keeping force who violated human rights on numerous levels has also been given a pass. Other issues in India that the UNHRC refuse to deal with include the Indian military’s heavy hand against the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam), Operation blue star where Sikhs around the world are still waiting for the UNHRC to address of the human rights violations commited by the Indian military. The Gujarat slaughter that has gone unmentioned and the perpetrator Narendra Modi is now running for office as Prime Minister of India. The Kashmiri people who are exposed to daily acts of human rights violations by the Indian military to the Kashmiri Hindus who are now refugees in India.

Finally Colombo has the right to demand why the UK, US, Canada and India continue to play host to pro LITE organizations, including their funding operations to push the biased issue of human rights violations during a time of war. As long as India plays host to TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporters Org.) and TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Org) she has no moral ground to accuse Sri Lanka on any human rights violations. This also applies to the UK, the US, Canada and any other nation who plays host to the pro LITE Tamil diaspora.

Sri Lanka is a strategically important nation courted by both China and Russia who have given their support to Sri Lanka in the past. Unlike any other nation which China or Russia supports Sri Lanka is extremely important to both Moscow and Beijing and has the leverage against the NATO pact of nations whose Tamil Diaspora continues this charade of pushing human rights resolution after resolution without any verifiable facts to back them. As in Crimea Sri Lanka can negotiate with both Russia and China to become a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization of Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of China in exchange for them to build military bases in Sri Lanka
If this happens the US will have no chance to divide Sri Lanka for the purpose of building anything in the new land. it will also elevate Sri Lanka in her military and strategic power as a major player in global geopolitics. As for the island of Katchacheevu Sri Lanka should end the controversy with Tamil Nadu by building a naval base on that island.

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

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