The Persistence Of A Deluded UN Rep Laced Visibly In Her Conflict Of Interests Hell Bent On Pursuing Sri Lanka Impedes Progress!
Posted on March 26th, 2014

Insight By Sunil Kumar

March 27th 2014
At the UNHCR Summit it appears almost in desperation that The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, in a statement after presenting her report on Sri Lanka today at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has said that an international investigation is a must in Sri Lanka.

 Pillay has said that new evidence has surfaced over the war in Sri Lanka and witnesses are willing to come forward and give evidence before an international commission. “Sure Sure Navi Pillai!” are these coerced witnesses loaded with false evidence? one might ask as she continues to flog a dead horse of wrongful accusations against Sri Lanka laced in her own bias of conflicts of interest where she must be made to realise that she is putting her own credibility at risk where  alongside her motley crew of Sri lanka’s tormentors seems to be using what appears to be an abuse of her authority, mandate and overstepping her metes and bounds consistently without an iota of tangible proof beyond speculation, innuendo and the crocodile tears of the so called affected where no tears are shed for the vast majority of Sinhala and other ethnicities that suffered greatly at the hands of what now appears to be her champions also, the Tamil Tigers as she has indicated through her actions, words and body language.
That she should not only be confronted to provide the evidence necessary to prove beyond reasonable doubt her acccusations and recommendations but should also hang her head in shame as in Sri lanka today there is contentment, progress and absolute recourse to all displaced persons on the singlemost effort of the President   recognized by many despite the blinkered vision of Pillai et al that is, is putting it mildly! 

What Sri Lanka has accomplished and continues to build on is no mean task albeit the hampering of the likes of Pillai who should in all probabilities be booted from her UN high horse alongside her namby pamy boss Ban Ki Moon. Quite astoundingly they turns a blind eye on a daily basis on the horrors of real human rights violations around the globe with living first hand proof to moot where in the case of Sri Lanka they have no real claim to their persistent demands and a consternation to the smooth functioning and well being of Sri Lanka!
There are many who wonder if she is  now on the payroll of the Global Tamil Diaspora  all dressed up with the codswallp  of falsified evidence which she  calls” new evidence” with nowhere to go as it appears.
When she dares to say say that “so far there has not been a credible and independent domestic investigation into alleged human rights abuses during the war.” she seems to be deluded and oblivious towards what Sri Lanka is today and what has brought about the remarkable changes there for all her citizens despite her gung ho attitude towards dragging down Sri Lanka in the eyes of the world to what many believe is an end to justify the means.
Sri Lanka would never have launched a push towards posperity and posterity had it not been for the unprecedented thrust by the Armed Forces led by their CEO to eliminate the scourge of terrorism that lasted  almost  three decades where she seems to have failed to get an honest opinion from the Tamils who praise the Government today for liberating them from the villainous Prabhakaran and how they were protected by then Armed Forces ~ evidence of which remain as writing on a wall to those who are unafraid to attest to,
While she continues her tirade against the Government solely to appease her consorts who have been humiliated by the very legitimate actions of a Sovereign Democratic Nation towards preserving  all the tenets that constitute the freedoms of all Sri Lankans and not bowing to terrorists who almost destroyed the Nation, the marvel of it all is how she continues to be tolerated  mostly by equally blinkered powerful Western sources who attempt to make an issue of her calls to censure Sri Lanka this despite her track record of failed ventures of similar premise which ultimately turned sour on her exposing her trasparencies and affinity for bias, which she does not seem to bat an eyelid about. 
When Pillay raised concerns over “the harassment of human rights defenders in Sri Lanka, including the recent arrest and subsequent release of two human rights activists, even as the UN Human Rights Council was meeting in Geneva” once again she has no real evidence to carry the burden of proof towards her accusations as some of the refered to indicted as opposed to harassment were indulging in actions against the State while dabbling with matters related to the internal affairs of Sri Lanka with no mandate whatsoever and probably deserved to be brought to task and held accountable  in keeping with the laws of the land which were quite blatantly disrespected and violated in some cases.
Words it is said can be cheap and meaningless, tantamount to mere rhetoric of self opinionated jargon as illustrated by  her words”We regret to report that there has been little progress in other critical areas identified by the Council in resolution 22/1 and by the LLRC, notably the need to ensure independent and credible investigations into past violations of international human rights and humanitarian law,” in her bold utterance  sans first hand evidence that is! which shows no cognizance on her part towards what Sri Lanka is today, what transpired during the internal armed insurgency of the Tamil Tigers and merely natters on in gay abandon in a clarion call which truly sounds like a response to the laments of her disillussioned and disgruntled Diaspora accomplices which the world is now becoming quite familiar with and sheds veritability towards the adage of a canine  barking at the moon which is unlikely to fall! 

It seems fair to conclude therefore thatThe Persistence Of A Deluded UN Rep Laced Visibly In Her Conflict Of Interests Hell Bent On Pursuing Sri Lanka Impedes the Progress vitally needed by Sri Lanka!

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