LTTE/LTTE fronts banned : Sri Lankan Overseas Missions must take the baton
Posted on April 15th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

 The Government of Sri Lanka on 1st April 2014 banned the LTTE and 16 LTTE fronts and named 424 individuals and organizations to be investigated for links to terror. These entities are all operating from overseas with leaders having ties with foreign politicians and parliamentarians as well as tied to various charities and NGOs. Ironically, the banned entities are operating in countries that have banned the LTTE and continues to maintain the ban. With the Government taking a principled stand on the need to completely negate the overpowering influence exerted by foreign passport holding LTTE diaspora, the External Affairs Minister and Ministry cannot take a lackluster approach by simply waiting for Colombo to give them standing orders. They must take a more proactive and assertive role and counter the anti-Sri Lanka propaganda as well as come down hard on the foreign nations allowing the banned entities to prevail. This is no time for cringing diplomacy.

 The External Affairs Minister and Ministry must immediately be asked to address the following:

  • With all stations having a defense attach© in place the gazette notifications of the ban with names and entities must be sent out to all entities that the diplomatic missions deal with.
  • The Foreign Missions need to deploy teams that will inform all public meeting venues about the ban and request that facilities are not hired to these banned entities. A direct hotline must be given for these officials to contact in the event a member of the Tamil Diaspora does contact them to make a booking. Communication channels need to be made accessible 24×7.
  • The Foreign Missions need to regularly set up meetings with local councils and their staff and follow through with official letters and personal meetings to keep them abreast of the new developments.
  • Dossiers on these banned entities must be compiled and distributed to public officials and places where the LTTE diaspora have been conducting regular meetings over the years in particular the local police of the areas they are actively involved in. Photographs of these LTTE banned entities and their leaders must also be distributed.
  • Public forums should be held with question and answer opportunities for the public of these countries to come forward and ask questions regarding the ban for the anti-propaganda has been such that many foreign natives have fallen prey to the lies. This is a perfect opportunity for Sri Lanka to now set the story straight.
  • Every mission should open a website in the countries they are functioning and upload the activities that the banned LTTE fronts have been upto including statistics of how many foreign natives they have cheated manipulating the social welfare systems, credit card malpractices and other illegal activities.
  • The present Commission on Missing and Disappeared and the statistics available as well as the statistics on the post-conflict development and processes in place need to be simultaneously promoted to show the achievements of Sri Lanka in just 5 years.

 The External Affairs Ministry and staff have work cut out for them and there is no time to be lost. We cannot afford to take an armchair approach or cringe with fear of annoying the West. The opportunity to negate the anti-Sri Lanka propaganda is now before us, the external affairs ministry must take a leading role as the baton is now in their hands and they cannot afford to remain in slumber.

7 Responses to “LTTE/LTTE fronts banned : Sri Lankan Overseas Missions must take the baton”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    424 April fools.

    Some are living in SL. Why NO ACTION taken against them?

    We can’t expect foreign missions to act against these terrorists when GOSL takes NO ACTION against terrorists in SL.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Some good news. Hopefully Bijjeswaran will be arrested.

    “Local media reports speculated that the politicians believed to have had links with Gobi may face arrest based on the findings of the TID investigations. “

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    The Sri Lankan Government has finally taken a bold step to call a spade a spade, and have also named individuals who have been working hand in glove with the LTTE terrorists to terrorise and destabilise Sri Lanka with the aim of carving out a major part of the Sri Lankan territory, though never administered by them as an independent state, for a future mono ethnic Tamil state, for the over 100 million Tamils scattered around the world. Their flag is the recently designed Tiger terrorist flag and their claim for land is where Sri Lankan Tamils live in large numbers, in the North and East.
    It is well past time when the foreign ministry and Sri Lankan diplomatic missions in foreign countries should have been proactive and thought outside the square, rather than merely give good replies to foreign journalists when questions are asked.
    I believe, there should be a dedicated young coordinating committee to give material and guidance to Sri Lankan missions overseas and to bi-annually select the most competent Sri Lankan mission to offer generous prizes to the top three performing embassies/high commissions.

  4. radha Says:

    Entirely agree with Lorenzo. Terrorists are being molly coddled at home and heroes trampled under foot. SLK missions overseas largely filled by ignoramus family members with one exception in London who seems to have the gift of the gab and knows how to give terrorists in equal measure.

  5. jay-ran Says:

    Let me first say that you are one of the very few PATRIOTS who try to point the finger at the correct TARGET ON VERY MANY ISSUES!!!
    Let these Diplomats instead of looking after their family,to educate the WESTRNERS SPECIALLY WHERE THEY ARE WRONG, like American Ambassodor to USA!!(HOW EVER SHE HADBEEN WRONG)

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    These TERRORISTS should be pursued from pillar to post, wherever they hide, and PROSECUTED and PUNISHED for their CRIMES! Just like the Nazi Hunters of Israel!

    The message should be: You will not be allowed to hide abroad and undermine our country; However long it takes, Sri Lanka will not let you escape.
    Sri Lanka police obtain 40 Interpol red notices on suspected LTTE operatives

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 17, Colombo: Sri Lanka Police have obtained Interpol Red Notices on 40 suspected LTTE operative, the Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohan said Thursday.

    The spokesman addressing a media briefing at the Headquarters said the Interpol has issued Red Notices to apprehend operatives of LTTE, the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization, operating in foreign countries.

    Two of the Red Notices are for LTTE operatives identified as LTTE leader Perinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyawan who is believed to be in Oslo and Vinayagam, who is living in France.

    Sri Lanka security forces say the LTTE operatives in foreign countries are supporting the former combatants in Sri Lanka to resurrect the vanquished terrorist organization in the island.

    SSP Rohana said the Terrorist Investigations Division of the police since 05 March has arrested 65 persons who were allegedly involved in terrorist activities and 19 of them have been released.

    The Terrorist Investigation Division has launched an investigation on the people who had links with the three former LTTE leaders who were killed recently during a gun battle with the army. The spokesman said that in addition to the 40 Red Notices by Interpol another 56 non- LTTE operatives have also been flagged.

    He said that Indian police in Chennai recently arrested six suspected LTTE members while attempting to give three Sri Lankan youth weapons training. The government is working on extraditing them to face trial in Sri Lanka, the Spokesman added.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    40 is a good start.

    Please investigate the POLITICAL LEADERSHIP of LTTE which goes as TNA.

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