Let us stop squandering national reserves for narrow ends
Posted on April 24th, 2014

Ranjith Soysa

According to a  news report(the Island 23 April)  the Wild Life Department will take action to evict the  encroachers  in the Willpattu sanctuary. The report confirms that there are illegal squatters in the Willpattu despite denial by by various sources. It is expected that the issue will be settled through legal means not allowing interested groups to squander the environment and destroy places and monuments of historical value.Further, the canard that the Sri Lankan Navy has appropriated the land which was occupied by the Musilm settlers has been nailed as only one family was affected adversely and they have been looked after.The issue that the funding has come direct from a foreign NGO without adhering to the required procedure should be investigated in detail as such financing could create unenviable situations for the national security.

Since the issue of illegal settlement of people in Willpattu has assumed a religious coloration  the Government should issue a statement clarifying the situation and the action it plans to set in motion so that saner counsel will prevail.

Willpattu illegal settlements should be treated as an important lesson in preventing encroachment into fast dwindling nature reserves and historically important sites by interested groups.

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  1. Nanda Says:

    Illegal occupation happens randomly everywhere in the jungles for a long time. But this is a deliberate, organised work of the Saudi-Qatari murderers, headed by a rouge government minister.
    Another bastard is heading the ministry of law, going against the own cabinet and the government, writing to foreign countries and cheating.
    Irony is all are MR’s friends !

    “වැටත් නියරත් ගොයම් කානම් කාට පවසම් ඒ අමාරුව​”

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    These are displaced Muslims from Jaffna. Why can’t the govt. resettle them back in Jaffna?

    This is the REAL issue.

    The govt. is too scared of Tamil racists and VESAVALAMI LAW.

    IF they cannot be resettled back in Jaffna the next best option is Mannar.

    Leaving them to MULTIPLY in Sinhala majority Puttlam is the WORST thing.

    Rishard is the minister of TRADE AND COMMERCE. A very important ministry. Even the JUST-ICE minister is a fun-da-mental-ist.

    Ultimately the “hitha honda gani” = Sinhala people and Wilpattu animals have to PAY. Tamils ENJOY the houses, land, businesses they STOLE without bloodshed from Muslims in Jaffna!!

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