BAN REPORT DRAGS IN THE UNNECESSARY -Sri Lanka charges that certain organisations involved in propagating false reports
Posted on April 27th, 2014

Courtesy: PTI

Sri Lanka charges that certain organisations involved in propagating false reports

Contents of HRC resolution have been rejected and disputed by Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has expressed disappointment over the inclusion of rights accountability and reconciliation issues in Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s report on conflict-related sexual violence submitted to the UN Security Council.

Sri Lanka informed the UNSC that Ban had mentioned the recent UN Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution in the report, and stated that this was a matter of concern.

The Sri Lankan government submitted: “We observe that this year’s Report of the UNSG on conflict-related sexual violence contains references to the HRC (Human Rights Council) resolution on Sri Lanka, accountability, and a comprehensive truth and reconciliation commission.

“We are disappointed that such issues which have no relevance to this issue, have been dragged into this report.”

It was submitted that the contents of the HRC resolution have been rejected and disputed by Sri Lanka. “The government will continue to take all necessary measures to heal the wounds of conflict on its own, as the internationalisation of the reconciliation process, would only result in stymying the progress, particularly since it is a domestically developed process”.

Sri Lanka charges that certain organisations are involved in propagating false reports of sexual violence against the government troops.

Britain’s Channel 4 has been producing a series of documentaries on alleged excesses by the government troops in their battle against the LTTE.

Sri Lanka has dismissed them as fabrications.


2 Responses to “BAN REPORT DRAGS IN THE UNNECESSARY -Sri Lanka charges that certain organisations involved in propagating false reports”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Unless verifiable proof can be produced any charges should be summarily dismissed. Anyone with a vested interest can bring charges on any nation. This also includes preconceptions. Tamils often claim that they were the first to live in Sri Lanka and that the arrival of Prince Vijaya usurped their place in ancient Sri Lanka.

    This is based on the common sense presumption that since Tamil Nadu is so close to the island of Sri Lanka it only dictates that Tamils were there well before the arrival of Prince Vijaya and his 700 followers around 500 BC.

    But if one takes Science as an example what is regarded as common sense is often proved wrong by Scientific discoveries.
    -it is common sense to believe the sun circles the earth for if anyone watches the sun it rises in the West and traverses the skies to set in the East. Science has proved that in actuality it is the Earth that revolves around the sun.

    -It is common sense to believe that the earth is flat for as far as the eye can see the land is flat and the concept that man could be on a round planet where in some time of the day or night we are standing sideways to even upside down is absurd. Again Science proved otherwise. The earth is round and revolves around itself.

    -It is common sense that if one cannot see it or touch it then it really does not exist and yet air be ever so still is a reality which humans need to live. Air at a certain degree of coldness turns into a liquid. That is a Scientific fact.

    -it is common sense to believe any item we hold is as solid as it feels. Yet Science has proved that the atoms that make up any item be it living or not is made up of an energy field (not even a skin of sorts). From that energy field to the nuclease is a space if compared to a base ball field the nuclease is the size of the baseball and the atom the size of that field. In between from the energy field that makes an atom to its nuclease is pure empty space.

    Within the nuclease is the Electron, Proton, Neutron, to the Quarks. They too exist in an empty space. The space of the atom to an electron is a quadrillion times the size of the electron. Without going too much into quantum Physics which I am no expert one can deduce that even the most densest matter is really made up with a lot of empty space. Splitting the atom creates so much energy for an atomic bomb. fusing the elements of its nuclei creates even more energy to create the Hydrogen Bomb. These are all Scientific facts we now take for granted.

    In a similar manner there is no archeological evidence to back up the claim by the Tamils that they lived in Sri Lanka before the arrival of Prince Vijaya regardless of the common sense that Tamil Nadu is so close to that island nation.

    In the same manner any accusations of human rights violations done by any nation has to be backed with verifiable evidence. If there is a law to sue those who bring false charges on a nation for political gain then it is overdue for those people and nations to be taken to the international court for fermenting internal strife with cooked up charges.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
    My Great Gran Father told me He brought cow ( wella nampan Maadu) by walking ( they know where low sea level ) from TN to sold in Vanni .

    is not that not enough to proof We Tamil arrived before Prince Vijaya and his 700 followers around 500 BC.
    but it does not mean Tamil arrived before Sinhalese !!!

    Why Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha is Kolaveri ???
    does it mater egg or Ken came first ?

    Hela Demilaya (Eelath Thamilan) !

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