Secularism in India- a Sham
Posted on April 27th, 2014

Senaka Weeraratna

Rajiv Malhotra Teachings

Q. What is the solution for the fake secularism practiced in India?

Rajiv Malhotra says Dharma Sapekshata is a better system than secularism, which turns out to be an anti-majority system in India. He also explains the secularism followed in India is different from what other countries follow e.g. others don’t have special privileges for any particular religious group like special airport or subsidy for pilgrimage etc. India’s dharma open architecture welcomes people of all traditions, and we don’t need an imported system like secularism.

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India under Narendra Mody, the most likely winner of the current General Elections in India, will be heavily influenced once he becomes the next Prime Minister of India by the ideas and thoughts of highly respected Indian public intellectuals like Subramanian Swamy, Rajiv Malhotra and Sandhya Jain, among others.

Their ideas challenge the unceasing efforts by the Western countries to spread Euro – centric values as universal standards on a world that is increasingly disenchanted with Western modes of governance and conflict resolution, and application of double standards in the use of Human Rights and Rule of Law principles. 

The challenging task now for the non – european world i.e. Asian, African and the indigenous people in the two Americas and Australia, is to decolonise our minds of western ideas and provide an alternate vision of  ‘civilization’ including methods of governance and resolution of disputes in an enlightened manner that reject the selective witch hunt and inquisition type approach adopted by the UNHRC and the International Criminal Court (ICC), which was aptly described by the African Union in a recent statement as a manifestation of ‘Judicial Colonialism’.

In this context the approach of Buddhist Prince Shotoku, the 6th century Regent of Japan,  comes to mind and is worth exploring. He placed an emphasis on maintaining harmony through dialogue and consensus and advocated a conflict resolution approach on complex matters that did not result in either a humiliation or loss of face to the alleged offender.


Furthermore, the peoples of Asia, Africa and other parts of the non – european world have every right to question the assertion of former western colonial countries to sit in judgment over the conduct of former colonized people on alleged human rights violations and breach of rule of law, when they i.e. western countries, in the first place have yet to formally admit and atone for their crimes against humanity committed during the dark period of colonial rule.


Also, it is an idea worth exploring to allow Asians, Africans and others to resolve disputes and related problems by use of their traditional methods of conflict resolution which even if they were to ultimately fail will not be seen to be hypocritical and totally one sided as we see in today’s UN sponsored probes and investigations.   


In Sri Lanka as we await the likely triumph of Narendra Modi and the BJB it is in our best interests to devote time and effort to read the writings of Indian visionaries like

Rajiv Malhotra and watch some of his ‘you tube’ presentations on a series of vital topics that

impact on both India and Sri Lanka, and the re-structuring of our relationship to each other on an enlightened footing.


3 Responses to “Secularism in India- a Sham”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Read about some emperor dynasties of ancient China. They also had buddhist vision. If some natural disaster happened in their empire, King questioned himself thinking what did he do wrong and he would engage more in spirituality.

  2. anura seneviratna Says:

    Identifying the NATION of a country by the word ‘majority’ will have grave consequences if this majority becomes a minority through hyped up population increases by the so called minorities. What is failed to understand or ignored at peril by nations is NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY of an indigenous or host nation, which is inalienable and inviolable as the basic human right of a nation of people ONLY in their lands of national origins.

    National sovereignty is the most noble concept in governance, which embraces migratory races of people from other nations to become NATIONAL CITIZENS of the host nation. Hence, they merge into ONE nation irrespective of their private baggage in terms of race, culture, language and religion of the lands of their national origins. However, a NATION has evolved through a particular race of the human world as a natural consequence, which maintains the beauty of diversity in the world. But when diversity is officially recognized within ONE country, or the Western cliché of political correctness taken to its extreme – it will instigate the settler minorities on an insidiously invasive path within the host country bringing chaos, separation and threaten the country’s inviolable national sovereignty.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    There is a HUGE development in China. By 2030 China will have the largest Christian population in the world AND Christianity will be the largest religion in China. (Most Chinese have no religion).

    Already PROTESTANTS are growing at 10% a year in China. These numbers are based ONLY on Chinese STATE authorised church participants. Others are excluded.

    Not to mention South Korea and Japan will also become Christian majority countries by then.

    IF we have a problem with the “Christian west”, in another decade and a half we will have to face the “Christian east” as well. By 2030 SL’s Islamic population will be 20% and HIGHLY DEMANDING. We need friends to control them. Some European countries will be Islamic.

    This is why we should NOT have any predisposition against Christianity and its followers for the sake of national interests.

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