Congratulations from Sri Lanka to Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of Bharat
Posted on May 16th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

India, that is Bharat, has elected its 16th Prime Minister in a historic election. He is none other than Shri Narendra Modi securing a virtual landslide victory in a mammoth election drawing 800million eligible voters. There has not been a clearer vote on Bharat’s choice of leader. It is a victory that individually Shri Narendra Modi can be proud of because it means he does not need to go behind unruly coalition partners to blackmail him at every turn. Indians can be proud that they have given the numbers for Shri Modi and the BJP to lead Bharat ‘with less government and more governance’. Buddhist Sri Lanka is very proud that Shri Modi is Prime Minister of Bharat from Varanasi where a 20foot giant electronic lotus is to be floated on the Ganga in celebration.

 There was not a name Modi was not called. From being called a modern-day Hitler to mocking him by creating lies, a global campaign steered by foreign forces took out every dirty trick in the book to send salvos against Modi. Very few in the Indian media rose to defend Modi against tirade of lies that were spun. None of these pranks worked against a rise in Hindutva sentiment that clearly depicted a renaissance awaiting Bharat so long as Modi and BJP remains committed to ensuring the balkanization attempts upon India using the secular-multicultural theme is not adhered to. It shows at best that a foreign sponsored Indian media working to foreign agendas cannot win elections through lies.  

 The victory is Modi’s victory for it was the charismatic leadership that drew entire Bharat to rally round Narendra Modi including Muslims clearly indicating foreign sponsored Islamic fundamentalist movements and groups were not welcome by them. Modi’s rule in Gujarat is a good benchmark on how his leadership with ethnic communities has proven far better than Congress lip-talk.

 Though final results are yet to be announced the BJP has well over the required numbers to declare itself winner with the voting trend of all states unanimous in their decision. Though AIDMK headed  by Jayalalitha has won in Tamil Nadu, it is a relief for us in Sri Lanka that she will not be required as a coalition partner and BJP would be saved from tantrum politics that Congress fell victim to.

 As for Narendra Modi, the message from Sri Lanka is not to repeat the same mistakes that post-independence Governments committed against Sri Lanka starting off with the Indira Gandhi initiative to arm, train and finance Tamil youth into armed militants clandestinely in India which eventually resulted in those same armed militants taking the life of Rajiv Gandhi on Indian soil.

 There are some promoting the Eelam quest which has now been hijacked by the West to creating a Christian foothold in Asia joining Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka’s North while attempting to portray a divide between Hindus and Buddhists, which is far from so. A deeper look will show that centuries of Hindu-Buddhist ties were broken because of colonial divide and rule policies and the role of the Church. The calls for the implementation of the 13th amendment is the first step towards that bigger goal in a global plan to break up sovereign nations to create regional councils that would be under western rule.

 The patriotic forces in Sri Lanka are happy for Bharat mostly because the victory stalled India being hijacked to approve and appease to every Western imperial agenda being carved.

 Bharat cannot dislocate itself from its Asian roots. Bharat cannot repeat its oft repeated mistake of bullying its neighbors. Bharat’s political, economic and military might must not be targeted against its neighbors. Bharat must continue to maintain its ancient cultural heritage no matter what development takes shape. Bharat’s foreign policy must look East and forget ties because it is Asia’s century. Bharat must never consent to be a spy and servant of Western imperialism.

 For us in Sri Lanka, the Buddhists in particular wherein we look up to Bharat as the nation that gave us Gautama Buddha we can only ask that Bharat rise to the occasion through Shri Narendra Modi and do what is right.

 India (Bharat) is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history,

the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.

– Mark Twain.



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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The victory of the Bharata Janata Party (BJP) has overshadowed the complete defeat of the DMK and the AIDMK parties of Tamil Nadu along with their lackey the Congress party.

  2. Muhandiram Says:

    BJP loyalist parties of Sri Lanka already started the rift with Government of MR,(JHU & Wimala party)India already started the regime change game in Sri Lanka.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    ADMK won a landslide too. 37 seats. But BJP doesn’t need that FAT WOMAN to form a govt.

    This is good. So we have an Endian govt. WITHOUT any major Tamil party. PMK of LTTE Ramadoss is with BJP. They have won 1 seat.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are mistaken; the AIADMK (led by Jayalalitha) succeeded beyond its wildest dreams in the recent Lok Sabha elections, shutting out all other Tamil parties, and becoming the 3rd largest party in the Lok Sabha, after the BJP and the Congress Party.

    However, the landslide victory of the BJP has eliminated its previous compulsion for coalition partners to form a government, and execute its policies in the Indian parliament. In that sense, the AIADMK has “lost its leverage”, and its ability to blackmail the BJP for strong action against Sri Lanka on Sri Lankan Tamil issues.

    Nevertheless, the BJP is very likely to invite the AIADMK and other minority parties into a coalition, to consolidate its power further and deny those allies to the Congress Party in the opposition, but none of those parties will exercise much power. It is the BJP, and the BJP alone, that will determine Indian Govt policy in the foreseeable future.

    If the GOSL plays its cards right, and establishes a good relationship with Modi, Sri Lanka can benefit greatly, primarily in countering Tamil Nadu forces, the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora and Western Neocolonialists seeking to undermine Sri Lanka. Modi may be amenable to such overtures from SRi Lanka, because as a Hindu Nationalist curbing separatist regional powers and strengthening the power of the central govt will be among his priorities. We recall that many state governments flouted and undermined national policies and priorities (eg. Tamil parties on Sri Lanka policy, Mamata Banerjee on illegal-immigration agreements with Bangladesh, several States on anti-terrorism policies against Naxalites, etc etc) wihich undermined the writ of the union govt and undermined India’s international standing.

    If the GOSL succeeds in doing that, Sri Lanka will gain some freedom of action for perhaps 5 years until the next Lok Sabha elections, when things could turn completely around.

    Therein lies the danger: If the GOSL thinks any benefit that accrues from the BJP win is permanent, and DOES NOTHING to FREE Sri Lanka from the dangers posed by its global enemies, and by the DOMINATION of our country by India, it will be a great mistake.

    The direction of India’s internal politics will continue to shift wildly like a weather vane; Sri Lanka CANNOT & MUST NOT depend upon it, nor allow Sri Lanka’s integrity and economic progress to be determined by India’s local politics.

    Sri Lanka must go full steam ahead at making itself completely FREE of Indian dominance, treating any restrictions placed by the BJP upon its Tamil enemies at this time as a TEMPORARY BLESSING, until the next wind of political change blows in India in a different direction.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “May 16, Colombo: China and Sri Lanka today agreed to further enhance the strategic mutual trust between the two countries and elevate the relations between the armed forces to a new level, when a high-powered Chinese defense delegation called on Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa Friday at Temple Trees.

    The Chinese delegation led by General Xu Qiliang, the Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, is China’s highest military delegation ever to visit Sri Lanka.

    – colombopage

    Very TIMELY move. SL-China military ties should be STRONGER. Otherwise Endia will try to bully SL.

    The ONLY BJP won seat in Toilet Nadu is from KANNIYAKUMARI. That is where MOST Endian illegal fishermen cross to SL waters.

    Modi has already threatened SL NOT to harm Endian illegal fishermen.

    We should NEVER forget Endia (among nations) is SL’s enemy #1. It will NOT change.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    And RIGHT ON CUE, President Mahinda Rajapaksa reaches out to Mr. Narendra Modi to forge a mutually beneficial relationship between our two countries.

    That new relationship should be based on STRICT NON-INTERFERENCE of India in the INTERNAL AFFAIRS of Sri Lanka, and on cooperation in national security and economic growth; anything less would be a continuation of the EVIL PAST.

    While we HOPE for the BEST, we must also PREPARE for the WORST, and should MOVE TO PERMANENTLY FREE Sri Lanka from its captivity to India’s Internal Politics.


    Sri Lankan President congratulates India’s next Prime Minister, invites him to visit country

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 16, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today congratulated India’s Prime Minister elect Narendra Modi on his landmark win and invited him for a state visit to Sri Lanka.

    President Rajapaksa congratulated Mr. Modi and said that the economic progress could be achieved only through a stable government and he was glad that Mr. Modi would be able to form a stable government with his party’s resounding victory.

    Prime Ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi is expected to be invited to form the next government after the official declaration of the general elections results. The BJP led alliance is likely to get over 330 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha.

    Votes counted so far suggest the BJP is on course for the most resounding victory by any party for 30 years, the BBC said.

    President Rajapaksa extended Mr. Modi an invitation to pay a state visit to Sri Lanka at his earliest convenience.

    Modi will take oath on May 21 as the next Prime Minister of India before President Pranab Mukerjee at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in New Delhi.

  7. Christie Says:

    Hail the new Emperor!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    India’s pro-business Modi storms to historic election win

    By Rajesh Kumar Singh and Aditi Shah
    May 16, 2014 3:41 PM


    Speaking to a sea of people dressed in the party’s official orange colors and chanting his name in his home state of Gujarat, Modi thanked the nation, and immediately addressed concerns his pro-Hindu leanings would sideline minorities.

    “The age of divisive politics has ended, from today onwards the politics of uniting people will begin,” Modi said. “We want more strength for the wellbeing of the country … I see a glorious and prosperous India.”


    By 10 p.m. (1230 EST), the BJP had won or was winning in 282 seats in parliament, counting trends showed, comfortably across the halfway mark of 272 required to rule. An alliance led by the party was ahead in 340 seats, TV channel NDTV said.


    Rahul, his Italian-born mother, Sonia, beside him, shouldered blame for their party’s rout.

    “The Congress has done pretty badly, there is a lot for us to think about. As vice president of the party I hold myself responsible.”

    Both mother and son held onto their own seats, but these were the only ones their party clinched in the crucial state of Uttar Pradesh, which sends 80 lawmakers to parliament.


    Modi has promised that, if elected, he would take decisive action to unblock stalled investments in power, road and rail projects to revive economic growth.

    Tax and labor market reforms, backed by a gradual opening up to foreign investment, would seek to create the 10 million jobs that Asia’s third-largest economy needs every year to absorb young people entering the workforce.


    Betting on a Modi win, foreign investors have poured more than $16 billion into Indian stocks and bonds in the past six months and now hold over 22 percent of Mumbai-listed equities – a stake estimated by Morgan Stanley at almost $280 billion.

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Congratulations to Sri Narendra Modi, the new Prime Minister of Bharat and his party the Bharata Janata Party, and goodbye to the DMK who used the pathetic excuse of the Gujarati Muslims as a reason they pulled out of the BJP, when it was obvious to Chennai that their days of leading New Delhi by the nose has come to an abrupt end.

    This is also a slap to President Barack Hussein Obama (the supposed Christian with Muslim names) of the USA who placed a ban on Sri Narendra Modi and now had to lift that ban. His servants the main media only reported on the killings done on the Gujarati Muslims without mentioning the reason. It took a conservative talk show host to point out that a train filled with Hindu Priests was set on fire by Gujarati Muslims that resulted in the backlash.

    If a similar train of Evangelical southern Ministers were set ablaze by any one of the 6 million Muslim population in the US I can assure anyone that every Mosque to every Muslim would have been attacked at some level. 9/11 is still a burning issue in the USA.

    I quote the article:”India (Bharat) is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history,the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.” Mark Twain

    Mark Twain was right on the issue that India is the “cradle of the human race”. He was proven right only when the field of Genetics became mature enough to obtain a unique gene that showed mankind did originate in Africa but the races outside of the Negroid race originated in India.

  10. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Second comment: “the grandmother of legend…” Again Mark Twain was right. The Panchatantra influenced world literature and folk lore. To quote from the Wikipedia: ”

    “It is “certainly the most frequently translated literary product of India”, and these stories are among the most widely known in the world. To quote Edgerton (1924)”

    “…there are recorded over two hundred different versions known to exist in more than fifty languages, and three-fourths of these languages are extra-Indian. As early as the eleventh century this work reached Europe, and before 1600 it existed in Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Old Slavonic, Czech, and perhaps other Slavonic languages. Its range has extended from Java to Iceland… [In India,] it has been worked over and over again, expanded, abstracted, turned into verse, retold in prose, translated into medieval and modern vernaculars, and retranslated into Sanskrit. And most of the stories contained in it have “gone down” into the folklore of the story-loving Hindus, whence they reappear in the collections of oral tales gathered by modern students of folk-stories.”

    The influence on Arabic literature according to the Wikipedia:

    “Borzuy’s 570 CE Pahlavi translation (Kalile va Demne, now lost) was translated into Syriac. Nearly two centuries later, it was translated into Arabic by Ibn al-Muqaffa around 750 CE. Under the Arabic title, Kalīla wa Dimna. After the Arab invasion of Persia (Iran), Ibn al-Muqaffa’s version (two languages removed from the pre-Islamic Sanskrit original) emerged as the pivotal surviving text that enriched world literature. Ibn al-Muqqaffa’s work is considered a model of the finest Arabic prose style, and “is considered the first masterpiece of Arabic literary prose.”

    The influence on Europe according to the Wikipedia:

    “Almost all pre-modern European translations of the Panchatantra arise from this Arabic version. From Arabic it was re-translated into Syriac in the 10th or 11th century, into Greek in 1080, into ‘modern’ Persian by Abu’l Ma’ali Nasr Allah Munshi in 1121, and in 1252 into Spain (old Castilian, Calyla e Dymna).

    Perhaps most importantly, it was translated into Hebrew by Rabbi Joel in the 12th century. This Hebrew version was translated into Latin by John of Capua as Directorium Humanae Vitae, or “Directory of Human Life”, and printed in 1480, and became the source of most European versions. A German translation, Das Buch der Beispiele, of the Panchatantra was printed in 1483, making this one of the earliest books to be printed by Gutenberg’s press after the Bible.

    The Latin version was translated into Italian by Antonfrancesco Doni in 1552. This translation became the basis for the first English translation, in 1570: Sir Thomas North translated it into Elizabethan English as The Fables of Bidpai: The Morall Philosophie of Doni (reprinted by Joseph Jacobs, 1888). La Fontaine published The Fables of Bidpai in 1679, based on “the Indian sage Pilpay”

    A quote on the Panchatantra:

    “… it is safe to say that most people in the West these days will not have heard of it, while they will certainly at the very least have heard of the Upanishads and the Vedas. Until comparatively recently, it was the other way around. Anyone with any claim to a literary education knew that the Fables of Bidpai or the Tales of Kalila and Dimna — these being the most commonly used titles with us — was a great Eastern classic. There were at least twenty English translations in the hundred years before 1888. Pondering on these facts leads to reflection on the fate of books, as chancy and unpredictable as that of people or nations.”

    I would also like to note that the Gypsies who originated from Bharat took with them the oral traditions of folklore and customs. Spanish Flamenco dance. On November 16, 2010 UNESCO declared flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

  11. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Please read the following link to know more about what happened in India

  12. Nanda Says:

    Let it be Modi or whoever it is, these buggers forget that they are not KINGS or Emperors. A lot of poor people voted them to power out of available mob. They did not have much choice to elect the best person who may have got killed at a very early stage.
    No matter what was the past, now they have mandate and power to work to benefit of the needy people, not just the powerful criminals. Trying to show GREATFULNESS to their supporters who worked hard is the FIRST AND THE GREATEST mistake most fools do. THEY MUST WORK FOR THE PUBLIC not for the benefit of the political supporters.
    My dream is such a leader, a great human, a real MAN.

  13. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    India was already a highly “developed” and advanced civilization for 4000+ years when the British stepped on its shores and it is entirely because of the British that India became backward and underdeveloped to this day.
    In 1600, the East India Company was granted the Charter to trade with India. It started sending bands of sea pirates in ships masked as “merchants”. These sea pirates began landing on the shores of India and started setting up armed forts at various places such as Chennai. The Zionist, Jewish Rothschild family had a controlling interest in the East India Company.
    After conquering Bengal in India, the Rothschilds set up a notoriously corrupt system of administration, whose sole objective was to shamelessly plunder the countless riches of Bengal which was the richest province in the entire world during that time. Bengal was literally turned into a graveyard of death and desolation…The Nawabs and the rajahs and Zamindars were robbed of their priceless treasures. The Rothschilds then moved this entire horde of tons of gold looted from the people of Bengal to London. It was with this gold looted from Bengal that the Rothchild family set up the privately owned Bank of England. In the decades that followed, the Rothschild banking family set up the Federal Reserve Bank of America which to this day indulges in day light robbery of the American people. The Rothschilds then set up the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements.
    The Rothschilds use banks such as the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements to institutionalize the robbery of the third world. Banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered bank etc. were also set up with the secret support of the Rothschilds to continue the robbery of third world and Indian people.
    When Indian revolted in the year 1857, they were told that the East India Company was abolished and India will be administered directly by the CROWN. What Indians do not know to this day is the fact that CROWN does not mean the King or Queen of Britain but a privately owned Corporation of London headed again by the Rothschilds who owned the East India Company!
    Thus Indians were tricked and cheated with a simple name change game! The exploitation robbery of India, its resources and people continued till 1947 under this CROWN.
    In 1947, India and its people were again tricked into believing that we were granted “independence” through the complicity of Pandit Nehru. Under secret orders from the Rothschilds given to him through his Jewish girl friend Edwina Mountbatten who is a close relative of the British Queen, Nehru turned India and its people into rag tag clad beggars by aligning India with the Soviet Union which was another creation of the Jewish bankers.
    The robbery of India and its people continues to this day and proof for this is evident in the fact that nearly 800 million Indians live at less than 50 rupees per day while Indian Parliament is full of politicians who are millionaires!
    The Rothschilds are now married into the British Royal Family and many aristocratic families of Europe. The British Queen still wears the Kohinoor Diamond which was robbed by Robert Clive and presented to her. East India Company bankers are using multinational banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank to rob the people of India. These banks resort to all sorts of illegal means and fraud to subject Indians to thievery and robbery with a view to making more money. The Bank of England which was set up through the thievery of gold from Bengal and the rest of India was also able to finance other banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered bank.
    So what about the money they and the bank of England robbed from the people of Bengal and the rest of India?
    Does all that money, and gold and immense natural resources come free?
    Is it enough to say they have given us “independence” and run away?
    The people of India have a right to collect their collective wealth from these British, European and American banks which were ALL set up through the thievery of gold from India.

  14. aloy Says:

    Let the Indians do what is best for their country and think of our own.
    A few minutes ago I was watching a well orchestrated drama being played by Hon. Keheliya on the TV. We all know that he is a patriotic one. We would like all of them in Diyawanna to ensure that a Syria like situation will not happen in our country. Our enemies would like just that to break up this country. Let everyone honor JRJs constitution.

  15. aloy Says:

    “Let the Indians do what is best for their country and we think of our own.”

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    We should NEVER forget Endia (among nations) is SL’s enemy #1. It will NOT change.

    Bharata Janata Party (BJP) is Hindhu Natinalist Party , All Hela Demilaya are Hindhus (Saivam) !!!

    ADMK won a landslide too 37 seats out of 39 in TN !

    another game start now to end at another Nanthi Kaddal THUVASAM ???

  17. douglas Says:

    Leave aside all arguments for an against a “Modi Triumphant” in India.

    What , Sri Lanka now has to very seriously consider all aspects of “MANAGING” with this new administration that has come to being in India. One among the main topics is to study and consider and very carefully carve out our strategy of handing the Tamil Nadu under the leadership of Ms. Jayalalitha. Whatever, the arguments are, she has secured 37 seats in favour of Modi and that is a factor any politician will and compel to take into consideration in administering a massive democracy in the world. Modi cannot afford to sideline 80 millions of Tamil Nadu population. Bearing this “Internal Administrative Factor” of India, Sri Lanka has to come up with a well thought out “External Strategy” of interacting with Modi’s administration. If we go out with an “attitude” of open war with “Jayalalitha factor” having in mind of her “inability of twist the arms of Modi”, we will fail miserably again. We already know Modi is “Not for a Separate State” in Sri Lanka; yet he too speak of “Tamil Issues” and that is where “Jayalalitha Factor” will come into play. This is where we have to invest our research capabilities in knowing what the “Inner Circle” of Modi would be and use our facts gathered to the fullest and highest degree and formulate our “External Strategy”in handling both Modi and Jayalaitha. Modi is well known to work with a very restricted “Inner Circle”.

    Another aspect Sri Lanka has to very seriously consider is the US factor. We should be able to “grab an opportunity” to establish our credentials as a “Sovereign Nation” in maintaining the “Principle” that no such countries must be subjected to any outside “interference” in internal matters. If we study the period of Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat , we will find a bountiful of evidence how he countered the US Ambassadors when they tried to “accuse” him of “Genocide” and even how Hillary Clinton tried through NGOs to try him in the International Courts. Those interviews and events led to the denying a visa to US. Now Barack Obama is trying hard to get near to Modi. This is yet another “Internal Factor” of US that must be again researched and Sri Lanka must formulate a well “Strengthened External Policy”. Modi knows well how the Americans through various “bribed” NGOs and Internal Administrative Bodies of India tried to find “Mass Graves” in his Province with a view to charge him for genocide in world courts. He will never forget that. That must teach us a good lesson.

    There are many other aspects we have to deal with in our relations with India and the need to “Re-Visit” our External Strategies. Hope our Government will act with caution an and frame our External Policies well to meet the needs of our country and that of India.

  18. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Nalliah Thayabharan: Normally you and I do not see eye to eye, but I do agree with you on your comment. I watched a movie last night called “Emperor” made in 2014. It was about the surrender of Japan to the US after Japan was nuked. In that movie Emperor Hirohito was treated with the utmost respect and dignity from the victorious Americans. When the movie ended I pondered about the other “God Kings” of Asia, especially in India and how the British handled them.

    Unlike Japan the Asian nations did nothing to deserve colonization or to be taken over. Yet the way the British handled India was with a smile, good manners, good etiquette and with style. Yet they ended up being brutal (after the Sepoy revolution when they tied the last Mogul to a cannon and blew him along with other leaders of the resistance) savage and vulgar. They were never “given’ the famous icon the Kohinoor, it was “requested” by Queen Victoria’s emissary from the (boy) Mogul and he had to give it up. The plunder of the wealth from Asia was so enormous it funded the British Industrial revolution.

    Many think of the Nazi Regime when one mentions “death camps”, but it was the British who started this. The first “death camps” was in the Transvaal in Africa against the Afrikaners where like in Germany they starved to death.

    What makes the British acts of vandalism, theft to murder is unlike the brazen acts of the Conquistadors who simply slaughtered the Aztecs in the New world or the Portuguese and Dutch Empires zeal to convert is that the British were more dangerous because they were more subtle about it. They were more calculating, methodical and did it with style… and of course by their own set of laws.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Meanwhile, Indian agents SPY upon Sri Lanka!

    Why do they need hidden undercover agents also, when they have embassies all over the island gathering information, and working hand-in-glove with Tamil separatists?

    Sri Lanka police arrest suspected Indian spy – report

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 18, Colombo: Sri Lanka Police have arrested an individual suspected to be an Indian intelligence agent Sunday in Anuradhapura during a raid conducted following a tip off.

    The suspect, an Indian national, had lived in Sri Lanka under a false name for 19 years, the Daily Mirror reported.

    The Police had confiscated, photocopies and the identity cards issued from various countries in his possession documents at the time of his arrest.

    A Special Detection Unit arrested the individual, who has been living in Sri Lanka under the name Hamza Jamaldeen, during a raid conducted following a tip off received by the North Central Province Senior DIG, Ravi Wijegunawardana, the Daily Mirror report said.

    He has confessed to the police that he had come from Kerala state in 1995 and served in various hotels in the north east area.

    The suspect, who is 44 years of age according to his Sri Lankan identity card, had gone abroad several times with a false passport. He has obtained a passport claiming that his original passport was destroyed, preliminary investigations have revealed.

    The police believe the arrested individual is working for an Indian intelligence agency. Further investigations are continuing.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    And, NORWAY, which funded, trained and provided diplomatic support to the LTTE to carve out a SEPARATE STATE from Sri Lanka, still shelters the rump LTTE criminals in Norway!

    The GOSL should kick Norway out of Sri Lanka and close down the Norwegian embassy.

    Why are we STILL harboring these VIPERS?

    Hundreds protest against Norway in Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 18 (The Local) Huundreds of government supporters marched on the Norwegian embassy in Columbo on Friday to denounce what they called Oslo’s support for remnants of the Tamil Tiger rebels living abroad.

    Norway acted as peacebroker but failed to secure agreement from the parties to a peaceful end to the conflict. Sinhalese nationalists accuse it of supporting the rebels, a charge Oslo has repeatedly rejected.

    The Sri Lankan government at the end of April sent out an alert over Interpol demanding that Norway’s government arrest Perinpanayagam Sivaparan, an Oslo-based Tamil, claiming that he is the new leader of the militant Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    The 37-year conflict effectively ended on May 18, 2009, when troops killed the leader of the Tamil Tiger rebels, Velupillai Prabhakaran, in a brutal assault on the northern town of Mullaittivu.

    Prabhakaran’s Tigers, who were notorious for their suicide bombings, had fought for a separate homeland for Sri Lankan Tamils who account for just over 10 percent of the island’s population.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Modi = (S)Hitler

    “A Special Detection Unit arrested the ENDIAN spy, who has been living in Sri Lanka under the name Hamza Jamaldeen.”

    Malaysia arrested another ENDIAN SPY from SL. Another Muslim.

    Endia is using SL as a terrorist launch pad against other SL FRIENDLY countries. IF caught (like in Malaysia), it is SL’s name that is on the line.

    Guess what! Endia wants the ENDIAN SPY (a SL passport carrier) arrested in Malaysia!!!

    Israel used a similar tactic. They collected Canadian, etc. passports. Used them to kill a Muslim leader in DUBAI. When caught which country is in trouble? Canada! A good punishment for Canada for saving HAMAS terrorists.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    2014 Lok Sabha Election Results … by Campaign Coalition and Constituent Party

    The SWORDS are out in the SCRAMBLE for Cabinet Posts. Modi is reputed to want a very small Cabinet run by people who will follow his lead. My guess is that Subramaniam Swamy will get a Cabinet Portfolio.


    Info Available: 543/543 seats

    NDA Leading Won Total

    BJP 0 283 283
    TDP 0 16 16
    SHS 0 18 18
    SAD 0 4 4
    MNS 0 0 0
    AINRC 0 1 1
    Apna Dal 0 2 2
    DMDK 0 0 0
    HJC (BL) 0 0 0
    LJP 0 6 6
    MDMK 0 0 0
    NPF 0 1 1
    NPP 0 1 1
    PMK 0 1 1
    RLSP 0 3 3
    RPI (A) 0 0 0
    Total 0 336 336

    UPA Leading Won Total

    INC 0 44 44
    NCP 0 5 5
    RJD 0 4 4
    NC 0 0 0
    IUML 0 2 2
    JMM 0 2 2
    KC (M) 0 1 1
    NC 0 0 0
    RLD 0 0 0
    RSP 0 1 1
    Total 0 59 59

    AAP Leading Won Total

    AAP 0 4 4
    Total 0 4 4

    OTHERS Leading Won Total

    AITC 0 34 34
    AIADMK 0 36 36
    BSP 0 0 0
    SP 0 5 5
    DMK 0 0 0
    AGP 0 0 0
    AIFB 0 0 0
    AIUDF 0 3 3
    AJSU 0 0 0
    BDF 0 0 0
    BJD 0 20 20
    BJD (I) 0 0 0
    BMP 0 0 0
    CPI 0 0 0
    CPI (M) 0 9 9
    CPI (ML) (L) 0 0 0
    GGP 0 0 0
    GOA 0 0 0
    GSP 0 0 0
    HSP 0 0 0
    IND 0 3 3
    INLD 0 2 2
    IPFT 0 0 0
    JD(S) 0 2 2
    JD(U) 0 2 2
    JKPC 0 0 0
    JVM (P) 0 0 0
    MDPF 0 0 0
    OTHERS 0 3 3
    PDP 0 3 3
    PPA 0 0 0
    SDF 0 1 1
    SKM 0 0 0
    SP (I) 0 0 0
    TRS 0 12 12
    UDP 0 0 0
    UKD 0 0 0
    YSR Congress Party 0 9 9
    Total 0 144 144

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    2014 Lok Sabha Elections: Contesting Political Coalitions and Constituent Parties


    Party Seats Contesting

    Bharatiya Janata Party 427
    Telugu Desam Party 30
    Shiv Sena 20
    Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam 14
    Shiromani Akali Dal 10
    Pattali Makkal Katchi 8
    Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam 7
    Lok Janshakti Party 7
    Rashtriya Lok Samata Party 3
    Apna Dal 2
    Haryana Janhit Congress 2
    Swabhimani Paksha 2
    Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi 1
    Kongunadu Makkal Desia Katchi 1
    All India N.R. Congress 1
    Republican Party of India (Athvale) 1
    Rashtriya Samaj Paksha 1
    Revolutionary Socialist Party (Bolshevik) 1
    Kerala Congress (Nationalist) 1
    National People’s Party (India) 1
    Naga People’s Front 1
    Mizo National Front 1

    National Democratic Alliance 542


    Party Seats Contesting
    Indian National Congress[93] 462
    Rashtriya Janata Dal[94][95] 28
    Nationalist Congress Party[96][97] 23
    Rashtriya Lok Dal[98] 8
    Jharkhand Mukti Morcha[99][100] 4
    Jammu & Kashmir National Conference[101] 3
    Mahan Dal[98] 3
    Indian Union Muslim League[102] 2
    Socialist Janata[102] 1
    Kerala Congress[102] 1
    Revolutionary Socialist Party[102] 1
    Bodoland People’s Front[103] 1

    United Progressive Alliance 537


    Aam Aadmi Party

    All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

    All India Forward Bloc

    Bahujan Samaj Party

    Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation

    Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

    Janata Dal (United)

    Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

    Nav Bharat Democratic Party

    Samajwadi Party

    Sikkim Democratic Front

    Trinamool Congress

    YSR Congress Party

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    From the above data on the Lok SAbha Elections, one fact becomes clear: If the AIADMK does not join the NDA/BJP Governing Coalition, then there will be NO TAMIL PARTY in the governing coalition, and Tamil Nadu will not be able to EXERT ANY PRESSURE on the Government of India to act against Sri Lanka.

    On the other hand, if the AIADMK, led by Jayalalitha, joins the NDA/BJP as a coalition member, then the AIADMK will get AT LEAST ONE Cabinet position in the Governing Coalition. The landslide victory of the NDA/BJP coupled to the declared PREFERENCE of Narendra Modi for a small efficient Cabinet, has weakened the AIADMK’s bargaining position. It will not be able get more than ONE Cabinet position, simply because the NDA/BJP does not need those extra votes in the Lok Sabha to pass ANY legislation.

    <My guess is that the AIADMK will make EVERY EFFORT to join the Governing Coalition and will accept ANY DEAL that if offered, and that will spell trouble for Sri Lanka.

    Then, it will all depend on Narenda Modi’s priorities for the next five years. Will he dissipate his energies in struggles against India’s neighbors, or will he de-emphasize those conflicts and focus on what he was elected to do: develop infrastructure, grow India’s economy, and lift his people out of poverty?

    My guess is that Narendra Modi will KEEP HIS ELECTION PROMISES and will stick to what worked well for him in Gujerat. That will be good for Sri Lanka.

    We will know soon enough, but Sri Lanka has to HOPE for the BEST, and PREPARE for the WORST.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    Modi’s Win Raises Hopes for Better U.S.-India Trade Ties

    By Gopal Ratnam and Brian Wingfield

    Narendra Modi’s sweeping victory in India’s elections may translate into revitalized U.S.-India bilateral trade that’s been hobbled by delayed decisions and disputes over intellectual-property rights.

    “You’re going to have an Indian government for the first time in a long time that is not held back by really fractious coalition politics,” said Vikram Singh, vice president for national security and international policy at the Center for American Progress. “I think his priorities are going to be the economy, economy, economy, and that suggests he’ll make progress on reforms” that are “pretty high priorities for the U.S. and India’s regional partners.”

    Strategic relations between the U.S. and India, underscored by a series of bilateral military exercises, are likely to remain strong because “our interests line up very well,” said Singh, who was the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense for South and Southeast Asia.

    As of last night, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party was leading in 282 of the 543 parliamentary seats up for grabs — more than the 272 needed for a majority. Along with its coalition partners, the party was set to win as many as 340 seats, the largest win in 30 years.

    U.S. trade groups and policy analysts are hoping that when Modi, 63, takes office, his government will loosen restrictions on foreign direct investment by U.S. defense companies and improve the protection of intellectual-property rights. Modi campaigned on a pledge to boost economic growth, which has slowed to 4.9 percent for the year ending March — the slowest in a decade.
    Growing Economy

    India, which International Monetary Fund economists last month predicted will become the world’s seventh-largest economy in 2019, is an attractive target for U.S. businesses.

    Now, said Linda Dempsey, vice president of international economic affairs at the National Association of Manufacturers, Modi’s victory “really creates a new opportunity to work together.”

    While it’s too early to know what sectors might benefit immediately, the areas in which the U.S. and India could work together more closely include information technology and environmental goods, she said.

    U.S. business groups say they consider India a potential key market for industries that rely on intellectual property protection, including pharmaceuticals and information technology. India is an “outlier” on intellectual property issues, according to a 2013 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center, which said the nation’s policies have deterred foreign investment.

    Import Barriers

    “U.S. exporters continue to encounter tariff and non-tariff barriers that impeded imports of U.S. products into India,” the U.S. Trade Representative said in a March 31 annual report on global trade barriers. It listed India’s patchwork of government procurement policies, restrictions on foreign investment in the banking sector and complex customs procedures among the deterrents to trade.

    The U.S. last year exported goods valued at about $22 billion to India, about 1 percent lower than the previous year, according to Commerce Department data. Major exports include transportation equipment and chemicals.

    U.S. companies also hope the Modi government will lift caps on investment in India’s defense industry, said Richard Rossow, a senior fellow focusing on India policy issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington research group. The BJP’s manifesto says it will allow foreign direct investment in a variety of sectors except multi-brand retailing to support job creation and infrastructure building.

    ‘Fresh Look’

    “The BJP has talked pretty openly about taking a fresh look at the foreign direct investment cap in the defense sector,” Rossow said. The current 26 percent limit is a disincentive for U.S. defense contractors to provide high-end technology to their Indian counterparts, Rossow said. Lifting the cap “will allow more U.S. companies to enter the country and make them comfortable” in sharing technology, he said.

    India’s investment in its defense sector last year shrank to the lowest level in 50 years because of the overall economic downturn, said G. Parthasarathy, India’s former high commissioner in Pakistan.

    Investment in the defense sector “can only go up,” with the Modi government winning a clear mandate, Parthasarathy said. “There will be increased spending on defense manufacturing and a greater emphasis on foreign direct investment in defense.”

    Nuclear Rivals

    One danger is that increased Indian investment in defense could increase tensions with rival nuclear power Pakistan, but Singh, the former Pentagon official said there’s little danger that Modi would resort to a display of power similar to India’s last nuclear tests in 1998, when a BJP-led government was in power. Those led Pakistan to carry out its own set of tests.

    “With India being comfortably a strong power, I don’t see any reason he’d see the need to flex muscles that are seen as aggressive or destabilizing,” Singh said. “In order to dwell on the economy, having good relationships with all your trading partners would be important.”

    Although he’s not accustomed to the global stage, Modi’s focus on economics bodes well for U.S.-India political relations, said a U.S. official with experience in the region.

    Modi, once shunned by the U.S. and the U.K. for his role in anti-Muslim riots in 2002 in the state of Gujarat, where he’s governed since 2001, was quickly congratulated by U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.
    Strained Relations

    Obama invited Modi to visit Washington, according to a White House statement, and Modi already has agreed to visit the U.K., according to a statement from Cameron’s office.

    In 2005, the U.S. denied Modi a visa after human rights groups accused him of not moving to halt the carnage. Modi has denied the accusations repeatedly, and a Supreme Court-appointed panel found no evidence he gave orders that prevented assistance from reaching the victims.

    Modi, too, said the U.S. official, has tried to put 2002 behind him, but U.S.-India ties suffered another setback late last year with the arrest in New York of Devyani Khobragade, an Indian diplomat who was accused of lying on a visa application about what she was paying her babysitter.

    The arrest triggered outrage in India, prompting protests, demands for a ban on American goods and Indian government retaliation against U.S. diplomats, including the removal of security barriers around the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    1. What are the chances FAT LALITHA joining CONGRESS crowd sometime in future and taking the opposition leader post? Congress is DESPERATE. People HATE Rahu Ghand!!

    She has 36. Congress 44. Not much difference.

    IF she does that she stands a FAT chance for the top job the NEXT TIME.

    2. IF BJP group wants 2/3 FAT LALITHA will join them for a price.

    = 543 * 2/3 = 362 (BJP group is shy of 26 seats)

    = 336 + 36 = 372 (with FAT LALITHA, BJP has 2/3)

  27. Ananda-USA Says:


    Both of your points make sense.

    1. I sincerely hope that Jayalolita joins the UPA. That will banish her, and the Tamil Nadu Eelam campaign, to the backwoods for at least five years, until the next elections.

    2. The NDA/BJP inviting the AIADMK to join the Governing Coalition either to DENY the opposition (and the ICP) of any strong allies, or because it wants a 2/3 majority, for some future purpose such as amending the Constitution of India, is a REAL POSSIBILITY, and poses a REAL DANGER for Sri Lanka.

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