Canadian High Commissioner’s Boycott of May 18, Parade in Matara
Posted on May 19th, 2014

Ira de Silva London, Canada

The Canadian High Commissioner says Canada will not be represented at the Victory Day Parade in Matara. Her claim is that “such events won’t help post-war reconciliation”. She goes on to state “I will not be in Matara, but I will be thinking and remembering all those who lost loved ones over the thirty year conflict.”
Regarding her claim that such events won’t help post -war reconciliation” perhaps she should review what Canada has done since 2009 to help post war reconciliation bearing in mind that Canada’s foreign policy regarding Sri Lanka is predicated on doing whatever the LTTE supporters in Canada want the current government to do against Sri Lanka to help their goal of establishing Eelam in Sri Lanka.  Every political party is vying with each other in the intensity of their criticism of Sri Lanka just to get a few Tamil votes, primarily in the Toronto area. With an election  called in a Toronto constituency, the Tamil homeland in Canada,  Canada’s representative in Sri Lanka at her hypocritical best, claims she will be remembering all those who lost loved ones in the conflict. Is that why Canada continues to turn a blind eye to the continued activity of the front organizations of the LTTE in Canada who have changed their names,  metamorphosed into human rights activists and are now using their funds to get politicians elected to help them to establish their goal of dividing Sri Lanka? Does she believe that these activities are helping post war reconciliation?
Canada believes that it can dictate to Sri Lanka on what what needs to be done in Sri Lanka just as the LTTE supporters in Canada believe that they know best what should happen in Sri Lanka to achieve their goal of Eelam. To this end, and to satisfy prospective voters in Canada, Ms. Whiting believes that the “parade perpetuates roles of victors and vanquished within the country”.  It is best that she remind herself that the “vanquished” in this instance were none other than  the LTTE, who she is well aware  were terrorists of the first order. For Sri Lankans the parade is to remember all those who lost their lives because of LTTE terrorism. Could she explain why Canada attends parades to recall allied “victories” in the two World wars and just last year spent millions of dollars  to “glorify” the victory of the war of 1812? It is obvious that Canada believes that it can celebrate it’s war victories but that Sri Lanka has no right to do so. Is it because the “vanquished” had been supported by Canadians, that Canadians “lost”?
Having spent the day at home thinking and remembering all those who lost loved ones over the thirty year conflict, can Ms. Whiting advise  what Canada has done to usher in peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka?
So far, all Canada has done is to condemn Sri Lanka, support resolutions against Sri Lanka, demand investigations based on violations of human rights, and call for war crimes investigations against the GOSL and the LTTE forgetting that many LTTE leaders responsible for terrorism are alive and well in Canada.  Canada is  ignoring the fact that Canadian LTTE supporters who funded terrorism in Sri Lanka with the knowledge and support of Canadian politicians are the very people who are now their political candidates and fundraisers for political campaigns.  The difference since 2009 is that these very LTTE supporters are now masquerading as “human rights activists”. Before 2009 the funds raised were for guns and bombs to terrorise Sri Lankans. Now funds are being raised for Canadian politicians to continue to harass and threaten Sri Lanka, terrorism in another form. 
Media reports indicate that Canada is well aware that thousands of former LTTE terrorists are in Canada. If Canada is interested in promoting peace, why does it not identify those who are   on the list of missing and disappeared who are now in Canada? Is it because those lists will be so depleted that they will lose significance?  Is it because many may be the very people who are now close to political candidates or candidates themselves which will expose Canadian hypocrisy? 
The fact is that Canada has no interest about peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Through the years of LTTE terrorism, Sri Lankans were well aware that Canadians had responsibility for it. Nothing has changed in Canada’s attitude to Sri Lanka. Ms. Whiting’s absence at the parade is perhaps fitting as Canada has not acknowledged it’s part in terrorism in Sri Lanka, never given credit to Sri Lanka for defeating Canadian funded terrorism.  If the LTTE “was a scourge that brought untold suffering to this island nation and all its people” why is Canada still supporting it and even becoming the spokesperson for the LTTE in international forums? Is Ms. Whiting  thinking and remembering all those who lost loved ones over the thirty year conflict but which ended in the leadership of the LTTE being militarily eliminated which was not the outcome that Canada’s  considerable LTTE support base wanted?  No wonder she can not attend the parade- she can not offend the Tamil vote base!
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Canada

4 Responses to “Canadian High Commissioner’s Boycott of May 18, Parade in Matara”

  1. cw Says:

    All I can say is that the Canadian politicians and the aw makers are deaf & blind.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Mrs “WHY TING now only for this parade.You can boycott anything Sri Lanka and go to hell with your Tamil Diaspora.Who cares whether you attend or not? We dont like you and your dirty country.So hands off our beloved Motherland. I hate Canada and all those white stooges.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Some Canadian politicians have played into the hands of LTTE terrorists and separatists and there is no escape for them. They have contributed millions of dollars to LTTE front organisations and have also attended LTTE fund collection events. These politicians have to now try and convert the LTTE to a liberation movement and treat them as the sole representative of the Tamils, since if they admit the LTTE are a group of terrorists that inflicted untold damage to another nation, then those Canadian politicians could also end up being considered as war criminals for aiding and abetting a terrorist group on foreign soil.

  4. jayasiri Says:

    Thanks Ira de Silva from London, ONTARIO – CANADA.
    I am sure just because Canada did not attend, there were many who support Sri Lanka’s efforts in combatting TERRORISIM & keeping them at bay.

    WHAT RIGHT has Canada to dictate terms HOW WE CELLEBRATE our freedom?. What if OSAMA BEN Laden & his departure is to be scelebrated by Canada, DOES THAT seems right to USA & EU members who faught 9/11 aftermath.

    Canada is so obssesed with TAMIL TIGER votes, they will allow now saying they will FLY the terrorist FLAG in Toronton schools too. This is the PROBLEM by ALLOWING Tamils to SETTLE in large numbers in the MAIN CITY of Ontario & Canada.

    NEXT they will ask to declare part of Toronto as their homeland, as the New PM elect of India has said anyone living in a foregn country who is INDIAN ORIGIN is part of India. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Indian or Lankan Tamils.THIS IS WHAT all countries should try & stop. Our advice is to Keep Canada TERRORIST FREE country………….J

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