Kofi Annan unfit to head any UN International Investigation
Posted on May 28th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

Kofi Annan has been showered with credentials so much so that he became the ‘outstanding choice’ to broker peace in Syria. When that choice is made by the US there is little for us to imagine in whose interest the agenda has been set. Annan’s accolades include post of UN Secretary General, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 and include countless awards, positions and honorary degrees that obviously outshine his failures and bias. It is obvious that the same cartel of UN heads and officials are being pulled out of hats and recirculated to head UN appointed inquiries with the obvious outcome virtually sealed for the targeted nations. There is little point in nations crying foul for a criminal syndicate such as the UN funded by criminals is hardly likely to listen to reason. Next best option is for nations to start pulling out of the UN and Russia and China needs to start considering this option with entire Third World likely to back them. Annan’s associations with global plutocracy deny him the right to be given or to accept roles as UN envoys or to head UN international investigations.


Why Kofi Annan is unsuitable for future UN roles

In 1994, Annan as Head of UN peace keeping operations chose to ignore the warnings of General Romeo Dallaire, Commander of the UN peace keeping force in Rwanda. Dallaire even wrote a book – Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda alleging that Annan had been unreceptive to calls for UN troops to be sent to quell the genocide of Rwanda’s Tutsi minority. Yet, the same man who did nothing to stop Rwanda genocide goes on to say years later “U.N. Security Council do nothing meaningful to stop the” slaughter “and instead engage in crafting empty proposals that amounted to a minuet of death”  and gets the plum role of being name peace envoy to Syria.


When Brookings Institute, a US foreign policy think tank prepares a blue print and declares “An alternative is for diplomatic efforts to focus first on how to end the violence and how to gain humanitarian access, as is being done under Annan’s leadership. This may lead to the creation of safe-havens and humanitarian corridors, which would have to be backed by limited military power. This would, of course, fall short of U.S. goals for Syria and could preserve Assad in power. From that starting point, however, it is possible that a broad coalition with the appropriate international mandate could add further coercive action to its efforts.” (Assessing Options for Regime Change), our doubts are erased – Kofi Annan was appointed as peace envoy simply to buy time for the Western-backed militants to get their act together against President Assad. Thus Annan’s Syria failure was actually a planned failure and an appointment simply to buy time and certainly questions the modus operandi of peace talks and ceasefires promoted during other armed conflicts as well.

The Syrian failure also surfaces the statistics made available by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) which declared that 7636 people had died 2 months before Annan took over the peace role, but 4 ½ months after he took over the deaths jumped to 17,000. Where does this leave Kofi Annan and his peace role but he walks away with $7.5m as envoy fees?


There is another dimension to Annan’s soft approach and that returns to the oil for food program in which his son was an associate smuggling Iraqi oil through Syria. According to Annan he didn’t know his son was working for Cotecna or that the company had a contract with the UN though at the inquiry he recalled he had a meeting with the CEO of Cotecna twice!


1997-2006, as UN Chief Annan was in charge of overseeing the Oil-for-Food relief program for Iraq and became one of the most corrupt failures in which his own son was involved. Annan’s own choice Benon Sevan was accused by the UN’s own inquiry of pocketing money from the oil-for-food program but Sevan was never charged and instead was allowed to flee to Cyprus. Paul Volcker head of the UN probe declared that even Annan ‘fell short of the standards that the UNO should strive to maintain’.


A question to be answered is why despite failures, Annan is able to rise up diplomatic circles and lead humanitarian efforts into further failure unless that is the objective of his appointment?



There are further questions of how far Annan has compromised his integrity.


·         Annan is a member of JP Morgan’s International Council. If so that makes him aligned to Western-interests. JPMorgan Chase is the biggest bank in the world with over $4 trillion in assets. It is a major political force in the world, integrated within the network of global elites who make up the plutocratic ruling class. Of the 55 key people of JPMorgan, 13 hold positions in the Council of Foreign Relations, 8 hold positions in the World Economic Forum, 5 hold positions in the Trilateral Commission another international thinktank which merged into JPMorgan by David Rockefeller one of the 13 global banking families that control and own the world’s wealth. JP Morgan is also represented in the US Federal Reserve, the Citigroup, Bilderbergs, Group of Thirty, Sara Lee Corporation, Harvard, Rolls Royce, American Express, American International Group, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Coca-Cola Company, National Bank of Kuwait Advisory Group, China-US exchange foundation, Mitsubishi, Carlyle Group, IMF and US-China Business Council just to name a few. According to Andrew Gavin Marshall, an independent researcher based in Montreal, Canada, JPMorgan Chase has an International Council which provides advice to the bank’s leadership on economic, political and social trends across various regions and around the world. The International Council is chaired by Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, who also sits as an adviser to Zurich Financial. The Council includes Khalid A. Al-Falih, the President and CEO of Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company), the world’s largest oil company, who also sits on the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.


·         Annan is also a member of Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), AGRA is a lobby funded by the Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations to promote the dissemination of GMO’s produced by Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Syngenta and others. the use of non-reproductible GMO crops keeps farmers under the thumb of their suppliers and introduces a new form of human exploitation.


·         Annan is also on the boards of the United Nations Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and he is a member of the Global Board of Advisors of the Council on Foreign Relations.


·         Annan is a trustee of the International Crisis Group (2012) which makes him linked to George Soros, Kenneth Adelman, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage and their neo-conservative corporate agenda. The International Crisis Group is funded by Carnegie Corporation, George Soros’s Open Society Institute, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Sigrid Rausing Trust, British Petroleum, Chevron, Shell, Staoil, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Humanity United, NPI Capital, Hunt Alternatives Fund, Jewish World Watch and Deutsche Bank Group.




Annan’s other roles


·         Chairman of The Elders (a group founded by Nelson Mandela)

·         Member of the Club of Madrid comprising 89 former Presidents and Prime Ministers from 58 countries

·         Board Director of UN Foundation given $1million by Ted Turner

·         Chairs African Progress Panel

·         Chancellor of the University of Ghana in 2008

·         Unveiled as the first La Ka Shing Professor of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of the National University of Singapore

·         Board of Director of Global Centre for Pluralism (2010) – Canadian international research centre dedicated to pluralism

·         Member of Foundation Chirac’s Honor Committee


Annan’s Awards

·         2000 – Kora All Africa Music Awards – Lifetime Achievement

·         2001 – Nobel Peace Prize – joint award for Annan and UN

·         2002 – Winner of Profiles in Courage Award by JFK Memorial Museum

·         2002 – American Whig-Cliosophic Society, James Madison Award for Distinguished Public Service

·         2003 – Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

·         2003 – Freedom Prize of the Max Schmidheiny Foundation of University of St. Gallen

·         2006 – International World Order of Culture, Science and Education Award by European Academy of Informatization, Belgium

·         2006 – Inter Press Service, International Achievement Award for Annan’s lasting contributions to peace, security and development. How and What is LASTING is a good question.

·         2006 – Olof Palme Prize

·         2007 – Wooden Crossbow, special award from the Swiss World Economic Forum

·         2007 – People in Europe Award of Verlagsgruppe Passau

·         2007 – MacArthur Foundation for International Justice

·         2007 – North-South Prize of the Council of Europe

·         2008 – Peace of Westphalia Prize

·         2008 – Harvard University Honors Prize

·         2008 – Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize

·         2008 – Peace of Westphalia Prize – Muster (Westfalen)

·         2008 – Open Society Award – CEU Business School Budapest (Award from George Soros)

·         2011 – Gothenburg Award

·         2012 – Confucius Peace Prize



Annan’s list of honor’s include

·         2000 – Companion of the Order of the Star of Ghana

·         2001 – Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the Star of Romania

·         2005 – Grand Collar of the Order of Liberty (Portugal)

·         2006 – Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

·         2007 – Grand Decoration of Honor in Gold with Sash for Services to the Republic of Austria

·         2007 – Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George from Queen Elizabeth II

·         2008 – Grand Cross 1sst Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany


Honorary Degrees

Annan has received honorary doctorates from universities that include UN Mandated University,  Lund University,  National University of Ireland, Technische Universitat Dresden, Howard University, Comenius University in Bratislava, University of Notre Dame, Seton Hall University, Brown University, Free University of Berlin, Tilburg University, University of Alcala, Northwestern University, University of Pittsburgh, Ghent University, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University, University of Tokyo, Georgetown University, University of St. Gallen (Switzeland), Princeton University, Kings College, London, Glasgow Caledonian University and possibly scores more.


Thierry Meyssan, writing for the Global Research in April 2, 2012 claims Annan is handpicked and trained by Ford Foundation (unofficial US foreign policy advocate) and CIA. The basis for this allegation is how he had been headhunted by the Ford Foundation under the ‘young leaders program and had then been put for a course at Harvard University. His complete studies had been funded by the Ford Foundation (Economics at Macalester College Minnesota, International Relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva). He was then put into the WHO, next appointed to the Economic Commission for Africa, UN peace keeping, then put as Director of personnel with the UNHCR and was introduced to and married Nane Lagergren the niece of Raol Wallenberg and well connected to the Rothschild banksters.


Annan’s rise was thus accelerated wherein he became Assistant Secretary General in charge of HRM and later but in charge of peace keeping under UNSG Boutros-Ghali. With US vetoing the reappointment of Boutros-Ghali, Annan was placed as the UNSG in January 1997. One of Annan’s first duties was to organize retreats for UN ambassadors funded by the Rockefellers where a new blueprint was laid out. Annan’s initiatives like Global Compact, Agenda 21 were all in line with the greater objectives of the corporate family to which he by marriage belonged.


Theirry Meyssan argues that the Global Compact was a deviation of the universally accepted logic that international law serves the common good. What Annan was promoting was the good of only the Anglo-Americans. The Annan doctrine introduced under the Responsibility to Protect theme was nothing but the right to intervene and has been used to legalize occupation of sovereign nations. Libya was one such victim.


Rumor has it that Navi Pillai is fishing for Annan to head her feud against Sri Lanka and the influential chain to which Annan belongs makes him the perfect choice for her to carry out her vendetta which by association of Annan merges with the global plutocracy aim to encircle China which is why Eelam is said to be a Christian prerogative in the present context and explains why the West is chirping the human rights for Tamil and devolution for Tamil theme.


Bias and impartiality lack of ethics and good governance are jargon meant only for Third World consumption and Annan would probably be appointed for a new role as lead investigator irrespective of the chargesheets against him for all the appointments are done by the same people and it is the same people carrying out the appointments as well. All is within the family.


Kofi Annan belonging to a network of people that form the global plutocracy is simply part of the Transnational Capitalist Class. In becoming one of ‘their men’ he has no moral right to claim to be ‘independent’ ‘unbiased’ impartial and to take up any role as mediator or heading any international investigation on human rights or whatever else the UN that functions to the dictates of this same capitalist class orders him to do. But, Annan will probably land the role and Navi Pillai with all her bias will probably go higher places within the UN system as well.


Therefore, the best option is for Third World nations to stop being subservient to these mechanizations and decide to exit the UN altogether.

11 Responses to “Kofi Annan unfit to head any UN International Investigation”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting the article:”Next best option is for nations to start pulling out of the UN and Russia and China needs to start considering this option with entire Third World likely to back them.”

    I fully agree. In fact I have proposed this very issue on numerous occasions on this forum. The simple question to ask is what is there to be gained in being a member of the UN and what is there to be lost… at this time.

    There may have been a time when the United Nations was vital for all nations, except of course those who were and are in the Security Council and those who formed and continue to dominate the decision making process of the United Nation, namely the United States, Russia, China, France and the UK. None of these nations would have had any adverse effects if they pulled out when the UN was formed, when it was at it’s most influential period (around the 1950’s to the 1970’s) or when it has become more of a hindrance than a solution.

    Now there is every reason not to be part of this defunct organization. Now more than ever regional powers have risen that make the UN and its US centric policies obsolete. The creation of the BRICS organization (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have already created their own bank as an alternative to the World bank and the IMF.

    Those nations who still control it such as the United States are dying. Yes the US as a global power or even a regional power is coming to an end. The US total debt including unfunded liabilities ( Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obama care) now tops 125 TRILLION dollars of debt. The US national debt is at 17 TRILLION dollars and climbing. Climbing because Washington DC continues to raise the debt limit allowing the US to borrow even more. The US can do this because the US dollar is the international currency of exchange. Of that 17 Trillion 46% is owned by other nations. The state of the economy is so bad that 100 million Americans (out of a total pop of 315 million) are now dependent on the system created by the government. Obama term will end in 2016 but not the policies he has created that has made so many million completely dependent on the government. The fear of change is greater than the need for change, for any change in the system could be disastrous to so many Americans who cannot afford to live without the government largess. This dependency will either increase if another pro Obama candidate wins or it will continue if an anti Obama candidate wins because there is no alternative for change.

    What the Obama government has created is a dependent society and at the same time destroyed all alternatives to dismantle this system (manufacturing, insurance industries, Industrial sector, etc.) . Add to that the legalization of marijuana which drains each person of precious limited resources in order to be drugged. This too has been initiated under the Obama administration. By legalizing marijuana when the unemployment is around 28% or tens of millions out of work or entering the retirement age only adds to the dependency culture. The US foreign policies are so bad they do not need any further elaboration.

    This in many ways also applies to the United Kingdom and France, the two other Western powers of the Security Council. The only ones that show a surge in power be it economic, strategic or military strength is Russia, China and Brazil. India still is a question and a riddle. The BJP has come to power with a lot of promises and a lot of hope. But if the BJP wants to define her foreign policy with Sri Lanka by dragging the muck from the previous Congress regarding the 13th amendment or article 370 with Kashmir then the BJP has to undergo a learning curve before New Delhi can truly claim she is a power worthy of recognition.

    Finally this brings the issue to Sri Lanka. What has Sri Lanka to gain being a member of the United Nations. To date because of the US controlled UN Sri Lanka has been marginalized, falsely accused of the most heinous crimes, not once but three times, and threats of sanctions have been sternly voiced by the UK and the US, both Security Council members to which India has gladly played along.

    What will Sri Lanka gain from removing herself from the UN? she still has the choice to join the rising powers of China and Russia. Her economy by and large is independent of the decisions of the UN, the UN will have no power over Colombo. Once other nations realize they have more to gain by leaving the UN as the case with Sri Lanka then that proverbial “hole in the dam” will go from a spout to a torrent of water.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Second Comment:
    Regarding the debt of the US Google “US national debt clock real time”

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more issue of the reasons why Sri Lanka should consider the option either staying or leaving the UN. I am sure there are many in the Sri Lankan media who would champion the reasons to stay as a member of the UN. But what does it mean to the average Sri Lankan?

    Except for the few in power who gain the luxury of travel, the prestige of rubbing shoulders with other leaders and taking their families on the nation’s taxes to buy items in the best shops of London, Paris, or New York. Except for the even less who are given the “crown” to have a high ranking position in the UN it does not add up to a hell of beans for the average 20 million Sri Lankans. T

    I bring this up because so many Americans ask the same question, especially since it is our taxes that support this organization. Most Americans do not benefit directly or indirectly from the United Nations. the US prosperity was due to decisions made outside of the United Nations. I can personally write that there are so many Americans who have openly voiced their sheer hatred that their tax dollars go to support this organization and its myopic decisions. The question of being part of the UN does not begin and end with the developing world but now extends to all the people now trapped by that organization. One can state that here lies a common ground between ordinary Americans and ordinary Sri Lankans.

  4. RohanJay Says:

    Does anything about the UN surprise us anymore. I remember I was in Sri Lanka between January 2009 to May 2009. In the last stages of the war all I saw were UN marked four wheelers. Frantically going about the roads of Colombo, no doubt in a panic that their darling LTTE terrorists and leadership were about to be wiped out. I guess UN appointed Navi pillai at the behest of western nations such as the UK and UN officials like Gordon Weiss to frame Sri Lanka for Human rights violations. That’s the UN for you.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    So far Putin has DESERTED Russians in Ukraine.

    HUNDREDS of Russian minority people killed by Ukraine.

    “Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko has vowed to wipe out the insurgents and re-establish order after winning office on May 25 with 54.7 percent of the vote.”

    What will Putin do? Let Ukraine and USA MASSACRE the Russian minority?

    Russia is NO SUPERPOWER if it can’t protect Russians!!

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Putin has not deserted the Russians in Ukraine because it does not serve his best interest. According to a documentary I watched on youtube (the name of it I have forgotten at this time but you can Google Putin and watch some of the biographies on him) and according to an article in the Asia Times (Ukraine: A military-Industrial complex to die for 5/28/14) , East Ukraine is the industrial belt of Ukraine.

    From what I learned Russia is very dependent on that Industrial belt and the Ukrainian company Motor Sich is responsible for a good deal of Russian military products including spare parts. The reason the recent success of the Russian rebels (and I am sure they are peppered with Russian agents) against the military of Kiev is the support they are getting from Moscow. If this is all true then one could only conclude Russia’s so called “retreat” is based on strategic interests. Putin will have East Ukraine because Russia needs that part of Ukraine. If that means all of Ukraine falls back into Russian hands is yet another question

  7. Marco Says:


    Thank you for listing out Kofi Annans credentials and accolades

    Wow! Rather an impressive list.

    Think we all know that China & Russia will never ever leave the UN whilst they hold veto powers.
    Don’t think they are that stupid.

  8. AnuD Says:

    I think china’s patience is the best. Empires came and gone. Count and see how many empires existed. Most recently, Spanish, Ottoman vanished. British is gone but is still struggling to come back but unsuccessful. Now their blood relative America is struggling to stay in the top.

    So, it is the best thing to be patient.

  9. Marco Says:

    I assume the authors elaborate article and listing of his “credentials and accolades” is to draw attention to the rumours /speculation circulating in Colombo of Kofi Annan being appointed as the high profile expert to head the UN probe team as per the UN Resolution. or will it be the former Australian Jurist Michael Kirby.
    There is speculation that the UN Investigative Team will include a Sri Lankan with international repute.(QC Desmond De Silva??) Announcement of the team is expected in the next few days.

    I also read that Marzuki Darusman, one of the members of the UN Experts Panel who probed into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, is tipped to be appointed as the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights after Navi Pillay’s retirement in August.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree that Putin has not deserted Pro-Russian East Ukrainians.

    Lorenzo, you should holster your six-gun, its too early to shoot Putin; he AIN’T DONE YET!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Nobel Peace Prize is a JOKE; It has become a means by which Norwegians and allied Westerners RECRUIT various Political Leaders as puppets to their Global Puppet Play .

    We recall how they RECRUITED dear old Barack Obama with this prize, BEFORE HE HAD DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE IT!!!

    If Obama had any decency, he should have refused the honor recognizing that it is UNDESERVED and constitutes a BRIBE! He has yet to accomplish anything on the Global Scene to merit that honor accorded him at the very beginning of his Presidency. His greatest accomplishment to date is the Obamacare Health Plan for uninsured Americans … a purely domestic achievement.

    By doing so, the Norwegian junta garlanded him with a LABEL that he cannot lay down to discharge his responsibilities to the nation he leads, and has sworn to defend and protect.

    However, by continuing the US involvement in Afghanistan, and increasing the frequency of drone strikes, and failing to dismantle the Guantanamo POW camp, Obama has caused some disappointment and chagrin to the Norwegians who expected him to strictly follow their “expert guidance” as a person already bought and paid for with the Nobel Peace Prize.

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