Congratulations Mr. Modi; “The New Prime Minister of India”.
Posted on May 30th, 2014

By Mahinda Weerasinghe

By the time you read this piece you will be discharging your duties as the new leader of India.

My advice would be superfluous to you, however, I am offering some indicators, which I feel would be invaluable at this initial stage of your watch!

Mr. Prime Minster, obviously the security and the well being of the Indian Union would be the primary concern to you as the leader of the Nation. On the other hand as a Hindu Nationalist, I am assuming that you came through the block vote of Hindus; hence it’s vital that you guard the Indian union!

But the union will soon be tested by Tamil Nadu! Not by the Indian Tamils per se, but it’s the Catholic Tamils from Jaffna; you should keep a shape look out for. These guys are frustrated and find no way to placate their inferiority complexes. Especially, since the terror tactics failed from snatching the pearl of the Indian Ocean. So now they have reverted back to plan B, which is the only option left open for them.

Sinhalese it is assumed had migrated to Lanka from Gujarat or Bengali, so they are considered as part of the global colonization push by the Aryans. In fact instead of attacking Aryans in India proper, these Tamils are whipping up their Indian Tamil cousins into frenzy in order to exploit them as a cat’s paw, in their assault against Lanka. Frustrated and seething with anger they find it impossible to get at Lanka; so complain of the injustice done them!

Naturally the blow back effect on India if Plan B was allowed to materialise would be anybody’s guess!

As you have a clear majority and a mandate from the Indian voters you can act for the best interest of the region.

Yet in fact this positive act by the nation’s wishes would be presented negatively by these handmaidens of the colonial powers! They would be taking advantage of your “Hindu credentials” as a lever to ply out Tamil Nadu from the union.

When plan A was smashed to smithereens by the relentless Sinhalese army and nipped the racially un-adulterated Tamil Eelam in the bud, including, erasing of the top leadership they had no options left, but to fall back on plan B.

Indeed Jaffna Tamils Catholics as usual would be trying to “kill two birds with one stone”. They would claim that being a Hindu Nationalist, you are bound be anti Dravidian Christian. But the big question is; how can we equate anti Christian thing with the anti Tamil stance? The new song they would soon be singing will be; that the Aryans are controlling the Indian politics and Tamils are not being treated as equals!

In this connection the Dravidian Christian pressure group, has carefully rejuvenated that absurd 1870 concept, nurtured and promoted by Jaffna Tamil Catholics. This will be exploited in order to ply out the Indian Tamil cousins. This has been the main game plan all along, since having lost plan A, now they have to go the whole hag with plan B, and expose themselves!

Obviously they have charted out a course owning that ulterior goal. As far as the money is concerned, nothing to worry about that, for; funds are streaming-in for the Dravidian Christian movement from well wishes! If plan A had succeeded then it would have been a “cake walk” to ply out Tamil Nadu from the union!  Doubtful very much if Mr. Manmohan Singh had gasped the full gambit.

So what is in this bizarre creation called “Dravidian Christianity”? In fact it is a combination of two myths;

a.)      The “Dravidian race” myth.

b.)      That early Christianity shaped their major Hindu classics!

According to these, the Bhagavad Gita, and such ancient Tamil classics and even Sanskrit originated through the influence of Christianity.

The Dravidianization + Christianity are the Jaffna Tamil Catholic leadership of Sri Lanka’s constructs, and has been making headway in Tamil Nadu for decades. Obviously this divisive myth “Aryan/Dravidian” is exploited tactically in order to generate conflict, dissention including violence (as in Sri Lanka in the last years) and pushing to incite India to sever its historical relationship with Lanka.  Happily this is also in the interest of the west; so they must be funding the project covertly.

Indeed Christianity came into being with Jesus’ birth; which would say 2014 years ago. But correct me if I am wrong; in fact these classics have been around for millenniums prior to that incidence?  So are we to assume that Indian culture must be an offshoot, and an extension of Judaism?

A 2005 conference in New York had the theme, “International Conference on the History of Early Christianity in India.” And we can perceive the emerging picture! Senator Hillary Clinton greeted it with the message:

“I am confident that the breadth of resources presented during the conference will shed light on the impact of Christianity on medieval and classical India and its effects on the cultural and political climate of India…”

This woman has presidential aspirations! In one of such hollow myth generating assemblies, a man in the audience pulled out his shoe and chucked it at her! Who can blame him for displaying his loathing?

Indeed Mr. Modi, now that you have got an absolute mandate to run the country, such clowns with their wacky theories cannot push you around. But remember owning huge chips on their shoulders, these Jaffna Tamil Catholics will attempt to play the only card left open for them; push for a separation from the union?

In fact these JaffnaTamil Catholics by supplying Indian coli indentured slave labour received a lot of mileage from the English and the French colonials. Yet they did not receive what they desired most!  Indeed from early 1800 hundreds to mid 1900 hundreds such new slave runners “The English” awarded with other peoples’ real estate, such as Mauritius, Madagascar, Fiji, Surinam and Seychelles for operating as their lackeys. But was not rewarded with the expected ‘gem’ which they were promised for doing white boss’s’ dirty work!

See the following report: –



But their Machiavellian scheme to grab Lanka backfired, when they met their nemesis; in the form of Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists.

Indeed in their half baked deliberations, these clowns are disregarding a vital fact; that if such a split is ever brought about, then India definitely will support Sinhalese over the new Tamil Nadu state! Which would say that Tamils will be asked to keep their hands off Sri Lanka?


On the other hand, anti Hindu movement being the cornerstones of Dravidian Christianity, these Jaffna Tamil Catholics would be doing their utmost to undermine your Hindu agenda. Soon they will declare that; such cast based Hindu’s dominance is undermining their Christian heritage. Curiously enough though; these Jaffna Tamil Catholics, left their original Hindu roots to one that is one of none cast based religion, still cling on their Cast based tribal hang-ups and pettiness, (For an example the Sri Lankan Tamils would never consider marrying an Indian Tamil, for these were slaves imported by the British and not being genuine Tamil goods)!

This aspect of Jaffna Catholics” cast business, can only be equated to the miraculous virginity of immaculate Mary, that they can keep the cake and eat too?

On the other hand Sri Lankan Muslim blood is 99.9% Tamil, but asks them of their nationality they will promptly reply they are Muslims! They have been equalized hence; there is progress in their ranks and file, (having dropped their cast when they embraced Allah)!

Dear Prime Minister these are vital points to remember when tackling such forces striving to implode India. As soon as you put a put an end to the huge funds reaching India through Dravidian Christian associations, you will get this situation under control?  In this connection

I propose you get acquainted with:

Rajiv Malhotra‘s work; How Evangelists Invented ‘Dravidian Christianity’

Under the circumstances, your policy should be; “Set a thief to catch a thief”. Employ some Sinhalese Buddhists to help do investigative research and operations of lackeys of the colonialists. For Sri Lanka is the one nation which eradicated one of the most vicious terror organization in modern times. Curiously this terror organization was running a covert Holy war under the pretext of “liberating the “Tamil race”. The proof of this statement is easy to establish; Head of the present LTTE is Father S. J. Emmanuel is a Sri Lankan Tamil Catholic priest, activist and president of the Global Tamil Forum being the ‘born again’ incarnation  of  LTTE .

Leaders of the original LTTE were all Catholics such as Velupillai Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman, Tamilchelvan and Anton Balasingham! On the other hand all leaders bumped off by this racist organization; were as a rule Hindus and Buddhists!

Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 4th century BC by Venerable Mahinda, the son of Indian Emperor Ashoka. The Pali Canon, having previously been preserved as an oral tradition, was first committed to writing in Sri Lanka around 30 BC. Due to the increasingly frequent Muslim invasions into India from the eleventh century on, Buddhism, as a religion was uprooted from India during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and India was no longer the main source of Buddhist learning. The Buddhist tradition, as exported to the island of Sri Lanka, was also the basis of the traditions that developed and remained until the present day in Thailand and Burma. Thanks to Buddha’s Dharma Sri Lanka Population enjoyed a moderately good life in the past. But that is now under threat from Jaffna Tamil Catholics and Muslims same as in India.

In fact the baton has been passed on to you Mr Modi!

Indeed we look forward to your direction and guidance in the Coming years!

Facts are stubborn. Yet this must be said of the earlier Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh; he did not own a backbone, hence avoided visiting Lanka for the Commonwealth conference. Due to such indecisiveness the nation has lost it direction and was like a rudderless boat, aimlessly moving in swelling and hostile waters!

So may you be well and happy, and may you be blessed with strength and integrity to tackle the formidable tasks that lies ahead!

Or the tolerant Philosophies of the East will be soon lost to the world!


5 Responses to “Congratulations Mr. Modi; “The New Prime Minister of India”.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A good bill and a bad bill.

    Few observations.

    1. Justice minister is a Muslim. So the ministry’s consultant, secretary, etc. etc. are ALSO MUSLIMS!!

    2. Victim protection bill was a DEMAND by Pee-Illey’s UNHRC. SL losers have agreed. Now ALL LTTE terrorists will again do anti-SL things and hide behind VICTIM protection!

    3. Hopefully Sinhalas and Muslims will get their land back in Jaffna.

    But something tells me ONLY Muslims will get their land back!!


    “May 30, Colombo: The Justice Ministry of Sri Lanka plans to present two new bills to parliament shortly after receiving Cabinet approval.

    The bills are the Witness and Victim Protection Bill and the Prescription (Special Provisions) Bill. The Witness and Victim Protection Bill has reportedly been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

    Cabinet in 2012 has approved the proposed Prescription (Special Provisions) Act that would allow persons displaced during the Sri Lanka’s war to reclaim their property.

    The Justice Minister’s Legal Consultant M.H.M. Salmaan has told the media that the Prescription (Special Provisions) Bill would help clear land in the North and East that that have been abandoned for 20 to 30 years during the period of the war until 2009.

    Under the current law, the Prescription Ordinance, only a person holding continuous “adverse possession” of real property for ten years without challenge is entitled to ownership of that property and due to displacement most people in the conflict-affected areas lost their rights to the land during the war.

    The bill and when it becomes legislation will give back the lands and properties to those to whom it originally belonged to, overcoming the technicality which disallowed them the right to their property.”

    – colombopage

  2. Nanda Says:

    Another VER GOOD NEWS.

    “United National Party National Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for the scrapping of the Second Republican Constitution of 1977 along with the amendments that were made and for its replacement by a brand new document. ”

    This is the first time after his birth I agree with this bugger.

    YES. It should be changed. When that happens 13A also goes with it. This is the best way to GOING BEYOND 13A !
    Just go beyond it, no more PALAATH SABHA, No ore Mervyns, No more Dumindas, No more Bijjeswarans , No more Eelaam Councils.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Another VERy GOOD NEWS.

    “United National Party National Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for the scrapping of the Second Republican Constitution of 1977 along with the amendments that were made and for its replacement by a brand new document. ”

    This is the first time after his birth I agree with this bugger.

    YES. It should be changed. When that happens 13A also goes with it. This is the best way to GOING BEYOND 13A !
    Just go beyond it, no more PALAATH SABHA, No ore Mervyns, No more Dumindas, No more Bijjeswarans , No more Eelaam Councils.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    USA and Taliban have done a prisoner swap.

    One US soldier = 5 Taliban prisoners.

    Guess who are these Taliban prisoners? They were the Taliban GOVERNEMENT ministers when Taliban used to RULE Afghanistan! Taliban plan is clear. US troops pulling back and Taliban wants to once again RULE Afghanistan!!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    SL navy arrests 33 Tamil Madu fishermen and their 7 boats. Well done!

    First TEST of RESET relations between Endia and SL.

    This is a fantastic STRATERGIC move.

    1. FAT Lolita is meeting Modi soon. She will make many DEMANDS. But Modi cannot fulfil ALL. He will have to DECLINE some and only the PRIORITY ones will be give.

    SL Tamil issue will be one demand after TNA RACISTS wrote to her begging.

    But now there is a BIGGER issue – TN fishermen! That will DOMINATE the meeting. SL Tamil issue will get a back stage.

    SL can NEGOTIATE for TN fishermen to FREELY fish in northern SL waters in return for NO meddling in SL matters. Only losers will be fishermen in the north (ALL of them Tamils) and fish eaters in the north (ALL of them Tamils). SL loses NOTHING!

    Use the enemy across the strait to BUST the enemy on this side of the strait.

    2. TESTING WATERS. Lets see if Modi meant what he said before the election on TN fishermen. Knowing Modi’s boundaries EARLY is good to know the man. SL has nothing to lose.

    3. By arresting TN fishermen, SL pits SL Tamils against TN Tamils. This way FAT Lolita will be TORN between her voters and TNA losers. Her choice is obvious!!

    4. All this RESET of relations by Modi becomes BS.

    5. Also good MOD website carries news about HORRIBLE ENDIAN crimes against women happened AFTER Modi won. True patriots KNOW what Endia is.

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