Carpeting the roads
Posted on June 15th, 2014

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

The Galle Road from Wellewathe to Bambalapitiya is being painstakingly repaired at snail’s pace with no proper planning – bits and pieces being done up ad hoc – or so it seems.

At least part of the road in Wellewathe seems to have been completed and looks grand – but only when one drives on this stretch one realizes how bumpy the road is. The reason is the manhole covers   on the road almost every two feet placed in zigzag fashion.  Surely with the latest techniques there must be a way to either level them with the road or to hide them. Or at least the engineers could  have placed them all at the same line so that the  vehicles  could drive over them without having to zigzag to avoid them.

We are in  the 21st century and millions are being spent on beautification of the city but convenience and smooth driving is not part of the plan of repair of the main roads. How stupid can we get?

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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Man hole covers lead to an elaborate sewage and water drainage system. It also leads to an underground network of tunnels. If one looks at history the use of which is greater than just for sewage and the drainage of water during storms. It is greater than keeping highways dry.

    If I am permitted to guess then this is yet another method of military transport or the groundwork for a “smarter” highway system in the future. the underground tunnels of European cities (from Paris to London) have served in the making of a nation in many other ways than the obvious. that is only a guess.

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