Is the world to simply watch UN, US and Allies divide countries and people?
Posted on June 15th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

If international law prohibits violations of human rights and humanitarian law by states against their own citizens why has it not been applied to those applying self-appointed humanitarian intervention and committing the same if not worse violations? Is international laws and their applications selective and the current international laws, regulations, rules are simply to decorate the mantelpiece or hang on UN walls as masterpieces? What point is there in even referring to clauses of international Conventions/Charters/Declarations or even Treaties when one lot of people and nations break them with impunity and their appointees to high places ensure that they are never put on trial because their appointments and work are funded by these countries? We can’t even get answers because they have ensured that all those accepted into the halls of their ‘justice’ systems are people who work for them. What is the point in sending delegations to read out wonderful speeches for those with agendas are only laughing right through it. Pertinent to wonder what type of decency in political diplomacy is there when the implication is ‘do as we say otherwise we will bomb you into stone age’ and a handshake and press photo is meant to camouflage that threat!

  • Iraq war was illegal – what happened against the invading nations? Nothing.
  • Libya military intervention was illegal – what happened against the same invading nations ? Nothing.
  •      Syria has become the next target – now the invaders are openly arming, training and even transporting mercenaries who are the ‘rebels’ against the Syrian Government – what is being done against this outright immoral and unethical diplomacy? Nothing.
  •   More than 80% of Afghan civilian deaths today caused by the US/NATO are due to close air support attacks – crimes against humanity by US/NATO, no chance.
  • US and NATO are permitted by UN, Navi Pillay and associates to BOMB for PEACE and then carve out a PIECE of the countries being bombed for those that fund these bombings.
  • We are looking at a future of new taxable regional councils when sovereign nations are targeted to be given self-determination for which the UN puppets are already preparing the ground work. The officials that get expelled from nations but still get picked to be UN investigators are the perfect picks for such crude plans. NATO’s bombings and killings will go on unchecked.

Below is a list of all the interventions that the US has been involved in post World War 2. Must we wait for declassified documents decades later to be shocked at how US and Allies on the instructions of the corporate handful have put down nations, leaders and governments or put up puppets to serve on behalf of them? Is this the new world order that is being carved out?

Only Nicaragua took America to court but even after the court verdict went in favor of Nicargua that the US violated international laws by supporting the rebel Contras, US blocked the enforcement of the judgement by the UN Security Council and Nicargua was denied due compensation for damages. US violated customary international law not to use force against another State, US violated law ‘not to intervene in its affairs’, ‘not to violate its sovereignty’ – yet nothing happened to the US and US has gone on to repeat aggression in far worse conditions and US and Allies continue to get away with murder and UN supposedly the peace keeping body just looks on.

But the UN just does not look on for non-US and non-Allies. UN is very much active against them spending funds given by the West to form the reports and legal documents to encircle and declare these nations as guilty – of crimes against humanity, war crimes and whatever other lovely terminology they can use their mouthpieces to promote round the world.

  1. China 1945-46
  2. Korea 1950-53
  3. China 1950-53
  4. Guatemala 1954
  5. Indonesia 1958
  6. Cuba 1959-60
  7. Guatemala 1960
  8. Belgian Congo 1964
  9. Guatemala 1964
  10. Dominican Republic 1965-66
  11. Peru 1965
  12. Laos 1964-73
  13. Vietnam 1961-73
  14. Cambodia 1969-70
  15. Guatemala 1967-69
  16. Lebanon 1982-84
  17. Grenada 1983-84
  18. Libya 1986
  19. El Salvador 1981-92
  20. Nicaragua 1981-90
  21. Iran 1987-88
  22. Libya 1989
  23. Panama 1989-90
  24. Iraq 1991
  25. Kuwait 1991
  26. Somalia 1992-94
  27. Bosnia 1995
  28. Iran 1998
  29. Sudan 1998
  30. Afghanistan 1998
  31. Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
  32. Afghanistan 2001
  33. Libya 2011
  34. Syria 2013

 Politicians are really not to blame. They are themselves puppets. They hunger for power because they know that so long as they tow a line they can earn and remain at the helm. They know too that if they don’t comply there are plenty of others lined up to step in. Integrity is never part of a bona fide of politicians (perhaps some but they are a dime a dozen and don’t last long). They are controlled by companies. Even Governments are controlled by companies.

 10 companies are said to control everything we buy and branched out their partners make up 147 companies but they all lead back to 13 elite families and 300 larger families. In their hands the entire world’s wealth is held and in their control is what goes on in the world as well. All they need to do is to press buttons and even tsunamis can occur.

 The case is the same with media. In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies, today that 90% is held by 6 companies only. Read and see how they adopt mind control methods. It is not for nothing that tv is called the idiots box. The best thing parents can do is to shut off the tv.

 The banking world is no different. 34 banks are now merged to make just 4 big powers – JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and CitiGroup.

These banks control media, oil, global food conglomerates & its supply, pharmaceuticals and together they hold $25.1trillion in assets. (Global Research)

 Should we not start to think whether false flag attacks, terrorism itself are all engineered wars by a handful of people steering those in control because those in control have been placed there by them in order to ensure their goals and objectives are carried out.

 Those put in control if functioning steer beyond their mandate will suddenly find themselves obliterated from their posts for various reasons depending on their weaknesses. Think about how Dominique Strauss was ousted and defamed.

When President Lincolhn refused to bow down to Rothschild banking demands, he was assassinated. When McKinley refused to give the bankers the Spanish American War and refused to support the establishment of the Federal Reserve he too was assassinated. JFK was assassinated because he was stupid to produce Treasury Certificates which competed with the currency of the Federal Reserve.

What we can be sure of is that a good look at history both local and global scenarios of events have shown that they are all been successfully manipulated by a handful of people with vested interests. They are using the same methods, same techniques that have been perfected through centuries. The response by masses has been poor because people know only what they see and hear via media owned by them. Only those who dig into events of history will find out that we had been fed lies.

 As the West celebrates with triumphalism the Normandy invasion, they omit to admit that the Red Army defeated Nazi Germany long before the US came into the picture. In reality the Normandy invasions prevented the Red Army from overrunning entire Europe. That is really what the US and Allies are celebrating!

 Propaganda is on the side who own the propaganda and that is why the US and Allies are having a field day lying and people are buying everything they say.

 Is the remaining nations, not yet invaded, to function as puppets with their leaders  allowed to indulge in any amount of corruption so long as they do not interfere in West’s agendas? The latest to agree has been Ukraine’s leader. Every politician has been bought over and so long as they hold the reigns of legislation they are going to take down every human being.

 Corporate media, PR and media giants have been outsourced the task of fooling and marshalling support for wars – Vietnam was a classic example. ‘human rights violations’ ‘genocide’ ‘war crimes’ have become the perfect tools to crucify leaders. Saddam was murdered for selling oil for Euros. Gaddafi met his fate because he planned to create an African Union currency and establish a central bank for Libya and the banksters hated to see a nation that was not in debt and not in their control – so Gaddafi had to go and US did the dirty work.

 People need to wake up that whoever funds conflicts are funding both sides of the conflict, they help both sides of the conflict, they draw up peace deals for both sides – these are all part of delaying tactics ONLY.

 Lets not forget that 27nations took part in World War 1 with 66million people involved. 37million casualties and 7million deaths at a cost of $210 trillion and indirect cost estimated at $150 trillion excluding the billions in interest payments, veteran’s care, pensions etc. The banksters provided the flat currency controlling both sides.

The banksters supported both sides in World War 2 including the Nazis (refer Trading with the Enemy book by Charles Higham). Rockefeller’s Standard Oil had supplied oil to the Nazis, George Bush’s father was charged with violating the Trading with the Enemies Act in World War 2 because he too supplied aid to Nazis. Even Coke and IBM had supplied both sides.

Where does that leave Sri Lanka?

The LTTE is crushed but Sri Lanka is getting geared to be crushed unless the government makes choices looking at the future of 20million people, their lives and the nation and decide to not allow to happen to Sri Lanka what is happening to all of the countries that the US & Allies have entered through the UN.

Small as Sri Lanka is the media campaign against it has ensured the world thinks that Tamils are being raped, that there is genocide of Tamils all in a bid to have enough material to carve out a separate state for the West in Asia bring them closer to China. The Tamil public is clueless because they are mesmerized by the big powers wanting to give Tamils a homeland of their own but the real deal is far different. Politicians are reluctant to put this reality in perspective obviously because of handouts that come their way to make sure they do not disclose the real plan. The legal fraternity, the social activists, the Colombians and all others linked to these operatives have all been paid handsomely to assist the realization of that end objective.

The most ridiculous thing is that these violating countries who have records of systematic, widespread and a pattern in their crimes are issuing reports annually accusing other countries and on the basis of their reports taking action against those countries through the UN itself because they control the UN. Should we now ask where is there justice in this world?

The Sri Lankan public at least must arise, they must use their influence to not allow Sri Lanka to fall. All the promises made to Iraq to liberate them, all the promises made to Libyans to liberate them, all the promises being made to Syrians to liberate them are nothing but lies.

This is no time to be thinking green or blue, red or even neutral. We are Sri Lankans living as Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers. Our differences cannot be erased simply because an area is carved out and declared independent when 2/3 of Tamils in reality live outside that to be declared area. Tamils in his hour should not desert their fellow citizens for a promise they know is a lie and a sham and likely to lead to dangerous consequences for the entire nation, region and entire Asia as well. Sri Lanka is getting strangulated, our representatives have failed to see the alarm bells, they have failed to read every writing on the wall and they have failed to interpret these intelligently to devise counter-strategies.

We must elevate ourselves from selfish thinking to ensure our nation is not touched and politicians are appealed not to sell the country for tuppence or for their own survival only.

All that is left for evil to triumph is when good men and women do nothing. We see too many evil taking place, it is now time for the good men and women to come out for the nation.

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4 Responses to “Is the world to simply watch UN, US and Allies divide countries and people?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Listened to Champaka as directed by the editor (many thanks for him). It is heartening to here his answers to many questions. He said “powerful energy underworld” was not happy with Elect Board becoming profitable after many years, that led to his removal but he appear determined to force MR in the right direction. It is in Sinhala but must see.
    A lot of encouragement to Sinhalas, Buddhists and old fashioned Lankan Muslims.
    He said 71% of 76% voters of the east voted for TNA after receiving all the benefits for Sinhalas. He exposed HakHim well. I couldn’t fault him anywhere. Very close to what we are pushing for.

    Do we need a puppet to run the country, just because he happened to be a ‘seasoned politician” who earns votes ?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I noticed KALUTARA magistrate is AYESHA ABDEEN appointed by someone who was in turn appointed by HACK-HIM.

    Kalutara magistrate overlooks Baruwela, Aluthgama, etc. These areas had MANY ANTI-BUDDHIST violence.

    Is our judiciary INDEPENDENT?

    SL is like a ship with a popular drunkard captain. Every crew member does what he wants. I fear SL cannot face the growing EVIL NEOCONS around it this way.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    International law is whatever law that favours the West. The real law is the control of money.
    Today the power of money is well demonstrated by the Tiger terrorists who seem to have successfully bought many journalists, politicians and NGO leaders to support their bogus claims.
    Also, at a higher level the US is able to control the world, because the US Dollar is the unofficial currency of the world, and as such the US could keep printing dollars by the billion each month, without causing unmanageable inflation. Countries that tried to move away from the dollar, were promptly destroyed, such as Iraq and Libya

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The issue of Western nations and their use of the UN has nothing to do with morality. It never has. before the UN it was the League of Nations who was created after World war One. It was created to exercise power. To use an organization to validate the use of power.
    After the collapse of the League of Nations the United Nations was created. Names change but the entity remains the same. Again Western nations who created the UN (be they the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family or be they London, Washington D.C. Paris, Moscow and Beijing- the members of the Security Council). The only purpose of the UN is to use it as a conduit to channel their power.

    There is a good reason that the atrocities, human rights violations and crimes against Humanity perpetrated by the United States, Great Britain (including the members of NATO) to China and Russia have not received the same level of indiscriminate harsh and biased treatment that Sri Lanka is receiving.

    THAT REASON IS THAT THOSE NATION WILL… NOT …ALLOW… THAT…TO… HAPPEN. Not even India where one can practically define that nation by the lengthy list of human rights violations.

    To stand up to the UN is a painful act, but not as painful as the 30 years of war Sri Lanka suffered due to India’s direct involvement. Now a new war is raging using the UN. If Sri Lanka does not use everything within her might to fight the UN then the Western powers including India will use the UN to do what they want with Sri Lanka.

    Some suggestions.

    -close the UN office in Sri Lanka and kick them out. Kick them in the same manner the Norwegian peace keeping force was unceremoniously told to leave.

    -tell India that if the “Tamil issue” is also an “Indian issue”. If the 13th amendment is relevant to a nation who fostered Asia’s longest war in Sri Lanka THEN SO IS THE KASHMIR ISSUE RELEVANT TO SRI LANKA.

    IN THE BEST INTEREST OF SRI LANKAN MUSLIMS THE VOICE OF KASHMIRI MUSLIMS MUST ALSO BE ADDRESSED. It is as logical as India’s stand about making the domestic issues of Sri Lanka part of her agenda as she has done since the 1970’s. Either India backs off on this issue or Sri Lanka makes Kashmir and integral foreign policy issue with Pakistan.

    If India wants to destabilize Sri Lanka then India has to pay the price for that. If the Western powers want to manipulate a nation hardly recovering from Asia’s longest war then the UN has no role in Sri Lanka.

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