A Response to ‘Human Rights Watch’ Cautioning Nigeria Against Adopting Sri Lanka’s Example Of Wiping Out Terrorism!
Posted on June 17th, 2014

Insight By Sunil Kumar

!7th June 2014

Just as it is suspected of being, by some critics as a worthless outfit fronting for covert trouble makers and  sowing seeds of dissent amongst world communities, this organization calling themselves  Human Rights Watch now has the nerve to suggest that Nigeria’s military should not use the example of Sri Lanka’s defeat of Tamil separatists in its war against Boko Haram.

Fortunately there are many global sources which acollade the good that came out of Sri Lanka’s forceful stand against deadly terrorists which lasted three decades eventually wiping them out and all these puny upholders of their own concept of human rights can do is try to create obstacles for other democratic powers from excercising the same rights as a sovereign democratic nation and safeguarding national security and territorial integrity which is all what Sri lanka did, successfully and implicitly. So if the Nigerian Government wants to exercise the same relativities in the best interests of their country against their own brand of secular terrorism there should be no impediments especially from groups such as this HRW which should find better things to do and address real global issues with real human rights violations and let Sri Lanka and Nigeria resort to their own choices without blatantly interfering into what has become a deadly issue in Nigeria with the expectation that Nigeria too will soon be a land rid of the scourge of terrorism particularly by using the same resources, logistics and methodology as Sri Lanka.

It is amazing how many opponenets towards the cause of eradicating terrorism there are around the globe today and all for the sake of the buy outs and gratuities afforded to them by  sources which sponsor them towards their own agendas.In this respect HRW, Amnesty International and others of similar ilk, the UN notwithstanding which egg them on towards disrupting the good work done by nations like Sri Lanka where the sponsors indeed play a major role appear apathetic.

Bearing in mind that Sri Lanka has today prospered tremendously through the manner in which her own particular dilemma was resolved all through the insight and resourcefulness of  National President, H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his team whose successful eradication of terrorism within Sri Lanka is unprecedented to this day it almost seems perverse on the part of these organizations campaigning against Sri Lanka whose actions have been acknowledged globally and today there are diverse ethnicities eternally grateful to the freedoms they enjoy within Sri Lanka. Yet the bellyaching of the likes of HRW continue as such is their pattern of operandi with a commitment towards a mostly myopic interpretation of what human rights violations really are.

Hence it is little wonder that those who are ever ready and waiting to take advantage of such manovres get themselves into high gear which eventually not only disrupts but creates negative world opinion towards the smooth functioning of countries that have either been rid of the perils of terrorism or are making a desperate attempt towards the eventuality.

Boko Haram as they are known to the world that is aware of them, are a terror group as deadly or worse than the Tamil Tigers and have wreaked havoc within Nigeria and perhaps even close neighbours and are a brutal, rapacious and conscienceless bunch of despicable criminals who give no thought to violating peaceful existences of communities within their country and what is worse than the Tamil Tigers by comparison is that they do this in the name of fundamentalist Islam.They target innocent civilians, schoolgirls from law biding families, those who cannot defend themselves and anyone that stands in their way towards their cowardly objectives and if Nigeria needs to take a page out of Sri Lanka’s book towards how to deal with them it should be a privilege as well as a duty towards all freedom loving countries and no call for organizations like HRW to provide impediments to hamper any need any country might feel towards a panacea for what is indeed a major global problem.

Nigeria’s Defense Ministry said Sri Lanka’s top military brass made presentations to Nigerian counterparts last week and Nigeria is seriously considering” using the Sri Lankan model against Boko Haram Islamic extremists who have killed thousands in a 5-year-old insurgency that is spreading.
When Human Rights Watch has had the nerve to  even suggest that it ishard to imagine a worse idea.” it seems an affront to the freedoms of all  countries under the threat and duress of global terrorism ~ and there are many of these around the world today wthout justification simply because of the high crimes and misdemeanours it entails and the degree to which it imperils the freedoms of the communities involved through unspeakable brutality and attrocities.

To use the excuse that countries which fight terror successfully are violators of human rights and that their actions are crimes against humanity are not only lame and ignorant but beyond the objective of saliently provable accusations as practically all the  details point to the contrary, beyond cooked up evidence and exaggerations craftily provided by the expertise of the graphic arts trade as well as the rivers of crocodile tears and the hyperventilated anguish of just one side when there are oceans of testimony and first hand information which attest to the contrary and that it was the culpability of the terrorists that stood out! simply to satisfy the disgruntled opponents of those  fighting terror whose champions have been defeated humiliatingly.

Nigeria and any other nation seeking a solution to their internal armed insurrection problems caused by terrorists need to be given all the support needed towards the cause and what better source than Sri Lanka to look for support  ( as the big wigs choose to utter worthless rhetoric, stand by watching and  do precious little else! ) seems a likely and appropriate response casting aside the cautions issued by HRW as they seem biased as well as totally lop sided!

7 Responses to “A Response to ‘Human Rights Watch’ Cautioning Nigeria Against Adopting Sri Lanka’s Example Of Wiping Out Terrorism!”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    Nigeria is seeking ways and means to rescue the 200 abducted girls as well as eliminate Boko Haram before it grows up into a full blown terrorist movement like the LTTE. It is disgraceful for HRW to repeat the bogus allegations by LTTE terrorists against the Sri Lankan security forces, and try it as a pretext to prevent this operation against Boko Haram, just like HRW did when the LTTE was cornered.
    To what low levels can these so called human rights agencies stoop to.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    No wonder ‘HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH’S’ cautioning Nigeria when puppets like Banki Moon and Tiger supporters like Pillai are running the show. They support the US and UK views that it is good for their arms industries to have conflicts all over the world.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    this is not against our war heroes. Boko Haram I am sure are funded by the same invisible hand who funds the UN and all these Human right organisations. They are in fear if Nigeria uses Srilankan Model, their boys will get eradicated and US control will no longer there.. Africa is becoming a large business ground of China and US and their allies will not allow that to happen… This little monster must be US’s making like those days Indira’s boys who became the most ruthless killing machine LieTTE.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    That is why the US has miserably failed her war against terrorism. the US as the world’s “sole superpower” has completely failed to win any significant war since world war 2 or any significant foreign policy. In both cases the US has failed and yet the mindset of the world in general is that the US is still some kind of “power” to reckon with.

    the only war I can remember the US won the war in Grenada. That small island war could have been won by any regional power. Nations are waking up the the “emptiness” of the US “Power” as both Russia and China rebuke this puppet, this charade of a paper tiger.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Here is the real Sicko demanding a “UN Probe” into violence instigated by Muslims.

    “AFP 6 hours ago
    Muslims demand UN probe into Sri Lanka religious riots
     
    The main Muslim party in Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition Wednesday demanded a UN probe into one of the country’s worst-ever religious riots, as President Mahinda Rajapakse toured the violence-hit resort region.
    The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) said it was also boycotting parliament Wednesday as a protest against Colombo’s failure to rein in a hardline Buddhist group widely accused of sparking the clashes.
    Justice Minister and SLMC leader Rauf Hakeem told reporters Rajapakse’s administration was at fault for letting the bloodshed escalate.
    “We are convinced that the government did not do anything to prevent the violence against the Muslims,” said Hakeem, who is the most senior Muslim in Rajapakse’s cabinet.
    Rajapakse, who was visiting Bolivia when the violence broke out, travelled to the resort region of Beruwala shortly after his return to the island and met local community leaders from both sides.”

  6. Nanda Says:

    President should sack Prime Minister and all subversive Muslim ministers and ask good government ministers to run those ministers.
    Kill 2 birds in 1 stone. Cut down cabinet size to a number “manageable” by the President.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Parliamentary resolution against UNHRC investigation DEFEATED 144 to 10.


    Only 10 out of 12 Tamil TNA MPs voted for the damn thing.

    But 18 UPFA coalition partner MPs did NOT vote again. These clowns must be investigated. UNP abstained from voting. The LEAST UNP could do.

    So now SL should NOT cooperate with any UNHRC Pee-Illey inestigation.

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