Clerics call for action against disruptive elements
Posted on June 17th, 2014

Ishara Mudugamuwa  Courtesy The Daily News

Inter-religious Alliance for National Unity members urged quick action against those who try to disrupt racial and religious harmony, irrespective of their status or position.

Ven. Prof. Kamburugamuwe Vajira Thera at a media briefing at the Public Library Auditorium yesterday, expressed dismay over the loss of life and property as a result of the tense situation in Aluthgama and Beruwala. Ven. Vajira Thera said what the country needs today was unity among all communities and not divisions.


He also noted that certain groups may attempt to use the clashes in Aluthgama and Beruwala to create tension and communal disharmony in the country.

“Protesting against any type of issue has become a trend in Sri Lanka. There are unseen forces behind these incidents. They are trying to give a wrong impression to the international community through these incidents.” Presidential Coordinating Officer on Religious Affairs Rev. Sarath Hettiarachchi said it is necessary to take immediate measures to strengthen law and order in the country. “We are living in a pluralistic society. All ethnic and religious groups should live together peacefully respecting each and every citizen of the country without trying to seek narrow ends, ” he said.

International Hindu Association President Kurukkal Babu Sharma urged all Sri Lankans to protect the peaceful climate in the country after 30 years of war.

Inter Religions Alliance for National Unity Co-Chairman Alhaj Seiyad Hassan Moulana said there is a debate on in Parliament to decide on the issue of the UNHRC panel.

“Therefore by creating these type of incidents, certain elements are trying to draw the attention of the international community towards Sri Lanka,” he said

7 Responses to “Clerics call for action against disruptive elements”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    It is true Sri Lanka is a plurlistic society. But Muslims & Tamils must learn to get along with the Sinhalese majority. Their objectives should NOT be to IMPOSE religious practices from AILIAN countries to Sri Lanka.

    AVOID at any cost, NOT to build MOSQUES, Churches in the vicinity of a Buddhist Temple or Temple property. THIS way Budhists feel thretened by such actions. FREEDOM to practice ones FAITH is one thing, to ENCROACH into areas of th majority Buddhists areas, are ASKING FOR UNNECESSARY retaliations from the Buddhist community.

    THEY the buddhists feel threatened by such actions & consider such actions are PROVOCATIONS. This is why when Muslims try to build MOSQUES or Hundus / Chritians try to encroach into Buddhist areas, TROUBLES invariably happens. IF the minorities wish to go about their business & practice a FAITH of their choice these INCIDENTS may NOT HAPPEN.

    Thank you all. BUT always there is a reaction for any action by any group whether it is Bddhists or Mulims or Hinfus or Chrstians. MAIN purpose is to learn to LIVE in harmony, when you are in a FOREGIGN COUNTRY…….J

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “Inter-religious Alliance for National Unity members urged quick action against those who try to disrupt racial and religious harmony, irrespective of their status or position.”

    There are TWO traditional ways to disrupt racial and religious harmony. the first is using the law to take over a community step by step. convert the people and change a village, a town to a city to Islam. that is the legal, condoned method that should never be questioned. Muslim nations are well aware of this and have put in place their Sharia laws to prevent the legal systematic overthrow of their religion and cultures in their nations

    The second method is the often violent backlash that is NOT condoned by the law and the nation (usually a Democratic non Muslim nation). Then it is called a “disruption against “harmony”. Seldom do the “inter-religious Alliance for National unity (what a joke for a title) address the steady encroachment of Islam upon a traditional Buddhist nation as “disrupting the harmony” of that nation. NO they save that sermon to those who fight back.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    There is a saying in the US about laws. “There are laws and then there are damnable laws”. Sri Lanka has laws that allow the spread of alien faiths under the guise of “harmony’ and “good will” while it is doing exactly the opposite. These laws are causing the DISRUPTION of the Buddhist nation using those “damnable” laws to validate their actions.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Finally to the Muslim Clerics in Sri Lanka who are demanding action to stop them from spreading their faith in Sri Lanka They MUST BE CONFRONTED WHY BUDDHISTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN MUSLIM NATIONS TO DO THE SAME.

  5. douglas Says:

    What Jayasiri says is absolutely correct. All these “Pandits”; “Coordinators”; “Presidential Advisers” are very good at playing the “blaming game” and most often put the entire blame on the majority Buddhists and implore with them to remain calm and exercise patience and bear with all the beating they get.

    At these “media conferences” has anyone tried to address the “IMMEDIATE” cause that led to this “uprising”? Everyone participating in these “media conferences” say: “Certain Elements are trying to draw the attention of the international community towards Sri Lanka”. Our question to you: “WHO ARE THESE CERTAIN ELEMENTS……”? Tell the country straight without this “tongue in the cheek” talk. All of you “Religious Dignitaries” who rush to hold media conferences must have the strength of character to tell us who these “ELEMENTS” are and demand their arrest and brought before the courts. That is how Law and Oder could be upheld.

    It is also the duty on the part of the “MEDIA” to demand answers and get the information correct and report it to us. That is why we have given you “Lap Tops” at our expense; but handed over ceremoniously by His Excellency the President.

  6. Marco Says:

    I refer to them as “tethered goats”.

    If i may refer to a previous comment you made (which cannot find) in relation to the Parliamentary vote on the UN probe.
    I would agree on the “cart before the horse”.
    Parliamentary vote was a political gimmick to brush on a Democratic veneer.
    Why did MR not go to Parliament before the Geneva 2014 vote seeking a “NO” to the UN probe.
    Who was he trying to kid?
    Today the Parliament ratified MR decision of voting against the UN probe with UNP and JVP abstaining and SLMC absent.
    Interestingly the amendments that were put forward by UNP and JVP and were rejected in Parliament would have been a good “let-off” for MR should he or his Cabinet of Ministers agree to talk to the UN Investigative Team at some stage or the other.

    Under no circumstances should he or any Govt official have any contact with the UN Probe Team.

    In the meantime, Banki Moon sends a UN top official of Political Affairs to Sri Lanka for talks!

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Parliamentary resolution against UNHRC investigation DEFEATED 144 to 10.


    Only 10 out of 12 Tamil TNA MPs voted for the damn thing.

    But 18 UPFA coalition partner MPs did NOT vote again. These clowns must be investigated. UNP abstained from voting. The LEAST UNP could do.

    So now SL should NOT cooperate with any UNHRC Pee-Illey inestigation.

    Tamil losers including Micro DEFEATED again. Time to weep and howl again.

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