What the West/UN really want in pushing for Reconciliation & Accountability in Sri Lanka
Posted on June 21st, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

Let’s stop fooling ourselves. We have by our own mistakes fallen into traps that could have been easily averted. Now, Sri Lanka faces an ‘international’ investigation though how ‘international’ it is needs to be questioned when it is the same handful of mischief making countries behind R2P endeavors passing these Resolutions and getting puppets at the UN to do their bidding. Whatever they say they cannot bring a single comparison against the achievements of Sri Lanka’s armed forces in its post-conflict success and it is this that the West are too proud to admit.

According to these countries and the UN with Navi Pillai taking a key role, national reconciliation for Sri Lanka and accountability means that

  1. Sri Lanka moves out all military presence, military installations in the North.
  2. Sri Lanka gives police powers to the Northern provincial council and does not allow any Sinhalese to live in the North.
  3. Sri Lanka gives 13th amendment and more (whatever that means)
  4. Sri Lanka takes action only against the Sinhalese military for crimes of the last phase
  5. Sri Lanka is held accountable for killing 40,000 plus plus but those making the allegations cannot produce a single name of any dead but just making allegations against Sri Lanka is good enough.
  6. Sri Lanka admits that its Sinhala Army rapes women and these women are so traumatized that they get on to boats head off to Europe, UK, Australia or Canada and recount their ordeal and are able to win asylum after paying sterling pounds 5000 to get themselves coached on what to say and how to say it – is it not better to just allow these Tamils to live in these countries saving everyone trouble?
  7. Sri Lanka has to admit that it is ONLY the Sinhalese Buddhists who are the wrong doers in Sri Lanka that the minorities do no wrong, have no fault, do not do anything to upset the Sinhalese Buddhists. Media, journalists foreign and local, social activists, human rights organizations, foreign envoys will all vouch for this. Every trouble in the country is done ONLY by Sinhalese Buddhists while the minorities are the innocent bystanders and innocent victims is the inference made via mainstream and social media and politicians would not negate this so long as they can stay in power.
  8. Sri Lanka has no right of reply – if human rights organizations say Sri Lanka is guilty and hands down a list of accusations – Sri Lanka is guilty without even investigation. If foreign envoys, human rights organizations and their activists, the minorities, the minority politicians all say Sri Lanka (meaning Sinhalese Buddhists) are guilty – then Sinhalese Buddhists are guilty. Does it not look just like the Inquisition and ironically, these very countries voting en bloc at the UNHRC against Sri Lanka are all Christian/Catholic nations but then we are inviting the Pope for the 2nd time too. Incidentally, the Pope in yonder years ordered the Inquisition!
  9. Whatever action plans Sri Lanka has designed is no good – ONLY what the UN and its officials or the Human Rights Organization hand over as templates for Sri Lanka to follow is given the thumbs up. None of Sri Lanka’s indigenously created templates are ever good enough – a look at the manner the Rehabilitation program was denigrated is sufficient to prove this. In Haiti, the UN was actually found guilty of spreading cholera, in other nations where its peacekeepers prevail there are scores of rape and sexual violence cases against UN but all these and other corruption charges against UN officials never get exposed and are nicely put under the carpet.
  10. Sri Lanka must allow lawyers to do what they like even if it means signing MOUs with foreign nations, agreeing to act covertly on their behalf and paid handsomely to do so as well, Sri Lanka must allow journalists to write what they like even if it creates mayhem by inciting emotions, telling lies or creating false stories and using medium to spread it. But back in the US, Occupy Wallstreet protestors never expected to be treated as they did! However, every person and organization working with the West against Sri Lanka’s national interest and against Sri Lanka’s sovereignty must be given a carte blanche is what the untold emphasis is all about.

The above demands do not take into consideration that

  • Armed militancy in Sri Lanka did not evolve but was created by no other country but India (Refer Jain Commission report to get details of how India trained Tamil youth clandestinely in India in batches before 1983 which safely puts to rest false notions)
  • LTTE dominated over the other trained militant groups by killing off their leaders and then going on to kill every other Tamil that opposed or did not follow their orders – that shows how representative of Tamils, LTTE really was.
  • LTTE went from India-handled to Western handled depicted in the decision to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi whose spouse ended up using LTTE to smuggle priceless Indian artefacts out of India and are selling them in Italy – so said Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. It also explains why the LTTE fronts and their heads are leading comfortable lives in the West hobnobbing with Western parliamentarians.
  • Sri Lanka’s conflict is 3 decades old – what were the UN/human rights organizations doing when innocent civilians, children, clergy were being targeted many moons ago? Did the mainstream and documentary makers care to do a single story/film on any of the LTTE killings and then demand the world take action against the LTTE? We see a clear void in how the mainstream media and associates are acting about the last 3 months (while unable to produce the name of at least 20 dead of the 40,000 being alleged as killed) and how they reported LTTE killings.
  • Sri Lanka’s military option was taken after 6 attempts were made to talk with the tigers, though how one can talk with tigers who do not budge from their demand to carve a separate piece of land is rather difficult to understand and explains why those involved did not know where these talks were going
  • Sri Lanka rehabilitated 11,000 ltte cadres who surrendered or were captured. Apart from a handful all of them are now reintegrated to society, they have met parents, got married and are now involved in employment. 594 child soldiers were given a Presidential Pardon and they too are continuing their studies or engaged in employment as well. The rescued 300,000 Tamils (of whom we do not know how many were LTTE cadres in civil or Tamil Nadu Tamils living as Sri Lankans) are all now getting on with their lives. Those that preach about them returning to their homes may like to first ask what they have done about the MILLIONS of displaced/refugees from all the US/NATO invasions/airstrikes and bombings. Navi Pillai doesn’t seem to lose any sleep worrying about these MILLIONS OF IDPs.
  • Sri Lanka has taken massive loans to improve infrastructure, roads and uplift all areas that LTTE had neglected for their people in 30 years of defacto rule. All that was seen when LTTE was defeated was plush LTTE bunkers and Mahavir homes while the rest of the Tamils were living in the stone age and mind you there were scores of NGOs/INGOs having offices virtually next door to the LTTE but none of them reported on LTTE using children as cadres! UK hides the Chilcott report, UK crimes get swept as do US crimes which appears to have got a carte blanche to do as they like to whatever country they like, Blair and Bush get away as do their brood of war criminals and Navi Pillai does not blink an eyelid or care to respond why she does NOTHING against the West’s crimes that have ruined nations, destroyed and devastated people, harmed the atmosphere and polluted the environment.
  • The accusation that the entire LTTE post Rajiv Gandhi assassination phase was taken over and handled by the Christian nations is a key factor that explains why the Nordic nations were the monitoring mission, they were always pushing ‘peace’ or maybe it should be ‘piece’ and these are also the very nations passing the Inquisition Resolutions against Sri Lanka. Tied to these ground realities is the hovering notion that the Christianization via conversions taking place in both India and Sri Lanka especially in the North and Tamil Nadu are all towards a journey to create a Christian Eelam and foothold for the West in Asia closer to China and Russia with greater ability to do a Yugoslavia on India. Thus, the Eelam plot fits very well into their larger plan and Tamil Hindus have fallen prey to an embedded notion of being given a land to call their own, how far that would really happen can be answered in how far the West promised liberty to Iraq and left a country devastated with chemicals dropped to ensure a generation of deformed children. Libya and Afghanistan are suffering similar fates. Syria is the next target and Ukraine is just a plot to keep Russia busy.

What needs to also be said is that the mischief makers are the same. They funded both sides of the conflict and now they are funding several sides to create more conflict. Conflicts are needed for them to thrive and those making decisions cannot sleep when countries and people live in peace. They want some turmoil or other to take place. They have enough money to buy over people, entities and organizations and there are enough people without integrity, morals or values to do as ordered for money. This is why there are more evil minds in the world today, ironically it is they who are preaching good governance and ethics to us.

It is also they who control world trade, banking, world supply chains and whatever else takes place on global scale and therefore Third World nations are always subject to just one sentence – ‘if you do not tow our line…we have ways of dealing with you’ they have plenty of buttons to press to bring governments down or raise puppets to the helm.

We started with the last phase, at least that was what Sri Lanka thought it was all about. Then with every passing year the contents of the Resolutions went haywire and devolution, autonomy to the North, 13th amendment plus and more, removal of the army, framing reasons for the removal of the army all had a goal and we cannot be dumb enough not to read between the lines even if Sri Lanka’s advisors and representatives have.

It should be clear where all these Resolutions are heading, where these UN ‘international’ investigations are heading, what humbug these ‘transparency’ claims are with the supposed appointment of another team to vouch for the other’s integrity but appointed by the same biased human rights head.

For any solution, Sri Lanka’s leaders need to first realize who their friends are from their enemies and distance itself from the enemies that have gained upper hand in the decision making process and have generated the lethargic bayagulla response that Sri Lanka has delivered throughout the successive Resolutions passed.

President Morales quite rightly said it is time to do away with the UN. The Third World leaders must together with President Morales work towards this objective and countries must use the General Assembly to make this loud and clear.


Shenali D Waduge

2 Responses to “What the West/UN really want in pushing for Reconciliation & Accountability in Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    UN is here to stay. We have to play their game. Set a thief to catch a thief.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    As Napoleon Bonaparte stated “who saves a nation violates no laws”. The world will not forgive the Sinhalese Buddhists for winning the war against Hindu Tamil Separatism fostered by India. The world will never do that. the “world” barely even recognizes the Sinhalese Buddhists as a separate entity. they are lumped together with the greater land of India as “Indians”.

    If the Sinhalese Buddhist wants to win the war against the rapid expansion of the Tamils, Muslims and Christians it has to be done with the full hatred of the world. Do not expect them to be even halfway decent towards the Sinhalese Buddhists. The UN, the Tamils, India, would do their hardest to stamp out the existence of the Sinhalese Buddhist using whatever method they have. That was proven when the world screamed her hatred after Colombo defeated the Tamil Tigers. That hatred has only increased in all the media across the world AGAINST the Sinhalese Buddhist.

    President Rajapaksa saved a nation and for that he has been banned entry into India till the BJP came into power and even then the first order of the day of the BJP was to dictate to Rajapaksa the full implementation of article 13.

    President Rajapakse saved a nation and by that has violated no law stated by one of mankind’s greatest statesmen Napoleon Bonaparte whose Napoleonic laws would have united Europe and avoided the horrors of the 20th century had he won the war at Waterloo.

    I made this poem to illustrate the importance of Bonaparte and the possible impact he would have had on the world.

    Had Napoleon Bonaparte won the war at Waterloo
    There would have been no need for World War one or World war two
    Had Napoleon Bonaparte had what he desired a united Europe under Napoleonic laws would have transpired.
    A Reformed Tsarists Russia would have no need for Communist Lenin
    Millions would have not died, the Holocaust not happened, nor the atomic age to the cold war would not have been.

    That is why I quote this famous man.

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