Election/s in Sri Lanka, Western colonialism and China factor!
Posted on December 12th, 2014

By mahinda

All things are subject to change over time”  (sabbe sankaara accica- the Buddha)

There was a time in our known history the Asian (India based) rule was dominating the world, i.e. mighty Kushan empire that ruled from present day Nepal to near Turkey early 2000 CE. Before that there was similar emperors i.e. Jinghis Khan who dominated up to Western borders another 3000/5000 years before CE.

Then came Greek, Roman empires, Spanish, Portugal, French, Britain already gone in to the history and contemporary USA whose declaration as world super power and its dominance stands on mere fire power, conspiracies and manipulations of other economies. But time and then this trend has changed by now and clear and concrete visibilities have surfaced the China is emerging as world super power sooner or later in few years is unstoppable.

The Westerners never accepted or admitted the fact that everything subject to change because their ideology based on God created Permanence, Comforts and Soul” (nithya, sukha and aathma) were in an illusion that their glory and dominance over other poor nations (in western view) will remain forever with the authority of omnipotent God!

Monotheism itself was their tool of rule! 

To their own dismay and surprise, the Asia started to emerge  since 1950’ties with Japan becoming technology giant the suite followed by other Asian nations and now China is No. one country in the world in terms of monetary status as well as industrial, which is the essential requisite to become super power when fire power status achieved.

Great Napoleon had said I can see the yellow people marching in millions, do not go to bother Kathy”

I believe I do not have to detail too much on this issue, therefore let me go to our main subject directly.

The politics in Asia are deeply dominated by China factor whether any one like or not and continues. The change is taking further shape unstoppable. It’s no more useful learning colonial languages such as Latin, French, German etc., for the prestige of well to do affluent class. Its prominence is now taken by China.

So, go and learn Chinese now for god sake!

Any further attempt to influence or manipulate Asian theatre by West will fuel rift with China and emerging Russian camp as well. China has already established its control over the Indian Ocean and even had given billions of dollars of debt to India who claimed a rival to China is now keeping mum. The tunes change when the Sitharist has changed.

The west (US) had been trying to manipulate Sri Lanka under different forms the so called human rights issues, which are not even existing in USA, and failed. They were to exploit election as a mean of destabilizing the country, regime change and make it another Libya. The mission failed by Sisson, who is gone now. Obama has realized the reality I supposed, if not when the China withdraws investments on US Reserves, its unimaginable how it will melt like a butter out of refrigerator.

Any attempt to install a puppet govt. in Sri Lanka by USA or West will be a distant or to be more precise an impossible task for few centuries of this side. Any such attempt will not last or such puppet governments will not be able to rule more than few months.

West and USA must remember how they manipulated regimes and politics of the countries they had vital interests when they were having their glory time until recently and some success, then failures and turned to complete disaster now.

No matter what it is, China will do their best to have their grip, of course Asian grip on its territories.

Those locals who jump up to regime change, cling to power by any means and dream for Western dominated gala time should wake up from fake dream now and see the real movie  now. Your masters are now bankrupt, they cannot give you Aids like in the past but only AIDS!  Your former masters are also now China dependant.

A prominent professor who visited a temple in Ladakh in 70’ties found an Olaa leaf writing of a Tibetan scholar monk who had written that in the 21st century the Chinese and Sinhalese will become masters of the Asian Theatre” – Refer Buddhist times 2012

The final truth for the knowledge of West is Impermanence, Suffer and Soulless” (Anicca, Dukka, Anathma)

West ! Mind your own business, be compassionate, be happy and well, let others live.  

5 Responses to “Election/s in Sri Lanka, Western colonialism and China factor!”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Putin-Modi and china. what an alliance.

  2. Vimutti Says:

    >>>A prominent professor who visited a temple in Ladakh in 70’ties found an Olaa leaf writing of a Tibetan scholar monk who had written that in the 21st century the Chinese and Sinhalese will become masters of the Asian Theatre” – Refer Buddhist times 2012<<<

    Yes, Sri Lanka must RISE with China rather than DECLINE with the US-EU in the 21st Century! Ranil/Chandrika/Maithripala are still operating under the old “subservient to colonists” mindset of the past, and Sri Lankans should therefore make sure they never get power in Sri Lanka ever again.

    You don’t see China trying to cause an Arab Spring or engaging in “regime change” around the world – they leave internal politics to the people of each country, unlike the US and EU.

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:

    It is good to know that mission failed by Sisson has gone back to Sesame Street.

    It is very strange that a person like Sirisena has got trapped into Ranil, Managala, Raivi’s trick. One can easily think that Sission had the premonition that Sirisena is not going to win despite the substantial amount of American Dollars being spent and left her post.

  4. Christie Says:

    I see things differently. The third British Empire is in fact a British_Indan Empire. Look at the Indians in Ceylon, Fiji, Mauritius, Africa, West Indies the former British colonies as we are lead to believe. The so called West is manipulated by the Indian imperialists when it comes to subjects of the Indian Empire.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    There are points in history that are define the future. Many are well recognized. The fall of the Roman Empire in 444 AD led to the collapse of western Europe while maintaining the Byzantine Empire. That fall is best exemplified by the use of cement which Rome used in abundance. When it fell that single technology vanished till it re emerged in the 19th century. All building between the 5th century A.D to the 18th century were either built with mortar or the stones were hammered into place. that is how significant the fall of that empire was. There were many others so I choose a few to make my point.

    Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo was another. I sum it up in a poem I wrote:

    In June 18, 1815 if Napoleon Bonaparte won at Waterloo
    There would have been no need for World war 1 or World War two
    Had Napoleon Bonaparte had got what he desired
    A united Europe under Napoleonic laws would have transpired.
    And millions of people would not have expired.
    A reformist Tsarist Russia would have dispelled Communist Lenin
    The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, the Nuclear age, the cold war and Soviet Empire
    would not have been.
    That defeat then was a game changer.

    So was the Sepoy Rebellion which India now claims as her first “independence movement”. It was not. Had the Sepoys won over the British East India company they would have returned to a region defined by the defunct “Mogul Empire” which the Maratha , Jats and British helped take apart while it was already in decline. Muslim rule would have continued in a feudal Hindu environment and that is just the beginning.

    All the major European powers then would have descended upon the subcontinent with vastly superior weapons to battle it out over territory. From the Austrio/Hungarian Empire, Tsarist Russia, France, Holland, Great Britain, Portugal and the terrible Belgians (whose Belgian Colonial empire was known for her cruelty) would have ripped a region from Sri Lanka to Kashmir, from Afghanistan to South East Asia to even Indonesia and possibly China would have been the “battle ground” of the warring European powers. That may have included the rising nation of America.

    When the British defeated the Sepoy rebellion they established mainly for their own commerce, the infrastructure that defines that region to this day. That included the railway system, the telegraph system, the legal system, the postal system, the new form of governance, a language that eventually became the language of the world or English and brought with it the sense of a “nation” called India’

    The rise of Asia especially China then hinges on the above examples but also must include President Nixon opening China to the world, Henry Kissinger meeting with Saudi Arabia after the oil crises of the early 70’s to establish the “petrodollar”which meant that all oil transactions from would be done in US dollars. By opening up China’s economy the US then whole scale exported her industrial, manufacturing and outsourced a good deal of her work to China and eventually to other developing worlds. It was one of many reasons that helped the shift of power from the West back to Asia.

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