Help Sri Lanka’s Colombians
Posted on December 14th, 2014

Listen SriLankans 

Help Sri Lanka’s Colombians … can we ever understand them?

They spend Rs.X on high teas, hanging out at nightclubs, dancing the night away till wee hours….spending loads on beautifying themselves and then no sooner bread goes up by Rs.2, gas goes up by Rs.100, vegetables goes up by Rs.10 they moan and complain about the spiralling cost of living….how many of these complainers give a poor man to eat, feed the hungry … we wonder.

They complain about the education system…but allow their daughters to dress like they are not dressed, moms themselves dress to compete with their daughters, mums vye for the daughter’s boyfriends, son is busy with friends and a ‘do not disturb’ sign and no one is bothered to check whether they are doing drugs…daughters are allowed to go out at night and come back drunk in the early hours… and then when they fall into trouble…they blame the President and the Education of the country.

The fathers are busy making money…they don’t know what the wife and children are upto ..they too are playing fun on their own and when things don’t work out …blame it on the President and the Government for the ills.

They have been given a beautiful Colombo – that’s not enough

They have been given a nation without bombs – that’s not enough

They can travel anywhere they please – that’s not enough

What exactly do they mean by wanting change….. and what is the change they are getting exactly when the same set of rogues are now in a new camp ….




8 Responses to “Help Sri Lanka’s Colombians”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    The Colombons (Colombians are the nationality of Colombia in South America) you categorised are really ungrateful anti SriLankans. They mostly slaves to Europeans in mentally and really too. Those who have gone to Europe are more like fifth class citizen’s there. For Europeans first are them, then American and Western Europeans. Third are their pets (Dog or cat). Fourth is Eastern Europeans. Then the fifth is Asian, African and Latin Americans. In those countries they don’t have any say. They have to work like slaves.
    So most our Colombans are generally house maids and low profile employees in Europe but when they come to Sri Lanka for a holiday they try to cover their inferior complex with criticising our system. Even leader of change the system Chandrika worked at of Padma’s escort agency.
    They never appreciate the free education, free health system and our caring and sharing society. They think that the money is everything. It is best them leave this country and allow us to live peacefully.

  2. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Sri Rohana Says:
    December 13th, 2014 at 7:54 pm<<<

    The author is talking about people who live in Colombo – not Colombians from South America that are virtually non-existent in Sri Lanka.

    More to the point, the author is talking about Colombo culture that seeks to emulate Western culture, and how this makes them ill-suited as judges on Sri Lanka's progress. Craving more money, booze, and sex (Colombo culture) are what is bringing Sri Lanka down, as you then become incapable of discerning what is best for the country as a whole.

    I don't know if Colombo is as far-gone as the author suggests, but I certainly agree with his larger point about Sri Lanka culture going down the tubes which should be a warning sign.

  3. Marco Says:

    The author only touched on very few of the benefits derived during the past 5 years
    – patronising culinary top end Restaurants at Rs30,000 per head
    -patronising night races in the best seats in the house
    – patronising designer label shops- Hilfiger, Rolex etc
    -Weekend shopping trips to Singapore or Dubai
    – Sking holidays in Switzerland or France in January
    -Children attend Red brick universities abroad and not Sri Lankan Unis and buy apartments for children attending foreign Universities
    -Membership and use of 5 golf courses in Sri Lanka
    – At a drop of a hat speed along the Southern Expressway for a sea bath or Sunday brunch
    -Order Christmas hampers from Fortnum & Masons or Harrods.
    -acquired a taste for expensive fine wines and champagne. (given up the JW fermented labels)
    – Own second homes in US, Aus, UK or Canada
    – Own Porches, BMW or Mercs

    All in all the Colombians contribute the largest tax receipts to the Economy and control the largest % of spending power.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I agree with the writer of pointing to the social problems of urban life in the 21st century, but I disagree how the writer reached the conclusions.

    the very nature of a city is to engage in activities that are not available elsewhere. That can be applied to any city in any time in history or region. Be it ancient Rome, ancient Alexandria, ancient Anuradapura, ancient, Babylon, ancient Memphi, ancient Peking, ancient Persepolis, ancient Delhi, to the modern cities around the world.

    They set up a lifestyle not seen outside of those centers. they thrive because of it. From home life to making money to the pleasures enjoyed by them is magnified as the resources are concentrated for that purpose. that is why the flip side of country life is so different. if one wants to remove what the nature of a city by defining it by the problems that come with it then that same template can be applied to any other form of lifestyle. to claim that the country way of living is absolutely free of problems is a stretch of the imagination. One single example. the aspect of convenience. From health related issues, education, entertainment, the arts etc. many country folk come to the cities to get them or enjoy them mainly due to the fact that they are less present where they live. One then could draw a conclusion that country life has its draw backs as well but it should not be used to denigrate it either.

  5. Nimal Says:

    I am proud to be a Colombian who wants to enjoy the free life of Colombo within the law and accepted standards of a decent country.
    We have worked hard and paid our taxes should not be tarred with the same brush as meant to up and coming thugs of the politicians who had corruptly made the money and wouldn’t know how to spend it without offending others.

  6. Marco Says:

    How often does one see patrons leaving Restaurants and Night Clubs when one sees politicians and/or siblings accompanied by goons entering such establishments

  7. Nimal Says:

    We have no choice but to stay put and enjoy the evening in a restaurant or at a decent night spot like the Cinnamon grand where one could dine and relax with ones friends and relatives. In one occasion I was with my foreign relatives from japan,Germany,Aus and Singapore/Malaysia and newly from Indonesia. We all meet in SL once a year and go to these places that is spacious enough to accommodate so many of us.There was a wedding in that place where one or two goons with an escort of thugs and security tried to approach my people. They seem to lack any communication skills, going up and down with a group of thugs,thought will impress my young guests. One of them was casting some remarks in Sinhala at teenagers that were serving themselves at the buffet counter and could see their frustration at the no response from my foreign crowd.
    In fact I pitied that thuggish crowd and introduced my self and politely told them the country’s backward system hasn’t taught them the simple courtesies and etiquette of enticing the opposite sex. They sadly agreed, quickly got rid of the thugs and I allowed them to meet my people, which they thoroughly enjoyed and he tried to go over the top by spending lavishly on us which I declined. He went away as a happy man, having met the foreigners in the right manner.
    We have built our selves a deep well in the country completely detached our selves from the rest of the world,the reason why the frustrated moneyed thugs resort to violence to seek attention that had lead to murder.

  8. Christie Says:

    Hi go and enjoy with the “Colombians” sounds like some got personal problems. These people do not see Colombians running the country from Fort and Pettah. They live in Colombo but are Hindians not Colombians.

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