Parliament Jokes!
Posted on December 14th, 2014

S. Akurugoda

According to a latest news item, the constitutional proposals drafted by the so-called Joint opposition to abolish the Executive Presidency within a 100-day timeframe, envisages the formation of a Parliamentary Affairs Committee, replacing the present system of control of Parliament by the Cabinet, paving the way for the Parliament to become the primary organ.

 I remember there was a Sinhala film titled “Parliamentary Jokes’ screened  few years directed by Ranjan Ramanayake , a actor and a parliamentarian.   Although I have not seen the film or unaware of what is in it, the titles came to my mind soon after I read a news item  titled ” The viewer who called Mahindananda Aluthgamage traced – He is Ranjan Ramanayake”.  According to the news item,  the caller, who questioned Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage during the live wada pitiya” which prompted the Minister to end the programme abruptly causing a severe embarrassment to him has been traced as Member of parliament, UNP’s Ranjan Ramanayake. He had used the name as Sunil from Matara.

Whoever who imitated as Sunil, if it was a parliamentarian, indicates nothing but the poor state of the parliamentarians whom the voters elect to represent themselves.

We hear almost daily about parliamentarians and other politicians crossing sides these days as never we heard before. The changing camps is  now like a two-player (government and the opposition) strategy board game played on a  chessboard.

When the party secretary of ruling SLFP crossed-over to opposition, the secretary of the main opposition party crossed-over to the government. The SLFP secretary said to have changed the camp after having a hoppers night with the President without  even having a backbone to tell the President or anyone else in his party that he is leaving the party to contest the presidential election. 

Those who crossed-over from the ruling party to the opposition repeat opposition slogans  against the ruling party while those who crossed-over from the opposition repeat government slogans against the opposition. Those who praised the  President for defeating terrorist, while with the government  are now in the forefront of the opposition to defeat the President at any cost. It is also interesting to note that those who never utter a word about winning the war against terrorism, all these days,  are now praising the President and the ruling party for his achievement after joining the government.  Some of those who identified as nationalist are now sitting and dining with the well-known anti-nationalists like Wickramabahu and Rajitha Senarathne.  It will not be surprising if they sit on the same stage with TNA and other pro-LTTE elements within the next few weeks to establish a  country  with so-called good governance and free of corruption.

Those who were listed as possible parliamentarians  to crossed-over from the government, as claimed by the media supporting the opposition,  say they are not changing the ruling party even though they have problems within the party.  They do not tell us  what those problems are, but  by looking at the politicos who have left the government during the last few weeks,  majority of the ordinary citizens know very well that the problems they might have are personal and certainly not based on principles.

The so-called common opposition say their aim is the abolish the executive presidency ‘to provide more powers to parliament’  in addition to their claim of establishing good governance free of corruption.  It is interesting to note that both parties direct their fingers to each other for taking bribes after a crossed-over either from the ruling party or from the opposition.  Under the western type of democracy that we have, voters elect their parliamentarians to match their political views to represent them for a specific period and not to dessert them as they pleased to archive their own selfish goals.

The basic question we have is what would be the country’s political and economic stability, apart from the state of governance and the level of corruption, one could expect from these parliamentarians if powers are vested on the parliament  to become the primary organ ,as proposed above, after abolishing the executive presidency.  

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Yes Akuru I agree with you.

    More power to parliament, more cross overs, more betrayals, more corruptions and more economic chaos and uncertainties. This is exactly what the Western reactionaries are looking for.

    As one of the Sirisena’s supporter in this forum says, they like to reduce the growth rate which we have achieved so far, in order to reduce the inflation. Now you can see the type of people who support Sirisena.

    So, No wonder even grass root UNPers are gradually getting dissolution with Sirisena and moving away from the common opposition.

    They are also unhappy with the constitutional amendment theories they come out with, let alone their economic policies.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    පොදු සිරිසේන පොල් ගහේ නැග්ගාම වලල්ල බිම වැටිලා.. දැන් බහින්න බෑ-අමාත්‍ය ලක්ෂ්මන් යාපා අබේවර්ධන මාතර, හක්මන් නගරයේ පැවැති ජන හමුවකදී

    පොදු සිරිසේන මහතාගේ වල්ලත් බිම වැටිලා – කාටවත් වෙන හොයන්න අවශ්‍ය නෑ. සිරිසේන මහතා චන්ද්රිකා නිසා සෑම දෙයක් නැති කරන්න යනවා

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    like to reduce the growth rate – from loan money to build new road is not growth .
    soon or later need to pay back with higher interest , Chinese won’t writeoff as western .

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Giving power to the parliament tantamount to giving power to the Christian West, who can then topple governments at their will and pleasure by buying cross overs much easier. This is unlike now when they have to get rid of the President which is far more difficult. Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom of speech are just distracting terms used by our tormentors in the west. They themselves don’t respect any of this.

    This is clearly seen by what is now going in the US about use of torture. US has been caught with their pants down by their own inside investigations which are albeit highly redacted.

    Idiots in Sri Lanka, mostly the Colombians are still talking about Democray, Human Rights and Freedom of Speech. This is not found anywhere in the world. They are simply red herrings used to distract the simple minded.

    As for infrastructure developments those are essentials for any development in a country. This is how other countries accelerated their development. This happened under Hitler in Germany, Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore, under Park Jung He in South Korea and one can see where these countries are today. The Chunnel Tunnel took 20 years to show profits. The Accelerated Mahaveli Development programme is already paid up and paying dividends. It is very rare that private enterprise will undertake such projects and that is the reason only governments undertake such projects. Sri Lanka has over the years paid up their loans and carries a good standing with the lending institutions. Currently the borrowings are only 70% of Net National Earnings! The same is much higher in other countries including US and Japan, I believe.

    S A Kumar please don’t talk nonsense.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Between the 2 candidates, which one do you think is the better Buddhist?

    Simple. You have answered this question in previous comments.

    You KNOW what happened to Christians missionaries since 1978 and before.

    JR – VERY STRONG Christian upbringing.
    RP – supposedly studied in a missionary school
    CBK – studied in a missionary school
    MR – children studied in a missionary school

    Power going back to ST THOMAS’ after a short lapse! Just as DSS, SWORDB, DUDLEY. MR and DNW the only exceptions (unless My3 wins).

  6. Ratanapala Says:


    The question is not who is the better Buddhist. The fact that President Rajapakse is married to a Catholic and that his offspring may be baptised Christians is a disturbing prospect. This shows the extent to which the Christian Church have infiltrated our political landscape. If the Christian Church cannot enter a house through the front door it will creep in through the bedroom window. This is what has happened to the Rajapakse household. However at the current moment these are secondary considerations.

    The consideration of the highest importance is in whose hands will Sri Lanka will remain as a unitary political entity. Sirisena who crossed sides even without making a statement nor a letter to his former, colleagues, his former employees not even the people who voted for him, is a not a good Buddhist. We are a grateful nation and we have practices that we uphold as gentlemanly and upright. Sirisena is worse than Gen Sarath Fonseka. Gen Fonseka although sided with Christian UNP and the TNA in the greed to be the President of Sri Lanka, at least had the courage to confront the President himself and say that he is relinquishing his post and is going to be the opposition Presidential contender.

    Sirisena is exhibiting the behaviour of a sly fox or even a skunk. For him to cross sides and stand with the Christian UNP, with the Christian Robber Queen Chandrika and with the Church led TNA is a betrayal of the highest order.

    President Mahinda Rajapakse is the lesser of the two evils. His treachery is not abrogating the 13th Amendment while having the two third majority. His treachery is in not reigning in the corruption within his fold. His greatest treachery is taking for granted the Sinhala Buddhist majority and the Buddhist faith and genuflecting before foreign Gods and their temples.

    We sincerely hope that he has learnt his lesson and at least in his third term he will do the needful and take the country to a better future by taking the Majority Sinhala Buddhists and not the ever doubtful Christians nor the Christian Church into his confidence.

    It is my bet that President Rajapakse will win his third term with a reduced majority. He will win because Sri Lanka is largely a grateful nation who remembers a good deed once done. This is why we still remember our kings even after thousands of years. He will win with a reduced majority because he has seriously neglected his primary voter base the Sinhala Buddhists constituency and pushed them further and further into the hands of his opposition.

    By no stretch of imagination can Sirisena be considered a possible contender for the post Commander in Chief of Armed Forces of Sri Lanka nor for that matter to be the President of Sri Lanka. He has left a smelly trail in his wake – as the Sinhala saying goes – Urulewa giya wagey!

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    MR – children studied in a missionary school- because children studied in missionary father get christen influence.
    I am sure our Sinhalas knows very well it must be a Demila sikkiliyas comments !

  8. Independent Says:


    You are insulting the future president using vulgar words. This is the man the president hugged soon after kissing the ground with the news of war victory. He gave way to the president during Chandrika’s regime. He was with him for so many years and you had no complains.

  9. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Do you really believe that Maitripala will become president of Sri Lanka. With more than 75% of the grass root UNPers are now either with Mahinda or not voting at all ,he will not be even get his 40%mark. He is good at making money for his family. They did not have one squire inch of land for themselves before he became MP for Polonnaruwa. Now all big businesses belong to Sirisena family.
    Even he can’t get more than 38% votes from Polonnaruwa district. As long as he is a corrupt politician and a back stabber. Why should I respect him.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    In that case it will be ESTO PERPETUA forever.

    After that we cannot complain NO Buddhist virtues, NO SL values. We were given a chance and we didn’t use.

  11. Independent Says:

    This is the issue. I don’t like a candidate because he is wining. I am not attached to persons.
    I analyse and see who can win using proper data and criteria. My prediction was within 0.5 precent in 2010.

    You said, “75% of the grass root UNPers are now either with Mahinda “. I don’t know how you got this idea. You have to add another 13%.

    Even if some SLFP people who appears to be supporting the president, it is out of fear.
    Let us not argue on this.
    My current prediction is 54 : 46 and went up by 2 within days.

    But my point is DO NOT INSULT PEOPLE that bad. We all will drop not only W—A but the whole body soon. Getting ready for that day is more important than these issues.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    My prediction is 51% : 47% – My3 : MR.

    ALL depend on GAMPAHA DISTRICT. IF CBK + KJ cannot win GAMPAHA DISTRICT, My3 does NOT DESERVE to win.


    Go to My3 as of now.

    His challenge is to win


    CBK can do the swing here but she is NOT doing it!! Useless.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    CBK can do the swing here but she is NOT doing it!! Useless- to get SLFP back to B’s family hers last chance.
    this election not between MR&MS it is realy MR&CBK got get SLFP.

    Common madam you can do it ….

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