Who Asked Karunanidhi His  Opinion About  Sri Lanka’s President When His Own Duplicity And Ineffectivity Seem Imposing?
Posted on December 25th, 2014

Insight By Sunil Kumar

December 25th 2014

As usual the ancient Tamil Nadu cacophonist DMK president M Karunanidhi who never seems to realise that his fractious opinions of Sri Lanakan political matters are not only contentious but also often laced in duplicity with the conflict of interests resting on his leanings towards the Tamil Tiger terrorists who were more than moderately supported by Karunanidhi and the rest of the terrorist sympathetic Tamil Nadu sycophants who were ad lib spokespersons of Velupillai Prabhakaran. Their support for the terrorist cause from their safe haven in Tamil Nadu has become a painful reality that should be to their chagrin as it is now known globally whilst still maintaining their sympathies even when the terrorists have been totally wiped out!

And there of course are others of the same ilk who need to put their money where their mouths are with some tangible reasons to make their worthless comments or stay out of matters beyond their comprehension! Particularly at a time when Indian leader Mr.Narendra Modi has shown a great co-operation towards a harmonious relationship with Sri Lanka and her President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

Despite all the hoo haa, Karunanidhi’s comments fall mostly on deaf ears even within his own country in like manner to those of his comrades in arms, Vaiko, Jayalalitha and rest of the campaigners constantly bickering over the Sri Lanka Tamil issue. As it appears, they would in all probabilities be better off inviting those whom they campaign for to settle in Tamil Nadu but that would be a no no!as the Tamils of Sri Lanka have never been harmonious in close quarters with their Indian counterparts whom they often look down upon!.

When Karunanidhi says that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa was following “double standards” in announcing a judicial inquiry into the allegations of war crimes he appears to be totally ignorant about the concept of the inquiry as well as simply indulging his usual verbosity where he should align his mindset with what the President of Sri Lanka was really imlpying which was not a subjugatioin to the UN/US instigated alleged Human Rights violations, far from it!

While firstly it is none of his business, secondly nor is it conducive to the realities involved where the terms “Human Rights Violations”  and “War Crimes” are loosely taken definitions in terms of Sri Lanka~ a Sovereign Nation defending Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity that were in threat from a mendacious band of terrorists ( aided and abetted by the likes of Karunanidhi and others from his Tamil Nadu enclave as part of the sympathetic bandwagon ) where the country had every right to the actions very professionally conducted by her Armed Forces and in the eyes of most credible analysts have done nothing wrong beyond protecting sovereign rights and ensuring the safety of her citizens. This includes a massive group of oppressed Tamils held to ransom by the terrorists and this is where all the accusations levelled at Sri Lanka are bound to come unstuck! and the cacophonists from Tamil Nadu are better off finding something else to bellyache over, particularly Mr.Karunanidhi.

President Rajapaksa, has all along  maintained that  accusations of “rights violation”s and allegations of “war cirme”s will be probed through domestic judicial processes which are well within his jurisdiction and will be an eventuality despite those who oppose this which includes disgruntled Tamil Diaspora sympathetic towards the Tamil Tigers, local Tamil politicos who once openly supported the LTTE now attempting to sweep the reality under the carpet!
The domestic process of inquiry should entail all the means towards establishing the truth where the so called UN probes et al have come up empty and the truth will invariably portray the mendacities of the Tamil

Tigers and attest to the conduct of the Armed Forces which has neen implicitly maintained within the required protocols. Cooked up innuendo, false video clips and bogus depositions however do not apply as there are many of these in circulation which are mind boggling as they falsely portray the extent to which Sri Lanka’s enemies would go to both within and without the country especially at a time whrn a presidential election is on the cards! The false portrayals ironically do not entail the real sufferings of the Sinhala Nation!

The Sri Lankan President, who had not cooperated with a UN probe into allegations of rights abuse and war crimes, has stood his ground knowing fully well the realities that contributed to the justification of the means to eliminate a terror group that posed a national security threat inasmuch as other world powers have in the past taken similar steps to safeguard their countries where the difference probably is the three decade long campaign it took to eliminate the threat!.

While Karunanidhi has neither mandate nor Carte Blanche to  criticise Rajapaksa for not consenting to an international probe into war crime allegations, he should also exercise caution when saying  “Now when polls are round the corner he is ready for a judicial probe” as he could be warned by his CEO that there could be liabilities for such statements and to stay out of the internal matters of Sri Lanka which are not within his jurisdiction! Particularly with reference to statements such as
“This is nothing but following double standards,”
Referring to Rajapaksa’s appeal to Tamils to forget the past, the DMK chief has said, “He, however, did not come forward to forge an electoral alliance with Tamil parties.” although it sounds like an instigation towards further stirring the pot of dissent amongst Sri Lanka’s adversaries hell bent on dethroning the President who has always attempted to resolve the burning issues involving Tamils through reconciliation!
And if President Rajapaksa has also promised that recommendations of Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and 13th Constitutional Amendment will be implemented and Tamils bestowed their Rights and Freedoms within the Statutes and Constitution of Sri Lanka, Mr Karunanidhi should rest assured he will despite it being none of his business and he certainly seems to need a lot of rest!!

2 Responses to “Who Asked Karunanidhi His  Opinion About  Sri Lanka’s President When His Own Duplicity And Ineffectivity Seem Imposing?”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    Is Mr Karunanisi suffering from a guilty conscience for aiding and abetting the Tiger terrorists in their brutal campaign to carve out a separate state in a neighbouring country? All this shouting about a war crimes investigation could be really a desperate attempt to cover up his own involvement in supporting the Tigers, which is a punishable offence.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    The man is too old to punish appropriately in all probabilities and is being tolerated out of sympathy perhaps.
    He still is a cantankerous character age notwithstanding.
    If this was Vaiko he probably would have been censured just like Jayalalitha both of whom are relatively quiet these days.

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