Ranil and UNP ‘FRONTING’ for Good Governance
Posted on July 12th, 2015

Metteyya Brahmana

It appears that Ranil and the UNP had a Freudian slip when naming their new political alliance the United National Front for Good Governance, as the English word, front, is commonly defined as to serve as a cover or disguise for another activity, especially something of a disreputable or illegal nature” (Webster).  The Sri Lankan voters have already seen for seven months what Ranil and the UNP believe constitutes ‘good governance’, and it actually is quite the opposite with the largest bond fraud in the history of Sri Lanka committed by their government, and a concerted effort by Ranil and the UNP to cover up this fraud with a so-called ‘independent’ committee of UNP loyalists.

Ranil’s independent committee of UNP loyalists found when they investigated the bond fraud that the Central Bank Governor had no direct involvement in the selection of the bids for the bonds”, whereas the COPE report contained actual interviews of Central Bank staff members who specifically recalled the governor coming into their department, reviewing the bidding list, and then directing them to accept bids at the exact amount of his nephew’s bid.  This is clearly direct involvement by the governor, so Ranil’s UNP committee simply lied to the public to cover up the fraud.  And the obvious agreement between the governor and his nephew to change the interest rate from 9.5% to 12% at the last minute after all the other bids were in so only his nephew would be bidding at 12% will cost Sri Lanka ‘billions’ of extra US dollars over the lifetime of these bonds, money that could have been used for better roads, education, and healthcare.

And if this bond fraud and cover up by Ranil and the UNP is not disgusting enough, Ranil claims if he and his UNP party are elected in August he will appoint a ‘new’ independent committee, without telling us what was wrong with the last independent committee he appointed to investigate the bond fraud.  Who in their right mind would believe Ranil and the UNP when the last ‘independent’ committee deliberately lied to the public concerning the governor’s direct involvement with the placement of the bonds with his nephew’s company?  And what extreme delusion could Ranil possibly be suffering from to think his actions and those of his UNP loyalists are anything close to any notion of ‘good governance’?

But this is what ‘fronting’ means.   You put on your best face and then go pretend for the public, hoping you can fool them and make them believe the exact opposite of what is really going on.

So when you see the ‘front’ for good governance on the ballot, remember what these UNP crooks and their enablers have already done in only seven months in office.  And remember this when voting – a ‘front’ is a cover or disguise for something else that is probably disreputable or illegal, and could therefore not possibly be associated with ‘good governance’.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    That was the Title of an article I wrote and published nearly 20 years ago.

    Much water has flowed under the political bridge in Sri Lanka since then, but that seminal WARNING RINGS OUT LOUD today as it did then.

    We STILL have Anti-National “Leaders” like Ruinous Ranil desperately trying to placate separatist terrorist enemies defeated only 5 years ago, and somehow propel themselves into power by DISMANTLING and SELLING their Motherland to its ENEMIES!

    STAND FAST Patriots, and show this CRAVEN WRETCH Ruinous Ranil to the door with your votes come August 17, 2015!

    Ratna Deepa, Janma Bhumi
    Lanka Deepa, Vijaya Bhumi
    Mey Apey Udara Wu
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi!

    Ranil Wickremesinghe promises devolution of power to provinces

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    July 11 (Hindu) Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today promised power devolution to the island�s provinces as part of the reconciliation process with the minority Tamils ahead of the August 17 parliamentary election.

    His government would look to devolve power in an undivided island, Wickremesinghe said.

    The Tamil minority has been urging for power to the north and east provinces since the LTTE’s military campaign ended in 2009.

    The premier said the private lands acquired for military purposes in the former conflict zones will be returned to their owners after the election.

    Wickremesinghe made the remarks — being seen as his first policy statement for the polls — while addressing his United National Party (UNP) special convention which adopted a resolution to work as a broader political front to pursue good governance and democracy.

    The convention of the UNP, that was President Maithripala Sirisena’s main backer in the January presidential election, came after his decision this week to allow former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to run for the August 17 election from his party.

    Sirisena, who branded Rajapaksa as a corrupt leader and resisted calls to allow him back, has also agreed to give party tickets for all Rajapaksa loyalists who face corruption charges.

    The decision shocked the UNP and Sirisena’s civil society allies, who blamed Sirisena for betraying the cause for good governance.

    Angered by his decision to bring back Rajapaksa, a Sirisena loyalist Rajitha Senaratne said a group of them were leaving him and would align with the UNP to contest the election.

    “We can’t get on the same platform with corrupt and murderous elements. So we have decided to join UNP’s front for good governance,” Senaratne said.

    Arjuna Ranatunga, the former world cup winning cricket captain and a key Sirisena ally in the January election, is also said to be contemplating a move to leave Sirisena and join the UNP front.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    SERIAL TRAITORS, now ORPHANED and HOMELESS, BEGGING for REFUGE in the Un-Patriotic Non-National Party led by Ruinous Ranil! Even CBK has fled abroad to prepare her hideout in the UK as her REFUGE when the TSUNAMI hits!

    My, how LOW the MIGHTY giant-killers of six months ago have FALLEN!

    MORE GRIEF to COME YOUR WAY dear homeless backstabbers, as the Patriots of Mother Lanka Rally to her defence at the hustings on August 17, 2015!

    Hang your HEADS in SHAME … WRETCHES!

    Anti-Rajapaksa Front Formed With Sirisena’s Tacit Consent

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    July 11 (NIE) COLOMBO- To prevent former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa from coming back to power through the August 17 parliamentary elections, anti-Rajapaksa forces have formed a common front with the tacit consent and blessings of Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena.

    The United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) led by the United National Party (UNP) will be inaugurated at Temple Trees, the office of the UNP leader and Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Sunday.

    The UNFGG has the blessings of President Sirisena, according to Saman Athaudahetti of the Lankan Prime Minister’s office.

    Athaudahetti told Express that Sirisena’s followers in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA), met the President late on Friday and told him about their plans to join a UNP-led front to oppose Rajapaksa who had been given an UPFA ticket to fight the election against Sirisena’s wishes.

    Sirisena and his supporters had quit the SLFP and UPFA ahead of the January 8 Lankan Presidential election and ousted Rajapaksa from the Presidency unleashing a massive campaign against his corrupt and authoritarian regime.

    When Sirisena confessed to his followers that he was isolated in the party and could not refuse tickets to Rajapaksa and his cohorts, his followers said that they are quitting to join other anti-Rajapaksa groups. Sirisena then said that they were free to go, and added that he was with them. “They have his blessings,” Athaudahetti said.

    President Sirisena is expected to make a statement after the nominations close on July 13, in which he is expected to ask voters to choose non-corrupt and non-authoritarian candidates as per the political parties’ pledge taken on March 12.

    Though it will be a “non-partisan” appeal from a “neutral” President, it will, in effect, be a signal to the people to prevent a Rajapaksa comeback. In a telling statement recently, Sirisena had warned that those who misuse public funds will be born as dogs in their next birth.

    Sirisena’s chief lieutenant and cabinet spokesman, Rajitha Senaratne, said that he will contest as a candidate of the UNFGG. He also said that the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), will be part of the UNFGG. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) are already part of UNFGG. Rishad Bathiyutheen’s All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) is likely to join the anti-Rajapaksa grouping. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is expected to give the UNFGG support from outside.

    Among other prominent leaders to join, will be the founder of the Good Governance Movement, Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero; Pivithuru Hetak National Movement leader Ven.Athuraliya Rathana Thero, and 10 to 12 MPs from the SLFP. Forty nine civil society organizations and breakaway groups from the Lanka Sama Samaja Party and the Communist Party are also expected to support the UNFGG.

    Line Up And Issues

    The line up for the August 17 parliamentary elections will be more or less the same as it was for the January 8 Presidential elections and the issues will also be the same.

    While the UNFGG will play on the people’s fears about the return of Rajapaksa’s corrupt and dictatorial regime, Rajapaksa will tout his achievements in fighting terrorism, giving an effective government and putting the country on the path to development.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    GOOD GRIEF! Look at who proposed and seconded the MOU for the formation of an Anti-Rajapaksa “United National Front for Good Governance”!

    Kabir and Swaminanthan are anti-national separatists pressing for devolution … not “Good Governance” …. NEED I say MORE ??
    MOU to establish new anti-Rajapaksa front to be signed tomorrow

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    July 11, Colombo: A memorandum of understanding to establish the new United National Front for Good Governance will be signed tomorrow morning at Temple Trees.

    The suggestion to establish the United National Front, the alliance against the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, has been unanimously approved at the special UNP convention held at Colombo Campbell Park this morning.

    The coalition partners, who contributed to the victory of January 8th election of President Maithripala Sirisena, have come forward to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections under the United National Front for good governance.

    The proposal to establish the alliance was submitted by the General Secretary of UNP Minister Kabir Hashim and it was seconded by Minister D.M. Swaminathan. Thereafter, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe presented the proposal to the conference for approval.

  4. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    What is incredible is the so-called ‘free press’ seems to be giving Ranil and the UNP a pass on the bond fraud when in any other country they would be skewered daily to explain the insider dealing and obvious cover-up. In America, Mahendran, his nephew, Ranil, and the three members of the ‘independent’ committee would have all been arrested and charged with insider trading, securities fraud, and conspiracy to cover-up this crime.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Charm-Pakayo is a TNA-UNPer now!!

    What a DISGUSTING piece of dirt. He pretended to be a SINGHALA NATIONALIST. He is a TAMIL ELAMIST.

  6. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    This is an interesting entry in the Urban Dictionary:


    Trying to pass yourself off as something you are not.

    Sometimes mistakenly seen as an aspect of “fake it until you make it”. The fronter, however, will never be able to “make it”.

    Youlanda talked like a manager, but anyone could easily see that she was fronting, and was actually a hopeless and total incompetent.

  7. mahesh fernando Says:

    Expecting a “Gavapaalanayen Thora Hetak” from August.

    Mahesh Fernando From CA USA

  8. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    Mahinda and the UPFA need to get a VIDEO news interview of Central Bank staff whose testimony conflicted with Mahendran, and play this OVER and OVER again for the voter from now until August 17th. This completely takes away Ranil and the UNP’s effort to appeal to disaffected Maithripala voters who voted on “good governance” in January, and seals the victory for Mahinda.

    Ranil is trying to dismiss the COPE report as ‘politics’ but when voters hear directly from these Central Bank staff members in a VIDEO, Ranil’s politicization argument goes up in smoke.

  9. ranjit Says:

    “Good Governance” We saw what kind of good Governance they had during 2004 and 2015? This cheater should by all means be defeated in the next General election if people really need actual Good Governance with Mahinda Palanaya.

    Ranil is a cheater,traitor to my country and he proved it not once but twice. I do not think anyone in this country has forgotten what he did during his tenure in office and how he treated Chandrika’s Govt? Did we saw any Yahapalanaya with him before? Isn’t he the one who signed a deal to hand over half of the country to Prabakaran in 2004? In 2015 did he come to power with the consent of the people or did he hijacked the power? How can we give our vote to a leader who has laughed at our war heroes when they were advancing towards the enemy lines in victory? What qualification he has to be a good leader? Can you compare him to Mahinda? I do not think he is worth even Mahinda’s one slipper because he is such an evil,corrupt,pimpy leader who will sell his own self to satisfy his white masters and Indian Parasites.

    Upto Jan 8th the country was running smoothly with so many concessions promised by Mahinda’s Govt. This Yahapalanaya won not by our vote but by a coup orchestrated by International community and the local traitors and NGO’s. If not for their involvement these jarapalana guys wouldn’t have won in any circumstances. It’s the truth. When our leader Mahinda comes to power he should investigate the International coup and who was involved. We need to know the truth. Let Dentist,Champaka,Hack im and all the traitors leave S.L.F.P who cares.They are not popular guys but traitors to the Motherland. R.I.P. you traitors.

  10. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    While all of this is true, it only appeals to the 5.8m base of voters that Mahinda ALREADY has. To win, he has to GAIN MORE VOTERS, and this is why he has to have a two-pronged approach – one that appeals to his base to keep them at his side, and another to get the disaffected Good Governance voters that now feel betrayed by Ranil and the UNP by proceeding over the largest bond fraud in the history of the country without holding anyone accountable.

    And to deal with the Western conspiracy you need to BYPASS THEIR MEDIA FILTER by running ads that reach voters directly. A good starting point to GAIN good governance voters would be a TV ad featuring the Central Bank staff in a VIDEO (people want to ‘see’ your sincerity) news interview, in which they witnessed and objected to Mahendran’s direct involvement in the bond issuance to this nephew that included coming into the bond trading room, reviewing the bidding list, and directing them to accept all bids to the EXACT amount of his nephew’s bid. In this ad, the Central Bank staff testimony should be compared to Ranil’s ‘independent’ committee of UNP loyalist’s conclusion that there was no direct involvement by Mahendran to show that Ranil and the UNP tried to cover up the fraud (cover ups of crimes sway voters even more than the actual crime because of the abuse of power).

    By bypassing the media filter with TV ads showing direct testimony of actual eye witnesses, it destroys Ranil and the UNPs effort to sweep this fraud under the rug with Western-controlled Sri Lanka media and undermines their ability to dismiss the COPE report as ‘politics’.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    HOGWASH: United National Front for Good Governance

    The FOG of confusion envelops the JUNTA of BACKSTABBERS of the UNFGG which I will now re-label as the UNFOG:

    UnPatriotic Non-National Federation of Odd Goofballs

    STILL laboring under the DELUSION that they can be the Kingmakers in the upcoming Election!

    The people of Sri Lanka have now seen the DESTRUCTION they have wrought:

    the National ECONOMY in tatters,
    National Infrastructure Development at a STANDSTILL,
    NO HELP from the Neo-Colonial Western Powers who EGGED them on to TREASON and engineered a coup-de-etat for a pittance paid to NGOs,
    Tamil Separatists behaving as if they ALREADY have their Separatist State of Eelam,
    MOST PROMISES of the 100 day Yahapalanaya program ABANDONED,
    Government Officials looting the National Treasury and the Central Bank,
    the UNELECTED but APPOINTED UNP behaving dictatorially as if they had an electoral MANDATE and promising DEVOLUTION to separatists,
    the value of the Sri Lankan rupee zooming downwards and the COST OF LIVING rocketing upwards,
    and a full blown WITCH HUNT of Political Opponents underway AS NEVER BEFORE in INDEPENDENT Sri Lanka!

    This has been the PRICE of Electoral Myopia !

    Who in his right mind would AGAIN VOTE for, or pay HEED to, these SERIAL BUNGLERS who having MISLED the Voters of Sri Lanka ONCE in January, 2015 at the Presidential Election want to REPEAT the same performance in August, 2015 at the General Election?

    The Sri Lankan people have HAD ENOUGH of these INEXPERIENCED BUNGLING IDIOTS who destroyed the war-winning government that was developing our Motherland at a breakneck pace!

    They know NOW the MONUMENTAL FOLLY of trusting these addle-pated JOKERS and greedy puppets of FOREIGN powers!

    Come August 2015, the Voters of Sri Lanka will LAUGH these JOKERS PERMANENTLY out of office!

    May the FOG of CONFUSION reign only in the minds of the UNFOG cartel, and not in the minds of the General Voting Public with their minds NOW CLARIFIED by the Antics and Bungling since the last Election.

    The SURVIVAL of our Motherland, hallowed in our time by the blood of tens of thousands of our dead patriotic sons and daughters, who have sacrificed their lives offering the last full measure of their devotion to their Motherland, now lies in your hands!

    Rathna Deepa, Janma Bhumi
    Lanka Deepa, Vijaya Bhumi
    Mey Apey Udaara Wu
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi!

    Aadi Sinhale, Ae Apey Meemuthun Layin
    Saara Wu, Udaara Wu
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi
    Mathru Bhumi-yayi!


    MOU to form the United National Front for Good Governance in Sri Lanka signed

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    July 12, Colombo: The coalition partners, who contributed to the victory of January 8th election of President Maithripala Sirisena, have come forward to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections with the United National Party (UNP)as a new front and accordingly, have formed the United National Front for Good Governance.

    The Memorandum Of Understanding to form the United National Front for Good Governance was signed at the Temple Trees Sunday. The United National Front for good governance was signed under the patronage of the leaders and members of UNP, a section of SLFP, JHU, SLMC, Upcountry Tamil Alliance and Democratic Peoples’ Front.

    Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and General Secretary of the UNP Kabir Hashim signed the MOU on behalf of the UNP. Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka and Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero signed it on behalf of the Jathika Hela Urumaya.

    Meanwhile, another MOU between the UNP and the Progressive Group of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) was also signed at the Temple Trees. Ministers Rajitha Senaratne, Arjuna Ranatunga and M K A D S Gunawardena signed for the Progressive Group of the SLFP.

    The political party leaders said that they decided to establish the Front to prevent the reversal of the political revolution that took place on the 8th of January.

    Noting that for the first time in the history, the United National Party is contesting the General Election as a broad Front, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said they signed a new agreement to take forward, strengthen and implement the January 8th revolution. And the new government will establish good governance.

    He further said they have to face the attempts by former President Rajapaksa and his regime to disrupt the January 8th revolution and to grab the power again.

    The Prime Minister said that they decided to form a United Front to protect good governance and it has to work as a political movement. The United National Party will contest under the Elephant Symbol at this election and no one will lose their identity.

    He said that they have given the opportunity to be present in Parliament as separate groups. All communities in the country should be united. The democracy in the country should be strengthened and the country should move into a modern era, he said.

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