UPFA claims ‘white van’ threat to Mahinda, Gotabaya
Posted on July 21st, 2015


The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) claims that the recent arrest of three army personnel in a white-coloured van in Mirihana, can be considered as a threat to the security of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Former Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris stated that Mirihana Police last night arrested a white-coloured van with fake number plates suspiciously roaming around in Mirihana, where the former President and his brother are currently residing at.

Their intentions should be uncovered through a special investigation immediately, he said in a statement.

He urged the IGP and Defence Secretary to investigate the matter without delay and to ensure the safety of the former President and the former Defence Secretary.

The Military Police have launched an investigation in connection with the three army personnel who were arrested by the police.

If proven guilty, these army personnel will face a punishment under the terms of the Sri Lanka Army Act, irrespective of their posts,” the Defence Ministry said in a statement today (21).

The police on Monday arrested the armed army soldiers in civvies who were travelling in the white-coloured van claiming to be attached to the personal security squad of a Major General.

Three army personnel arrested with firearm

July 21, 2015  03:03 pm

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The suspects were arrested by a patrolling team attached to the Mirihana police last evening at around 7.30 p.m. police Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara told Ada Derana.
The arrested soldiers have been identified as personnel attached to the personal security squad of a Major General, Gunasekara added.
The officials have also seized a firearm from the possession of the suspects. During the preliminary interrogation, it has come to light that these soldiers are attached to the Major General’s personal security detail,” he said.
The Spokesperson said that a request has also been made for the Military police to produce a report concerning the firearm and ownership of the vehicle.
The suspects will be produced before the Magistrate unless the report is produced by this afternoon, the Spokesperson said.

18 Responses to “UPFA claims ‘white van’ threat to Mahinda, Gotabaya”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Army TOP officers and war heroes are DIVIDED thanks to field marshal SF.

    UNP Maru Sira govt. USING the fear of releasing UNHRC report in September has promised to protect some of them IF they do what the UNP says. Not otherwise. This is DIRTY and DISGUSTING politics.

    Military must be kept ASIDE from politics.

    This is a sad situation. And a DANGEROUS situation.

    Looks like some officers will try to defend only themselves by betraying others come September.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Now ISIS is recruiting from SL!! This UNP govt. is a terrorist govt.

    “Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said today that Police Headquarters had directed the Central Province SP to launch investigations into the incident after the man’s national identity card was recovered in Galewela, Kandy. Police said he was known to be a karate instructor residing in Kandy.

    Several foreign news agencies and social media reported that a 37-year-old Sri Lankan named Abu Shuraih Sailani (name given after he joined the ISIS) had travelled to Syria, after pursuing Islamic studies and completing his LLB in Shariah Law from the International Islamic University in Pakistan.

    – dailymirror.lk

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORDI LORDI !!! What the hell is happening to Srilanka ??

    LLB in Sharia Law. Is this a great asset to Sri Lanka ? I believe he will be wearing Silk in Hultsdorf very soon.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Bloody HYPOCRITE Lorenzo intones “Military must be kept ASIDE from politics!”

    But, but, but …. this was the same DEVIOUS BACKSTABBER who ADVOCATED a “Military Takeover” of the GOSL led by Gota.

    He argued VOCIFEROUSLY against me who said that would be the VERY WORST THING for Sri Lanka, and would DESTROY the HIGH PRESTIGE and TRUST that the Armed Forces enjoy among the citizens of Sri Lana.

    Perhaps, that was Lorenzo’s GOAL then, but TODAY he is singing the OPPOSITE TUNE! Changing over to the OPPOSITE TACK is SO EASY for the Great Lorenzo who believes he can CON HIS WAY OUT of ANYTHING!

    His CONVERSION from the “Advocate for Military Takeover” to the OPPOSITE of an “Advocate for Keeping the Military out of Politics” CURRENTLY will come as a TERRIBLE SHOCK to those who supported Lorenzo’s Proposal then!

    Hello …. Any of those who supported his Military Takeover care to COMMENT on Lorenzo’s BETRAYAL (Again I might add) of their TRUST? Hello ….. I KNOW you are THERE …. LURKING in the shadows! Don’t be BASHFUL … speak out like a man and admit Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa …. SILLY ONES!

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA !!! I was one who supported a Military Take over then, and I will support a Military Take Over right now, to put all these buggers who are robbing the Central Bank, and any others who are complicit in robbing the vital assets of the country, to where they belong, in a pestilential prison with a life long lock. A true Military Leader who is clean in his conscience, and honest moral conviction MUST COME FORWARD TO PERFORM A HERCULEAN TASK.

    OPTION. When MAHINDA comes, HE SHOULD START WITH A CLEAN UP. He should also undress his servility cloak to India. The rest he will handle as he jogs along.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    Military takeovers destroy the very concept of self-determination by the PEOPLE of a country, who should be the ONLY DECISION MAKERS on the government they wish to have.

    As long as reasonably free and fair elections are held, as is the NORM in Sri Lanka, Military Takeovers are an unnecessary evil. The Military should accept the decisions of the voters, whatever that may be, like the idiocy that transpired on January 8, 2015. Finally, springing from the people, the Armed Forces of a Nation cannot prevail in the long term against the majority of the people of their own country; it would be foolish of them to think otherwise.

    Yes, I do remember, with regret, that you supported Lorenzo on that VERY DESTRUCTIVE proposal; a proposal that only a HIDDEN LTTE Operative like Lorenzo wishing to DESTROY Sri Lanka would advocate.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Security for Mahinda should be done with care these days. I saw a short video in which crowds are allowed to gather and follow him, shoulder to shoulder with him. This is NOT proper security for these times as there are all sorts of sick and weird people around, and also hired folk who are negative.

    We hope that proper Security is done in future for Mahinda Rajapakse and all in his group.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    A military takeover is NOT the military doing politics!! The 2 are completely different.

    In a military takeover, there is NO politics. NO party politics whatsoever.

    It is party politics that DESTROYED SL and that will destroy our MILITARY too.
    That is why USA agents always insist on their version of democracy and other destructive nonsense. NEVER did any good came from USA (and Endia) and never will.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right. SL has only very few options left and democracy seems LESS and LESS becoming the solution.

    But lets give MR (and ONLY MR) one more chance. IF Run-nil wins, then there is NO hope in hell for SL.

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    This is an interesting deliberation. Here is my assertion:- Admittedly MR resonated arrogance in certain spheres. He came a cropper at times. A saying***Pride Goerth Forth on Horse back, Grand and Gay, But cometh back on foot Abbeging his way** That is really what happened. People had no one to appeal to in the Sphere of Governance. This is where we thought Military should put back the Discipline Army Rule is strict.IT APPEARS THAT EVERYBODY HAS GOOSE FEET IN INITIATING A TRUE LEGAL PROCEDURE TO CHECK THE FOUR ROBBERS IN> WHO IS THE OMBUDSMAN ? NOT ONE. So Then it is the Military next in line.A GOOD CLEAN UP AND SAFE TRANSFER TO CIVILIAN RULE WOULD TAKE PLACE.

    Ananda !! I was Manager of Walker & Greig Ltd, Kandy, next to Elephant House. I designed the Show Rooms in a manner All Customers came in with eye brows raised, compliments galore,and made us very proud and comfortable. I had one or two yes sir Employees, who gave me moral support. IF YOUR TRAINING IS SUCH THAT YOU CAN STEER THE COURSE< YOU DONT HAVE TO TALK TO EVERY TOM DICK AND HARRY FOR THEIR OPINION.


    YES, MR HAS TO WEAR what he wears now, which is his comfort–best. Let us wait and see.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    “SL has only very few options left and democracy seems LESS and LESS becoming the solution.”

    There You go AGAIN …. Prescribing EXTREME potions designed to KILL the PATIENT!

    With the 20-20 HINDSIGHT we have of you NOW, need we wonder TO WHAT PURPOSE and WITH WHAT MOTIVATION?

    ANYTHING that SETS SL ABLAZE and RIPS IT APART would fit your LTTE GOALS to lay Mother Lanka supine so the Separatists can make hay!


  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    “A military takeover is NOT the military doing politics!! The 2 are completely different.

    In a military takeover, there is NO politics. NO party politics whatsoever. ”


    A Military Dictatorship is just another way of doing Politics …. without giving the voters their RIGHTFUL equal voice in running their own affairs.

    We saw that recently in Egypt:

    Theoretical “democracy” pundits in the USA, ably supported by Israeli operatives, engineered a coup-de-etat egging on the “Internet Democrats” to oust Mubarak and his Govt, and seeking to put their own puppets in saddle, aspart of a wave of destabilizations designed to arrest and control the spread of Anti-American and Anti-Israeli sentiment in the Mideast. Egypt was considered the greatest PRIZE of all Mideastern states.

    They sowed “democracy” but the elections they precipitated BACKFIRED and brought forth the Muslim Brotherhood into power, the very people who they detested intensely … by the popular will of the people of Egypt.
    Oh, what an unmitigated disaster they had wrought …. just like the Election in Gaza that brought Hamas to power. Democrazy when our puppets lose we don’t like, we gotta do SOMETHING about this …. they wailed. But what?

    So, engineering coup-de-etats now having become a HABIT, they engineered yet another coup-de-etat of the traditional kind and brought their saviour General Sisi, who promised new elections, to power.
    But as in all things that the bunglers in Washington, DC touch, it did not go entirely as they had hoped.
    Sisi did have elections, but he engineered a third electoral coup-de-etat of his own … and got elected as the new Egyptian President with unprecedented dictatorial powers.

    So, Egypt went from the Dictator Mubarak to the Dictator Sisi without having achieved ANYTHING for the EGYPTIAN people, lots of National Assets lost, Economy in tatters, and a decade of VALUABLE DEVELOPMENT TIME lost running BACKWARDS.

    But MAKE NO MISTAKE: it was ALL POLITICS at every step along the way: by the Military, by the Muslim Brotherhood, by American Politicians and Intelligence Experts, and last but not the least, by the Israelis!

    Please don’t tell me there is NO POLITICS when a Military takes over a government; only the FACADE of the leadership changes, but it causes UNTOLD damage to the social fabric and government institutions of the country.

  13. ranjit Says:

    MR has won and lost so now he knows both sides therefore he should learn all the mistakes he has done in the past plus the mistakes of his Opposition and try to do a clean job serving the nation and it’s people in a bipartisan way for all races to live in dignity and in Peace. Bring proper discipline to his team and to the Parliament and put a full stop to corruption, Drugs,Money Laundering, keep Forces,Sports out of politics, Investigate all deals and scams and bring perpetrators to books. Should be an example to the whole world by Governing with a clean sheet. MR can do it and I hope he will do it this time with the blessing of all people. Let’s support him to take us forward with great pride.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    Typical of USA agents! They preach democracy worldwide but guard their wealth with military might!! China, Singapore, etc. reject their BS and prosper.

    Now you are playing with words. POLITICS. There is politics between you and me. Between friends. Between enemies. Even between husband and wife. THAT IS OK.

    It is politics as we discuss here I’m refering to, including PARTY POLITICS that RUINED SL.

    My proposed MILITARY TAKEOVER will not last YEARS. It is a temporary measure to OVERCOME this QUAGMIRE SL is in. The constitution is a MESS. The parliament is a MESS. The JUDICIARY is a MESS. The president is a RIGHT ROYAL MESS. Education is in a mess. NGOs controlling the country. We cannot continue like this. We need to CHANGE this rotten system altogether.

  15. Asanga Says:

    Lorenzo, I agree with the initial point you were trying to raise here. This is a plan to divide people (especially patriotic people) who love and respect our armed forces.

    MR and his group DO NOT need to fall for this…

    Why, if this were a secret operation to target Gota and/or MR was it revealed so quickly and well??

    Gen. Silva is a highly skilled soldier as well as being an SF veteran (special forces)

    Why in heavens name would he give traceable weapons to a group of ex-soldiers and have them driving around in a White van, carrying fake number plates… wow, how what a great plan that is!! (sarcasm)

    And can one actually believe, that if this were an actual paramilitary operation sponsored by the Yahaplanas as alluded, that the Police will nab them, AND that the story will be ‘leaked’ to the press??

    AND dailymirror would actually be the first to report this??

    Suree… and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell for you dirt cheap..LOL

    Discredit a renowned warrior, and you will fragment another group of people….

    This looks like a Christians In Action operation, if you ask me…

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    I did NOT mention any names.

    UNP govt. is playing politics with the military. Now KARUNA is also on their side making stupid statements to please the LTTE RUMP.

    IF UNP wins the election there will be a TOTAL DISASTER as it will MANIPULATE soldiers with terror.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    UPFA claims ‘white van’ threat to Mahinda, Gotabaya- Now I can understand Why Lord Bhudda said life is circle !!!

  18. Asanga Says:


    I misread your opening post. I thought you had said that this kind of incident will cause divisions among patriots who love our Armed forces and wish for MR to return.
    That is what I was refering to, when I said that I agree with your initial point. My fault.

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