Paskaralingam rejoicing with Tamil Tiger (LTTE) activists in Australia and New Zealand
Posted on July 28th, 2015

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Past and Present Political Power Player Paskaralingam has been living under a pseudo name at the Galadari Hotel Colombo this year. Late Minister Lalith Athulathmudali once famously said that Sri Lanka was ruled by 3 people: Premadasa, Paskralingam and Prabhakaran. Intriguingly, despite being the Right Hand” of President Premadasa, Paskaralingam was quick to take a flight out of Sri Lanka when Premadasa was assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber.

Recently, Mr. R. Paskaralingam, an advisor to Sri Lankan (unelected) Prime Minister Wickramasinghe was amongst a group of pro-separatist Tamil activists in Australia promoting the creation of Eelam by the pursuit of their political war” – manipulating Sri Lankan and international politics.

In any other country, this would be considered high TREASON, but, in Sri Lanka these days, this is normal business.

Shiva Pasupati, standing directly behind the LTTE flag (3rd from Right) next to the current LTTE leader Rudrakumaran as he took part in LTTE political leadership meeting in Paris on 23 August 2003. He represented the LTTE in the Norway-mediated peace talks with Sri Lanka during 2002 – 2006

The Sunday Times recently reported R. Paskaralingam, the influential former Finance Ministry Secretary widely known as late President R. Premadasa’s right-hand man, is back after eight years in self-exile and is playing a key behind-the-scenes role in the present regime as advisor to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.” (

He returned to Sri Lanka after living in England for many years and is now advisor to the Ministry of Policy Development and Implementation.

A large number of Tamil professionals living in Australia and New Zealand have been actively taking part in the massive international campaign to carve Eelam out of Sri Lanka. These include many young Prabhakran-venerating Tamil activists like Dr. Sam Pari (Australian Tamil Congress) as well as old veterans like Shiva Pasupati, longest-serving former Sri Lankan Attorney General (1975-88) and Solicitor General (1974-5) who later became a legal advisor to the LTTE terrorists after migrating to Australia. Pasupati, recipient with the highest national honours of Sri Lanka with the Deshamanya title, has done nothing but the opposite Deshadrohi” work with the LTTE – fueling the separatist war that plunged the country into a blood bath. Pasupati has been chairman of Australians for Human Rights of the Voiceless, a bogus front organization of the LTTE that has campaigned against Sri Lanka for many years and he is also the president of the Tamil Senior Citizens’ Association (NSW).

Foreign Minister Samaraweera is a puppet of the separatist LTTE Tamil Diaspora living in the Western countries. They are the extremists who are controlling the current Sri Lankan government of Sirisena and Wickrmasinghe. Yet, this is how the Minister is lying to the people of Sri Lanka!

Development or Destruction

The recent pro-separatist Tamil gathering that discussed Sri Lankan politics with Paskaralingam – openly expressing their plans to create Eelam, made it clear that there is no alternative to Eelam. They strongly hold the view that Sinhalese are naïve and can easily be won over by the superior Tamil intellect. They are pushing for an election win in favour of the UNP which will set the political climate right for the establishment of this mono-ethnic separate Tamil state Eelam.

Meanwhile in Sri Lanka, the TNA (the political proxy of the LTTE) is openly declaring that they are progressing in their political war to get Eelam. K.T.Rajasingham reported (in the that at the first political campaign of the TNA, held on 25th July at Maruthanarmadam, TNA speakers told Prabhakaran was their leader and the people in the crowd started chanting Prabhakaran .. Prabhakaran,” clapped their hands, whistled and danced in frenzied mood in a highly emotional scene.

Sri Lankans, when you allow the Separatist Tamil Diaspora who are behind the TNA to control politics in Sri Lanka, through their agents like Paskaralingam you allow Prabhakaran to control YOU!

Sri Lankans, Wake UP to this THREAT

Over 26,000 valiant members of the Sri Lankan defence forces sacrificed their lives to save our motherland from the cruel grip of the LTTE!

We cannot allow the Tigers to win again!!

Bring back Mahinda to save Sri Lanka!!!

He wasn’t perfect (no political leader would be), but he protected our nation from the cruel LTTE TERRORISM that was a cancer for our country for 33 years….he is the ONLY leader who can save us from the present dangerous situation where the LTTE is taking control again through treacherous politicians like Ranil, Chandrika, Maithri, Champika etc.

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Unpatriotic Party’s (UNP) guru is paskaralingam. When alugosu lk premadasa was the chief traitor he
    stole millions to buy overseas properties. Then he lay low when the traitor party was not in power. As soon as
    traitor party got back to power through maru sira’s backside he was called back to top job again. Only a traitor like
    the catholic traitor chief can do a treacherous act!

    This catholic traitor chief is most treacherous of all. The previous alugosuwas were token Buddhists. This
    one is a rampaging catholic. So all the newspapers and tv channels back him. So he is acting like a bull in a china shop.

    He started with the biggest robbery in the country’s history. Now he signed a pact to break up the country to give separate
    states to tamils and mussies. Still there are a lot of Sinhalese (Asinhalese) support the traitor and his party.
    Can you believe these Asinhalese? These traitor Asinhalese digging the graves for themselves and future generations!
    Asinhalese be a Sinhalese for a day and get rid of these traitor low lives on 17th.

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