From the frying pan into the fire?
Posted on November 6th, 2015

Ashley de Vos Courtesy Island


Judging from the statements made by the different sections of the United Nations, the rumblings out of Europe and similarly thinking countries, supported by International NGOs hell bent on destroying the concept of an unitary state purely to ease their inherent inferiority complexes, the economic refugee problem they encountered and to cleanse their hands of a problem they created, nurtured and supported to get strategic and easy access to the available natural resources be it on land or in the ocean.

The politicians who thrive on ethnicity for survival will support anything that helps perpetuate their individual power, not that of the country. This colonialism based on ethnic racism will eventually destroy the country, as dreams of power generated by the original inferiority complex resurface.

Could someone explain why over a period of thirty years, we have sacrificed and eliminated thousands of healthy youth in a war if we are going to end up like this?

In 1987, the leader quoted by many Sri Lankan politicians, Lee Kuan Yew, stated, ” We decide what is right, never mind what people think, but the country always first”. In one of his last speeches Lee Kuan Yew, stated that, “even if I was lying in my coffin, if my country was in danger, I would get up and come to help it.” Such was the love that man had for his country! The love every leader should have ingrained in him or her to lead.

Similar, to what Mahathir Mohamad did for Malaysia and Lee Kuan Yew for Singapore, Sri Lanka being an island the approach should be even more focussed, whatever our neighbours who are only interested in themselves and self-centred individuals dictate, it should be the interest of this country Sri Lanka first, with the different ethnicities permitted to live where ever they chose to, distributed freely across the land, facilitated and devoid of ethnic concentrations, but for the moment, it is from the frying pan into the fire.

Ashley de Vos


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