Embracing a Tiger in cassocks
Posted on November 10th, 2015

By Janaka Perera

Has anyone heard of a country after militarily crushing a vicious terrorist outfit trying to seek ‘peace and understanding’ with the unrepentant supporters of the very same group? Well, there is one country, the ‘Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.’ Its current cowardly rulers, in an absurd gesture of ‘goodwill’ are reportedly planning to invite a covert terrorist in cassocks.

He is the well-known Father S. J. Emmanuel, President of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF). Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera is inviting this promoter of separatist terrorism to join the government’s effort towards ‘reconciliation’ (whatever that means). But the hard fact is that the main purpose of his visit is to participate in the LTTE’s so-called Heroes (Maveer) Day ceremonies this month.

Of course, the Government will do everything possible to conceal the truth unless it has agreed with his view that commemorating and mourning (like Vikremabahu Karunaratne) the dead Tiger cadres is the way towards so-called reconciliation.

Now self-exiled in Germany, Emmanuel’s ‘Christianity’ reminds us of those who led Uganda’s ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’ which rose against the Ugandan Government, committing numerous crimes including massacres, abductions, torture and recruiting child soldiers. It is led by Joseph Kony who proclaims himself the spokesperson of ‘God’.

Likewise Emmanuel rechristened Prabakaran anna” as Jesus Christ”, the LTTE as soldiers of Christ” and LTTE suicide bombers as martyrs.” He lured naïve Tamil youth to give up their lives for a greater cause” and brainwashed them to come out to die.”
Former LTTE ex-combatants under rehabilitation have also confirmed how Father Emmanuel addressed them in LTTE training camps in the Wanni!

We all know the GTF is one of 16 terrorist fronts which the previous Sri Lanka Government banned by gazette notification.

Father Emmanuel can never deny his links with LTTE. Addressed the Anton Balasingham memorial in Germany in 2009 with the LTTE flag decorating the podium, he encouraged Tamils to carry out suicide missions and kill themselves – what priest would do that? He was deported from India for links with LTTE in 2011 but he is said to have had secret meetings with Sonia Gandhi, a Catholic Italian!

Yet the Sri Lanka Government has no hesitation in inviting this fraud of a priest if reports are true.

GTF’s founding members include Australian Tamil Congress, British Tamil Forum, Holland Tamil Cultural Center, Tamils Forum Malaysian, Norwegian Council of Eelaam Tamils, Swedish Tamil Forum, United States Tamil Political Action Council, Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), its Communications Director Sahilal Sabaratnam was arrested by FBI in 2006 and Amnesty International accepted CTC’s Canadian $50,000 while Human Rights Watch says LTTE raises money from Canada’s 250,000 Tamils and other nefarious activities.

Will the Sri Lanka Government ask from Emmanuel where are the millions collected by GTF, BTF and others it is not being received by the Tamil people in Sri Lanka? A Canadian Parliamentary delegation that arrived in Sri Lanka confirmed this.

Will Fr. Emmanuel who now says he likes Sinhalese Buddhists be good enough to explain why he chose to remain silent on (1) LTTE’s targeting of the Sacred Sri Maha Bodhi killing Buddhists while they were chanting stanzas (2) chopping up with swords 30 Buddhist student monks at Aranthalawa in Amparai one after the other in 1987 and (3) bombing the Dalada Maligawa and killing devotees in 1998, among other Tiger atrocities.

With such guilt and blood on their hands can the likes of Father Emmanuel pretend to be ‘holier and than thou’? It is now clear all the killings of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka had the tacit approval of many all these sanctimonious humbugs.

Is the Sri Lanka Government out of its mind?–



21 Responses to “Embracing a Tiger in cassocks”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Local LTTE sympathiser Kasippu Joseph is also VERY DANGEROUS.

    The problem is apart from the POLITICIZED ARMY there are NO defenders of the nation.

  2. Independent Says:

    Local LTTE agent Lorenzo is also very dangerous.

    He is changing Sinhala names in Lankaweb (and Viggie in Elam Council )


    Wellawatte – Lorenoz’s version is ALWAYS Wellawattai
    Dutugemunu – Lorenzo’s version is always – Thutugemunui

    Even Karunannidhi who wrote to Indian PM did not touch the South. But Lorenzo wants to capture whole of Sri Lanka.
    Check the list if Karunanidhi.

  3. Independent Says:

    උතුරු පළාත් සභා මන්ත්‍රී එම්.කේ.සිවාජිලිංගම්

    2015 නොවැම්බර් 10 11.05 p.m
    (සහන් ප්‍රියන්ත – වව්නියාව)
    altසිංහල අය නාගදීපයට ඒ නම භාවිතා කළාට ගැටලුවක් නොමැති බවත් තම තමන්ගේ භාෂාවෙන් තමන්ට එසේ හැඳින්වීමට හැකියාව ඇති බවත් දෙමළ ජාතික සන්ධානයේ උතුරු පළාත් සභා මන්ත්‍රී එම්.කේ.සිවාජි ලිංගම් මහතා සඳහන් කළේය. නාගදීපය නම වෙනස් කර එය නයිනතිව් ලෙස නම්කර ගැසට් නිවේදනයක් නිකුත් කළ යුතු බවට උතුරු පළාත් සභාවේ යෝජනාවක් සම්මත කර ගැනීමක් සම්බන්ධයෙන් කළ විමසුමකදී ඒ මහතා එසේ කීය.
    ඔහු වැඩිදුරටත් මෙසේද පැවැසුවේය.
    ඉස්සර ඉඳලම දෙමළ හා ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් නාගදීපය හැඳින්වූයේ නයිනතිව් කියලා මම දන්නවා. සිංහල අය මෙයට නාගදීපය කියලා කියනවා. ඒකේ ගැටලුවක් නෑ. තම තමන්ගේ භාෂාවෙන් තමුන්ට එය හැඳින්විය හැකියි. ඒත් රජය නිල වශයෙන් නාගදීපය නයිනතිව් ලෙස නම් කරලා තිබෙනවා. ඒ නිසා පසුගිය 5 දා පළාත් සභාවට යෝජනා වෙලා තියෙනවා. මේක නයිනතිව් ලෙස නිවැරදි කරලා ගැසට් කරන්න කියලා. මේක සමහරු ජාතිවාදයට අරගෙන ඒක වැරදියි. පේදුරුතුඩුවට ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් Point Pedro ද දෙමළෙන් පරිතිතුරෙයි කියලා කියනවා.

  4. Independent Says:

    පුරා විද්‍යා චක්‍රවර්ති එල්ලාවල මේධානන්ද හිමි

    2015 නොවැම්බර් 10 11.00 p.m
    (ජනක හෙට්ටිආරච්චි)
    altනාගදිපයේ නම වෙනස් කිරීමට උතුරු පළාත් සභාව යෝජනාවක් සම්මත කිරීම තනිකරම ජාතිවාදී ක්‍රියාවක් බැවින්, නැති ප්‍රශ්න ඇතිකරන එම යෝජනාවට කිසිම ලෙසකින් ඉඩ නොදෙන ලෙස ජනාධිපතිවරයාගෙන් ඉල්ලා සිටින බව පුරාවිද්‍යා චක්‍රවර්ති එල්ලාවල මේධානන්ද හිමියෝ පැවැසුහ.
    නාගදිපයේ නම වෙනස් කිරීමට ඉඩ දුනහොත් එය ඉබේම රට බෙදියාමට ඉවදිමක් බවත්, ප්‍රභාකරන් යුද්ධ කළෙත් එවැනි දේ කර ගැනීමට බවත් මේධානන්ද හිමියේ අවධාරණය කරති.
    යාපනය අර්ද්විපයේ කුඩා දුපත් පවා අතීතයේ හැඳින්වූයේ නැහැදිපය කියලයි. සිංහල රජ සමයේ රජ කුමාරයෙක් හෝ ඇමැතිවරයෙක් මෙම නාගදිපය පාලනය කළා වසභ රජ සමයේ ඉසගිර නම් ඇමැතිවරයෙක් නාගදිපය හෙවත් යාපනය පාලනය කළ බව වල්ලිපුරම් රන් සන්නසේ සඳහන් වෙනවා. ටොලිමිගේ ලංකා සිතියේම නාගදිපය සඳහන් වන්නේ ‘නගදිබොයි’ කියලයි.
    දැනටමත් බොහෝ සිංහල ගම්මානවල නම් ද්‍රවිඩ භාෂාවට හරවා තිබෙනවා. ඌරාතොට උරාතුරෙයි, කඳුරුගොඩ කන්තරොවෙයි, වැලිපුර වල්ලිපුරම් ආදි වශයෙන්.
    ඒ කෙසේ වෙතත් නාගදීප යනු පෞරාජිත ෙචෙතිහාසික නාමය කිසිසෙත්ම වෙනස් කළ යුතු නෑ, මෙය නැවත අරගලයකට මුලපිරිමක් ලෙසයි මම දකින්නේ.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Em manure, kasippu joseph, barrel man hitler mala paharan, foreign minister tamil selvan, prime minister
    anton balasinham etc. etc.
    all catholics. Catholic tigers of tamil dreelam were always safe with ranil, mara john company as they were
    killing Buddhists and hindus.

    Catholic tigers of tamil dreelam killed more than 200 (more than 25 in one place alone in Aranthalawa) Buddhist monks and destroyed 100s Buddhist temples
    in the east and north. They hit the most sacred places of Buddhist worshipping by attacking Sri Maha Bodhi and
    Sri Dalada Maligawa.

    They killed 00000000000000000 catholic priests.
    Destroyed 00000000000000000 churches.

    Is there any wonder catholic run UNPatriotic party ruling Sri Lanka with catholic traitor chief
    pol pot ponil in charge of the country these treacherous acts?

    It really is a banana republic now! Sinhalese who votred for this murderous, treacherous, bandits fast asleep now!

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    WRONG. LTTE was and still is a HINDU terrorist group. Its tiger is the VEHICLE OF THE HINDU GODESS DURGA standing for “justice”. The tiger has HINDU HOLY ASH on its forehead. VP, Karuna, etc. and MOST of its top leaders were HINDUS. ALMOST ALL TGTE, GTF, BTF, etc. members are HINDUS with a few notable Christians. HINDUSTAN gave birth to the LTTE!!

    The other TE flag has the HINDU HOLY COW in it. For Christians and Muslims it is just BEEF.

    Within the Tamil community Christians are considered TRAITORS and ridiculed as “PARANGI”. So some Christians try to show that they are also Tamil Elamists (otherwise they suffer the same fate as Tamil speaking Muslims). The examples you gave are just servants of the HINDU leadership. They are NO LESS terrorists but not the TOP leaders of the Tamil movement. The HINDU terror movement NEEDS Christians to link up with the Christian west.

    ALL Tamil attacks on Buddhist monks and Buddhist shrines were planned and carried out by HINDUS. Arantalawa and Dalada Maligawa brutal attacks were done by Karuna and Pillayan (HINDUS). LTTE used churches in Mulaitivu, etc. as human shields but NEVER a kovil!!!

    MR was defeated by a HINDUSTAN PLAN done by the HINDU FUNDAMENTALIST Modi’s govt. 80% of TNA MPs are HINDUS too.

    Don’t miss the woods for the trees. The DIWALI thing tomorrow is all about how 2 HINDU “GODS” (Raman and Hanuman) attacked, destroyed and killed SL and SLs. Ellalan, Cholan, Pandayn, Chakravarti, Magha, etc. were ALL Hindus. Hindus also consider Buddhism as an offshoot of Hinduism which they consider must rejoin the mainstream.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    We only talk and talk NO ACTION.

    IF this was ISRAEL the so called JEWISH FAR RIGHT would be REJOICING. The prey is coming right into the mouth of the preditor. ANY religious “dignitory” can come and go to SL. Within 2015 POPE came, the Tamil Madu Wahabi Muslim preacher is coming to SL to celebrate the Singhala translation of the Koran. Now the pro-LTTE pastor.

    But world Buddhist leader Dalai Lama (he has his problems too) cannot come to SL. He is trying to come to SL since 1963 but still can’t make it.
    Venerable Virathu Thero was obstructed so many times but finally he made it.
    Anagarika Dharmapala was kicked out by sheer stupidity.
    Killed Ven Soma Thero and brought SHARUK KHAN. K
    illed Sobitha Thero and bringing Father SJ Em Manure.
    Before EVERY election the president runs to a south Endian HINDU kovil.
    Play musical chairs with the election date and POPE’S arrival date to win POPE’s crowd.
    The Buddhist father’s kids go to the TOP ANGLICAN school.
    PORK is banned in parliament but BEEF is OK.

    What a country!

    “itha onda gaani emathaama budding”

  8. mario_perera Says:

    President Sirisena has gone on record as having advised the Thai military government to adopt the Sri Lanka solution of a ‘National government’.

    Perhaps, seeing the quagmire in which the Sri Lanka national government is wallowing, the Thai solution of a military government might seem the appropriate method for Sri Lanka.

    One thing is certain, the country needs a complete cleansing. It is more than time to pull the flush. The UNP and SLFP, separately or conjointly are incapable of it.

    With this country being engulfed in unsolvable controversies and pressing needs being neglected and eternally side-lined, the vicious circle has to be wiped off the country’s slate.

    The country’s woes cannot drag on incessantly. The rich, almost exclusively politicians and their stooges, are getting richer by the day. the poor are becoming more and more destitute. This is democracy ‘a la srilankaise’.

    The time is ripe for the ‘Thai solution’. Giving it a try will not do us more harm than the great harm already befallen us through this alien system of government

    As the saying goes: when things get tough, the tough must get going.Enough with these effeminate politicos and their self centered internal conflicts, like women fighting over ward robe details.

    The time is long overdue for the ‘tough’ to get going.

    With a country that is already a lost cause, the third solution is very much worth a try. In any case it cannot make things worse. The saying: not the bullet but the ballot has become thread bare. The salvation of this country was heralded through the bullet. It is time to go the whole hog.

    Mario Perera

  9. Independent Says:

    So you too joined Lorenzo favouring LLTE method of solving problems.

    But being in the diplomatic circle you should be aware of the Thai way of thinking. I have been in that country for 2 years but admit I don’t know much.

    In Thailand, the King plays is a unifying factor. So, when two factions of army start “war by mouth” as my then Swiss adviser called it, the king interferes because almost 99% people respect the king.

    The problem is we may also have a king or two, but respected only 10% of people although he receives 40% votes as a leader.

    Only king who had 99% support is dead since 2009 May.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Arantalawa and Dalada Maligawa brutal attacks were done by Karuna and Pillayan – why you are working against to this two now??
    when you will be turn against to DD ???

    now you know why you were VP’S POW !!!

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Ever wondered HOW North Korea survives without FOOD, WATER, HOPE, SANITATION, TECHNOLOGY, etc.? Because there are MILLIONS close to the leaders who SURVIVE thanks to the ROTTEN system.

    Same thing in SL. There are millions of people who want to continue with POLITICIANS. They too benefit.

    Anyone with some brain power can see SL needs MILITARY RULE. But few actually hope for it because millions benefit from corruption, etc.

    SL has no hope in hell unless the military takes over. Politicians will just fight each other and ROB the country. There is absolutely NO DISCIPLINE among politicians. The military is HIGHLY disciplined at the top. Wrongdoers are quickly punished. NO politician has ever gone to jail for corruption!!!

    This rotten and dumb system must change. We tried the UNP, SLFP, UNP+SLFP, SLFP+JVP, UNP+JVP and ALL FAILED. Only hope is military rule for a set period of time.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Anyone with some brain power can see SL needs MILITARY RULE.- Not again USA-Ananda where are you please look after your “PARANGI” mate!

    Modi will drop his paruppu parcel ?

  13. mario_perera Says:

    I totally agree with you, Lorenzo.

    This country is the domain of Vishnu. Lorenzo, you stated earlier that Hindus see Buddhism as an offshoot of their religion. the Mahavamsa agrees with this point of view. Before attaining pari-nibbana the Lord confided the land, says the Mahavamsa, to Sakra who in turn gave the job to Vishnu. Now this Vishnu is the one depicted as lying on the coils of his cosmic ocean that is Sesha the serpent. While the coils produce the the wave like motions of the cosmic ocean, the mighty protector of Lanka lies within its folds, fast asleep.The Island has been entrusted to a watcher who, like an inveterate alcoholic, is fast asleep in his watch house that is Sesha.

    Vishnu sleeps and is in the throes of an uninterrupted sleep. A mighty fine watcher one could say !!

    While Vishnu the protector sleeps generating his endless sterile dream, the land entrusted to him is plundered by marauders from within and without. Some sing, other beat drums until ear drums burst, other twist and gyrate in ecstatic dances that enthrall local and foreign tourists, others preach sterile sermons busting whatever is left of the drum busted ear drums of subjugated listeners in temples, churches, kovils and mosques the front seats of which are reserved for the plundering marauders. All this in honour of a sleeping guardian drunk with his self complacent dreams mandated by the god of gods at the earnest request of a departing Lord.

    When the cat is asleep, what can you expect of the gnawing rats, than gnaw at and fatten on the wealth of the land that perished long ago, obliging the women to produce its totally inadequate and meager income working as indentured slaves in the households of rapacious Arabs.

    What we need now is not a drunken dormant Vishnu, but a reinvigorated Krishna resuscitating an armed Arjuna to go forward and engage the plundering marauders in battle. This country had to be transformed from its imaginary status as the dharma dweepa to a Kurukshetra battlefield.What we need is not saffron robed and black sashed or ash daubed preachers but armed men swelling the ranks of an eventual national hero who heeds the advice of a stoic Krishna ready to fight and kill…yes KILL.

    As Krishna advised Arjuna, not to do so is even irreligious and immoral. Go Arjuna. Krishna advised, go and fight. That means kill the plundering marauders, for that is what the moral law dictates. Victory will entail a blood bath, a carnage, yet the land of the Lord will survive.

    To awaken this nation from its sleepy dormant and drunken state, one must destroy the dream of the dreamer. This cannot be done unless by destroying the dreamer and his beneficiaries.

    The Mahavamsa Vishnu must go. What we need is not a sleeping watcher for a ‘house on flames’. but a charioteer imparting wisdom to a redeeming General, goading him to battle to wipe away the shit bathed rulers of this land from the highest right down to the last corrupt hybrid mongrel.

    Mario Perera

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    Mario Perera- why this Kola veri machang ???

  15. Independent Says:

    You sounded like Quran and Bible. Thank you for the drama. We Buddhist practice Metta, Karuna , Mudita , Upekkha – not even the Krishna and Arjuna methods not to mention even worse methods of the two chieftains.

  16. Peter Schalk Says:

    This kind of hate speech should not come from a Buddhist mind. It consists of statements without references to sources, where we can check them. I request the references to the statement that the LTTE was Christian. Hindu says another. What shall we believe?

  17. mario_perera Says:

    your question if legitimate especially considering that this country is seeped in religion. The doctrinal beliefs are indisputable . They are preached on a daily basis from Temples, Churches, Kovils and Mosques. But just as the rays of the sun are dulled and diluted and even negated by clouds,so too it is with regard to the purity of religious doctrines. Whether they reach the human minds and exert their beneficial influence on them is subject to serious doubt in this country.

    Coming to your question. the path that led to the fratricidal bloodbath of 30 years was strewn with the seeds of HATE. The beginnings go back to the 1920s. In more recent times, that the Ponnambalam speech in Nawalapitiya was a hate speech can hardly be put in question. Examples abound. In the end, one side was no better than the other.

    However the minds in which hate germinates, grows and yields its forbidden fruits has nothing to do with religion. So your ascribing hate to the ‘Buddhist mind’ is devoid of meaning. On the other hand, apart from Buddhism all other religions, Christianity, Hinduism and Islamism have inborn outlets for hate explosions. If you wish to have proof of this utterance I will gladly provide you with it.

    Regarding the LTTE, that the rank and file of the movement were HIndus is not in issue. The question regards the leadership.

    In its birth pangs the movement was inspired by Leon Uris’ Exodus. That the Exodus is determining event of the Christian Bible cannot be contested. The man destined to be the ‘father’ of the eventual Tamil nation was a Christian. that was Chelvanayagam. At his funeral the bishop celebrant called him ‘Moses’. All this is history. It is furthermore Christian in essence. The top Tamil leaders since the 1020s were either Christian, were married to Christian women, or had christian relatives: the brother of G.G Ponnambalam was a Catholic priest of the religious congregation of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. One could safely infer that Christianity served as a beacon for the genesis of the LTTE.

    As for the later LTTE leadership under Prabhakaran, it was a movement in search of an ideology. Was it Hinduism? Was it Christianity. The question will be debated for a very long time. Yet one thing is certain, that the LTTE could not survive without implicating the West in its forward march. Hinduism could not serve as the bridge. Christianity served that purpose. Christianity forged the international face of the LTTE. The part the International Council of Churches in session in Canada at the time of the tragic events of 1983 played was overwhelming in providing Western sympathy for the LTTE. The motivators were all CATHOLIC priests.

    The efforts taken by the Catholic priests to sculpture an image of Prabhakaran congenial to the Christian West is unprecedented.

    A catholic priest who stands out in this regard is (Fr) S.J.Emmanuel. He went public in naming Prabhakaran JESUS. He called the LTTE fighters soldiers of Christ, and the LTTE fallen, martyrs. He proclaimed that they had a right to a Catholic burial. The practice of burying the Hindu dead is not related to Hinduism but to Christianity. I placed the title ‘FR’ that precedes the name of S.J. Emmanuel between brackets because this man cannot by the widest stretch of imagination be considered a Catholic priest. The most astounding part is that the Catholic hierarchy never denounced his sacrilegious utterances. It is left to anyone to imply that the Catholic Church was in total collaboration with the LTTE and its goal. To this very day the Catholic Church has tacitly accepted the blasphemies of Emmanuel and retained him within its fold as a priest.

    I am not answering your question about references as to the LTTEs christian or Hindu credentials.

    One thing is as certain as the midday sun.That is, the LTTE left it to the Catholic Church and the Christian Churches to construct their stage and run their show before the Western world. the Catholic and Christian Churches provided the LTTE with its West acceptable ideology.

    What all this goes to show is that whatever be its internal dynamics, the LTTE was inspired by Christianity and massively supported by Christian leaders.

    Mario Perera

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let us look at the FACTS :

    All the Tamil Separatism/Terrorism in Sri Lanka for many decades is due to the terrible Caste System in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Tamils suffer atrocities due to being ‘low born’. The Caste is STATED in their Birth Certificiates. The Caste System is some 3,000 yrs old. Tamils of Dalit origin remain mostly poor, uneducated and beaten down in society there.

    AT PRESENT, THERE ARE SOME 15 MILLION OR MORE TAMIL DALITS IN TAMIL NADU. It seems that Sri Lankans are deaf and dumb to this fact.

    What further facts led to Tamil Separatism :

    * When the Dutch and British colonists of Lanka brought a million and a half Tamil Daliits to work in the tobacco and tea and other plantations, the ‘di was cast’ as they say. These people formed the first surge of Tamil Dalits into Lanka. Many hundreds of thousands of Tamils of low caste have followed as ILLEGAL MIGRANTS into Lanka. These surges of Tamils into Lanka have upset the ethnic balance within Lanka as never before. The ‘divide & rule’ principle of the British colonists further upset the balance.

    * The TEA industry demands heavy, cheap labor. The tea industry should use tea plucking machines as done in many countries. One tea plucking machine can do the work of at least FOUR tea pluckers. Even in the hilly tea areas, small tea plucking machines can be used. It is fairly obvious that to make the tea industry and other plantations more viable, Lanka has to use machines for tea plucking and other labor.

    * The Tamils of Dalit origin ‘change’ easily into other religions as they really have no religion as such. I think most of them become Catholic or Christian, some into Islam and some into Buddhism. But, Separatism & Terrorism via religions have to stop.

    What attracts Tamil illegal migrants into Lanka :

    # Tamil Language (Special Provisions Act) of 1958, from SWRD.
    # Tamil Language as an Official Language of Lanka (13-A), imposed under Duress by India, and therefore easily made null and void, if the political will is there to do so.

    # FREE Education & Health Care in Lanka are added attractions to illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu especially.

    * Tamil Leaders have demanded a Separate state for Tamils from the 1930s. After the trumped up 1983 Riots, over a MILLION Tamils went as refugees to the west and formed the Tamil Diaspora with the aim to form Eelam in Lanka. The Tamil Diaspora think nothing of using lies, cheat and deceit to ‘get Eelam’. They bribe politicos and VIPs abroad with money and votes to get their way.

    * The LTTE terrorist group was formed after the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 which declared by then Tamil leaders, that Separatism must be achieved by using VIOLENT means.

    * The COLD WAR (1946-1991) exacerbated the issues, and the Tamil Diaspora has used this to their advantage bringing in foreign powers to solve their Caste based problems by forming Eelam in Lanka.

    * The COLD WAR further exacerbated the internal problems of Lanka with the pro-Communist JVP which has now been ‘tamed’ after two internal wars which decimated their numbers (some 80,000 dead with no talks held). The JVP is no longer the problem. In fact, in two instances, the JVP saved the day by opposing Separatism.


    * To remove Tamil Separatism, it is obvious that the attraction of the Tamil Language as an Official/National Language must be REMOVED. The Tamil language can be used for purposes of communication, business and other day to day work, etc. but should cease to be an Official/National Language.

    * The 6-A must be activated.

    * The Vadukoddai Resoution (1976) should be officially revoked.

    Comments welcome.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    I did not mention the main and obvious attraction to Tamil illegal migrants coming to Lanka. Here it is :

    It is to LOSE CASTE.

    * Crossing sea water was said to lose Caste.

    * All, including Tamils, of Sri Lankan origin, do NOT have Caste stated in their birth certificates. In fact, there is a move to give SRI LANKAN CITIZENSHIP to all Tamils in Tamil Nadu camps. Of course, they will be issued with birth certificates without caste ? Are these people truly refugees from Sri Lanka ? Why can’t they stay on in Tamil Nadu, Homeland of Tamil folk ?

    * Kataragama rituals etc are said to lose sins, and therefore low Caste which is bound to the Hindu religion and sins of past lives.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    I have given evidence to prove LTTE is a HINDU terrorist organization.

    Some Tamil Christians are also involved in LTTE activities so that they remain “TAMIL” in their society.

    The article is NOT hate speech. It is the FACTUAL. We all know Emmanuel was actively promoting the DIVISION OF THE COUNTRY, COLLECTION OF MONEY for TERRORISM and sympathetic to TERRORISM. These are crimes.

    We see how the HOLY SACRAMENT of marriage made in heaven breaks down. Similarly the alternative sacrament of priesthood also breaks down for some.

  21. Independent Says:

    Evill Islarel supports ISIS

    දමස්කස් ගුවන්තොටුපළ ආසන්නයට ඊශ‍්‍රායලයෙන් ගුවන් ප‍්‍රහාර

    November 14, 2015 at 3:26 am | lanka C news

    දමස්කස් ගුවන්තොටුපළ ආසන්නයට ඊශ‍්‍රායලයෙන් ගුවන් ප‍්‍රහාර
    සිරියාවේ දමස්කස් අගනුවර පිහිටා ඇති ජාත්‍යන්තර ගුවන්තොටුපළ ආසන්නයට ඊශ‍්‍රායලය විසින් ගුවන් ප‍්‍රහාර එල්ල කර ඇත. මාධ්‍ය වාර්තා වලට අනුව මෙය බදාදා උදෑසන සිදුවී තිබේ.

    මේ පිළිබඳව සිරියානු රජය කිසිවක් පවසා නොමැත. ඔක්තෝබර් මාසයේදීද ඊශ‍්‍රායල හමුදාව විසින් ගෝලාන් කඳුකරයේ සිරියානු හමුදා මුර කපොලූ ගණනාවකට ප‍්‍රහාර එල්ල කරන ලදී.

    සිරියාව පවසන්නේ ඊශ‍්‍රායලය විසින් සිය රට තුළ ක‍්‍රියාත්මක වන ත‍්‍රස්තවාදී සංවිධානය වලට සහයෝගය දක්වන බවයි.

    සිරියාවේ ක‍්‍රියාත්මක විදෙස් ආධාර ලබන සටන්කාමීන්ගෙන් ඊශ‍්‍රායල නිෂ්පාදිත නවීන ගිනි අවි විශාල ප‍්‍රමාණයක් අත්පත් කරගැනීමට සිරියානු හමුදාව සමත්ව තිබේ.

    සිරියානු අර්බුදය තුළ ඊශ‍්‍රායලය විසින් සටන්කාමී කණ්ඩායම්වලට ආධාර කිරීම පිළිබඳ දිගු ඉතිහාසයක් පවතින බව පැවසේ.

    සිරියාවෙන් අත්පත් කරගත් ගෝලාන් කඳුකර ප‍්‍රදේශය තුළ තුවාල ලැබූ සටන්කාමීන්ට ප‍්‍රතිකාර කරන ක්‍ෂේත‍්‍ර රෝහල් පවා ඊශ‍්‍රායලය විසින් ක‍්‍රියාත්මක කරන බව වාර්තා පළවී ඇත.

    අල් නුස්රා සටන්කාමීන් දෙදෙනෙකු ප‍්‍රවාහනය කරමින් තිබූ ඊශ‍්‍රායල රථයක් අල්ලා ගැනීමට ජුනි මාසයේදී ගෝලාන් කඳුකරවාසීන් සමත්වූ බව වාර්තා විය.

    ඊශ‍්‍රායලය ඇතුළු බටහිර රාජ්‍යයන්ගේ මැදිහත්වීම යටතේ 2011 මාර්තු මසදී ආරම්භ වූ සිරියානු අර්බුදය විසින් මේ වන විට 250000කගේ පමණ ජීවිත බිලිගෙන ඇති අතර මිලියනයකට අධික ජනතාවක් තුවාල ලැබූවන් බවට පත්කර ඇති බව එක්සත් ජාතීන්ගේ සංවිධානයේ අදහසයි.

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