Yahapalanaya Is No More: What Gimmick Next?
Posted on November 26th, 2015

Gomin Dayasri Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Friends of Yahapalanaya (good governance) are hard to find and an extinguished breed. Needs to search vainly among the coterie enjoying the spill-offs from the gravy train to spot an unseen, unheard chump. Most holding appointments are not the squeaky clean. The genuine good governance supporters have left in dismay after watching it sorrowfully unfold.

Easy as train spotting. See it all on the road and watch the fuel burnt in official vehicles carrying good governance lightweights on their worthless meanderings without checks. Holding such high office are names that have not earned value or without a touch of class.  Many are nobodies of some bodies.

Dismissed collectively as political upstarts by a hostile public, conscious of the rising public debt, as prices escalate on market shelves and coins collect and notes disappear in tired wallets. A few do contribute but are tarred by the same brush. Public over the years has been accustomed to seeing mighty corporations melt due to political foolery, irrespective of the government in office. These peddlers of power come from the same nurseries. A cause for anger, on seeing wastage, corruption, nepotism, and inefficiency – is understandable. Yahapalanaya is the same old song, sung again to a new tune by the same croaky voices.

Reaction is fast and furious on being bluffed but the buck stops there and all is taken for granted until the next election comes. This government has a compulsory 4 years and six months to survive under the re-written constitution, for its better or worse. Watch out for fresh gimmicks coming from all corners. It is in the making awaiting marketing. Are you strong and sensible as to resist?  Not in my belief, looking at past track records.

Sincere and honest are found amongst the ordinary folk – that includes you being no sissy to any political weird – do.  You are one of a rare species, away from the political realm – cut free and run – is off an endangered list. Inflicts damage on those trying to fool you-the political class – silently with the precious vote. Rajapakse who thought he was God’s gift to mankind was shown the unwanted board not once but twice. He got the message but not his political boosters since they are lost without his patronage.

Emerged as a man-of-war, MR left the scene as a momentous figure. Will be remembered for saving the country even if found guilty of heinous wrongdoings, long after Sirisena and Wickremesinghe become footnotes in the textbooks of the 22nd century? Sentencing MR is like granting a visa to re-enter politics in trying to punish him for wiping out terrorism and ushering peace, the greatest service rendered by a politician in living memory hunt him with the Geneva pill – will make his return easy. A returning – MR is an unlikely phenomenon – unless it is shrouded as reverse reaction amidst a life of economic hardships. Leave him alone to sulk in a quiet corner is an option the government would not consider. Mahinda Rajapakse bloated in mind, undid by over reaching his limits, in running for a third term. There are tolerable limits of gratitude that cannot be exceeded in seeking extensions.He sought and received a punch that led to the Raja-apocalypse for himself. Not knowing when to quit, a national failing, people sent him packing home on an abrupt retirement. Yet he returned stupidly to get the second round knock out blow. It’s not for the man alone, that creates respect,but for what he did for his country. Avarice overcame MR – fancied himself as the party not the leader. Feet became too large for his shoe.

President Sirisena two-timed his party to help the opponent to gain power while he picked a devalued crumb. There are many that make the majority, will not pardon him for treachery: making MS permanently vulnerable. UNP to win needs a divided SLFP which Sirisena adroitly is creating. His horsemen selected to Cabinet posts after being rejected by the electorate will sure make MS a loser and then will ride along with MR, short in numbers, ready to buy junk without selecting, to cause his downfall too. Ranil will benefit much from the division but his playing footie with the TNA and pandering to the West will have consequences that can bring him back to the opposition because of his aloof nature in being too remote. Ranil will never be forgiven if he damages the national image: this government is successfully achieving it, in the minds of the people.

Rooting for MR is a queer combination [Dinesh, G.L, Gammanpila and Wimal]. They stand together being politically orphaned without the guiding hand of their Hambantota Santa Claus. It’s curious to find pro and anti CFA adherents under one umbrella. Who is footing the bills in keeping a cause that is flickering?

At least it could be said to the credit of G.L. that he did not fatten his purse while those around him were doing so, though he had his share of costly fun. Wimal Weerawansa has a support base of his own in Colombo for being passionately consistent in his struggle against terrorism but does he not look stupid when he cannot identify his passport that carries his picture? Less said of others is better for them.

To those that yearned for good governance-except for the feel of a nip in the air of a thin wedge of personal freedom: so slight that it hardly makes a dent in the background of rising prices, economic hardships, ongoing corruption and worsening nepotism.

The sincere, honest and good in the Yahapalanaya tract have fled in shame to quiet corners: lying low – too embarrassed to show face in public. They meant well, wanted a genuine change not anaesthetic variance. Sri Lanka fortunately underwent no coloured revolution or a visible foreign fist in a regime change, thanks to those stalwarts. People had enough of the Raja-apocalypse: people did, in their opinion, an unpleasant/ungrateful act, being honest in their hearts, dumped MR. They toppled him democratically from their own support groups, as his majorities thinned and skimmed from the winning electorates. UNP has failed to attract that floating vote since they created a Sirisena who was loosing it all, due to those whom he established on a rigged good governance theme.

Would it cause much regret among the people in having been ungrateful and made their life more difficult? Mood is changing with the antics of the Attorney General’s Department and a disputing Cabinet. Voters are selfish if there is no national issue to crow. Are people looking back in regret, as in the case of undoing the Peronists whose come back, was even shorter? Will there be a second coming for MR, past his prime that will be leaner? Unlikely, as MR is over occupied with his domestic problems talking shop in temple compounds. Need is for a younger and cleaner face. Where to find such a name?

The legend of Rajapakse-ism will linger in many diluted forms way beyond his lifetime in the political stream without an Evita or Raja-paksites.

– See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/96799/yahapalanaya-is-no-more-what-gimmick-next#sthash.VB1GYxNd.dpuf

17 Responses to “Yahapalanaya Is No More: What Gimmick Next?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    An excellent write up! I seriously wish people listen to this lawyer who knows what he is talking about.

    “Rooting for MR is a queer combination [Dinesh, G.L, Gammanpila and Wimal]. They stand together being politically orphaned without the guiding hand of their Hambantota Santa Claus. It’s curious to find pro and anti CFA adherents under one umbrella. Who is footing the bills in keeping a cause that is flickering?”

    But it brings back the age old argument.

    Should MR stay in the SLFP or leave the SLFP.

    I see more options. MR CAN become the SLFP leader, UNIFY the anti-UNP camp and lead SL. TIMING is everything. WAIT till the BUDGET DISASTER hits home. When people FEEL it in their STOMACHS its game over.

  2. cwije Says:

    Perhaps, as the only remaining SL Gunasekera, HL de Silva calibre lawyer, I wonder how you can credit MR as a savior of SL (from breaking), when he (MR) open the flood gate to break SL using the constitution by kissing Vigneswaran’s Aasaya (Sanskrit word for ass). He was forced to go to war by the Sinhala Buddhists and monks and he ruined everything by his stupid, selfish acts.

    Besides he became an Interfaith supporter and a multi-ethnic fool. How can he go to temples now when he did all he could to harm Buddhist society?

    I was supporting him from the time he had disputes with AnuraB on the LoO position and later PM’s job. But now as you also say he should stay home and a new third party must be allowed to arise. SLFP does not have honest person to resurrect it (or is it possible with Vidura Wickramanayaka who has no dirt on him?)

    I hope BBS/BJP is strong today, recovering from the blunder it did in January by not staying neutral.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR had the toughest job any President of Lanka faced. He and his govt. finished the work well, from the way the war was conducted and development everywhere, despite tremendous opposition within and without. Those who were hiding in the woodworks when the LTTE ran amok killing willy nilly for 30 yrs, have come out now !

    Now is the time to wipe off the ridiculous laws in Lanka that encourage Separatism/Terrorism from the Tamil leaders and Tamil Dalits who have entered Lanka from Tamil Nadu with all their caste/poverty hatreds and problems.

    That ought to be done by a team of 5-8 leaders with proven loyalty, ability, savvy, and smart. Perhaps MR & GR could be two of them. It is up to MR & GR.

    As things stand, people find it very easy to fault MR purely because he is a Sinhala/Buddhist ? Or is it because the pet Tiger terrorists of some foreign countries were removed ? Isn’t it the S/Bs who take the mud for all the dirty dealings of others in Lanka and outside ?

  4. cwije Says:

    Fran Diaz

    What is your real name, before I send you a reply? And in which country were you born?

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Constitutionally, Mahinda has no political future. Even if he contests and wins again (as he did in August 2015), nothing changes. He will be just another MP, not even a minister or the opposition leader. Even if the UPFA wins most seats, the prime minister will be appointed by the president. Who expected DM Jayarathna and DB Wijetunga to be prime ministers?

    In the very unlikely event if Mahinda forms his own party, contests a parliamentary election and wins most seats, still there is no guarantee he will be made the prime minister. The president will use his power to assign ministries and manipulate the parliament to pick his choice.

    The only way to overcome it is by becoming president. With two terms already served, Mahinda cannot be the president again. Gotabhaya is not a SLFP or UPFA member and cannot win an election contesting outside the SLFP. Abolishing executive presidency gives him some hope but uncertainty surrounds it.

    Most are unaware of the constitutional context and still hopes by some miracle Mahinda will rule Sri Lanka. The least he can do is to groom the next leader who cannot be Namal, Basil, Shashindra or Gotabhaya. Even Dinesh has come to the end of his political career who just manages to make it to parliament with no MEP elected MPs outside Colombo.

    Vidura, Prasanna, Udaya, Welgama and Wimal are top candidates for the next leader. If they want to play second fiddle to Mahinda or Dinesh or any other, that will be the end of them as well.

    As Gomin says, when to quit is as important as when to enter politics. Our top cricketers and top politicians both failed to do so. Diapers and politicial leaders must be changed frequently, for the same reason.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Hi cwije,

    My name does not matter. As a member of the human race, I am a concerned human being, perhaps too concerned for the wellfare of all, not just a section of people. This is a feeling that has taken over my pscyhe in my later years. I am a senior citizen now.

    I was born in South Lanka.

    No intent to harm anyone in my writings. The truth must be told as too many have died in Lanka for no good reasons. I stand for a permanent Peace.


    Gomin is targeting MR and very little about Sirisena President, then nothing about the this illegal entity! Then CBK is not taken in to account very little about RANIL PUNK!. Only time Gomin buckles under and hide under the table is when I talk about his article “Musical Chairs” which appeared on Lanka Web soon after the defeat of MR. As if it was a joke that the country was going through. It was to support Ranil Punk where he got an undisclosed fee for the article.

    Please may I ask you humbly do you understand that at present Lanka Deepaya is ruled by an occupying PRIVATE army of MUSLIM OBAMA?? Now you talk about MR to contest another election? Don’t you think if MR becomes a candidate for any elected position, you Gomin Dayasiri is recognizing an illegal entity?

    Remember Former Chief Justice Sarath Silva clearly explained that the 18th amendment is illegal. Lets put a side for a moment, the ballot box false bottoms and the Election Commissioner stopping the computer and changing the ballot count to reflect the result to be over 80% voting against MR in the Northern Province.

    Also the Election Officer (Sri Lanka Police officer and a Tamil) who was on duty in Killinochchi who questioned the identity of the Election Police (Election commissioner’s private army from Tamil Nadu) was found dead next day he was strangled and the Coroner’s verdict was a heart attack!

    I am sure you can see this but you do not know how to articulate and state that this government is not a legal entity. After reading the 18th Amendment; CHRALES PERERA, in his article some time ago on Lanka WEB, clearly stated that 18th Amendment has lot more than the term limits for the president.

    I am sure you do the same. TAMILS for OBAMA wanted Muslim OBAMA to create a government system that once elected cannot be changed and by the time people realized it is too late to be changed.

    The maximum damage has been done already, by destroying the Mattatala Air Port, (The rice commissioner already done so by putting Rice bags on top of valuable computers) which cannot be used without a complete overhaul that will cost close to a billion dollars. The damage to the equipment and Meeharaka De Silva dismantled the valuable equipment on the control tower, at the Air Port, and sold it back to a Chinese company in Singapore. (Where he hid the money is good as any ones guess).

    This political parties you are talking about UNP, SLPF, TNA and LTTE are to de focus the attention from the main issue, the occupying MUSLIM Obama’s private army. Focus should be how to get rid of the occupying Muslim OBAMA ARMY. My suggestion is as follows:

    1. To get the Muslim ATUL Ketchup out of Sri Lanka will be extremely difficult he has the unconditional 100% support from the Mahanayakes.
    2. Tamil Hindus about 80%
    3′ TAMIL Muslims 100%
    4. Catholics, Tamil and Sinhala about 50%
    If the people movement NOT the politicians can organize massive protests in every city to get rid of Muslim Ambassador then the US congress and the senate will wake up and do some thing.

    I tried 6 weeks ago to contact MR, GOTA, and G.L. Peiris no reply from any one. This is because they did not change their private secretariat after the general election. RANIL PUNK removed any one he thought that supported MR. From the Government departments, Commercial establishments he had influence and Banks. So did the Election Commissioner’s office. Why I want to contact them is that I have a US Congressman from my voting district, (I live in state of Florida, USA) who is the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee who is willing to question Samantha Powers why she went to Sri Lanka and did not speak to MR and Gota. Why did she only speak to Tamil Politicians and not Sinhala politicians? I can put him in touch with G.L. Peiris so he can explain to him what he publish in the Lanka WEB;

    How Tamil Terrorists are released by using the same legal tool that was created to imprison the JVP and LTTE Terrorists.

    To manipulate this legal tool was well rehearsed in Ranil Punks governing council in Los Angeles, California, USA, long ago in 2007. This project was funded by TAMILS FOR OBAMA an umbrella organization that incorporate all Tamils living around the world who wants to degrade the mother Lanka to not a 3ed world but a forth world country and change the Tamil Nadu constitution to annex Sri Lanka so that the Indian Central government will not have any say in it because Samantha Powers will bring it up at the UN and she will get the Sri Lanka to be changed to CEYLON. Samantha Powers said, she got the authority from the Srisena, President, Prime Minister Ranil Punk, Foreign Minister Mangala Samarweera, Leader of the Opposition, Sampathan, Finance Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament.

    If any reader knows the mailing address of G.L. Peires’s private secretariat please send it to the Lanka web editor to submit it to me and copy Charles Perera.

  8. cwije Says:


    I doubt Welgama or Prasanna are suitable or useful. Wimal must learn how to keep his passports safely.

  9. Charles Says:

    Well said Fran Diaz,

    One has one’s opinion and has the right to say it without presenting name, nationality and age, or civil status- married or unmarried etc.

    Gomin Dayasry is taken up by his literary style, I have seen him in debates in TV . He does not know where he stands. He is neither for Sirisena nor for Mahinda but awaiting a Diyasena. This is his legal unpredictablity. Age is no predicament for MR to come forward to lead the country. What is so queer about Dinesh, Gamanpila,G.L. and Wimal ? His words and phrases.

    Yahapalanaya has already done trhe worse of Sri Lanka, what of Sri Lanka will be left when they have finished with thzeir yahapalanaya is yet to see. MR is a rare leader that was necessary for Sri Lanka. Corruption story is CIA, MI6 anr Raw invention to change regime as MR was a popular leader and only way was to put the idea of Corruption. What have they found to prove corruption……They say that thefts have been done so cleverly even the Batalanda Ranilk’s FCID or the Secret police and the Presidents scandalous Commission of Inveqstigation have neither found found proof of theft or the loot.

    There was nothing wrong with the Avant Gard, and they botched it up as Ranil did with the Millinium City . It became an affair of the media which understood nothing about the Avant Gard set up. Ranil has run out of ideas, and is this the man Gomin Dayasiri wants to lead the country ?

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz / cwije /Charles

    Your comments are very intellectual (like Our CM Viggies language )

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Allow me to post this comment.

    I find it UNJUST to order the death penalty (and punishment more than a few years) to Vaas Gunawardana, his son and 4 others for the abduction of a controversial Muslim business man.

    This policeman saved THOUSANDS of lives of innocents from LTTE terrorists AND ARABIC DRUG DEALERS.

    His son had problems (misusing dad’s powers). But that should not carry such a harsh punishment when BATALANDA mass murderer who ONLY killed civilians without any drugs or weapons is not behind bars.

    MOST of you will DISAGREE with me but as a GRATEFUL people we should learn to forgive smaller crimes and sins IF the person concerned has done more good. IF the incident happened during the war (when Tamil terrorists were bringing bombs to Colombo) he would not be behind bars.

    Did those who arrested him and framed him get Muslim votes? No.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    There is a new development to this case.

    The murdered man’s father says it was not the DIG who is responsible for the murder. He is willing to testify if Mr Vaas Gunawardene Appeals the case. (See Adaderana of 27 Nov).

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Thanks Fran.

    SL LAW has gone to BAL-LAW.

  14. NAK Says:

    It is sad to note that all including dayasri has already forgotten that MR was brought down on tons of lies and the people have realised that.Strange Dayasri don’t see the foreign hand that brought down MR. Didn’t you hear kerry crowing about it and giving a thumbs up to India to say ‘we did it’

    The real trouble with MR is his refusal to see the futility in hanging around the SLFP unless he knows some thing that we don’t.

    The avalanche that left him may once again come back like a tsunami. I am hopeful that it is the case because both boru sira
    and mutt ranil knows their days are numbered. However, if it is not the case,we are in for the long haul hard time for sure and wonder if these present bunch of suckers will even leave a bone for the future.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    MR cannot lead the country because the powers that be outside do not want him. He is loyal to Lanka and will continue to do so. That does not suit outside powers who like waggable leaders ! So they have disabled MR indefinitely – so it seems to me.


    It appears that truth of matters has taken a holiday and scams of every hue rule the day. Ordinary people who feel that something is very wrong seem helpless.

    From media blitz scams & lies, to Central Bank scams, Jackals rule the roost !! There is no honesty in govt, or respect for govt. any more ?

    Repeat :

    On the part of ordinary folk of Lanka, they must realise that Lanka has laid out a welcome mat for over 15 MILLION DALIT TAMILS of Tamil Nadu. These Dalit Tamils have suffered atrocities for over 3,000 yrs in Tamil Nadu. They are controlled through the Caste stigma on their Birth Certificates. Crossing sea waters to lose caste, coming to Lanka where the Tamil language is in place
    (thanks mainly to imposed under Duress 13-A by India), no caste stigma on birth certificates, jobs, free education and health care, etc. etc. is manna from heaven for them. They are controlled by Tamil leaders (who have demanded Eelam), various politicos, and foreign sources (after trumped up 1983).

    Do you see how the indigenous folk, Sinhala people mainly, are losing their country through Separatism ?

  16. Raj Says:

    ලොරෙන්සෝ නමින් මෙහි කොමෙන්ට් දාන්නා කොටියෙකු බව දැනගතයුතුයි. ඔහු මෙයට පිලිතුරු නොලියනු ඇත,මන්ද යත් ඔහුට සිංහල කියවීමට බැරිකම නිසාය.


    Lorenzo, I even got a Million rupee bank! Please go to Infolanla web site and read the Daily News. About the Lanka Puthra bank! What have you got? Muslim Obama’s Private Bank shares?

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