Prof. Peiris: Are we back to Viceroy Dixit era of overlordship?
Posted on March 7th, 2016

by Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

Former External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris yesterday says that there has never been a previous instance of a foreign envoy challenging the role of the Opposition here.

Prof. Peiris was responding to Indian High Commissioner Y. K. Sinha’s recent verbal attack on the Joint Opposition and reference to former President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa and Prof. Peiris.

The former Minister said that a re-read of former Indian High Commissioner J. N. Dixit’s Assignment Colombo would be very worthwhile in the present context. “Are we back to the Dixit era of overlordship?”


Sinha castigated the Joint Opposition for on-going protests against the proposed Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) at a special forum at the Taj Samudra.

Sinha also expressed disappointment and surprise at the role played by former President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa in the growing protest campaign.

The Indian High Commissioner was addressing a workshop on ‘non-tariff measures and increasing awareness on Indian standards and regulations under Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA)’.

Prof. Peiris asked what would have happened if a Sri Lankan High Commissioner in New Delhi referred to Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi in disparaging terms.

The Joint Opposition represented the interests of the people therefore Sinha shouldn’t find fault with genuine Opposition for opposing ETCA. “Our arguments have to be countered on their merits and not by resorting to personal attacks.”

Prof. Peiris alleged that Sinha’s remarks amounted to a gross breach of diplomatic protocol. Asked whether the Joint Opposition would review its strategies in the wake of India’s criticism, Prof. Peiris stressed that the campaign against ETCA as well as proposed Indian ambulance service would continue.

Prof. Peiris said that many professional organisations including the Government Medical Officers’s Association (GMOA) strongly opposed post-war Indian intervention. The former law Professor said that Sri Lanka wouldn’t have been in this predicament today if not for Indian intervention in the form of sponsoring over a half a dozen terrorist groups here.

The Joint Opposition would make further comments on Sinha’s attacks depending on the government’s reaction.

GMOA Chief Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya, too, strongly condemned the Indian High Commissioner’s remarks. Dr. Padeniya said that India was brazenly bullying Sri Lanka and all out to finalise an agreement to further its own interests.


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    This bugger should be expelled from the country. They think that SL is Indian colony.

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