Posted on March 7th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

I am just watching TV news about the instructions given by PM to the police to re activate Intelligence Service based in Police stations

During a recent visit to Singapore I was told by locals that state intelligence service is quite active and  invisible .They watch the whole nation and take appropriate action to prevent any disturbance or crimes which may have adverse effect on the country’s stability

No one complains as it is done by the state for the betterment of the country

I was told that in the Indian Sector called little India there was an incident where an Asian worker has been knocked down by a Chinese Bus driver ,causing disturbance among the community who went on rampage .It was some what violent and the Gurka regiment in Singapore moved in to suppress the Asian ( Tamils of Indian origin and Bangladeshi’s) skirmish.

Singapore government went to the extent of prohibiting drinking in public or by road sides in the area after 9 pm and imposed strict rules

Today the area is full of civil clad police watching the youngsters

We need to have a very strong  educated intelligence service with powers to apprehend the culprits and take appropriate legal action where needed

Most of the criminals use Three wheelers and even luxury cars to transport weapons and criminals .hence random checking will surely discourage such activities

Every junction to have CCTV camera’s to detect movement of vehicles ,where record can be used to detect vehicles which may have involved in a crime

I am sure there are  many un employed graduates who can be deployed for this service ( which can be categorised as a white collar job)  and salaries can be paid from funds from fines imposed in courts and by selling confiscated properties of criminals



  1. Sirih Says:

    I am afraid that, it took us years to build this Intelligence agency and it was almost disbanded by the present mob.
    Just after January election , one DIG came to visit me in Colombo and ask to get in touch with certain intelligence operatives since he was scared of GR and his men.
    I told him not to interfere with Army or civilian branches since both work as a single unit and some how UNP want to dismantle this and he need to look into the countries safety first and not to listen to the PM.

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