‘Governor General’ Hussein Departs Leaving Wickramasinghe  and sirisena With Egg On Their Face and Treachery on their Hands – (Part 2)
Posted on March 13th, 2016

By Gandara John

When reputed and responsible main stream media started flailing the Government for its shameless betrayal of the country on 01 Oct 15, not many realised that the modern day Pharisees had driven a hard bargain with Sri Lanka’s Judas; the ‘30 pieces of Silver’ did not change hands for nothing and the transaction, unlike the Last Supper, was quite a while before the Last Hopper.

Sri Lanka now bleeds, turned into Asia’s Potters field by a licentious acolyte of the White Western Community; the family hotel chain profits selling meats and hard liquor (in contrast to the acolyte’s trite platitudes on the subject); the acolyte does not froth from the sides of his mouth when the swimming pools commandeered from government hotels by the family have women flaunting themselves without their bra straps.

The family’s new mega hospital is coming up in the mountains alongside the family’s new mega hotel, the construction of which also began after 08 Jan 15. India’s Modi inexplicably gifted his Trojan horse to Sri Lanka, an initial fleet of 88 ambulances.

One question on the lips of many is ‘Does the future portend a long IPKF type deployment in the hill country’, what with the tell tale signs of a mega hotel, hospital, ambulances, the proposed Indo – Sri Lankan bridge and the Plantation Tamils asking for a new Federal unit for itself under the guise of a New Constitution.

The Constitution is already being prepared by Wickramasinghe’s diabolic ‘Mont Pelerin Society’, meeting under cover in Scotland with representatives of the TNA, CPA (Centre for Policy Alternatives), the Muslim groups, the plantation Tamil groups and many others.

In the very likely scenario of a hill country Federal unit for the Indian Plantation Tamils being carved out, the Kandyan peasants who were made landless by the British would soon be made homeless too; the situation is pregnant with the dangers of a full blown conflict. The Indian plantation workers would then have the comfort of Indian troops permanently based in the hill country.

In this background, the Indians have total control of Sri Lanka’s vital communication nerve centre located in Pidurutalagala and can crash all electronic communication in the island at will, including the International airports and ports.

The ‘Google’ balloon flying over the island against the advice of the Sri Lankan military will ensure that communication to the enemy is available at all times even when ‘Pidurutalagala’ is down .

The Indians would also then have total control of all of the island’s water resources that originate in the mountains and the life blood of the country’s economy, the tea plantations.

All this spells doom to the National Security of Sri Lanka!

Is an ambulance service such a priority for Sri Lanka? Have the Indian ambulance operators and trainers been security vetted for RAW connections and security cleared by Sri Lanka? Will the Sri Lanka military have monitoring control of these ambulances, which will be crawling the length and breadth of the island fitted with Delhi controlled GPS sets? Is operating an ambulance a rocket science that requires trainers from  Delhi to come to Sri Lanka? Does Delhi select the ambulance operators who are to be trained, like they picked those who were to be trained for airport immigration/emigration duties in Palaly when Modi was in Jaffna?

The events are ominous in the light of reports that the government is proposing to give the printing of our electronic NICs to an Indian company with all the accompanying sensitive information therein; with the scope for the Indian company to counterfeit NICs, the availability of sensitive information pertaining to Sri Lankan citizens and dual citizens in the hands of the Indians, the danger to National Security is acute.

A question that goes a begging is ‘from where did the family acquire funds to construct the mega hospital and the mega hotel’?

Riled by the attacks on his treachery, sirisena lashed out at the media to not misuse media freedom.

The feudal R-s junta habours a queer notion, that allowing media freedom is an act of benevolence on the part of the junta and not a sovereign right of the people. The junta interpretation of sovereignty on this and many other issues has the distinct stamp l’état, c’est moi – ‘I am the State. I am sovereign; and not you the people’.

Talking with a glazed bovine demeanour, sirisena droned that he had read the entire text of the Geneva Resolution carefully – in English presumably – and that those who criticize the junta have not understood correctly, the Resolution!.

In a recent interview with the BBC a rambling sirisena had the knickers of the White Western Community in a twist when he said that foreign judges and prosecutors should not be involved in an investigation into allegations of war crimes. He said that we need not import specialists; we have more than enough specialists, experts and knowledgeable people in our country to solve our internal issues.

This interview was followed by another, this time to Al Jazeera’s Hoda abdel Hamid. At the UNHRC in Geneva there were no war crimes allegations against us in the proposals presented in September. The ‘international’ community need not worry about matters of State interest” warbled sirisena.

Had sirisena taken leave of his senses? Some local wags quipped that ‘aappa sira had been turned into a biththara aapaya realising that his treachery had been exposed and that he was standing naked, bra strap and all?

Was this also one of the reasons for postponing the Provincial Council elections indefinitely? The treacherous conduct of the R-s junta would indeed be a hot issue if those elections were to ever take place.

Whatever those reasons may have been, sirisena’s comments attracted swift and sharp responses from the US and from the UN.

Keith Harper, US ambassador to the UN, tweeted, For # Sri Lanka – credibility of any accountability mechanism requires the involvement of foreign judges etc. That has and will not change.”

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    Time to look at this man’s past. He is mentally retarded but Muslim OBAMA pulled him out and gave him this job to topple SL government. .

  2. NAK Says:

    But hasn’t the US already indicated that they will submit a new resolution in september 2016 allowing Sri Lanka to have an internal investigation.

  3. L Perera Says:

    Who is Hussein? What a load c..p?

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