Tamils are the worst racists ever says a Sri Lankan Muslim
Posted on March 27th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

I have come to share the view of the Sinhalese hard-liners that the Tamil ethnic problem cannot be solved through devolution…..I now share their view that going beyond 13A ….by giving police and land powers will only aggravate the ethnic problem not solve it” so says Izeth Hussain who has for years been writing about Sinhala racism. Why would Izeth Hussain who represents the views of the Muslim polity in Sri Lanka now change his former opinion? His conclusion comes after realizing that ‘Tamil racism is worse than Sinhalese racism” and realizing the extent of the threat India poses for the people of presently sovereign” Sri Lanka. Finally, Izeth Hussein is bringing out the confederal notion that ITAK the main constituent party of the TNA is hiding in its constitution which Hussein realizes is more or less a stepping stone to Eelam which really means the annexation of Sri Lanka to India.

The Island of 25th March 2016 publishes Mr. Hussain’s article : http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=142638

That Izeth Hussain has come to his senses realizing the present trend of things is welcome especially if the Muslims begin to realize that every time the West gets involved the Muslims end up cannon fodder unfortunately using their own men to kill each other. Middle East is in flames and innocent civilians and children are perishing but the world and its media will only mourn the Belgium victims. Millions of Muslims are either displaced, being driven to different nations for cheap labor on the pretext of humanitarian acceptance.

What Izeth Hussain and all others need to first establish is whether we had an ethnic problem or in reality it was a terrorist problem.

If Sri Lanka had only an ethnic problem why would 32 nations ban LTTE as a terrorist organization? This question never gets answered.

We cannot accept the much hyped notion of an ethnic problem primarily because there is nothing to showcase that legally, constitutionally and legislatively the minorities are denied what legally, constitutionally and legislatively is given to or enjoyed only by Sinhalese. There is no public or private example anyone can produce to showcase that Sinhalese are a privileged ethnic group or privileges are made available to ONLY Sinhalese and denied to Tamils and Muslims.

Of course, we must add that it was with the toil of the Sinhalese that the nation was built, architecture, ancient ruins, artefacts, reservoirs, tanks etc are all evidence of the civilization that was built by the Sinhalese. There is nothing to outmatch what the Sinhalese have done throughout the island nation. This historical fact cannot be denied, unacknowledged or stolen from the Sinhalese just because a set of Western worshipping liberals find it unpalatable to give credit where credit is due.

Mr. Hussain would agree that Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims were all victims of terror. Sinhalese & Muslims have been omitted from being treated as victims by the international community & the UN, even the Sri Lankan Governments including the former. None of the grievances of the Sinhalese/Muslim IDPs have been looked into even when the East was liberated far before the North. The entire emphasis and global attention is only on Tamil IDPs when we seriously have to question how many of these IDPs are really Sri Lankan Tamils and not those from Tamil Nadu. LTTE did say 33% of its cadres were from Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Hussein would also agree that racist tendencies only arise when wrong actions, inactions and delayed actions take place. The Sinhalese have always reacted to actions when the other party does not desire to live in one country, under one national flag, singing one national anthem in the language of the majority as happens all over the world, in one unifying language that binds people and with one vision to protect one’s nations and defend it from foreign incursions and intrusions. History is witness that it has always been the Sinhalese to defend the nation against foreign invaders, the minorities had been deployed as sepoy army fighting on the side of the invaders. This was so during the 1818 and 1848 rebellions against the British.

Returning to Mr. Hussain’s article, he goes on to say ‘Tamils regard themselves as not just another minority but a national minority, with their homeland and a right at least to internal self-determination”. Mr. Hussain says the notion is ‘nonsensical’.

It is definitely ridiculous for the Tamils have no real claim with sufficient evidence to showcase they are indigenous to Sri Lanka to claim a homeland and self-determination. Sinhalese must now come out with the evidence to showcase that they were very much living throughout the island far before any Tamils migrated from Tamil Nadu. The Tamil language is not indigenous to Sri Lanka, it originates in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil culture, the Tamil customs, and even the Tamil race are not indigenous to Sri Lanka but finds origins in Tamil Nadu.

Nowhere in the world do you find an ethnic group called the Sinhalese, a language called the Sinhalese that developed in the island, cultures and traditions that are all indigenous. The Tamils find all roots returning to Tamil Nadu.

Nowhere in the world do you find 2 homelands because the moment Tamils are given self-determination the Tamil Nadu Tamils will demand the same because they have been demanding it far before the Tamils in Sri Lanka started the replica of that song. In knowing that the aim of the Tamils is self-determination Colombo would be insane to agree to any devolution that constitutes a confederal or federation set up because it only means the government is foolishly setting up what the Tamil politicos have been planning all along.

It is just as well that a Muslim member of society is briefing the public about why devolution is unsavoury in the climax of things. He is quite correct to identify the Indian factor. He is spot on when he says it would not be exaggerated to say that the ethnic problem we have on our hands is in reality an Indian problem, not a Sri Lankan one’. Our problem becomes a problem because of the Tamil Nadu factor. Quite correct. Every time Tamil Nadu sneezes, Sri Lankan Tamils gets the cold and the Sri Lankan Government gets the injection. That’s how Tamils end up on the international media arena. The 76million Tamils in Tamil Nadu is the reason and not because 2.2million Tamils claim to be suffering. Remove 76milion Tamils from the equation the world would not even look at the Sri Lankan Tamils even if LTTE were bombing them to pieces. As Mr. Hussain points out the West totally ignored when India violated our sovereignty, flew over our airspace, dropped parippu, and arm-twisted the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987 and even went to the extent of changing the constitution and bringing in the 13th amendment and not a hum came from the West. Funnily enough JR had changed the country’s entire foreign policy and shifted it to pro-West but not a single white nation came to JR’s assistance. Nephew Ranil must surely read the writings on the wall when ironically enough 30 years close to the anniversary of the Indo-Lanka Accord the Indians are now pushing for the ECTA which is a virtual Indian invasion of Sri Lanka, a rail and road link and a new constitution all of which Ranil is now totally clueless about how to control. He is likely to make far more detrimental blunders to the nation than what the uncle made allowing the arrival of the IPKF which Premadasa sent packing back three years after they arrived.

The West was never interested in giving liberty to Iraq, they just wanted to get rid of Saddam and take over Iraq. The West wasn’t interested in liberating Libyans from Gaddafi, they killed him so they could control the Middle East. Afghanistan and all other countries that the West uses R2P/military interventions have absolutely nothing to do with saving the people. They just manufacture a problem, use propaganda to get public backing and then remove the obstacles and take over the country. Minorities and their rights or rather lack of rights have become an excellent tool to achieve that objective.

Contrary to what Mr. Hussain says about India committing a monumental blunder in stopping the Vaddamarachchi operation thinking a political solution can be found to the ethnic problem, the fact remains India is well aware there is no ethnic problem. India is also aware that Prabakaran was India’s creation so were all other Tamil militant groups. They were very much in control of Prabakaran in 1987 though that scenario changed after LTTE was hijacked by the West/Church for their own agenda. India-created LTTE was only in its 5th/6th year of terror. India was not willing to put into water all the training and money gone into destabalizing Sri Lanka via militancy. That meant allowing the Sri Lankan Army to catch their hero was out of the question. That was how Prabakaran was whisked away to safety. The script changed towards 2009 because India by then wanted LTTE out of the way as they had used the time LTTE prevailed to ensure enough Indians legally and illegally had penetrated into the local polity and all that India had to do was to twist Sri Lanka’s government further politically and economically which it succeeded to do with the former government riding on the ‘our concern is for Tamil’ mantra.

The notion that Sri Lanka’s friends will pose a threat if they are not India’s friends is something that has been flogged enough. It becomes baffling to understand this logic when India’s closeness to the West makes any to wonder whether India is ignorantly walking into the same balkanization doctrine used to break up the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. India’s angst with China cannot be that much a threat that India would side with the very enemy that wishes to not only destroy China but India as well. If India reads how far the Church has penetrated into rural India, India would soon realize rather than later that China is not the real enemy of Indias. India in foolishly siding with the West to clip China and China-friendly nations is ignorantly making India vulnerable to the West’s future plans.

What India proposes to balance the status quo is to ride the West’s ‘Looking Asia’ agenda which picking up pieces to expand Indian hegemony as well. Securing at least north Sri Lanka for the present through a new constitution and then getting appeasing Sri Lankan governments to agree to ventures like ECTA, road and rail link to India, open access to Indians in Sri Lanka, building of homes by Indians for Indians” are all a subtle means of casually taking over the entire country. The TNA have got whiff of their glim future and are now opposing the construction of the 65,000 homes by Indians. The MY3-Ranil government are yet to wake up to the reality of what the future will be like unless they are promised new homes overseas.

It is also noteworthy that Mr. Hussain has brought up the confederal name because a court case has challenged ITAK to confirm if their constitution is federal or confederal. There is a safety net in a federal set up in so far as the centre has power to annual a province and take it back, a confederal set up on the other hand does not afford that opportunity which is why the TNA and separatist promoters are using the words ‘united Sri Lanka’ there is no legal definition to ‘united’ Sri Lanka unlike ‘unitary’ and confederal set ups can always choose to separate and this is what India is promoting using ITAK/TNA so that they can always be one up against the Sri Lankan government and tip the scales in India’s favour.

This article by Mr. Hussain is to be continued so while the 2nd part is awaited hope the Muslims and Tamils who wish to live peacefully in the country they call Sri Lanka think seriously about the scenarios unfolding.

Shenali D Waduge

21 Responses to “Tamils are the worst racists ever says a Sri Lankan Muslim”

  1. Christie Says:

    Shenali; all Indians are the same. I am telling you from my experience. We are mostly affected by Tamils that is why we see them as the worst racists.

    Guajaratis, Sikhs, Marutis etc etc are all racists, religious bigots and castists.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Tamils are the worst racists in the world, not just Sri Lanka. Its all one way traffic when it comes to Tamils – only gain and nothing to give. Tamils live in every district in large numbers but don’t allow Sinhalese and Muslims settle down in equal numbers in Jaffna, Batticaloa and Vanni districts. Tamil ghettos in Colombo are doing the same thing in the nation’s capital.

    There was no ethnic group called Ceylon/Sri Lanka/Eelam Tamils until it was artificially created in 1911. Until then they were classified as Indians with a subcategory Tamils (an ethnic group native to Tamil Nadu, South India). Thereafter they claimed Muslims are also Tamils in 1931! Singapore, Burma, Malaysia, South Africa, Fiji, Guyana, etc. still use the correct classification – Indians.

    Muslims in Sri Lanka are much more reconcilable than Tamils.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Singapore, Burma, Malaysia, South Africa, Fiji, Guyana, etc. still use the correct classification – Indians.- correct because they are indian Tamil.
    There was no ethnic group called Ceylon/Sri Lanka/Eelam Tamils until it was artificially created in 1911.- correct again because We ( Ilankai Tamilar) lived as Ilankaiyar(Mother Lankan ) until 1911 .
    all brooked promised by my Sinhala Head of states from DS to MR also 1956 to 1983 regular Demila vesak festival
    eg: you kicked out us said” yanavavo yanda Kari Demila to Japanaya ” than only we realised only safety of our own live is Thani (Separate) TE.
    But We-Ilanka Tamilar do not trust Indian more than your Sinhalese that why We we kicked out IPKF even though they have offred NEP in gold plate .

    1) fully implement 6A & 13A together
    2) settle 100,000 Bhuddist Sinhala family in Vanni & bring Mahavali river to Iranamadu Kula.
    no short cut !!!
    let me go back to our 2,000 years day dream ” Naalai pirakkum TE (Tomorrow TE will born – not today)”.
    You Sinhala Modaya & We Sakkilita Thamilar never learn any thing last 2,000 years or more…….

  4. Sarath W Says:

    Yes, Indians (Tamils) are the worst racist in the world. This is because they have an inferiority complex living in a dirty country (a sh.t hole) with extreme poverty. That is why they want to grab everything where ever they go. They tried this in many countries where the British took them to do their dirty work. In Uganda, Kenya and Fiji they were kicked out as they tried to take over the trade and even the government in Fiji. In Singapore and Malaysia they will not demand as those governments will not tolerate such behavior. In Sri Lanka we gave them too much after independence, but they are not happy until they get the whole country.

  5. dingiri bandara Says:

    Majority Sinhalese by no means racist. Can any Tamil or a Muslim who brand Sinhalese as racist explain as to why that they can freely live in the south among the Sinhalese whereas the Sinhalese are not welcome in the north and now the east. Muslims and the Tamils are safe among the majority Sinhalese. Even during the war with LTTE, the Tamils continued to live among the Sinhalese in the south.
    It is not the regular Sinhalese who trouble but thugs instigated by politicians and those who want to loot. I a typical Sinhalese escaped the mobs, returning from work with great difficulty.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    What the proximity of TAMIL NADU & INDIA means to Lanka :

    (1) Over the past hundreds of years, for Tamils who came to Lanka, it was to mainly escape the Dalit status in Tamil Nadu, acquire new identities in various ways, and settle down in Lanka. There was No Dalit status in the birth certificates of Buddhist Lanka, whereas branding for life and generations past and to come, it is in their birth certificates of Tamil Nadu. They think a sort of Eelam (Dalitstan) can be formed in Lanka, with approval from Vellala Tamils (leaders) of Lanka as well as Tamil leaders of Tamil Nadu. This was all tied up with the earlier Cold War (1946-1991). The Cold War has finished, but the Tamil Caste wars goes on. It is endless because the birth certificates in Tamil Nadu for generations to come will have the Dalit status stamped on them.

    The Tamil folk of Lanka already have all the rights given to them that the others here have. They must work within that and follow the rules of co-existence.

    The Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) brought in Violence to acquire Eelam. This Resolution is still not officially revoked by the present day Tamil leaders, even after the conflict with the LTTE finished in 2009.

    (2). For INDIA, Tamil Nadu is more important than Sri Lanka. That the breakaway state of Tamil Nadu is brought back to the Indian fold is important to India, to keep India whole and safe.

    (3). Placating new found ‘friend’, the west, is also important to INDIA.

    Where do the Sinhala Buddhists of Lanka stand in all this ?
    Lanka has to safeguard herself first, and next extend a hand in friendship to others, especially to INDIA. Friendship does not mean being subjugated, as apparently envisioned by Exec PM, Ranil W, who has in mind :

    (1). The ETCA
    (2). 5,000 acre lots given in 99 yr leases (‘parampara kuliyata’) to foreigners
    (3). Sea tunnell (Chunnel) to Tamil Nadu
    (4). New Constitution (to accommodate what ?) – will the New Constitution be brought forth in a legal manner per existing Constitution or in the Exec PM’s usual high handed Fascist style ?
    There is already a Constitutional Assembly due to come forth in early April.

    Safeguard Lanka from within. Stop the Exec PM from selling out Lanka to INDIA.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    They think a sort of Eelam (Dalitstan) can be formed in Lanka, with approval from Vellala Tamils (leaders) of Lanka as well as Tamil leaders of Tamil Nadu- contradicting why Vellala to promote Dalit status by forming TE.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhala Buddhists of Lankan & Tamil Saivar of Eelam liver 2,500 years in Mother lanka according to Great Maha Vamsa(m).

  9. Dham Says:

    Man ‘killed’ by Military Intelligence found alive
    March 27, 2016, 10:08 pm

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    Kathiravel Thayapararajah, who was believed to have been abducted and killed by the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) in Sept. 2009 has surfaced recently at Tiruchi special camp, where he spearheaded a successful campaign to secure the release of his wife Udayakala and their three children.

    A section of the media as well as some local and foreign NGOs accused the DMI of executing Thayapararajah, head of US funded NGO in the Vanni. No less a person than the then US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs and one-time US Ambassador in Colombo, Robert O. Blake, raised Thayapararajah’s disappearance with the then Sri Lankan government.

    Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa told The Island that those who couldn’t stomach Sri Lanka’s victory over the LTTE propagated lies since the conclusion of the war. The disappearance and subsequent reappearance of Thayaparajah was certainly not an isolated case, Rajapaksa said. According to him, a large number of those who had been categorized as missing live overseas under new identities.

    The Tamil Nadu administration early last week ordered the release of Thayapararajah’s family from the special quarantine detention camp at Mandapam, Ramanathapuram. The State government has intervened in the wake of the family launching a nearly week-long fast demanding their release.

    However, Thayapararajah hadn’t been released so far. The Hindu quoted People’s Union for Civil Liberties national general secretary V. Suresh as having said the Tamil Nadu government should release Thayapararaj. “Instead of sticking to technicalities, they must release him. His wife and children need him as much as he needs them for their collective well being,” he was quoted as having said.

    A senior security official told The Island that both Thayapararajah and his wife Udayakala were wanted here for defrauding several persons wanting to migrate to Europe. In fact, a group of persons during 2014 had sought the intervention of the Indian High Commission here to extradite them back to Colombo.

    Tamil Nadu authorities arrested them in early May 2014 after clandestinely arriving there. They were subsequently convicted on the Passport Act.

    The University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), the Australian Government Refugee Review Tribunal, Tamilnet and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights among others blamed the Sri Lankan intelligence for Thayapararajah’s disappearance.

    Uthayakala, too, accused intelligence services of having executed Thayapararajah.

    Intelligence sources told The Island that Thayapararajah had been closely connected to the LTTE, though he wasn’t involved in actual fighting on the ground. Having graduated from the Peradeniya University, Thayapararajah had joined a project run by Vanni Tech, in Kilinochchi, with the financial backing of the US based Tamil Diaspora. The project, launched in 2003, during the Ceasefire Agreement, brokered by Norway, was one of those operations undertaken by the Diaspora, though Thayapararajah joined the Vanni Tech during 2005.

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K and Dham !!!

    Where is LORENZO my dear ? Can Piyadigama help us find him, **DEAD OR ALIVE** ??? PLEASE HELP.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Hello USA-Ananda help us out

  12. Dham Says:

    If on life support will take long time get part brain and one finder working, which is enough to comment here.
    Piyadigama please report us regularly.
    Strange thing is after that news on the Tamil in Malaysia suggesting assassination of President, that news too went no news.
    But no news is good news.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    There was no dissent re Eelam formation – most Tamil people on both sides of the caste divide were for it. I am using the past tense on this, but may use the present tense as well. What is the actual mind set of Tamil leaders today ?

    Ask yourself why :

    (1). The V’koddai Resolution- 1976- (Eelam through Violence), which led to the LTTE being trained in Tamil Nadu and followed by nearly 30 yrs of violence in Lanka, happened.

    (2). Also ask yourself why it was all orchestrated during the Cold War (1946-1991) times.

    (3). Also ask yourself what would happen to non-Vellala Tamil folk in Eelam, if Eelam is formed. Non Vellala Tamils have been doing the ‘follow my leaders’ quite blindly all these years, true to their 3,000 yrs of caste bound training. Which power & culture will prevail in an independent Eelam ? Lankan culture (no caste stamps on birth certificates etc), or Tamil Nadu culture, with caste stamped on birth certificates etc ?

    (4). Ask yourself also what is happening in the South of Lanka today, politically speaking.

  14. Piyadigama Says:

    Dear Susantha and Daham

    I have no contact details of him. I got to know things from a third party. If I hear anything I promise to update you.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    What is the actual mind set of Tamil leaders today ? & yesterday(year) are same no change that is United Mother ,not able to believe yourself ???

    As a Ilankai Thamilan I know what mind set of our Tamil political leaders from Chelavayagam to Amirthalingam
    all they want to settle in United mother Lanka ( like union state in India) not because they love Mother Lanka they know very well separation is not benefit to not only Tamils but also to Sinhalese as well as Muslim.
    eg: Mr Amirathalingam almost settled with district revaluation with JRJ . all went wrong VP hijacked Eelam dream ( Answer for QS 1 & 2) until 19 May 2009.

    Answer to 3
    ‘follow my leaders’ quite blindly all these years,- Agreed but this mind set of We-Tamils is not different to Vellala or non Vellala leader eg: We followed VP even though he is not Vellala.
    If your assumption correct ( I do not agreed with you because I raised back last my 5 generation they all were living Lanka ) TN Dalit are coming Mother lanka to avoid caste stamped on birth certificates than they like to live with Sinhales as United Mother Lanka .
    also We-Tamil get best respect from Sinhalese any where in mother Lanka ( As We know mind set of Sinhalese they strongly believe we Tamils are very cultural people won’t do any crime)

    answer to QS 4
    politically speaking-Indian taken over Mother Lanka – kaput .
    now you understand why We kicked out IPKF even though they offered NEP in gold plate .

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : ” … not because they love Mother Lanka they know very well separation is not benefit to not only Tamils but also to Sinhalese as well as Muslim”.

    Then what was the call for Eelam all about, if not Separatism ? Contradiction here. Please explain further if you can.

    Also, no love of Lanka, no care about Lanka or the People of Lanka.
    That is like a parent who says : I mechanically feed my kids not because I love them, but because I just want to keep the family together. Poor kids. Poor dumb parents.

    Kumar, where there is no love, a positive and trusting relationship is not possible, isn’t it ?


    Poor Lanka, unloved by some. No wonder thou art used and misused, again and again, by some who live on your soil.

    But, as we can see, there are some people who truly love Lanka and have already proven their love of Lanka and her People, again and again.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    here there is no love, a positive and trusting relationship is not possible, isn’t it ? Agreed
    Poor kids. Poor dumb parents.- very Good example sadly agreed with you again.
    Fran Diaz sadly we like or not are living in capitalised world – first cost & benefit than love come to next .

    Let’s live first than We thing about love ( what is that?).

    let’s fully implement 6A & 13A . ( copy Indian union states system 16A & Union states to us).
    let’s settle 100,000 Bhuddist Sinhala family ( to stop Indian inverter( as suggested by SF) – not because Tamil love Sinhalese ) & bring Mahawali River to Irana Madu Kullam.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    let’s settle 100,000 Bhuddist Sinhala family in Vanni

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Then what was the call for Eelam all about, if not Separatism ? Contradiction here. Please explain further if you can.- After all broken agreement with both party ( DS-CV pack & B-CV pack) next treat V resolution to get de centrlise power.

    This VR went out of hand hijacked by VP

    EG: when Chelvanayam heard VP killed first person former SLFP Major Alfred Thuraiappa , He said ” IYo… Ithu engnka konnu poi nikkap popu tho theriya thu ( Iyo ..I do not know where this is going to end up with ) ”

    luckily both ( Chelva & Amirthalingam) of them not life to see Mulli Vaikkal (Nanthi Kaddal ) 19th May 2009 !!!

  20. Fran Diaz Says:


    I would have thought that with Tamil Nadu (means amil Homeland) just 12 miles away from Lanka North, there would have been a net exodus to Tamil Nadu by Tamils of Lanka.

    Would you like to see that happen rather than battering on about 13-A & Federalism, etc. ?

  21. Dham Says:

    Thank you Sir.

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