Who is Sri Lanka’s bigger threat? The West or India?
Posted on September 21st, 2016

 Shenali D Waduge


At some point or the other we need to ask ourselves this question and answer it as well. While as a nation Sri Lanka must have cordial relations with all nations of the world, Sri Lanka’s leaders and the general public must also be aware of ground realities and be conscious about the ties we maintain even at diplomatic levels. Maintaining relationships is one thing but a sovereign nation cannot because of its size agree to Indian cultural, religious, economic and even political imperialism as is taking place very covertly. All those conscious of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, the future of Buddhism, the continuation of the demography are concerned about India and the Indianization of Sri Lanka.

·         India has a historical quest of wanting to devour Sri Lanka – 17 times we have been invaded and that quest has not ended.

·         Three colonial powers did occupy our country but none of these countries populated our nation with Portuguese, Dutch or even British. The Burghers that sprung eventually took sail and most now live in Australia and only a handful of Burghers live in Sri Lanka. However India has been covertly sending illegal immigrants into Sri Lanka as a ploy to increase Tamil numbers and thus create demographic change. We can see that taking place throughout the LTTE reign which is why we cannot make head or tail of the LTTE dead as against the Tamils who have died and the Tamils born as per national records and other country statistics. We do not know how many illegal Tamils live in Sri Lanka or have any clue how many of these illegal Tamils are posing as Sri Lankan Tamils.

·         It was not the West that started armed militancy in Sri Lanka but India taking unemployed Sri Lankan Tamil youth to train them in secret locations throughout Tamil Nadu and then putting them under the stewardship of Indian intelligence to destabalize Sri Lanka. India holds accountability for terrorism in Sri Lanka, training, arming and funding the LTTE and scores of other militant groups as well as training civilians in armed combat when the IPKF landed in Sri Lanka with a long term plan to set up shop in the North by using EPRLF head Varatharaja Perumal after bumping off LTTE leader Prabakaran.

·         It was India’s long term intent to devour Sri Lanka that helped draft the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 and the subsequent 13th amendment, clauses in which serve the interests of India – in particular the amalgamation of the north and the east manipulating the bogus homeland myth which India is using to make inroads into Sri Lanka by fooling the Tamil Nadu politicians, the Tamils of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Government carrying the slogan ‘we are concerned for Tamils’. The real intent of India’s is to take every strategic area of the North and East where the strategic port Trincomalee harbour is located. The benefit of the North is the eventual amalgamation of the narrowest point that connects the two countries so that Sri Lanka becomes virtually an annexation of India.

·         India manipulates the South politicians to make demands on India so in turn India projects that it has to defend its state and the wishes of the Tamil Nadu people by diplomatic arm twisting of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s policy makers have never taken advantage of the fact that Tamil Nadu is just one state out of India’s 29 states and the more important fact that the North Indians hate the South Indians and vice versa. We have never appealed to the North against the manner Tamil Nadu celluloid politicians make a ruckus instead of looking after the needs of their state before interfering into the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.

·         Look at the Indian proposals closely and connect the ramifications of these – open ferry service, road, rail link from India to Sri Lanka, no visa for Indian arrivals, free trade pacts that India uses to repack in Sri Lanka and make use of trade concessions to cheaply import to India from Sri Lanka, the global narcotic ring for which LTTE has been making profits from, illegal immigrants from South India, now Indians are living not only in the North, East, but in the Central plains as well as other parts of Sri Lanka. Indians manipulating tourist visas and working and then returning before the end of their visa and then returning back (money is freely flowing out of the country) http://www.dailymirror.lk/24755/indian-tourists-doing-business-in-jaffna-

·         Indian taking key strategic economic foothold – oil, petroleum(Indian Oil), energy (calls for electricity supply from India), the ambulance service, Indian doctors, Indian IT opening up, ETCA agreement will have a flow of Indian cheap labor and the lethargy of Sri Lankan officials does not give any confidence that we can handle this influx – once gates are opened we will never be able to close it!

·         India has mission offices in North, Colombo and even Hambantota

·         Indian celluloid industry is penetrating into hindianizing the Sri Lankan populace with Hindi films and hindi tv programs which are taking the bulk of prime time shows on all the channels.

·         India is now claiming Sinhalese descended from India – deported Vijaya was not Sinhalese, he did not speak Sinhalese and there are no Sinhalese in India nor a language called Sinhalese. Sinhale (Hela) ethnic group evolved in the island nation of Sinhale. The country was known in ancient times as heladiva and the people as helaya. It was the 4 tribes of ‘Yaksha’, ‘Raksha’, ‘Naga’ and ‘Deva’ who made up the Sivu-hela which later became Sinhale. There was a civilization existing before Vijaya and 700men arrived. If there had been people living in Sri Lanka who were known as the Sivu-hela, a name which later became Sinhale, how can the Sinhalese descend from Vijaya?

·         Moreover, India cannot be claiming any right hood because what is called India today is British created India in 1947. Prior to that all states were independent princely kingdoms all of which the British cobbled together to make one administrative unit for their own advantage. So the histories of these British-created-India are independent and have any sense of ‘united’ only after 1947. Buddha was never born in India (there was no India at the time), Buddha was born in what is today Nepal).

·         India is also trying to manipulate Buddhism to its own advantage globally though not looking after the interests of even the Indian Buddhists who are 8million. In 2001 Karnataka had 3.93lakh Buddhists but in 2011 that figure has dropped to just 95,710. Most of India’s Buddhists are Dalits. Again an area that Sri Lanka’s policy makers have not tapped into. India manipulates association with Dalai Lama to prick China though most in Sri Lanka have no real acceptance of the Dalai Lama who carries a more multi-faith/multicultural image as he has never defended any incident of violence or incursion against Buddhists by Islam/Christian forces. Therefore Dalai Lama has no credibility as a Buddhist leader standing for Buddhist rights.

·         Another example of India manipulating Buddhism is in allowing mosques to emerge in close proximity to the sacred Buddhagaya temple where the azan is disturbing the Buddhist priests and people’s meditation. There are countless other incidents of Buddhists & Buddhist priests being attacked and lukewarm reaction by the Indian state authorities.     

·         Another example of India trying to take over Buddhism is the manner India is handing over Nalanda University Chairmanship to a Hindu – Amartya Sen married to a member of the Rothschild banking family, the Chancellor is a Roman Catholic former Singapore politician, the governing board comprises Meghnad Jagdishchandra Desai who is an atheist. The authenticity of this blog is questionable but it goes to show that there are discrepancies at play – https://nalandatruth.blogspot.com/

·         India has also influenced the current President to give land deeds to the 200,000 Indian Tamil estate workers when they are Indian origin brought to the country for profit making by the British. If at all the British should be giving looking after their interests.

·         Using the ruse of Indian tourists the Indians are now using Sri Lanka to create a mythical Ramanaya trail and thus getting a foothold in Sri Lanka.

·         Bandu de Silva also brings out the twinning of the Ramayana project with the Tamil homeland myth which India planted into the system via the Indo-Lanka Accord and 13th amendment. Bandu de Silva also brings out the projection of Ravana as a Tamil king all of which combined gives India a supposed ‘historical stake’ in Sri Lanka – all part of Indian cultural imperialism http://www.royalasiaticsociety.lk/http:/www.royalasiaticsociety.lk/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/10-Bandu1.pdf (please read Mr. de Silva’s presentation)

·         Indian influence in Tamil newspapers have virtually turned Tamils into pro-India thinking instead of thinking as a citizen of sovereign Sri Lanka. oldest and the highest selling Tamil daily Virakesari is owned by the Express Newspapers Ltd while the second highest selling Tamil daily, Thinakkural is owned by leading food stuff importer from India S. P. Samy

·         In a bid to influence the most sacred Temple of the Tooth at Dalada Maligawa – India has signed to establish a training school inside the Dalada Maligawa (Training what – to facilitate training courses in areas like Kandyan dance and drums; costumes, ornaments and musical instruments , lacquer painting , preservation of ancient paintings and frescos, mahout training and sculpture making – but these are all indigenous to Sri Lanka, what it is going to mean is that the Indians are going to Indianize all the historical texts and claim all the arts that evolved in Sri Lanka has Indian origins – this is what India is planning to do!)


Its good to look at the Indian projects in Sri Lanka most of which have been in the North.


·         Over 50% of Indian investments in SAARC countries are located in Sri Lanka

·         In 2008, foreign direct investment to Sri Lanka was $889m & $126m came from India.

·         In 1990 there was only 12 Indian projects with a total investment of LKR 177 million – today there are over 100 Indian companies doing business legally in Sri Lanka

·         Renovation of Palali airport and intention to start flights from Tamil Nadu to Palaly (we will not know who flies in and who flies out)

·         Atchchuveli Industrial zone inaugurated in 2014

·         An ‘Indian Corner’ at the Jaffna public library in 2015 (for what!!!)

·         200 bed ward complex at Vavuniya hospital – it would have been nicer if India had looked after its own people first. Not even one hospital bed per thousand people in India http://www.healthcareathomeindia.com/blog/not-even-one-hospital-bed-thousand-people-india-healthcare-home-model-answer

·         Ambulance service – while in India an Indian is forced to carry his dead wife home after hospital refuses transport. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/26/indian-man-carry-dead-body-wife-home-hospital-refuses-help

·         10,250 houses built in 2013 in Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Jaffna, Vavuniya

·         Northern Railway (Yal Devi)– Medawachchiya to Mannar / Omanthai to Kilinochchi / Kilinochchi to Palai / Palai to Jaffna / Mannar to Talaimannar

·         Skills development centre – Kilinochchi campus in 2015

·         English laboratories in all 9 provinces of Sri Lanka – India’s population is 1.252billion of which 125million speaks English.

·         Setting up Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering in Jaffna university

·         Renovation of Duraiappa Stadium – ironically Alfred Duraiappah was killed by Prabakaran trained by India!

·         Renovation of Thiruketheeswaram temple in Mannar

·         Construction of cultural centre in Jaffna (Indianizing Sri Lanka’s North)

·         Supply of fishing boats and nets to people of North – In the meanwhile Indian fishermen are stealing Sri Lanka’s fish and India is making profits!

·         110 buses to educational institute’s island wide -1million children in India don’t go to school!

The attempt to forge another detrimental trade pact involving the provision to allow Indians to live and work in Sri Lanka (ETCA) has come under much opposition by all forces. The Indian High Commissioners response drew public attention and brought back days of Viceroy Dixit. http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=141458  / http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=141584


India cannot be surprised at the lukewarm reception by Sri Lankans towards India. No friend takes youth and trains them secretly in armed warfare and sends them back with instructions to destabalize the country. For 30 years Sri Lanka lost lives, lost property and lost the ability to develop itself socially, economically and even politically. People lived in fear, children were traumatized, Tamil low caste were the only segment of people who suffered because of the LTTE – a cost cannot be put to the suffering but India has yet to acknowledge, apologize or compensate for this crime. This distrust will always be in the minds of the people of Sri Lanka which is not reducing because India allows and watches and takes advantage of the tantrums of the Tamil Nadu politicians as if it is all choreographed by the Indian Centre. Not stopping there, the people are not fools to notice how India is taking advantage of the weakness of our appeasing politicians and armtwisting them to secure strategic areas of geopolitical interest as well as using the IDP factor to remove military bases and place poor IDPs with future intent of acquiring these areas. India does nothing about the calls from India-nominated Wigneswaran who was parachuted from Colombo to Jaffna to win the Provincial Council election and after living over 70 years in Colombo is preaching about ‘my people’. All these actions and more have the ‘Made in India via RAW’ seal across it and that is why India should realize that Sri Lankans will always distrust India and will never consider India as a friend. This is nothing India should be surprised about as all of India’s other neighbors share the same reasons for their antagonism against India as well.

The most baffling thing is that those who benefit and live off Buddhism are abdicating these privileges into enemy hands.


 Shenali D Waduge



24 Responses to “Who is Sri Lanka’s bigger threat? The West or India?”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    India wants to make sure China is not going to be in Sri Lanka any more. So they want to make Sri Lanka
    an indian colony. You have the biggest traitor ever die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot ponil wickrama
    Sinhalakiller ruling Sri Lanka. So the crafty indians know this is the best time to finish Sri Lanka off for good.
    Monster traitor chief pol pot wickramaSinhalakiller can’t get any better satisfaction than destroying Buddhism,
    Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka. So he is working very very hard with crafty indians to make 3 countries out of
    Sri Lanka. 1 for traitor foreigners tamils, the drealam, 1 for traitor foreigners baby machine mussies, mussisthan,
    and 1 for Sinhala modayas.

    West who wants to stop China’s influence in the indian ocean also over the moon. Crafty indians doing the job for them.
    Diasporats are happy. They getting their drealam. All the politicians in us, uk, france etc. etc. reaping their
    rewards of getting diasporats votes for licking their backsides. Win win situation for all the parties. Sinhala
    modayas? They are being modayas have no clue about what’s going on. They are happy until they have to jump
    into the indian ocean when they become landless. Even if you explain to them the imminent danger, being
    modayas they don’t understand. They worship anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party and its monstrous leader, Sri Lanka’s biggest tratior ever die hard catholic token Buddhist
    pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller and cheer him on. Who said ignorance is bliss? In the case of Sinhala modayas
    it is perfectly true.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Who is Sri Lanka’s bigger threat? The West or India? now you-Sinhala modayas know we-Sakkilila Demil kicked out IPKF even they have offered NEP in gold plate .
    whose land who offer !

    you both Modayas & Sakkiliyas are kaput now !!!

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    Actually, biggest threat is our politicians do not follow the 2nd precept.
    Everything tracks back to greed of these buggers who sacrifice ANYTHING for money.

    SA Kumar,

    Premathasan gave you Sakkiliyas arms to chase out IPKF.
    But hee too collected Paga from you sakkiliyas.

  4. Christie Says:

    Indian Empire extends beyond our island nation. The US Ambassador is an Indian. There are Indian colonial parasites all over the former British-Indian colonies; now Indian colonies. Then there are new Indian colonies in the so called west. UK is an Indian colony and same applies to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe.

    The most interest thing is these parasites and vermin are high caste Hindus and for them all their victims and subjects are untouchables.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Shenali. As always you have hit the problem right on the nose. India is our biggest threat and is dangerous since She poses as this very moral country. They have the motto“Satyameva Jayate” “Truth Alone Triumphs”on the National flag. But they are one of the most untruthful nations. They treat their own people like dirt by putting the caste on the birth certificates and condemning people to a life of untouchability from birth. How shameful can they be? in this connection please see the article below.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Premathasan gave you Sakkiliyas arms to chase out IPKF. ,But hee too collected Paga from you sakkiliyas.-Correct
    S.Gonsal after We-kicked out IPKF what solution Premedasa gave to We-Tamils ??? Has he implemented 13A ? NO

    Machang We both never learned last 2,000 years or more (since Eela Raja/Elra Time) now Indian flag is flying in Yalpanam sky not your Sinha-kodiya our Kodiya-Kodi-kaput

  7. Nimal Says:

    Biggest is from politicians that are crooked,violent that seems have brought down the standards to gutter level.It seems to have gone down to the people as well.Unless we pout the country to the level of Singapore and UK,we will be constantly watching across ocean to the threat from India.There will be a time the central government of India give in to the TN that could be a threat to us.Therefore it is advisable to bring the country to the level of UK where the country’s culture is very much same as that of UK, where not even the Irish terrorists,Welsh and Scottish nationalists could not dent.It is a very sophisticated subject where so many factors are involved.Sadly our self seeking politicians get into politics instead of getting in to business to make money and bugger of to the country of the colonial types.They fool the stupid people to get votes in a devious way,using religion,’culture’ and even history.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    high caste Hindus and for them all their victims and subjects are untouchables.-correct very cunning people
    eg: is any one high caste affected by Eelam war I to IV ? no who lost life Batticalo / Estate & low caste (include VP) Jaffna Tamil .

    after all these lost who is Saiva TE (NPC) CM ( so call high caste) now .

    this high caste alway make sure low caste do not learn Sinhala but not their children (eg Chelvanayam’s son Chanthirahasan can write& speck sinhala)

  9. Christie Says:

    Sinhalese are corrupt is another creation by Indian colonial parasites, vermin and the Indian Empire. The say the same thing about all their victims.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Immediate Action :

    * REMOVE the ILLEGAL 13-A : the greatest ‘divide & rule’ instrument from INDIA, imposed on the JRJ govt during the Cold War.

    * OFFICIALLY REVOKE the vicious Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (Note that this came BEFORE the 1983 Trumped up Riots to enable nearly a million Lanka Tamils to go abroad as Refugees – no other way to go west).

    * ACTIVATE the 6-A.

    * Get Clean Air, Water & Food, for all in Lanka.
    Go Green !
    Add to the Education system How to Survive Climate Change & Global Warming.
    Create Jobs in these areas.

  11. Dilrook Says:

    Fran, more important is to vote for only those leaders that promise to do those things. Unless the fear of losing elections is instilled in politicians, they will not do it.

  12. S.Gonsal Says:

    Politicians work like donkeys – carrot and stick
    “Personal desires and Fear of Failure” motivate them.

    Problem is stupid people treat politicians like Arahants ( no personal desires and fear of failure)

  13. Christie Says:

    Hi All: We are a colony of the Indian Empire. How many from the West and How many from the Indian Union live here?

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    If elections are held, the public have to make sure that the elections are genuine and not diddled through rigged counting machines, etc.
    I think Ranil wanted to bring vote counting machines into Lanka !

    A visible paper vote must be there, which has to be counted by trustworthy people.


    I would far prefer Lanka as a country solidly standing together re Law & Order, Truth & Justice, Way Forward in Development, Going Green in every way possible, etc.
    – all going forward in a Life Supportive way without killer games.

  15. Nimal Says:

    We are own enemy.There’s much resentment in the country caused by various people who are in authority.Yesterday I was going pass a medical clinic where a private vehicle off loaded a sick person,while doing so cop came in a motor bike and gave him a traffic ticket and when the driver argued his case the cop endorsed a court summons on the diver.I asked the cop why he did that and his answer is he going by the law.I think the system is so corrupt the government gives the cops a commission for the tickets he write causing much resentment, and an incentive for a cop too eager to give a fine.
    Only last week we were offended by a high ranking officer who wanted us to move away for him to pass and he was tooting his horn many times and I was so disgusted and pointed my finger at him and told him that he must have respect and consideration to other road users.He took offence and told my driver to stop and took his book to give a ticket to my driver and in turn I too took is details and his car number and when he knew that I came from UK,told me that this is not UK and I said that was the tragedy for the country of birth,where authorities do what they want and getaway and when the hardworking minorities are at the receiving end of this,they believe that it is happening to them because they are from the minorities. Corruption and harassment is bad for social cohesion.So the ethnic problem will be there for sometime and our system doesn’t help.So the threat is within.Put the country right in the correct path,I say without pointing fingers at other countries.

  16. Dilrook Says:


    That is not true. Politicians or the people are not the biggest enemies of Sri Lanka. India has always been the biggest enemy of Sri Lanka since the introduction of Buddhism.

    Don’t mix up personal and administrative issues with strategic issues. They are completely different and rarely interact.

    India plays a huge role in corruption in Sri Lanka. Corruption increased by at least 10 times since 13A that created 9 more mini parliaments with Cabinets of ministers. Most corrupt acts in the customs (with a massive value) are done by Indians (Sri Lanka’s highest imports are from India).

  17. S.Gonsal Says:

    Still it is JR’s fault of not finishing off LTTE and not accepting 13A.

    Everyone has enemies but one has to be strong to survive. We cannot blame the enemy all the time.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Colonisation, Cold War politics (13-A, LTTE trained in INDIA), & Tamil Caste Wars, are mainly responsible for much of what troubles Sri Lanka at present times.

    Way forward is :

    Clean Air, Water & Food for all.
    Create Jobs, Education geared toward this end.

    Turn the fighting spirit against Climate Change – Go with Green energy, uncontaminated Food !

    Be Life Supportive !

  19. Dilrook Says:

    Yes it was JR’s fault as well but it doesn’t excuse India. JR was not the only Lankan leader manipulated by India. Mahinda, Parabhakaran, Wigneswaran, Sirima, Ranil, Sirisena, Dudley, etc. were also manipulated. Sri Lanka is not alone. India manipulates all regional countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Burma and even China landing it in an unenviable position in South Asia.

    JR stood firm against the Soviet Union in 1984 when it threatened to censure Sri Lanka for human rights abuses though surrendered to India. In 1951 JR defied China too. Mahinda was defiant to French and British foreign ministers and later even the British PM but collapsed under Indian pressure.

    So you can see the biggest threat to Sri Lanka is India ahead of the West (India is West’s only nuclear powered Asian agent), LTTE (India’s creation) and incompetent local leaders (some are India’s creation).

  20. S.Gonsal Says:

    No doubt India is THE ENEMY. But as I said earlier EXCESSIVE GREED is helping India to do what they want. So, GREED is bigger than India. GREED is not created by India. A real MAN is able to overcome personal desires to fulfil “National Desires”. ALL our politicians fail this test.

    We need a modern leader whose “desire” and motivation is to DEFEAT INDIA.
    We MUST set conditions to find this person. Defeating LTTE , even JR did, but his GREED OVERCAME his abilities as he did not to risk POWER.

    Just to start we should set the condition that POWER DEVOLUTION is the prohibited word.

  21. Christie Says:

    India? Indian Union it is and the Indian Empire. ඉන්දියාව. නැහැ දෙයියනේ ඉන්දියානු අදිරදය.

  22. Dilrook Says:

    Agree with Gonsal.

    Sinhalese are easily manipulated to vote for dirt by saying the other party is unpatriotic. That helps them forget about how unpatriotic this party is. Once a party gets the patriotic label on them, they go appointing racists like Wigneswaran and Najib to chief minister posts. Since greed is the only driving force of all Sri Lankan politicians, managing their greed is the way to get things done.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    S. Gonsal,

    Agree that Power Devolution must NOT happen.

    Also, off loading Tamil Nadu Tamils into Lanka via the so called ‘camps’ must NOT happen.

    Currently, using the Tamil Nadu camp ‘refugees’, INDIA is offloading these people into Lanka is happening with the UN giving some $160 plus per person who returns to Lanka. They are being offloaded into Lanka. There were some 60,000 persons in these camps, now climbed to a high 100,000 according to some reports. This could be an ongoing laugh at Lanka by INDIA. These are the ways INDIA uses to acquire Lanka under their total control.

    Although Tamil Nadu CM, Jayalalitha, requested that these ‘camp people’ be given INDIAN citizenship (that is where they belong), the INDIAN govt. has not done so.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ever since Colonisation, attempts to ward off/placate, some even fawning over, bargaining with, foreign countries appear to be the main item driving Leaders & Politicians in Lanka.

    Accumulating wealth (some more, some less), whilst in power is a universal trait among Politicians in almost every Democracy.

    The Business Enterprises have about 10% of project costs written in as ‘Santhosam’. That is how the world systems
    work – or rather NOT working out !

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