Govt. can amend the existing Constitution – Mahinda
Posted on September 25th, 2016

Courtesy Adaderana

September 25, 2016  11:24 am

 There is no need to draft a new Constitution, the Government can amend the existing one instead, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says.

The observation was made while speaking at an event held in Udadumbara.

I’m of the view that a new Constitution should not be drafted, instead they can add new clauses,” he added.
He also went on to say the people should be aware of certain terms that have reportedly been proposed to include which would lead to improper results.
It took over three years for Colvin R. de Silva to make amendments to the Constitution. But, they have plans to draft the new Constitution within months. This is why we have doubts. We have a right to raise concerns over this issue, if the new Constitution is eyeing to take revenge from an individual, from a nation or a religion,” said Rajapaksa.

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5 Responses to “Govt. can amend the existing Constitution – Mahinda”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree totally with Pres Mahinda Rajapakse !
    Thank you.

    * We would add that any new Clauses should REMOVE the ILLEGAL 13-A – 1987- (imposed under Duress by INDIA on the JRJ govt).

    * Activate the 6-A.

    * Officially REVOKE the vicious Vadukoddai Resolution (Eelam through Violence), of 1976.

    Till then, Sri Lanka is NOT a Democracy, waveriing, subjugated and even Fascist …..

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Sadly, Mahinda is not genuine here. He tells this to the gallery but secretly agreed with Ranil on the constitution making process. That article quoting Sunday Times was published in Lankaweb. Dinesh was with Mahinda when Ranil met them before he left for an unsuccessful visit to China.

    Allowing the foolish government do the crime and then suing it in public court is not what is needed. That is clever politics but preventing the crime is what is needed. If more federal is introduced and/or Buddhism is demoted, there is no use of changing government thereafter. The damage would be done and the new government will be unwilling or unable to change it back. Prevention is what is needed.

    OMP Bill suffered the same fate. JO had enough time to petition the Supreme Court during the time it protested. They had all the time to bring down black ties and shawls instead of petitioning court or demanding more time for debate. Disruption is not the way to get a debate. It is like a lawyer standing for a complainant physically fighting the defendant passionately blaming him of harming his client. The result will be the defendant winning the case.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    How many able political leaders have been assassinated in Sri Lanka ?

    What for, but to satisfy various power blocs outside Lanka ?

    Whatever must be done to prevent future strife, must be done, before the damage is set in place.

    ALL citizens, if true to Lanka, must participate in the process of true Democracy, safeguard Lanka and her Leaders.

    Those who do not participate or Oppose, should be labelled DESHADROHI and put in a Hall of Shame for life.

  4. S.Gonsal Says:

    This government is MORE CORRUPT than the previous one. If we rely on those who were clearly dishonest last time, next time you will get a government even more corrupt !
    We have to inflict FEAR OF FAILURE on any hopeful. Don’t say “we made a mistake” but let them say again and again ” we made big mistakes and we are SORRY.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yahp govt is encouraging the SALE of Lanka and her People to foreign sources.

    First, they engineered two Central Bank Bond scams through Exec PM elected Arjun Mahendran as Governor of the CB.
    The Exec PM was put in place illegally by the new President Sirisena ‘because the west wants it so’. This has virtually been forgotten now !
    Next, public money was spent lavishly on buying up MPs and plush trip abroad etc.
    Money scams were done fast and furious.
    Various changes, ignoring the Law of the Land, were and are being made, fast and furious – so fast that the public have had no time to react.
    Successful Public enterprises being planned to be sold off to cronies, etc. etc.

    It’s a virtual two year party for the Yahap folk, a give away of Lanka to INDIA & the west.
    Killing the country while having a Colosseum style act of murdering the Law of the Land and crushing its People.

    In addition, in the Yahap pipelines :

    – ETCA
    – sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    – 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    – New Constitution (what might that bring ?).

    Wake up, Lankans !

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