Controversial Christmas Tree Guinness Dream coming True
Posted on December 19th, 2016

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

19 December 2016

His Eminence Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith
The Archbishop’s House
Borella 00800
Colombo 08
Sri Lanka

Your Grace:

Re: Controversial Christmas Tree Guinness Dream coming True

This is my third letter on this subject and the first addressed to you.  The other two were addressed to President Maithripala Sirisena and copied to you, which I hope you have read.

O Christmas Tree…O Christmas Tree…with faithful leaves unchanging,
not only green in summer’s heat, but also winter’s snow
and sleet
O Christmas Tree…O Christmas Tree…. Sri Lankans
are into risking lives building the tallest one.
saying you represent ‘Religious Harmony’s’ call
and they are a bunch of liars all.
O Christmas Tree….O Christmas Tree….can You
imagine such foolishness”

Yesterday’s (18 Dec,) Ceylon Today news item Controversial Christmas tree Guinness dream coming True bylined by Gagani Weerakoon perhaps reveals how all this came about.  I am curious and disappointed with all who are involved in the project other than the Guinness Book Dreamers.  And chalk me down as one of the  staunch critics and annoyed about it as you are all a bunch of liars.

‘Disappointed’ was because the thematic approach of the Christmas Tree project on Religious Harmony is questionable and a lie to the public.   My question is, where the heck does Buddhism and Islam fit in to this evergreen folk tale.

Let me summarize this saga as best as I understand it.

1, Ten prime-mover truck drivers of the Colombo Port had a dream of building the world’s tallest artificial Christmas Tree. I have no qualms about it, as we live in a dreamer’s world and they are entitled to have their dream.

So they picked up a theme to make it a legit reason to be accepted to build this 325 foot tree as an island exhibit, of all places at Galle Face Green, an open space beside the Indian Ocean, exposed to strong gusting winds and cricket test-match abandoning unpredictable torrential rains.

This project leader has ignored the fact that a 50 km wind would snap branches of a tree and 100 km winds would uproot large 30 foot tall trees as it often happens in Ottawa where I live, and other parts of the Province of Ontario.

To overcome this possibility in the tall maple tree in my front garden, I got the branches braced with heavy-duty wire, so that they don’t oscillate when it’s windy and snap and fall on the house.

  1. It does seem that the lead person responsible for the project is Minister Arjuna Ranatunga who should come out clean and say that this project was purely to accomplish a Guinness Record by 10 Port workers and that he piggy-backed on it, expecting a return in favours of votes from inter-denominational voters on a lie at the next election. The Christmas Tree has nothing do with ‘Religious Harmony’.  That is a heap of dried cow dung patties, Minister Ranatunga, and you well know it.

Here is the story about the Christmas tree that you will be interested to know, and understand when I say – The Christmas Tree to bring Religious Harmony is full of Bull.

Centuries before Christ, people who worshipped nature brought evergreens into their homes during festive times as proof of continuing life.  The ancient Romans decorated evergreens with gifts and ornaments at Saturnalia, a winter festival to welcome spring and revival of nature’s fruit-bearing season.  There you are, Mr. Minister.  For Jesus sake don’t try to link Buddhism and Islam into this folk tale, as that is a lie so that you can legitimize spending all that money to build the Christmas Tree which is an exercise to create a record entered in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  1. The people have been told by the Project Leader Minister Ranatunga as well as Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that the project will cost 12 million rupees.  And you, Your Grace informed  us as that was the sum quoted to you by the Prime Minister, monies contributed by sponsors, and you felt it was OK, then.  You were a fool Your Grace.  I suppose you realize it now. As I read today (December 19) in CEYLON TODAY headlined Catholic group flays Galle Face Christmas tree Alleges Cardinal was forced to a re-think.”  Ummm….Not good is it?

I challenge all three of you that there is a hidden cost which will go into many more millions of rupees.  Such a colossal exhibit needs a maintenance budget?  What is it?  You all say that the Christmas Tree will be illuminated with 800,000 LED bulbs and decorated with two million pine cones.  What you all have not told us is whether the 800,000 bubs will be illuminated by plugging them into blades of grass (for no cost) in Galle Face Green or into electricity power producing generators which will have a cost,  and who pays the electricity bills which will cost you all more than two bags of peanuts, a tray of konde kavum, a tray of masala vade and a tray of Eid al-Fitr.  If you have a cost then let us know the amount.  I am positive that all these costs will not be included  within the Rs. 12 Million you all have told the people.

  1. What you have not told us is whether this risky project was approved by a certified structural engineer having looked into the materials that will be used on this 10 storey high Christmas Tree and approved the design for the anchoring of the Christmas Tree.  As a collapse of such a 325 foot structure is possible attributed to poor welding and weakened metal fatigue even if it is standing only for a few days.  This metal fatigue will be induced by oscillating lateral forces of strong winds which  is very possible in Galle Face Green by the  rough wave active Ocean.

And whether the Engineer had recommended the Project leader (Minister Ranatunga) that there is a need for an Insurance to take care if there are claims for injuries and deaths if unfortunately the Tree would collapse and land on  workers and tourists”.  Did you all have insurance on this project?   Well…let us know the truth.

  1. On the eventuality of such an unfortunate incident happening (which I pray and hope not), auctioning Minister Arjuna Ranatunga’s 1996 World Cup cricket bat and other World Cup paraphernalia, and the President Maithripala Sirisena’s and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe’s autographed bathing loin cloths would not bring you all enough money to pay for the  possible claim(s). As for your contrition if such an unfortunate eventuality, Your Grace, I suppose the rich Vatican will come to your help to get you out if this mess.  The 10 Guinness World Record Book Dreamers, should not be holding the buckets to get you all off  another Yahapalanaya scandal.  It was just a dream of the Port workers and their leader Minister Ranatunga approved it and turned the first sod of soil at Galle Face Green blessed by the clergy of the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islam faiths.  That was a joke, wasn’t it!

Your Grace, the time has arrived that the Yahapalanaya ‘Good Governance’ politicians stop hoodwinking the masses with their cunning in search of votes in their vindictive politics.

And as for you, Your Grace, stop getting dragged into this Yahapalanaya foolishness.  And if you do not wish to get dragged into controversies, it is time that you learn to say NO”  to such foolishness whether the request comes from an MP, or the Prime Minister or the President.  This issue has hurt you immensely,

And this is my last request to you, Your Grace, let us pray together each morning until this Christmas Tree is dismantled, that no mishap would occur that would injure, maim or kill someone, during the process of satisfying someone’s ego….someone’s Dream which has nothing to do with Religious Harmony as been promoted by the Yahapalanayoes.!

May you be well, happy and Peaceful.



Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

(A Buddhist)

14 Responses to “Controversial Christmas Tree Guinness Dream coming True”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Arjuna Ranatunga has only GCE (O) Level education. He may be a master cricketer but not by any stretch of imagination qualified to run the portfolio he is handling now – Minister of Ports and Shipping let alone to ascertain the structural feasibility of the tower of Babel (called a Christmas Tree for the benefit of the idiotic Sri Lankans) he is trying to construct at Galle Face Grounds.

    This is one of Ponil’s hare brained projects to show off to the world that Colombo is a Christian city. This is not the first time he attempted this exercise. Colombo is fast becoming an Islamic City that is the truth!

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I highly respect His Eminence Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. He once told that the Constitution should keep the prominence and importance it has given to Buddhism since we all are born and brought up with the Buddhist values.

    When he objected the construction of this Mega Christmas tree spending a huge amount of money, he told that one of the government Ministers was behind this and he does not know who he is….

    I was wondering if it can be true. I thought such a high priest will never tell a lie.
    But now I am trying to re-live the moment in which I read the news of his objection. If he knew that it was costing 12m Rupees, he would have already got the information as to who builds it as well.
    Then why he lied?
    Is it a project of the Church, carried out by Egoistic Arjuna on the advice of Run-nil and CBK??
    Where in the world you find Truck Drivers want to make a monument at the Galle face green?? Who has such big thinking?? If at all it was their dream, they would dream it to be built in a place like Peliyagoda, Kandana or more importantly,in Negombo where a big appreciation and reception can be expected.
    I can only presume two big thinking entities for this project:
    1.0 Arjuna – to win the hearts of the West
    2.0 The Church – to show more loyalty to the Vatican
    With the above assumed lie of Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, I can only think that it beats Arjuna’s ego and the originator must be Cardinal himself…
    Anything can happen under Yama Palanaya.

    Whatever it is, His Eminence Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, please kindly declare now itself that this structure is going to be dismantled after the Christmas in 2016. Otherwise our Christian / catholic brothers and sisters will account it to Buddhists, which will create a bad taste on their mouth.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    “Colombo is fast becoming an Islamic City that is the truth!” Thank you Ratnapala.. I do agree with you.

    Your comment awakened me more. My above comment was about the lie told by His Eminence Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith on the Maga Christmas tree…

    Now I think his comment on the prominence to Buddhism in the constitution has a different meaning.
    Christians / Catholics were all taken care all these years by the Buddhists. Under Buddhist flag’s protection any religion can survive and flourish. But imagine if Islam becomes the main religion of SL… the way it goes, it may happen. Then the first thing they will exercise is jihadi actions of getting rid of people belongs to other religions.. All the churches will be destroyed… no Cardinals can survive..
    Therefore they need the Buddhists to survive. They need Buddhists to protect this island for them to live in peace. They need Buddhism taking the lead in the constitution.

    How clever?? People have to be very careful.

  4. dhane Says:

    I am a Buddhist. But what I made to understand that Christians make their Christmas Tree at home Tree on 1st advent.
    That means 4 weeks before 25th December Christmas day. So what is the meaning having Rs: 12 Million cost Tallest Galle Face Green Christmas Tree with Guinness books of record opening either 22 or later. It looks this controversy tree had already created a record by last Christmas Tree to light-up just before 25th or latter. We all awaiting the outcome and Foreigners who had already arrived and living in Star Class Hotels line-up to see this Christmas Tree of Yahapalanaya foolishness.

  5. Sarath W Says:

    Now some other crook will get the idea of building the world’s largest crib near the parliament. Arujuna can be the chubby baby Jesus. My3, Ranil and Modi can be the three kings. Building near the parliament, can find enough donkeys to grace around the crib. Malcolm Ranjith can bring gift collectors to make some big bucks. After all the Catholic church will do any thing to make some money.

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    As Colombo is an Islamic City, wouldn’t the Christmas Tree helpful going against it ? Anyway, there is no other city like Negombo with so many Jesus statues. Which one is the Buddhist City ? Kandy ? Aren’t we loosing all cities faster than we think ?

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    Ways of the Catholic Church are wile and varied. Nothing happens in the higher echelons of power in Sri Lanka without the knowledge of the Catholic Church. Since the advent of the Catholic Portuguese in 1505 and the killing of King Buvaneka Bahu VII they have always have been around the hands of power determining the outcomes. They are in fact the veritable ‘palace guards’ of Sri Lanka.

    Malcolm Ranjith knows how to creep among the wood work to fool the Sinhala Buddhists and the even more idiotic Kapuralas – called the Maha Nayakes. He is the servant of the Vatican the source of much evil in the world, directing its diktats in Sri Lanka.

  8. Christie Says:

    I do not think this is something to worry about. Let us live with our Catholic relatives who have been with us all the time.

    Catholics are being challenged by other churches dominated and lead by Indian colonial parasites.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    After reading the comments, thought of adding my comments again regarding this point scoring absurd project
    by traitor arjunaya durjanaya. The pea-brained barrel man doesn’t know he has become a hate fiture in Sri Lanka
    and won’t be able secure a mps job next time round let alone becoming the president. Now we wish we never won
    the world since it gave the opportunity for the traitor durjanaya arjunaya to destroy Mother Lanka.

    Traitor arjunaya durjanaya started the project to score points from the church in order to achieve his ambition of
    becoming the president one day. But the pea-brained barrel man traitor doesn’t know he has become a hate figure
    in the country and won’t be able to even secure a mp job next time round. So the traitor idiot started the project. Of course
    traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller gives the full
    blessings. Points for durjanaya from the pathala man of course.

    Then crafty cardinal comes along and say it was a waste of money when you can use it to feed the poor. So the
    Sinhala modayas are full of praise. Arjunaya pressed the button. Stop! stop! What nice people all the Sinhala
    modayas think. Then Batalande wadakaya comes along with his catholic buddy karu paiya and say it is some
    other money. Of course this other money is different. They can’t be used for any other purpose. So the crafty
    cardinal back off. Durjanaya pressed the button. Bingo! Everybody is happy. Another nail in the Buddhist coffin.
    Whole world going to speak about it. Points galore for the church. Meanwhile Sinhala modayas including pin bath gilamin Buddhism
    destroying thibbote devidaththara are over the moon. Sri Lanka, a paradise. Fools and traitors paradise!

    Any chance the traitor arjunaya durjananya putting up a lantern to celebrate Vesak next year. No chance in hell.
    No points to gain, no point doing it!

  10. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Colombo is fast becoming a mussie city thanks to their BMWs (Baby Machine Wives). They churn out lorry loads of
    mussie babies and taking Sri Lanka down the road old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh
    malaysia and indonesia went.

    Sri Lanka Multiplying Community multiplying at an alarming rate. Tamils, catholics
    along with mussies think the common enemy is the Sinhalese Buddhist and destroy them at every opportunity.
    But these traitors won’t understand that they are all safe with Buddhists since Buddhism or Buddhists are peace-
    loving and they wouldn’t harm anybody unless they are provoked. Traitor diasporats, tamils and crafty cardinal and
    co should realise we all going to succumb to mussie baby machine onslaught soon and stop trying to destroy Sinhalese Buddhists. If you think it is all non-sense just google Buddhist heritage of those countries mentioned
    above and how Baby Machine Wives destroyed those countries within a few hundred years.

  11. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Christmas tree is a small piece of the big machine to destroy Sinhalese Buddhists by the church in Sri Lanka.
    100,000+ Sinhalese Buddhist killed, aided and abetted by the catholic run UNpatriotic party with the catholic
    tigers of tamil drelam of catholic buddy hitler mala paharan
    Buddhist jvp burnt in tyres, eyes gorged out alive by the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot
    r@nil wickramasinhalakiller’s catholic-run UNPatriotic party. That’s not all, catholic tigers of tamil drealam
    was given half the country by the traitor chief. Still did not work. So he sent the millennium city intelligent officers
    catholic tigers bullet to expedite the cause. Sinhala modayas still worship the monster. When jaathiya vinhasha
    karana party (jvp) is licking the back side of the Batalande Wadakaya what chance any Sinhalese critisise the

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya has written a great truth here :
    That is “Buddhists are peace loving and they wouldn’t harm anybody unless they are provoked”.

    Yes, this is true, by and large.
    Unfortunately, by then it is too late !

    So, what happens in such a situation ?
    OTHERS will use such kindness to multiply in whatever ways possible.
    Sooner or later, the OTHERS will be the majority and they will fight for supremacy, one way or another.
    Sinhala/Buddhists will diminish and disappear unless they protect themselves as well as patriotic others through the Law of the Land.

    Is Yahap capable and able to give such protection to Sinhala/Buddhists and others ?
    It appears that the UNP led Yahap is bending backwards for OTHERS and foreigners, at high costs to the Sinhala people !

    Sinhala people ought to have Laws in place to protect their island nation and see to it that the Laws are followed.
    Only Patriots should be tolerated in Lanka …..

    Another thought : It is far kinder to give free birth control material rather than have wars to settle problems …..

  13. RohanJay Says:

    This Christmas tree thing is a disgrace. If Arjuna Ranatunga is behind it he is a disgrace. What has he done to help poor people in Sri Lanka. This is where Premadasa was great in his day. He would direct funds to help poor people projects in Colombo and Island wide. He would never waste precious govt funds on rubbish self centred ideas like this Christmas tree. Arjuna Ranatunga was around a cricketer when premadasa was pm but obviously didn’t learn anything. He was too busy selfishly trying to be numero uno in cricket. As a politician you can’t waste on rubbish ideas like a Christmas tree in Galle face. Will this Christmas tree help the lives of any poor people in Sri Lanka I wonder. Money spent on the Christmas tree should be used in creating programs to help the least well off in society in Sri Lanka.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    I saw a news item in Adaderana that there are some 200 Pakistani Christians in the Negambo area. They had come over to Lanka about 10 yrs ago. They are without jobs and proper living quarters etc and are, so far, disappointed about life in Sri Lanka. They are asking for citizenship and also, if possible, to migrate to the west.

    Apart from asking how such Pakistani Christians got to Lanka to stay on as Refugees, wouldn’t it have been more in the Spirit of Christmas for those who are putting up the tallest X’mas Tree in the Galle Face area to spend that money to take care of these so called Christian Refugees (now that they are here) in Negambo ?

    Spending on the living people is far more meaningful than entering the Guinness Book of Records.

    A small X’mas tree with lights would be quite adequate to mark the occasion of Christmas in Colombo Galle Face Green.

    Questions to ask :

    * Just how many Refugees is Lanka going to accommodate from surrounding areas such as Tamil Nadu, Maldives, Pakistan, B’desh etc ??

    * Who accepts Sinhala Refugees in large numbers outside of Lanka ?

    * Why not put the Sinhala & Muslim people who were chased out by the LTTE back in the N&E ?

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