Tamil web media reports that four (04) Muslim Organizations have pledged support to Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and group.
Posted on January 19th, 2017

Can this be true? If so, it seems that the Sri Lanka Muslim Community has new plans for politics.

By Noor Nizam – Convener “The Muslim Voice”, January 18th., 2017

It is time up that a NEW POLITICAL FORCE that will be honest and sincere that will produce “CLEAN” and diligent Muslim Politicians to stand up and defend the Muslim Community politically and otherwise, especially from among the YOUTH, has to emerge from within the Sri Lanka Muslim Community to face any new election in the coming future. It is by only expressing and showing our political REPRESENTATIVE strength unitedly that we can gain our position as equals in the country. We can support any political party or ideology, but emerging as a NEW POLITICAL FORCE”, we will stand to gain what we are loosing with the “Yahapalana Government”. We need to think with our heads” NOT our hearts”.

Politically analyzing the Muslim Community of Sri Lanka, we may be a community of around 1.97 million persons (Ummah) by population, but as a political power, WE ARE A POWER TO OURSELVES, the political community should realize. That is the representation of our COMMUNITY and The Muslim Voice” is a VOICE from among that Community. We have a Muslim Vote bank of nearly 800,000 in the 26 districts and 9 provinces of Sri Lanka. If we are UNITED as a Muslim political Force, we can achieve what late T.B. Jaya, S.L. Naina Marikkar, Cassim Ismail, Cassim Umar, Mactan Ismail, Ash Sheik Mohamedu Fazi, S.N. Ismail, L.M. Sapur, M.K. Saldin, N.H.M. Abdul Cader, Makan Makar and A.R. Razcik (later referred to as Sir Razick Fareed) achieved during their times in Nation Building, Independence, MUSLIM-Sinhala UNITY and National/Local Politics. THIS IS WHY “THE MUSLIM VOICE” IS PRAYING IT IS TIME UP THAT A NEW POLITICAL FORCE THAT WILL BE HONEST AND SINCERE THAT WILL PRODUCE ‘CLEAN’ AND DILIGENT MUSLIM POLITICIANS TO STAND UP AND DEFEND THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY POLITICALLY AND OTHERWISE, ESPECIALLY FROM AMONG THE YOUTH/YOUNGER GENERATION HAS TO EMERGE FROM WITHIN THE SRI LANKA MUSLIM COMMUNITY TO FACE ANY NEW ELECTIONS IN THE COMING FUTURE.

If the above great Muslims Leaders would have lived today, they would have just DECLARED that what THE MUSLIM VOICE” is ADVOCATING POLITICALLY is the appropriate move for the present times and what the four (04) Muslim Organizations are doing is correct politically.  Mahinda might have been a bad example of a leader for the Muslims, between 2010 and 2015, but we cannot discard him as a political power and a National Leader. What the four (04) Muslim Organizations have decided to do is what late Muslim political leader T.B.Jaya said – DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET”, and that is most welcome. The rest we have to leave to God AllMighty Allah.

But former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should remember one thing clearly. Support of the Muslim Community is much awaited and most welcome, but Mahinda, the Joint Opposition, The Sri Lanka Podu Peramuna has to be careful about who the Muslim leaders of these groups approaching him to pledge the Muslim vote support. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should trust the humble “Muslim Ummah”, the “Poraaligal” or the “Muslim Makkal” and NOT the deceptive Muslim political leaders, Ulema and Muslim Civil Society/Community Leaders who got the best during his regime and stabbed him behind his back in the 2015 Presidential and General elections, trying to get back into Mahinda’s “rank and file” when things are not good for them in the “Yahapalana Government” now.

3 Responses to “Tamil web media reports that four (04) Muslim Organizations have pledged support to Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and group.”

  1. Kumari Says:

    I know my comments are a cry for the Sinhalese Buddhists who always get trampled by our own governments. I’m not happy when there are block votes for different communities. We need to learn to vote for any politician who will serve Sri Lankans. Also when an elected representative enters parliament they should not have a racial or even a political identity. The decisions made and laws passed in Parliament should serve all individuals equally.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    If Muslims want to be good Sri Lankan citizens who want to co-exist amicable with non-Muslim Sinhala people, why do they want to band together again as a separate religious community?

    By doing so, representing yourself and demanding benefits as a community separate from Sri Lankans in general, are you not further isolating yourself, attracting increased opposition, and resorting to communal politics that WILL PIT YOU AGAINST OTHER COMMUNITIES?

    For the Muslims, Tamils, Hindus, and Christians this is the WRONG APPROACH to progress for your communities.

    Do not DEMAND ANYTHING that EVERY Sri Lankan does not get.
    Do not DEMAND ANYTHING because you are a Muslim.
    Do DEMAND THINGS in common for ALL Sri Lankans!

    Do RESOLVE to live and behave as a Sri Lankan citizen entitled to ALL the benefits because you are citizen, but NOT because you are of a particular religion, race, language group, caste, sex and wealth class group.

    In that ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOR ALONE will you find EMPATHY & ACCEPTANCE; in ALL COMMUNAL APPROACHES you will only attract resentment and opposition from those who are not of your community.

    LEARN & RESOLVE to LIVE and PROSPER as ONE Inseparable People, in ONE Indivisible Nation, sharing ONE Indomitable National Destiny!


  3. Christie Says:

    Most of the Muslims are Sinhalese except the ones who came on the back of the British like other Indian colonial parasites.

    Indian imperialists managed to pit Sinhalese against Muslims with Bodu Bala Sena which is funded by India and Indian Colonial Parasites. Some of the money is pumped through Norway like they do all the time.

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