What did Mahinda Rajapaksa discuss with Indian PM Narendra Modi?
Posted on May 12th, 2017

Courtesy Adaderana

A hastily arranged meeting between visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa last evening (11 May) raised huge speculation within political circles in Colombo.

This was more since official from both sides had continued to maintain that Narendra Modi’s visit to Colombo had no economic or political objectives.

In the words of Taranjit Singh Sandhu, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, There are no economic or political objectives in the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Sri Lanka.” This is what he said when he met a few senior journalists in Colombo at a hotel prior to the Indian Prime Minister’s visit.

This had also been repeated by Indian authorities long before Premier Narendra Modi’s visit.

However, Members of parliament from the Joint Opposition had gone to town while claiming that the Indian Prime Minister’s visit was to sign several agreements, contrary to the claims of the Sri Lankan government.

Furthermore, MPs like Jathika Nidahas peramuna leader Wimal Weerawansa, a close confidant of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, had urged that Sri Lankans should protest against Modi’s visit and that they should hoist black flags to display their opposition.

Weerawansa who is a close ally of the Rajapaksa camp coming out with a statement of this nature raised several questions among many, since Weerawansa may have given voice to the intentions of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

With speculation thus doing the rounds, the former President was soon to clarify the statement made by Weerawansa, saying that it was not in protest of Modi. However, former President Rajapaksa also said that he would only attend the international Vesak day celebrations as it is an international event and that however he was against any kind of pacts with India that could sell the assets of the country to that country.

Meanwhile, India too confirmed that Premier Modi would make this visit purely a religious one and that he would not meet any political figures.

However, the Indian High Commission said, if at all, Modi may meet only Opposition and Tail National Alliance leader R. Sampanthan, apart from meeting President Maithripala Sirisena.

However, Ada Derana surprisingly learned last evening that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at ‘India House’, the High Commissioner’s official residence in Colombo.

Ada Derana attempted to confirm this report, it proved unsuccessful, until Indian High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu disclosed such a meeting while speaking at a media briefing late last night at the Hotel Taj Samudra at around 11.45 pm.

In his brief statement to the media, Taranjit Singh Sandhu stated that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at his own request.

Ada Derana learned that this meeting at ‘India House’ had lasted over one hour.

This prolonged meeting at ‘India House’ did delay the news conference arranged for at 10.45 pm by over one hour, and it started at 11.45 pm instead.

Meanwhile, Ada Derana also learned that former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and former foreign minister Prof. G.L. Peiris were also in the delegation that met the Indian Premier along with former President Rajapaksa.

From the Indian side, Ada Derana learns that Indian national Security Advisor Ajit Doval too had been present at this meeting along with Indian High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

When Ada Derana requested for more details, the Indian High Commissioner added that they had discussed further development ties of both countries.

Meanwhile, Ada Derana learned from sources that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had been appreciative of Indian assisted development projects in Sri Lanka.

As these new developments unfolded within the political arena, the person who was mainly critical of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka, JNP leader Wimal Weerawansa was not available for comment when Ada Derana tried to obtain his reactions regarding the former President’s meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

15 Responses to “What did Mahinda Rajapaksa discuss with Indian PM Narendra Modi?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I feel sad about MR and WW.

    Facebook is full with RIDICULE of them both. This will be REMEMBERED by the community at election time. VERY BAD decision by MR to meet MODIYA.

    On the POSITIVE SIDE thanks to WW’s early warning, MODI could NOT sign 13 agreements PLANNED to sign!! He just watched VESAK and went WITHOUT TRINCO!!

    This is what our experts have missed.

    So thank you WW. You saved SL.

    Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

  2. Senerath Says:

    Reporting from Colombo

    I feel sad for Sinhalse. There is no hope even in the horizon. There is NO ONE, none from the PIN HARAK GALA of KOTTE who can provide a leadership.

    Sinhalese shops as being closed and Tamil and Muslim businesses are thriving in Colombo. I am aware that this did not happen overnight or after 2015 loss but since 2010 it is happening. I myself compelled to eat daily from Tamil Thosai kade as my usual Sinhala own Kade (which served reasonable lunch packets from a boy from down South) is no more.

    Road are clogged with Indian 3 wheeler. Whatever remaining space is taken by little Indian junk cars and Chinese junk cars. Police are not catching any wrong doers.

    India has eaten up whole of Sri Lanka. Tigers have won the war. Country is run by crooks and the man to be blamed but expected to rescue is also having discussions with Modi yet again and very scary situation.

  3. Senerath Says:

    Modi and Rajapaksa skip politics, talk about economic cooperation in a very friendly meeting


    Colombo, May 12 (newsin.sia): In a “very friendly and cordial” half an hour’s meeting here late on Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa completely skipped politics and spoke about forging close economic relations between the two countries, a well-placed source said.

    Contrary expectations, Rajapaksa did not voice any concerns about the recent economic agreements with India which had created a political storm of sorts in the island.

    On the other hand he dwelt on the deficiencies in the economic policy of the Maithripala Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government and regretted that the projects that his government had launched were stalled. The government ought to generate “investor confidence,” he stressed.

    Rajapaksa added that he is all for economic cooperation with India.

    After the meeting Rajapaksa tweeted: “As always, a cordial meeting with PM Narendra Modi yesterday. Happy to see him in Sri Lanka for International Vesak day celebrations.”

    However, the Indian Prime Minister, being aware of the opposition to Indian aided projects, told Rajapaksa that the projects are meant to do good to Sri Lanka and assured him that India will not launch any project which is harmful to Sri Lanka.

    Curious about China’s role, Modi asked Rajapaksa, who is known to be close to China, about the controversies surrounding the China-executed projects such as Hambantota port. Rajapaksa said that the terms of an agreement on the port are still being negotiated and that he expects the Chinese to wait.

    The meeting was held at the request of Rajapaksa, the Indian High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu said.

    As soon as Modi entered the room, Rajapaksa asked if he was tired after a series of programs since he arrived in the evening. Modi smiled and replied: “When I see you, tiredness vanishes!”. That set the tone for the meeting.

    Modi then went on to ask why Rajapaksa had not come to India for talks as he had promised to do when they last met in Colombo in March 2015. Rajapaksa said that he would visit India. Sources close to the former President said that he might call on Modi the next time he goes on pilgrimage to Thirupathi or Bodh Gaya.

    Commenting on the meeting as a whole, the source said: “It looks as if Modi wants to keep up a friendship with Rajapaksa to be able to work with him if he comes back to power.”

    It is clear that Rajapaksa also wants to make up with Modi after accusing the Indian intelligence agency RAW of engineering his electoral defeat in January 2015 for getting close to China at the expense of India.

    The two leaders have indeed buried the hatchet.

    Rajapaksa had said in a recent interview that he “admires” Modi and refused to reiterate the charge against RAW saying “let bygones be bygones.”

    On Thursday, he even denied to the media that his parliamentary and political colleague, Wimal Weerawansa, had threatened to hold a black flag demonstration during Modi’s visit and said that Weerawansa’s speech had been misinterpreted.

    Rajapaksa also said that Modi’s visit “would not have a negative impact on Sri Lanka.”

    Others who were present at the meeting were Gotabaya Rajapaksa, former Defense Secretary and younger brother of Mahinda Rajapaksa, India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, India’s Foreign Secretary S.Jaishankar and the Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

    No one other than Modi and Rajapaksa spoke at the meeting as it was meant to be between the two of them only, the source said.

    (The featured image at the top is a file picture of former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa meeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi )

  4. Wetta Says:

    MR met Mody. That means Modi met MR.

    Politically immature people in SL (there is no shortage of them) jump to conclusions that if India (or RAW) worked hard to topple MR’s government, then it is wrong for MR to meet Modi. What kind of nonsense and a colourful display of political immaturity is that?

    If Mody (and his India) worked against MR, then why did Mody decided to meet MR? Why no one is questioning that? Why everyone only sees MR but not Modi in that meeting?

    This is pathetic in my view. MR is politically clever and very mature in most of his political work (except for calling elections 2 years in advance, but that also proved a point that Ranil and Sirisena’s so called Gawapalanaya is absolutely incompetent and full of fancy liers and thieves – which is better for MR anyway). Having courage to meet one’s enemy is a strength, and keeps the enemy guessing. That is a winning formula !

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Why did MODI meet MR having defeated him?

    The answer lies in MODI. Remember Jayalalitha? She campaigned AGAINST Modi’s crowd in TN and SKIPPED his swearing in. Oh BTW MR went to Modi’s swearing in!! Modi gave it back to Jayalalitha. She was imprisoned. But then a few years later she died. Guess who came to her funeral, WEPT over her carcass and called her the MOTHER OF ENDIA’S SOUTH! Modi.

    Despite MR attending Modi’s swearing in, MODI got rid of MR just one and a half years later.

    The vanquisher can choose to see the vanquished, on his terms. But don’t think the vanquisher has FORGIVEN or FORGOTTEN. He hasn’t. IF MR or GR contest again, MODI and AJIT will defeat them again.

    From what I hear from the president’s office staff is that Modi had told MR to STOP destabilizing Sirisena’s govt. or face DIRE consequences. MR has AGREED.

    Once upon a time in the island of SL lived Makothara and his nephew Chulothara. They were Naka Tamil kings of Jaffna. They BOTH claimed the THRONE and fought. One Wesak day Buddha visited them in Tamil Jaffna (Tamil DICKOYA in this case) and settled their dispute. Thereafter they BOTH offered the THRONE to Buddha. Modi in this case. There is NO comparison between a USELESS MERE MORTAL and BUDDHA. Only the STORYLINE is similar.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    That is TRUE.


    But try telling that to political henchmen! They will shoot you.

    SL needs a MILITARY-SANGHA takeover to save it. DIYAWANNA crooks have NO intention to save SL. They only want to be Modi’s favourite JANITOR. There are 4 candidates.

    Mano Gonason will be made a POWERFUL MINISTER soon and an EVEN more powerful minister in the next govt. Central province will have an ENDIAN TAMIL CM as instructed by MODI. Endian Tamil Minnal Ranga will be made a SENIOR MINISTER IF JO wins.

  7. Senerath Says:

    There are no political henchmen in Sri Lanka to argue about. Political henchmen live in their world, they don’t speak to ordinary citizens like us.

  8. Wetta Says:


    Your paragraph “Once upon a time in the island of SL lived Makothara and his nephew Chulothara. They were Naka Tamil kings of Jaffna. They BOTH claimed the THRONE and fought. One Wesak day Buddha visited them in Tamil Jaffna (Tamil DICKOYA in this case) and settled their dispute. Thereafter they BOTH offered the THRONE to Buddha. Modi in this case. There is NO comparison between a USELESS MERE MORTAL and BUDDHA. Only the STORYLINE is similar.” has many errors.

    1. “…in the island of SL” should be corrected as “in the island of Sinhale” since there was no SL before British invaders took Sinhale by force.
    2. “…lived Makothara and his nephew Chulothara” should be corrected as “lived Mahodara and his nephew Chulodara”. I know in your tamil language there are no “ha” sound and “da” sound. Therefore I sympathize when you use the next nearest sound available in Tamil to pronunce those sounds, but you have absolutely no right to change the spellings of names.
    3. “…They were Naka Tamil kings of Jaffna” must be corrected as “they were Naga tribal leaders in Dambakola Patuna”. There were no Tamils at that time anywhere in the island during Buddha’s time, and the place was not called Jaffna until British invaders took over the state of Sinhale by force. The word Naga is not a tamil word. Even King Elara was not Tamil, he was from the Chola tribe. The name Elara is not a tamil name either.
    4. “…..Buddha visited them in Tamil Jaffna” is another shameless and low class attempt for a “under the carpet” manipulation of facts. There was no Tamil Jaffna ever, not even now, and will not be in the future too. It is Dambakola Patuna of which the name was changed to yalpanem by Tamil racists who always try to steal and satisfy from others’ plates, an inherited habit in their genetics.

    I know this hard for you to digest, specially when you pretending to be something else. But your subtle and low class attempts to change the history and facts cannot be tolerated.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    There is no shameless or low class attempt to Tamilize anything. I wrote that INNOCENTLY based on what I learned at school.

    There were Tamil Buddhists in SL. Buddhism does NOT belong to Singhalese only. Actually Buddha’s first visit to SL was to Jaffna!! He visited the south only thereafter.

    We may agree to disagree on that as it has no resolution. I can INSTANTLY become popular by AGREEING with you but that is AGAINST what they taught us at primary school as I remember.

    You are CONDITIONED as a Singhalese and I’m CONDITIONED as a Tamil. Why should we blame each other over that?

    BUT we both AGREE these are SRI LANKANS of whatever ethnicity. Tamils in SL are as SRI LANKAN as Singhalese. There is NO CLASS DIFFERENCE between a Tamil and a Singhalese in SL.

    The “g” and “k” difference is English. In Singhala and Tamil the two sounds are SIMILAR.

    e.g. Singhalese say Gotabaya (same as English) and Tamils say Kothapaya.

    e.g. Sinhalese say Ganapathi and Tamils say Kanapathi.

    e.g. Singhalese say Wettasinghe and Tamils say Vaithiasingham!!

    Lets not fight over it.

  10. Senerath Says:

    Both Lorenzo and Wetta are WRONG. Buddha’s frist visit was to Mahiyangana , not to Jaffna or Dambakola Patuna.
    It was the 2nd visit he met Chulodhara and Mahodhara impossible to be Tamil (even by simple pronunciation).

    Lorenzo may have gone to school whether LTTE cadre was teaching history. Time for him to drop his education of history altogether if he is to honestly oppose LTTE.

  11. Senerath Says:

    Also it was not even in the month of Wesak but in April that the first two visits occurred.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is good that sincere and caring leaders such as Mahinda Rajapakse & Narendra Modi meet up to discuss matters of mutual interest.
    We now live in a world of grave political flux.
    Re-set buttons are being pressed ….
    Stable and sane leaders needed !

  13. Wetta Says:


    I NEVER argued or said about Buddha’s FIRST visit to Sinhale and to where in Sinhale and when. Whether it is to Dambakola patuna or Mahiyanganaya, I didn’t involve in any such debate. I was only correcting place names and spelling errors in the sentences Lorenzo wrote. I only tried to correct the spelling and other errors “as they were” in Lorenzo’s sentences. Therefore I am not sure why you said I was wrong.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Senevi for the information.

    Wetta is not wrong. She only pointed out SPELLING and OTHER errors in what I wrote.

    No. I studied under a normal teacher before I moved to Colombo and Singhala medium!! You have to READ what TAMIL history books say and WHAT Tamil teachers ACTAULLY TEACH. Here are some more SHOCKERS.

    1. Ellalan was NOT an invader but a Tamil king from Jaffna
    2. Magha was a Tamil king
    3. Tamil kingdom in Jaffna since 13th century
    4. SL had own Cholans
    5. King Kasiappah (who built Sigiriya) was also Tamil like his brother Raman

    I understand Singhala and Tamil history BOOKS and TEACHING are different. The problem is Tamil teachers will NOT TEACH things they don’t AGREE!! You cannot point a GUN to their head and tell them to teach the govt. version.

    Hope you understand. This is a REAL PROBLEM in SL. 2 versions of history are taught by the govt. to Singhala and Tamil students!!

    I hope people can discuss this REAL PROBLEM without shooting the messenger. You CANNOT fault Tamil kids. They learn what is TAUGHT to them.

  15. Senerath Says:

    “Buddha’s frist visit was to Mahiyangana” – This is the most important message I wanted to tell you because Lorenzo said Buddha’s first visit was to Jaffna on Wesak day. I admit Wetta may not be wrong.

    I also thank Lorenzo for bringing this up, because it confirms Tamil lies killing all of us.
    Sinhalese teachers and LTTE teachers cannot teach the same thing due to obvious reasons. Teaching should be based on research and TRUTH but Tamils are born liars and simply dropping these false information is sensible to anyone who loves the country.

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