Modi subdues Sirisena and Ranil
Posted on May 16th, 2017


The threat to Sri Lanka’s existence as an independent sovereign state has increased by several manifold with hegemonic India scheming to transform the Tamil population in the hill country as an Indian diaspora.

The hegemonic India does nit want any country in the region to prosper nd want them to be dependent on them..  It wants to annex all neighbouring countries with a common border and Sri Lanka and Maldives to create their dreamland Maha Bharatan.  It was as a consequence of this vicious policy Sri Lanka suffered for 30 years from a terrorist war launched by the Indian originated,  trained and indirectly sustained  tiger terrorists. Susaained though Tamil Nadu politicians such as M.G,Ramachandran, Karunananidhi, Jayalalitha and other politicians..

India has a special interest on Sri Lanka from the ancient times and historical records indicate that there had been 17 major invasions carried out by Indians against Sri Lanka and through these invasions they destroyed historical Sinhala Buddhist sites in the North and forced Sinhala settlements to move southwards. King Raja Raja Cholan of South India captured Anuradhapura and forced King Mahinda to flee to Ruhuna and subsequently captured him and taken prisoner to India where he died.They rule the rajarata of this country for almost 75 years until they were expelled by King Wijaybahu.

In the recent time Indian attempts to subjugate Sri Lanka came in various forms. In the 70s they even had a plan to invade Sri Lanka by air and sea and establish air and sea ports in strategic locations in this country.  1983 gave a golden opportunity for them to subvert Sri Lanka by creating terrorist groups.  It is said that initially there were 35 terrorist groups and they were provided military training by Indian troops under the direction of RAW in several military camps including in far away places in North India as well.  The sufferings we endured by this Indian action continues yet and the Northern province acts like an Indian colony with treacherous politicians acting like Indian stooges.

It was India’s RAW that was instrumental in toppling the Rajapksa government in collaboration with the Western imperialist espionage agencies as CIA and M16 and the Tamil diaspora.  These evil trio (CIA, M16 and RAW) wanted to establish a puppet regime in Sri Lanka and thereby prevent Chinese influence in the country.

Following the establishment of the puppet regime Indian illegal immigration is reported to have increased considerably in the North with Grama Sevakas providing all registration facilities.  They have been provided with Sri Lankan passports as well. This will drastically affect the voters list and in addition to this the puppet regime has brought in a parliament Act to grant voting rights to the Tamils of North and East who have migrated to and resident in overseas countries.

The treacherous Prime Minister has in the meantime openly called for Sri Lanka’s economy to be linked with five South Indian states including Tamil Nadu, and he is giving India a large foothold in Trincomalee and the island’s North in general, through highway building incluing the building of the Hanuman Bridge and economic projects. He is also hell-bent on signing ETCA which will allow greater penetration of the whole Sri Lankan economy by India. Soon there will be a flood of half baked doctors, dentists, other professionals, three wheel drivers, barbers and even hospitality aides from red light streets.

With all adversities hanging on our head from the Hegemonic India the Eunuch Sirisena announced that the Indian Prime Minister will be coming to Sri Lanka as the Chief Guest to inaugurate the UN sponsored International Wesak Festival.  He said that it was a purely a cultural visit related to Wesak.  However the moyove of the Modi’s visit was entirely different and he considered it as a golden opportunity to carry forward their determined plan to subjugate Sri Lanka.  There were many criticisms, condemnations,. and comments about this visit and I prefer to annex below the translated version of the beautiful explanation given by the leader of the Pivithueu Hela Urumaya Parliamentaruian Mr. Udaya Gammanpila in this connetion.


Narendra Modi threatens Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

Given below is what was said by the leader of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila at a media conference at his party Headquarters.

Modi is a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. 

The leaders of the government told us that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be coming to this country only as the chief guest of the International Wesak Festival, They said that it was purely a cultural visit and not a political visit. But when we look at Modi’s acts and utterances it does not look like that.  If he was the chief guest of the International Wesak Festival he should have talked about the wesak festival and the Unitd Nations and not about Indo-Lanka relations. But what he delivered was a speech at an Indo-Lanka bilateral meeting.   I will present some important portions from his speech.

He said We believe that free flow of trade, investments, technology and ideas across our borders will be to our mutual benefit”.

He indirectly implies here about ECTA.

Then he said”Whether it is on land or in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the security of our societies is indivisible.”

What does he says here? What you are doing is having an impact on our security.  Therefore we cannot allow you to act on your own.  Isn’t this a threat posed to our sovereignty?

Then he said: In infrastructure and connectivity, transport and energy, we are poised to scale up our co-operation.”

What is he saying here? Infrastructure, connectivity and transport – Isn’t it the same thing said jubilantly by the Indian Minister of Highways Nitin Gadkar about the Hanuman bridge. 

We thank the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi for telling the truth that is being hidden by our government leaders. 

We must also something about the speech made by Mr. Modi at Dickoya by keeping President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe on both sides. 

He said that Will implement the Ambulance Service now being operated only in the Western and Southern Provinces to cover all parts of the country.  Will construct 10,000 new houses in the Estates”

What is the authority he has to take decisions about Sri Lanka? .He spoke like that Sri Lanka is a new State amalgamated with India. He spoke thinking like the one on the right side was the new Lanka State’s Governor Sirisena and on the left side was the Chief Minister of the Lanka State Wickremasinghe.

This is neither a joke nor a dream. A thing that actually happened in Dickoya.  A thing what we have to say with much sadness is that Modi’s  visit confirmed without any doubt that India has made Sri Lanka as one of their semi colony. 


As Mr. Gammanpila explained the Indian origin Tamils calling themselves as IOTsenvisage to have 14 parliamentary seats in the next general election and they are reported to be making all clandestine activitiesto achieve this objectives.  They will only stop these efforts only after achieving Malainadu State with the fullest collaboration of India.

See for further details of this Malainadu State threat in my article published in ‘’ dated  on 19th April, 2017 under the title : Malai Nadu State – the new threat to Sri Lank’s Unitary Status


5 Responses to “Modi subdues Sirisena and Ranil”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    …and MR and GR.

    MODI subdued ALL SL political party leaders except JVP and SLMC.

    For them Modi was like POPE.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Nizam you and others like Shenali,Dilrook, Charles and others always show the danger to our Motherland from our enemies within and outside but this Yamapalanaya government damn care about it because they damn care about the people or the country of ours. This is the problem we are facing today. Our people are suffering in every way but do they care about it? Do they stop buying luxury cars for themselves? Will they stop going around the world to enjoy with their kith and kin like today? Will they raise their own salaries like they were now if they care about us or the country? Will they keep their mouth shut when people like Shivalingam said not to come to Jaffna to our own president during their genocide week? What kind of a government is this? Aren’t we scared about our future? Indian troops, helicopters,war ships coming to our shores like no other time. What is happening to our once peaceful country with this team of yamaballo? For god’s sake I urged MR and his team to do more on behalf of the people and the country and rally unitedly to save our motherland from these vicious traitors in the Yamapalanaya government. Nizam take your message to the ordinary people in this country thru some means for them to get a better picture of the situation in this country. I ask every patriot to do that because news papers and TV channels not giving the truth to the people they are all under this evil government of Yamapalanaya. Hell with traitors.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    I have a strong feeling that 1983 Black July was a RAW plot to gather Tamil youths and align against Sinhelas.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    A good summary about INDIAN action on Lanka by Mr Nizam, for which we thank him.


    1983 Riots were trumped up. In the ealry 1980’s, J.N. Dixit, the Indian Envoy at that time in Lanka, was called the ‘Vice Roy of Sri Lanka’ , such was his hold on the JRJ Govt. Dixit, a Chennai born Catholic, was very powerful in Lanka, and ‘called the shots’ through threat of invasion.
    The 1983 Riots were filmed and shown in London, Paris & Bonn (Germany) by the three Tamil Ambassadors there at that time.

    Even at this late stage, Lanka’s PATRIOTS should learn the truth.

    The 1983 Riots saw nearly a million Tamils go as REFUGEES to the West, to form the Tamil Diaspora. There was no other way for Refugees to to west, other than as Refugees, a way to enter the west, an arrangement made after WW II. That is why Rioting must never be allowed in Lanka – it is generally a trumped up affair to go west as Refugees. I doubt if the west would, in present times, welcome such a move ….. so the push for Tamil Eelam by Tamil leaders ?

    All these actions by Tamil leaders were mainly due to Tamil Caste Wars & earlier Cold War politics, tied together.

    Two other points we would like to make :

    #1. Children born in the the so called Refugee Camps in Tamil Nadu are designated as Sri Lankan. Legally speaking, they ought to be INDIAN, as they are born on INDIAN soil. But as matters stand, there is an ongoing vast supply of Sri Lanka Refugees in Tamil Nadu ! There are also many, many thousands of ILLEGAL Tamil migrants from Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka. The supply of Tamil folk from TN seems endless ! The TN politicos have tried to have the Indian Govt give citizenship to the Camp Tamils, but nothing has happened, so far. Poor Tamils are unwanted by INDIA, in their own Tamil Nadu, their own Tamil State ?

    #2. The other factor to harrass Lanka endlessly is the Fisheries issue with TN fishermen poaching in Lanka sea waters. INDIA does not seem to want to end this problem either ?

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    I have a strong feeling that 1983 Black July was a RAW plot to gather Tamil youths and align against Sinhelas.

    My Sinhela sakodaraya
    Who trained & airms We-Tamils ? Who stopped whole world on May 2009 ? so on…..

    Have We Sinhalese & Tamils learned any thing since Elra (EEla Raja) time to VP time or at least now ? NO

    Modaya & Sakkiliya Our Mother Lanka is kaput Now !!!!

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