DONATIONS FOR FLOOD RELIEF IN SRI LANKA – A PARTNERSHIP WITH ARPICO – Online donations to a central distribution location
Posted on May 30th, 2017

Anjalika Silva

We are monitoring the ground situation in Sri Lanka. Sources on the ground have informed us that the immediate need is nonperishable packaged food for immediate consumption.  When flood waters recede and the displaced are housed in camps, there will be a future need for dry rations. Donors can choose to provide what they choose through the Arpico site with online ordering.  They need all basic items for survival.

Arpico, has provided 7 categories of care packages ranging from $15 to $99 for donors to choose and order online. These care packages consist of essential items that will be needed by those displaced.   In addition, donors can choose to donate whatever they wish  from the range of items available on the eCommerce site  All donations will be delivered free.  Deliveries can be made to individual organizations known to donors or to a central collection location handled by Professional and Intellectual Women’s Association. The address for deliveries is No. 1, Byrde Place, Kirullapone, Colombo.5.

(pay attention to the https:// secure site and spelling of arpicosupercentre)

  • Click on Flood victims to view care packages.

  • To order click on the blue price tag.
  • To register, click on Home” and register to log in.
  • Please note that the https:// denotes a secure site for credit card payments.
  • Donors who do not have contacts for delivery in Sri Lanka can use the organization below.  The address as:

Sharmila Gonawala under the name of recipient.  The distribution/delivery address is

Professional and Intellectual Women’s Association, No. 1 Byrde Place, Kirulopane in Colombo 5,

  • This organization has agreed to be the collection point and contact to handle distribution to the victims.


  1. Donors will be required to register and use a password for your account.  Please note this for tracking.
  2. Overseas addresses and telephone numbers can be entered in your registration (e.g. +1 202-1234-5678)
  3. Overseas customers are not required to provide Passport and NIC information
  4. If your credit card sends an alert and doesn’t recognize the overseas payment, you may receive an email to authorize your payment.  OR you can call and inform your credit card company that you will be making an overseas transaction.   Your debit will show as ARPICO ECOM.

This eCommerce site is also available to anyone ordering items for family, or friends, private charities or for any other purpose by registering as a customer.  Please take advantage of this to donate or for private orders to your family and friends.  More items will be added in the future.

For issues and questions, please contact:

Anjalika Silva – USA

For website related issues, you will be referred to the web development professionals at Arpico.

Anjalika Silva

490 Whetstone Glen Street

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

3 Responses to “DONATIONS FOR FLOOD RELIEF IN SRI LANKA – A PARTNERSHIP WITH ARPICO – Online donations to a central distribution location”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Anjalika! Well done!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Anjalika.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    A very large number of families in Sri Lanka have lost everything in the floods. They have lost their homes, all of their possessions including furniture, clothes, cooking equipment, and the books and schola supplies essential to the continued education of their children.

    While the GOVERNMENT will help each family in the FULLNESS of TIME, the NEEDS are URGENT. They need HELP NOW and CANNOT WAIT until the slow wheels of government machinery unstick itself and begins to function. Each affected-family needs FOCUSED CONTINUOUS HELP NOW!

    I think it would be a good idea for GENEROUS WELL-TO-DO SPONSORING FAMILIES in Sri Lanka to ADOPT one or more FLOOD-AFFECTED-FAMILIES in Sri Lanka, and help them RECOVER from this MONUMENTAL DISASTER.

    Such helping families can maintain a focused level of help thst would be impossible to achieve by an impersonal government bureaucracy.

    I propose that an organization such as the YMBA in collaboration with Buddhist Temples that know both the well-to-do people and those needing assistance in each community should do this in collaboration with the media organizations that gave already done yeomen service such as Manusath Derana, Sirasa and Hiru TV.

    Once such an organization is quickly setup, the first step should be to CREATE A LIST of the participating Temples, and make a PUBLIC MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT for SPONSORING FAMILIES to volunteer and sign up to adopt flood-affected families in their neighborhoods. Then, each SPONSORING FAMILY can be paired with specific FLOOD-AFFECTED- FAMILY thus avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort while assuring that those in need get the needed help.

    I am convinced that such a API-WENUWEN-API PROGRAM would be the VERY BEST WAY to ensure that no family in need is left behind without SOME HELP and SOMEONE to turn to in their hour of need.

    I plan to do this by myself in collaboration with one or more Buddhist Temples in Sri Lanka in the immediate future, irrespective of whether this suggestion is implemented by others.

    However, a SYSTEMATIC Natiowide Program is what is really needed. Once established, it could become a MODEL for coping with FUTURE DISASTERS.

    I also believe that this would be GREAT WAY to promote the UNITY of our NATION and ALL OF OUR PEOPLE leveraging the unfortunate pain and suffering this flood has caused, at a time when the common people are feeling ABANDONED by a PROFLIGATE and UNCARING government.

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