UN’s Sooka attacks Shavendra, GR and 58 Div …seeks explanation how Coca Cola backed SLA event
Posted on November 9th, 2017

The military yesterday expressed shock and dismay at South African member of UNSG’s Panel of Experts (PoE) Yasmin Sooka calling the wartime General Officer Commanding (GoC) of the celebrated 58 Division Maj. Gen Shavendra Silva a notorious war criminal.

The PoE comprised former Attorney General of Indonesia Marzuki Darusman, Steven Ratner of the US and Sooka.

The military pointed out that such statement by a member of high profile UN team was part of their overall project meant to force implementation of Geneva Resolution 30/1 co-sponsored by Sri Lanka in Oct 2015.

The 58 Division marched from northwestern Mannar to the final battlegrounds across the Vanni and was credited with causing maximum losses on the enemy.



In a letter to Coca Cola Company, Sooka, in her present capacity as the Executive Director, International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) criticized the US multinational for sponsoring Gajaba Supercoss 2017 held at Saliyapura, Anuradhapura in August.

Maj Gen. Silva, the current Adjutant General is the Colonel Commandant of the Gajaba Regiment.

Sooka faulted Coca Cola for supporting the event organised by the Gajaba Regiment, accusing it of being responsible for war crimes and human rights violations over the past several decades. Citing the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka, Sooka sought an explanation from Coca Cola as to how the company financed an event organised by former GoC of the 58 Division blamed for war crimes.

The military pointed out those who had spearheaded the war against the LTTE and front line fighting formations were being relentlessly pursued on the basis of unsubstantiated UN allegations not proved in a court of law. Sources pointed out that POE report had been recently challenged in House of Lords and Geneva urged to revise the much touted Vanni death toll from 40,000 to 8,000.

Sources said so far the UN hadn’t disputed the claim made by Lord Naseby that of the 8,000 one fourth were LTTE cadres.

Sources pointed out that Sooka in an obvious bid to appease her sponsors had demanded Coca Cola to cease involvement with those SLA formations and officers allegedly implicated in war crimes, take disciplinary action against those responsible for the sponsorship and apologize to people affected by SLA actions during the conflict.

Earlier Australia denied Maj. Gen. Chagi Gallage also of the Gajaba Regiment a visa over UN allegations.

6 Responses to “UN’s Sooka attacks Shavendra, GR and 58 Div …seeks explanation how Coca Cola backed SLA event”

  1. helaya Says:

    Suka is dancing to LTTE tune. Well doen Coca Cola. Do not worry about this stupid woman. Now UN going to interfere with world business. UN should be abolished. It is helping world conflicts.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Unless and until Sri Lanka has a matching bargaining tool, these clowns will keep hounding. Sri Lanka must retaliate by initiating an investigation into the conduct of the LTTE, Tamil political parties, Tamil civilians, Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Nadu, India and western governments in doing/supporting/will disregard of support for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

    This will silence them.

    A small correction. 57 Division takes credit for causing maximum losses on the enemy, not 58. General Jagath Dias was leading the 57 division.

    Sooka is an Indian in South Africa.

  3. Nimal Says:

    He commanded the 57th division and the people here thinks he did a splendid job, he seems to have followed the rules of engagement by the required military standards.
    This type of attacks on the country on it’s true heroes will go on as long as we detach our selves from the people that rule the world like US.
    Playing with the main religion,dragging the unknown history of ours and even wearing the national ambude to deceive oneself but not the outsiders who are not impressed. We must try to be in line with them or we will become easy targets to international predators.
    Just look at China where they live and dress in line with the most impotent nations and only our politicians like Weerawansa who went to China wearing a silly Chinese dress while his Chinese counterpart wore the suit in line with the modern age.One could notice, if they care to notice that if we are in these western countries one could be marginalized and even bullied by one own colleagues if one act different to them. If you eat, drink,dress like them and even speak and behave(to some extent),they will be with you and be your mates forever. I brought my son in the proper way to live in this country where during our absence his police colleagues arranged every bit of his wedding which impressed the only Sri Lankan who was the photographer. My wife was ill in SL and came straight to the wedding from the flight.
    They way we are going our countries are venerable. Follow examples of Singapore,China,S.Korea and now Qatar(still a long way to go).Iran is very venerable for their stupidity.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka should have a PERMANENT EXHIBITION showing LTTE Crimes of nearly 30 yrs Against the People of Lanka.
    Ms , Darushman etc ought to be invited to view the Exhibition.
    They ought to be presented with a FACT SHEET of what happened, figures of dead over the many years, both Sinhala & Tamil, Funds & Property lost, Reputation lost, etc.

    At present, the PoE & some in the Sri Lanka Yahap govt behave as though the People of Lanka are at fault for the Crimes committed by the LTTE ….

    What really happened ?

    After Colonisation, Tamil people gained high positions in the colonial govts.
    After Independence, Tamil leaders of those times wanted to claim separate areas for Tamils only, in spite of CASTE differences among Tamils.
    The LTTE was encouraged by earlier Tamil leaders who started the claim for a Separate State for Tamils (Eelam) in Lanka.
    The thinking probably was/is : Claim for Eelam would erase CASTE differences in the Common Quest for Eelam.
    The then Tamil leaders’ Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 openly encouraged Eelam through Violence.
    In Cold War times, INDIA pushed it further by training the LTTE in Tamil Nadu in the early 1980s, when Lanka had pro-west JRJ govt.
    INDIA next forcefully imposed the most divisive 13-A on Lanka during the pro-west JRJ govt. during Cold War times in 1987.
    The trumped up 1983 Riots, enabling nearly a million Tamils to go west as refugees – there was no other way to go west.
    Next, in 1989, the IPKF was sent to Lanka to presumably fight the LTTE – and Lanka put the ruthless LTTE in front to fight them, presumably because it was basically the IPKF vs the LTTE.
    All this was probably done by INDIA to stop earlier breakaway Tamil from joining up with any Eelam formed in Lanka.
    INDIA next lost their PM Rajiv Gandhi to the LTTE killers in 1991.

    The UN and other international bodies did NOT come to Lanka’s aid through all these troubles. The losses during those years were high,
    In lives, funds and property, as well as reputation abroad, as the Tamil Diaspora spread lies abroad, alongside cheat & deceit.

    What can Sri Lanka to do to protect the Country & the People when large neighboring country INDIA constantly imposes her will on Lanka when Cold War type conditions prevail ?

    How can lost Trust be recovered, between communities & countries are constantly manipulated ?

    Lanka is geographically FIXED, and so is INDIA. We have to get along respecting each country’s needs.

    The UN should protect smaller and helpless member countries, not encourage downright bullying of small countries by larger neighbors members or anyone else.

    Comments welcome.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    correction : How can lost Trust be recovered between communities and countries which are constantly manipulated by outside elements and Cold War type conditions which bring in FEAR and allows heightened LAWLESSNESS & GREED to prevail ?

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    This unashamed woman Sooka’s reports and statements are always favourable to the War crimes committed LTTE and a slur on the patriotic Sri Lankan security forces that made so much sacrifice to liberate the citizens, especially the Tamil hostages of the LTTE.
    Fabricating reports and lying is an industry today and I believe Sooka is part of that industry. If we watch the lies being fabricated about President Trump of USA, a powerful man, then, slandering anyone else is not a difficult task. We cant stop them but we must continue to expose their disgraceful conduct.
    However, it is pathetic to hear Western Nations like Australia, Canada, UK, USA etc have blindly believed these false allegations and have acted against these innocent soldiers. I hope Coca Cola management wont get scared of this woman and instead listen to respectable person’s like Lord Naseby and continue to support our honourable and brave men who protected SriLanka from LTTE terrorists.
    Shame on you Sooka.

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