Sinhala  Buddhists have to re-assert Sinhala Buddhist Rights and Priviledges.
Posted on November 14th, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

Let any one call the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka  Sinhala Chauvinists, racists or nationalists. The Sinhala should openly show their pride of being Sinhala, and should not hesitate to rise to defend their rights and priviledges as the people of their Island home.

The time has come for the Sinhala to shout loud  to drown the dissenting voices and assert our Sinhala Buddhist rights.

If any one is to write a Constitution to Sri Lanka it is the right of the Sinhala still a majority in the country to do so, and no one besides them has the right to say how it is to be written and what it should contain.

The whole Island from north to South and West to East belong to the Sinhala Buddhists and those Tamils and Muslims who the Sinhala have accepted as their fellow citizens.

For over 500 years the Sinhala Buddhist voice was  silenced by the advent of Colonialism. Our spiritual philosophy the Buddhism by far the greatest of all religions and religious philosophies, was pushed behind into the shadows of foreign religions invented by foreign conquerors for  political purposes to allow them to rule over conquered  people with guns and soldiers, legend and myth, and angels  and demons.

Hinduism is an old philosophy, but its spirituality had been mutilated  with idols of gods of human form and animal heads, multitude of arms and heads, and  male Lingam washed in milk, and bloody sacrifice of harmless animals to keep  the poor Tamils bound to the religion  through fear, and temptation for  rewards for macabre forms of worship.

The Bibles and the Testament are by those who have not seen the God, but said by the seventy odd prophets in the Bible to have only heard His voice.

Buddhism is a philosophy founded by a man who developed the mind to find a teaching to liberate all beings, human and animal from suffering , spread a teaching of universal love , compassion and peace to the world.

This civilised Sinhala  culture  based on the teachings of the Compassionate Buddha was drowned in the muddy waters of a strange  civilisation introduced through Christian missionaries who followed the conquerors with their guns.

It was only in 1956 that a revival of the Sinhala Buddhist culture was attempted by a brave man -SWRD Bandaranayake, but unfortunately the Indian Tamils who by then had become Sri Lanka Tamils called him a Nationalist, racist  and a Sinhala chauvinist, and all his good intention to create a one nation of Sri Lankans speaking the same language, singing the same national anthem, in the shade of one flag was dissipated  in the wake of the demoniac racist call for fifty- fifty and a federal constitution.

The Indian Tamils of Chola and Pandiyan origin won the day sounding the death knell of a Sinhala Buddhist emancipation.

The Independence of 1948 again buried the Sinhala Buddhist culture in the  mixture of an Indian Tamil race defined as  a Sri Lankan Tamil minority . For over 2500 years despite  the later mixture of the Indian Tamils of Chola and Pandiya dynasties, this Land remains largely the land  of the Sinhala Buddhists.

Since the first Tamil incursions into Sri Lanka to kill, plunder and ransack our country, Sri Lanka had been a doomed country.

The Buddhist culture had made Sinhala people tolerant, generous  and benign. The Tamils benefitted from this Sinhala National characteristic, but their political motivated leaders-the Tamil Politicians, put to test this  tolerant  Sinhala characteristic to demand equal rights and more political power in areas where they had settled down in large numbers.

The lethargy of successive Sinhala governments, giving into every demands made by the Tamil Politicians, made the Tamil politicians believe that the Sinhala were naïve and stupid( modayas). This culminated in a thirty years of terrorism by the Tamils to advance their demand for a separate Eelam State.

In this thirty year war of terrorism the people who suffered most were the thousands of innocent Tamil civilians, old and young men,  women, and children. They  were reduced to utter poverty, suffering  with no proper food to eat, dress to wear, without proper sanitary conditions,  forcefully driven like  cattle from place to place to be the human shields of the Tamil terrorists against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces on the other hand  made great effort to end terrorism with least damage to civilians  whose lives were being held to ransom by the Tamil terrorists making of them  a human shield to protect them-selves.

Today the voice of those Tamils who suffered as a human shield of the terrorists, is not heard,  drowned by the loud voices of TNA politicians and the likes of Sivajilingam, Sumanthiran, Wigneswaran,  calling for devolution of  political power without  attending to the needs of  those Tamil civilians.

These Tamil civilians who really suffered under Tamil terrorism, continue to live with their psychological wounds and traumatism caused by the Tamil terrorists, which the Sinhala Soldiers greatly assuaged through their kind attention and helping the exodus of these poor civilians kept as captives by the Tamil terrorists who were using them as a human shield.

Hypocrisy of the USA , the West , the EU and the UN has not helped post-terrorist  Sri Lanka to settle disputes amoung Communities, create Communal unity , and establish permanent peace and security despite the suffering the people of  all Communities went through during the ruthless Tamil terrorism.

Today,  these  hypocrite, arrogant West are planning to divide Sri Lanka between Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims forcing the government to write a federal Constitution,  because a separated, weakened Sri Lanka is what they want to checkmate Chinese and Russian influence in the southern seas.

The change of regime in 2015,  actively supported by the Foreign forces, and the setting up of a UNP- and the right wing SLFP regime misnamed Yahapalanaya,  have only made matters worse. The development of the country economically, socially, and culturally has been bought to a standstill without  a definite plan for the  development of the country.

The Communities have been broken up and the Tamil Politicians and Tamil separatist movements have been encouraged  by the Western Forces, to make continuous  separatist demands, and the Government is being forced to give more and more political concessions to Tamil politicians  for a pseudo reconciliation with the Tamil Community giving them an advantage over the Sinhala majority Community for an eventual  setting up of a separatist  Tamil Eelam State.

The initiative taken by the so called Yahapalanaya Government to write a new Constitution to Sri Lanka would irreparably distort the sovereignty of Sri Lanka making it lose the Constitutional  protection provided to Buddhist religion, which is Sri Lanka’s  national identity.

The Tamil politicians taking advantage of the weakness of the Yahapalanay government and the allegiance of the Chandrika- Sirisena-Ranil trio of the Yahapalanaya  to the West are moving to destroy the hard won  rights and priviledges of the Sinhala Majority Community initiated by SWRD Bandaranayake with his  political vision of a united country,  giving  power to the five forces-sanga, guru, veda, govi, kamkaru, of which the country is comprised.

In the past we had our great patriotic leaders like H L.Mettananada, P de S. Kularatne , Dr.Malalasekar, Venerable Henpitagedara Gnanaseeha Maha thero , Venerable Madihe Pannasiha Maha thero and so on to fight for the revival of Sinhala Buddhist Culture.

They organised the Buddhist National Movement to fight against the enemies of  Buddhism.

But today the Sinhala Buddhists have failed to build a sufficiently large and forceful Buddhist revival group. The Bodu Bala Sena was in a way such an effort to revive the Buddhist National Movement which has been discouraged in the farce of reconciliation”- a curse upon Sri Lanka.

Today anti Sri Lanka forces are harnessing the Sinhala writers,  academicians, and others under a shower of NGO freely distributed American dollars –a weapon of mass destruction,   to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist National Heritage in Sri Lanka.

Are we to watch this disaster taking place before our eyes doing nothing for fear of being called Sinhala Chauvinists, Nationalist or Racists, remaining  mere spectators  watching Sri Lanka this country of the Sinhala Buddhists sinking like a Titanic into a sea of political disaster ?

2 Responses to “Sinhala  Buddhists have to re-assert Sinhala Buddhist Rights and Priviledges.”

  1. Senerath Says:

    Dear Charles,
    We do not have ANY leader who prefers to even LIMIT the PERSONAL GREED for the welfare of the poor citizens of the country.
    Buddhsim is design to reduce the GREED gradually. It should be started with PERSONAL GREED before even start talking or giving lectures. Who is willing to give up the CAR PERMIT as a starting point ?
    People cannot do BIG SACRIFICES without having a courage to give up little things.

    We have the ‘Politician Primary School’ called ‘Pradeshiya Sabhas’. How many Buddhist (like people I mentioned) go to that scool ? NONE.
    Then we have ‘Politician Secondary’ school called ‘ Pallath Sabhas’ followed by University called ‘Parliament’. Instead of ragging they are given luxary cars in the University. Have to stop all these. Only those who are ‘qualified’ should be taken to University. Those ‘Qualifications’ shall be the proven courage to go with contorlled PERSONAL GREED. Humans are different form animals because they are able to control own greed. We are not ELECTING humans. That is the basic issue here.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Another good article by Charles.

    However, nothing comes without a cost. If Sinhala Buddhists re-assert Sinhala Buddhist rights and privileges, it will be the political death knell of Rajapaksas. This is because both forces need Sinhala Buddhists but they are two different forces with different agendas. Sinhala Buddhists cannot support both. They must pick one. Rajapaksas stand for multi-faith and multi-ethnic “south” while maintaining a Tamil-only north and a Muslim dominated east. Over 166 ancient Buddhist shrines had to be disregarded, Venerable Ellawala Medhananda had to be kept out of politics so UPFA could deal with ACMC and SLMC.

    Rehabilitating these ancient Buddhist shrines in the north and east leads to trouble, possible violence and a massive political fallout. So Rajapaksa did the right thing by his position. But that was totally against Sinhala Buddhist interests.

    On the other hand, UNP that depends on minorities and Sinhala Buddhists with no sense of belonging is unaffected.

    These are the finer challenges we have to address before reasserting Sinhala Buddhist rights. Who is willing to let Rajapaksas collapse politically (unless they agree to Sinhala Buddhist rights which is extremely unlikely as they are multi-ethnic politicians though minorities don’t vote for them) in order to protect Sinhala Buddhist rights? Not many.

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