Sri Lankan Dairy Farmers Get US$21M
Posted on November 14th, 2017

Courtesy TheCattleSite News Desk

SRI LANKA – US Department of Agriculture through the Food for Progress Program announced a new US$ 21 million project to help increase the productivity of Sri Lanka’s dairy sector, and connect thousands of Sri Lankan farmers to local and regional markets, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon, Jr. said.

Mr Shannon was speaking at the US-Sri Lanka Partnership Dialogue.

“Renewing our commitment towards strengthening the bond between Sri Lanka and USA, the United States Peace Corps will work with the Sri Lankan government to return American volunteers to Sri Lanka’s English classrooms.

“As we know, English language ability opens doors to greater economic and educational opportunities, and opens a window on to a wider world. We stand ready with the talents of our best and brightest Americans in recognition of the progress Sri Lanka has made towards ensuring peace and stability for its entire people.

The United States will also offer a second US Coast Guard cutter to the Sri Lankan Navy, pending completion of Congressional notification.

“As the government of Sri Lanka moves ahead with its reforms to promote justice, accountability, reconciliation, and human rights, the United States will continue to partner with Sri Lanka to foster economic development and advance equal rights and opportunities for all persons in Sri Lanka,” Mr Shannon concluded.

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