SL Politics: genetically it is so !
Posted on November 21st, 2017

Gomin Dayasri Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Events in the public realm make politics bizarre. President Sirisena suggests Ranil Wickremesinghe should step down as Prime Minister before he gave evidence at the Bond Commission. So some newspapers report.

  • Can a 9 % minority oust the will of an 80 % majority in a North-South battle at a referendum?
  • Genuine SLFP or UNP supporters are genetically patriotic…
  • Crafty proposals to placate less and cheat more Tamils, yet UNP will find its Sinhala base drifting towards Sirisena …

Phenomenon changes. In with Ranil Wickremesinghe [RW] or Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga [CBK] – good gracious me – he is made out to be the whiz kid on the bloc! By picking him to herald a new constitution, RW has failed to learn a lesson from CBK’s failure. Like RW he presses the wrong button in reading the minds of the voting public
Genuine SLFP or UNP supporters are genetically patriotic. Not so, their opportunistic politicians – many swing between parties in search of benefits and cuckold the leadership.

Prime parties [SLFP & UNP] are deeply entrenched but the weeds from the LSSP enter the fields of the prime parties to ruin crops. They live on the reputation of such as Dr N.M.Perera and Dr. Colvin R. de Silva for sustenance.

Likewise, comfortably lodged in international NGOs, liberal Christian ideologists previously paraded the streets of western capitals screaming to ban the bomb. Bombs proliferate in the arms bazaar while the marches have dwindled to a trickle – their stalwarts are happily cushioned in extravagant chambers of international NGOs, away from it all.

How far have these white nations” helped a friendly Government in the reconciliation process? Referendum is an excuse to beat the Sinhalese and cheat the Tamils

LSSP is a mere name board party and it’s diminishing numbers seek membership to enter Parliament ahead of long standing members of the other two established parties.
One or two LSSP rebels have ruined the reputation of the UNP built on years of toil by the regular members. A divided LSSP is forever in migration, seeking to overcome winters that are year around.

Supporters of the prime parties are disenchanted with their leaders and the majority of the peace loving Sri Lankans of different denominations exercise their franchise enthusiastically, since it is freely offered, seek a peace of mind, after a ruthless war.
They rely on their judgment more than the opinions of politicians and clergy. Laity, more balanced and worldly is preferable to the clergy, pious or otherwise, of all denominations. People’s Power is distressed; will destroy fissiparous contents preventing it being re-churned, in any other form unless differently branded. Tamils should think twice as they are being taken for a ride, as they do not possess a UNP license.

Take One

Peoples’ pulses should be tested after achieving, at least a mock, reunion. Until such time, it should remain dormant. Otherwise there will a breakdown.

Now is not the time for testing tunnels – too premature until a resolute reconciliation process is undertaken.

RW still could look in the eyes of the Tamils and say I did my best for you!! Are they stupid to bite concepts impractical and unachievable at a referendum? Can a 9 % minority oust the will of an 80 % majority in a North-South battle at a referendum? Small minds cannot launch mega projects

Not so for the Sinhalese, that provided a block vote for RW to be PM. Irksome for the majority to let loose a man, to set the purported international community expand on it is theme song – North/South division is too split to bind.

How far have these white nations” helped a friendly Government in the reconciliation process? Referendum is an excuse to beat the Sinhalese and cheat the Tamils.

Tamils of Sri Lanka – less venomous compared to the diaspora – desire to live in harmony in Sri Lanka.

Referendum result will make anti-Sri Lankan forces bellow separation.

Take Two

Present Constitution contemplates a merger of the North and East after a referendum in the North – East is held approving the merger. It is well within the realm of possibility.
The contemplated referendum is island wide – more democratic as this land belongs to all”. Inhabitants in the South will vote overwhelmingly against the Referendum merger and the North may vote strongly for a merger.

UNP can watch out for a division if a free vote is provided. Defeat at the referendum will make the proposal stand rejected – an outcome obvious at present, except to the Sinhala Looney Bin makes blood curdling noises as if on the verge of defeat. A body blow for RW: More than to the UNP.

These are crafty proposals to placate less and cheat more Tamils, yet UNP will find its Sinhala base drifting towards Sirisena and gives ample ammunition for the West and its NGOs to urge a merger in view of the lop sided voting patterns at the referendum.

Undoubtedly the voting patterns in the east will be crucial to determine where the shifty Muslim vote lies presently. Not with their ethnic leaders, for sure? Will it lead to the eclipse of RW from the UNP?

Take Three

Easiest way of eliminating any doubt, if any, is to affix a sure label to the word Unitary’, to include the most deep-rooted meaning to unitary, extracting it directly from valued legal dictionaries and judgments of court, to place the issue beyond doubt.

Instead RW and his guru are taking a blinded Portuguese beyond the customary slow walk to Kotte, to the House in Diyawanna for beheading.

Their favoured word is Oramiththanadu” for unitary (Critics call it union of region” which makes it dicey)

Now we have in the proposals the word Unitary State described with three distinct and different words. Is it back to whimsical times?

Heat waves originating from the war still reverberate in the minds of a war-torn generation on both sides of the divide inclusive of participants and onlookers. Vexed problems can be solved only by a generation that did not participate in combat whether participatory or anticipatory. Economically an under-done” society cannot, provide an answer, as hunger and anger haunts in the forefront.

Economy is the key issue, stupid! Make the youth of North –South meet: ensure personal relationships grow. The value of Royal College comes to the forefront while Ananda College has produced Vickramabahu Karunaratne, D. E. W. Gunasekera, Tissa Vitharane and Chandra Jayaratne. All blend better against pan Sinhala forces showing upbringing means little.

For the Tamils, attend to their genuine grievances –not political – that need be defrosted. By introducing an impractical constitution a division is created more than unison. Assuaging grievances of Tamils, without the needed pampering will be counter – productive; not on the mend – indeed an easy to do, if good mind are at work. Easiest way of reaching the North & South is to make a run for their tummies – make it bellyful: speaking symbolically. Next generation must solve the problem amicably. Proposed constitution is dead before it is born.

Selected spokes-person by RW lacks the down to earth flexibility possessed by the iconic Dr Silva (father of the 1972 constitution) and H.L de Silva in making a constitution of 72. The present holder of the venerable title is an off- spring from the lairs of CBK. Revolving Sarath Silva praised Jayampathy Wickremaratne for his draft of 2000 [what would he now say in 2017 of JW – only Silva can craft the response?} crafted in the company of G.L. Peiris revolves around in extreme old age in search of fun LRC deprived him of.

If the 2000 bill brought CBK down: 2017 proposals will be the curtain call for RW. Don’t blame the UNP since RW did pick a man without any UNP antecedents.

Constitutional proposals are a senseless political designs that was rejected by the majority Sinhalese on its appearance; proposals will be jettisoned or run on a low profile, when it dawns on the UNP its disastrous effects, is sure to lose elections for years to come; Tamil minority will soon realize they are been cheated by the UNP on the proposals that can never be implemented. On the contrary best glue to bind the warring factions of the SLFP are the constitutional provisions – leading to the ouster of Ranil Wickremesinghe from the UNP. Bond inquiry findings will.

Add to the unpalatable broth and accelerate the process. Two together will see the decline and fall of RW.

If RW retires gracefully, has twice previously sacrificed his presidential candidature. His days are numbered. He will retire or resign, as he cannot face the blast from twin sources. It will be Mahinda Rajapaksa’s (MR) turn to shiver and for the UNP to look relieved, as MR is likely to lose to many unknown but eminent candidate from the UNP. He will try his best to retain RW, the more unpopular.

Provided the UNP’s new candidate possesses accomplishments, integrity and safeguards national interest to the maximum JO will have to look for a leader outside the present decayed troopers. Life sure will be exciting if both the main parties are in search of dynamic leaderships. A vote of thanks to the great constitutional sage for making a political upheaval and the media that created the environment to ally

Joint Opposition opposed the constitutional provisions that disturbs national interest, is the preferred option. Sirisena, having defeated a war hero and has taken over the SLFP will find it easier to usurp against an anti-war protester (RW) to take over a disturbed UNP in search of a leader. Sirisena may find himself a berth in history as slayer of two giants. He sure will acquire credit for downing RW from the anti RW forces with MR being an exception.

We are in for hilarious times.

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