Dr. Nath Amerakone, Skilled Professional Engineer, Visionary Politician, Businessman and Indefatigable Patriot, Passes Away.
Posted on November 23rd, 2017

Dr AMARAKONE MUDIYANSELAGE NATH AMARAKONE, Skilled Professional Engineer, Visionary Politician, Businessman and Indefatigable Sinhala Buddhist Patriot, expired at 4.15PM on Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017, aged 81 years.

He was a former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing, former Chairman of the State Engineering Corporation, Founder President of the Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) of Sri Lanka, General Secretary of the Eksath Sinhala Maha Sabhawa,  Head of the Sanathana Foundation, Nawinna, and a committed Philanthropist.

He was the beloved husband of Dr. Indrani Wijesinghe Amarakone, Dental Surgeon,

the beloved  brother of late Alawatugoda Saddananda Thero,  late Mr A.M.W Amarakone and late Mrs Iranganie Amarakone, Mr. A.M. Jayasinghe and Mrs Kumari Amarakone, late Mrs Balamenike Sumathipala and late Mr K.H. M. Sumathipala, Mr Sam and Mrs Srimathi Amarakone, late Mr Susil and Mrs Chandra Amarakone,  late Mrs Heenmenike Hennayaka and Mr P.B. Hennayake, Mr Saman and Mrs Samudrika Amarakone, and Mrs Chandra and Mr. Tissa Wellappilli,

the beloved brother-in-law of Dr Mahendra and Mrs Ellen Wijesinghe, USA, Mr Don Kularatne and Mrs Nimal Subasinghe of Horana, Mr Tissa and Dr Lakshmi Wijesinghe of Mt. Lavinia, Dr Ananda and Dr Mrs Ifiyenia Wijesinghe, USA, Mr Thusitha and Dr Mrs Chintha Wijesinghe, USA, and late Mr Indrasena and Mrs Lalitha Wijesinghe of Mt. Lavinia, and all of the nieces and nephews of the deceased.

His remains can be viewed after 8.00 AM at the Mahinda Funeral Parlour at 591 Galle Road, Mt. Lavinia on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, November 2017. Pansacula  ceremony at the Mahinda Funeral Parlour will be held at 8.00AM on Saturday 25th, November 2017 and Cremation at the Mt. Lavinia Crematorium at 10.00 AM on Saturday, 25th November 2017.

While we, his family, his friends and his co-workers mourn our inestimable loss, we invite all to celebrate the remarkable life and achievements of this patriotic Son of Lanka who has given his all to protect and foster his Motherland and his People.

May he attain Nibbana!

8 Responses to “Dr. Nath Amerakone, Skilled Professional Engineer, Visionary Politician, Businessman and Indefatigable Patriot, Passes Away.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    A sad day for the nation. He was an indefatigable patriot. Sri Lankans are thankful for his work.

    May he attain Nibbana!

  2. Chanaka B Says:

    Deepest sympathies to the family.

    Nath was a close friend.

    A highly outspoken, very brave, courageous man. A diehard patriot.

    Great loss to the Sinhalese.

    May he attain Nibbana!


    As the first permanent employee of Ceylon Steel Corporation, I had the honour of meeting Dr Nath Amarakoon of State Engineering Corporation, the state corporation formed for the purpose of undertaking designing, construction and commissioning of Steel Factory ( 320 acres) at Oruwela and Tyre project at Kelaniya. It was Dr Nath and A N S KULASINGHE, Chairman of SEC predominantly worked together with Mr Babin – Chief Consultant from USSR, Dr Nath worked extremely hard on both projects, at least 18 hrs a day for 7 days. From Aturugiriya to Oruwela was about 2 km, no proper road, no bus service. We get off at Aturugiriya Junction and walk to Steel, 7 days a week. Dr Nath was a champion, understood Mr Kulasinghe’s vision. Both Tyre and Steel were under the Chairmanship of Mr Charlie Abeysekera, with the Steel Board consisting Mr P P MANICKAM, Dr P P G L Siriwardene, ANSK, KKYW Perera, SW Pieris. Steel was also lucky to have a great General Manager, Mr PANCHANATHAM PILLAI MANIKAM, seconded from Ministry of Industries, NICK NAMED AT THE MINISTRY AS “YAKADAYA- THE IRON MAN” EVEN BEFORE HE WAS PUT IN CHARGE OF STEEL. Equally without Mr Manikam, there would have been no Steel Corporation, for many more years. He worked 7 days a week, driving in his very old Volkswagen 8429, Manickam and I placed the pegs for the Rolling Mills foundation, in the midst of Oruwela Jungle, with a Lanu Kerella. It was hilarious. The GM Mr Manickam’s salary was Rs 616,pm inclusive of all allowances, whereas his subordinates drew as much as double pay. The Greats Like Dr Nath, Kulasinghe, Manickam were the pioneers of Industrial Development of major capital projects in Sri Lanka, at the courtesy of Socialist Countries.
    Working with Russians were not an easy task. State Engineering Corporation was not incorporated with a Capital, Steel and Tyre Corporations provided the first cash injection to open their Accounts, with Rs100,000 each.
    Dr Nath spoke Sinhala very well, sitting next to him, you will not realize that this was DR NATH. He was so non-assuming, kept working with minimum facilities, but with devotion and love for the job.

    This is a great loss for the Country. Oba Thumata Niwan Sepa Lebewa.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    The Greats Like Dr Nath, Kulasinghe, Manickam were the pioneers of Industrial Development of major capital projects in Sri Lanka, at the courtesy of Socialist Countries. !!!
    DR M D P DISSANAYAKE Thank you for Info about Socialist Mother Lanka’s Golden Days !


  5. Senerath Says:

    My deepest condolences to our fellow commentator who lost a close relative. We too are with you at this sad moment. May Naath attain Nibbana regardless of his religion.

  6. aloy Says:

    Dr. Nath was the head of R&D section of SEC during my time there from late 60s to 1970 and as chairman from then to 1975. He was a hard working person and speak fluently both in Sinhala and English and was able to drive home his point of view. How ever he couldn’t do much after he became Perm Sec as the communist party got hold of the system when they came to power in 1970. It was an utter failure, when they tried to implement AR & FR to the letter using men from civil service.
    The names mentioned in Dr. MDP’s comment above are familiar to me as I too worked as an Industrial Trainee in two occasions at Oruwela Steel mill during its constructions. Some engineers who retired as professors and other professionals also got training there. Good to know that Dr. Nath was there as well. Also good to know that Dr. MDP was there too, perhaps as an engineer. I met many technical personnel who worked there later in SEC.
    We have lost a great son of the soil.
    RIP Dr. Nath.


    This may not be the proper forum to write this story relating to Steel, but it may provide some fun.

    Steel had a Chief Security Guard, named Mr C C Charles, very honest old person recruited by Mr Manickam. Our Chief Security Officer was non other than Great Wijeratne Warakagoda (WARAKS). Waraks gave instructions to Charles, that all vehicles, including Staff, Management vehicles leaving the Corporation Main Gate must be thoroughly checked and reported.
    On this day Charlie was at the gate, most workers had gone home, except shift workers on 3 to 11 pm shift. Mr Manickam was still in the office. After finishing his work, the GM drove the vehicle to go home around 11.30pm. A call came to Charlie that the Light Blue VW 8429 has some machinery stolen from the site and asked Charlie to stop the Vehicle and arrest the Driver. The call came from the LSSP sponsored Trade Union official at the Steel Branch.

    As GM’s car reached near the Gate, Charlie did not open the Boom Gate, instead came near the vehicle. The following conversation took place:
    GM: Very softly asked: Mokada, Mokada Charlie, arinda gatetuwa ( Why, Why, open the Gate)
    CHARLIE: Ah Sir, dickiya arinna, mata check karanna oney ( please open the car dickey-boot) I want to check
    GM: Mokada wela thiyenna Charlie, gatteuwa arinna, mata yanna ( what is hapenning Carlie, open the Gate for me to go)
    CHARLIE: Sir, mata dickiya check karranna oney ( I want to check the Dickey)
    GM:He got off the car and open the dickey in front of the Volkswagen.
    Charlie: Sir, Car eke issaraha thiyenna engima nay, karunakaral mawa ravatanne nethuwa pitipasse, dickiya arinna. (Sir in front of the car you get the Engine, the dickey is at the back, please open the dickey at the back, without trying to cheat me)
    GM: Mr Manickam then opened the dickey at the rear of the car, and Charlie was stunned to see lot of Machinery inside.
    CHARLIE: “Sir GM kiyala badu horakam karanawa neda, mama dennma report karanawa.” ( Sir, just because you are GM, you cannot steal machines of the Corporation.
    GM: He then called few others and explained Charlie that in VW cars, the Engine is at the rear of the vehicle not in front.

    Next day, Charlie tendered his resignation, but it was not accepted by Mr Manikkm, in fact he had he been given promotion
    s. Do we have this type of GM’s in Sri Lanka today?

  8. Senerath Says:

    My close friend’s father too worked ( must be at a high position) at steel corporation. He then joined SEC ( may be GM). I am not accusing him of stealing, but his house windows were all steel.

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