Sirisena’s Final Task
Posted on January 20th, 2018

R Chandrasoma

The President grandly announced that the moment of quitting the august position he holds is very clearly defined  – and he has no qualms about divulging the defining moment to the public if only to appease the thirst of his enemies in politics. He will quit when his sacred task is over – when the last rogue in the public arena – together with all crooks, cheats and deceivers – will be banished from public life and consigned to the nethermost region of that punitive torture-chamber called Hell.

Politicians and moralists alike will wilt in astonishment at this statement from an All-Powerful Politician. In politics, the good and the bad are public issues and consent is reached by consensus. The bad in Politics is not morally heinous – it is merely a miss-judgement on matters pertaining to the public good. It is, of course, possible that unsavoury politicians may be moved by the love of money and the allure of public positions  so as to betray the trust of the people – but such failings are part of the human condition and need correction – not condemnation. If – as our President believes – all wrong-doers (dooshithayan) must rot in hell before sanity and well-being are restored to the World, it is going to be a long wait. As Gandhi and the late Martin Luther King famously stated, the sword of the bearer of Evil is blunted by compassion and understanding – not by crossing weapons of hatred. A final point – there is a great difference between the Moral Law and the Secular Law of the Republic. The latter is a man-made edifice and there are times when its questioning – even its defiance – is not a moral blemish – indeed ‘dissidence’ is a natural part of the fruitful intercourse between peoples. The ‘Rouge Mania’ – ‘Okkoma Horu’ – has fatally distorted politics in this country  and the latest statement of the President gives additional muscle to this political dystopia.

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    He will quit when his sacred task is over- Hora Hora who is Hora so RW will go home soon ???last 45 years all tried & failed.

  2. dhane Says:

    President talking nonsenses as his own head upset involved CB matter. He was the person who signed letter of appointment of CB Governor Mahendran. President would have sacked Mahendran immediately when JVP, Media highlighted this fraud in March 2015 thus avoiding 2nd robbery in August. President allowed CB robbery to finance August General Election. If President cannot take any action why SL should have a puppet President? Therefore both President & PM should be sent to hell before anybody.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    All patriots (if any) must support Sirisena’s endeavor. It is the right thing to do. Supporting the good work is not supporting Sirisena!

    Corruption is far more damaging than the LTTE and something is better than nothing. The nation needs to punish at least some of the top corrupt politicians and their associates. UNP and JO together disrupt this process. As far as corruption goes, TNA is far more patriotic than UNP and JO! But we only see political clans. If anything supports them, we support it. If anything hurts them, we oppose it.

    I welcome Sirisena’s vow to send all major felons to the nether region of hell before leaving office. I plead him to do so as soon as possible. Sirisena has only 20 months in power. He cannot win a second term. Make the most of that 20 months.

    There is an added incentive for him to punish these crooks. As Sirisena himself said, he and his family would be six feet underground had he lost the 2015 election. There is another one coming in 2019. The same fate awaits him and his family unless major crooks are confined to prison or better. It is a kill or be killed situation. Even if Sirisena has no love for the country, making good of his vow saves what he loves.

    This is similar to where Mahinda was in early 2008. Had he stopped the war then, his enemies would have eliminated his clan. He had to finish what he started. Similarly, Sirisena has to finish what he started. If he fails, he deserves what he gets. People won’t shed a tear; certainly not me.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    Dilrook, are you writing from Disney Land? This puppet president has protected the Mega crooks involved in the Bond Scam for nearly three years and you think he is serious when he says he will quit when his sacred task is over. He said he will take the sword even to his family. What a great way to start. Will he ever do that? Can he take any action against Ranil? Definitely not because he is scared of him. Ranil will expose the dirty deal he made with him, Chandrika and Mangala on behalf of Tamil Diaspora, RAW and other Western agencies.

  5. Christie Says:

    Has anyone observed the fact in a country where there are a lot of Indian Colonial Parasites, it is only the Sinhalese that are corrupt.

  6. nilwala Says:

    This President as well as his PM really think that the people can be fooled ALL OF THE TIME. When does MY3 think the scammers and corrupt politicos and the participants in this Bond Scam melodrama as well as other corrupt doings will be all sent to the “narakaadiya”? Perhaps he hopes to live throughout the LONG & EXTENDED period needed for the AG to commence and proceed with investigations as directed by the Prez himself? Mr President!…You have learnt on the job how to give a good speech, but this is clear case of “Wolf! Wolf”” and the public knows that every effort is being made by you to protect the top politicos involved in this heinous crime.

  7. Dilrook Says:


    Facts point to the contrary. Sirisena may be “controlled” by bond crooks but his and his family’s survival is far more important to him. That is the only reason he is pushing these corruption cases to the end. Not because of his anti-corruption or patriotic sentiments. Sirisena and his extended family are hardly clean.

    However, irrespective of the reasons, the outcome he is after (which will give him a chance at a win in 2019) are highly valuable to the nation. No politician has ever been imprisoned for corruption in this country. But we all know it is happening. Doing so will bring back law and order at the top.

    The most corrupt are using distraction tactics to stop this process. This is very similar to NGOs and other LTTE supporters’ conduct in 2008 and 2009 to try to save the LTTE.

    Unless Sirisena punishes identified corrupt politicians (who are ultimately UNP and JO leaders) he has to face defeat in 2019 and face dire consequences he himself said would have happened to him in 2015 had he lost.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    I would like to draw attention to the first attempt to bring a no confidence motion against Ravi in 2015. UPFA MPs handed over the no confidence motion to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa on May 18, 2015 at his residence (not in parliament)! This is a clear attempt to hoodwink fools. Nothing happened to it for over a month and on June 25, 2015 the president dissolved the parliament.

    Ravi was also implicated in international money laundering involved Raj Rajaratnam in 2008. Nothing happened for 7 years of Rajapaksa rule. He was involved in various other frauds in 2001-04 time when he was the minister of trade. Absolutely nothing happened.

    These facts may sound controversial in a society fooled by political media.

  9. L Perera Says:

    Politicians with SACRED task! That’s a new one for the record books.

  10. Vaisrawana Says:

    It’s a tussle between two pastmasters in political intrigue of the most traitorous type. It’s a battle in brinkmanship. It looks as if the gamarala is winning at the moment, but the polished criminal will soon emerge the champion. For the country, that will be the worst outcome, which will be to the immense gratification of the few traitorous, anti-nationalist, cowardly colonial clones who still remain amongst us. However, as both of them have been bought and used by the same foreign meddlers and their stooges the Tamil separatists abroad, one as a hunter and the other as a stalking buffalo, they are partners in crime, and are obliged to be thick as thieves, which they literally are. They are mutually dependent. The kept media are making much of their sham sparring, just to hoodwink the public, who are however, not so dense as not to notice their gimmicks.

    Chandrasoma’s wisely observes: “The bad in Politics is not morally heinous – it is merely a miss-judgement on matters pertaining to the public good. It is, of course, possible that unsavoury politicians may be moved by the love of money and the allure of public positions so as to betray the trust of the people – but such failings are part of the human condition and need correction – not condemnation.” This could apply to some other ‘bad’ politicians. But the actions of these two cannot be overlooked as those dictated by realpolitik. Both are inherently criminal minded; for them, politics is not for the good of the people, but for satisfying their greed for power, and power for them is the power to take revenge on their rivals who genuinely earned their popularity through honest hard work and personal sacrifices, and on the electorate that would consistently deny them power if they are given a choice.

    Sarath W, you are spot on! Thank you for your comment.

  11. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Chanda gunduwak! For the Sinhala modayas. Definitely the modayas going to fall into it believing this traitor
    puppet the rubber stamp vairapala sorry sena. Action talks louder than words. So vairapala sorry sena, show it
    first. We will wait for after the elections. Do the Sinhala modayas wonder why suddenly he started to thappu
    lanna? Of course not. Now, maybe 50% Sinhala modayas change their minds and give them another chance.
    Also ever so crafty (remember the Wadakaya is that crafty fox alugosuwa – to Sinhalese only- thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@’s nephew) traitor chief die hard
    catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega thief mega thakkadiya Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickrama
    SINHALA KILLER must be planning the next move. Rig the ballot. Tamils, mussies and catholic votes are theirs
    any way. The job done! Sinhalaya are called modayas for a reason guys. Ever heard the story of the raa beepu meeya? One meaw from the Wadakaya the mouse comes down to earth and looking for a hiding place. When one eyed bandit quen, even MR didn’t punish the Wadakaya what chance for the former grade 8 student? Order more toddy for the ‘mouse’?

    Traitor UNPatriotic kaaraya
    Siri Laka hooran kanna suuraya
    Hathuru raja maaraya
    Sihalun maranna veeraya

    Traitor UNPatriotic kaaraya
    Banku kadanna Suuraya
    Hathuru raja maaraya
    Sihalun maranna veeraya

    Traitor UNPatriotic kaaraya
    Yana yana paare pathire gandaskaare
    Pathire gandaskaare
    Pathire gandaskaare

    60,000+ druing BEESHANA SAMAYA
    100,000+ (mainly Sinhalese) in the 30 year catholic tigers tamil drealam war
    Total=110,000+ ‘credit’ for you know who?
    110,000- ‘debit’ for Sinhala modayas!

    Sinhala modayas support this YAMA PAALANAYA and dig your grave? Or dig the UNPatriotics; grave this time and
    bury them for good. If Sinhala modayas, Sri Lanka (in one piece), Buddhism want to survive don’t fall for this
    fall guy’s rhetoric who has suddenly woken up from his deep slumber for the elections! DUMP the thieving, lying,
    murderous (Sinhalese only please) lot into the history bins!

  12. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    P S to my comment above:
    I’ve to go back to school.
    Ganan be.
    60,000+ druing BEESHANA SAMAYA
    100,000+ (mainly Sinhalese) in the 30 year catholic tigers tamil drealam war
    Total=160,000+ ‘credit’ for you know who?
    160,000- ‘debit’ for Sinhala modayas!

    Total was totally wrong.

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